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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 10


Chapter 10: Evila

A few inconsistencies popped up. First was the abnormal gain in the ≪Status≫. Of course he was happy about gaining two level at once as he had been level eighteen before.

But considering that his HP had been scarily past 200 until just now, this was certainly strange, even if he went up two levels. Same for his MP or other stats, which mostly had been still in the double digits.

(Well, I'm happy about it, but...)

Thinking so, he shifted his gaze at the ≪Title≫. The ≪Awakened One≫ caught his attention. He figured that he got the ≪Ripper≫ one from defeating the Chubby &Beanpole combo. But he had no explanation for the former one. For the time being, he clicked it to see the help.

≪Awakened One≫

Enhancement for a World Traveller. Great addition to the status upon reaching level twenty. Level ups will give a small bonus from now on.

He inadvertently let his surprise show on this cheat. Being a World Traveller had its benefits. Hiiro was quite pleased about this blessing despite not being a Hero. The next thing that caught his eye was ≪Air Writing Unlocked≫.

≪Air Writing≫ MP cost: 100

Able to write words into the air with magic power. Activates by coming in contact with the target. It is also possible to shoot the written word and let it activate then, though it only flies straight like an arrow.

As he didn't really understand it, he tried it out. He concentrated magic power in his finger tip and wrote in midair while he imagined how he usually wrote on the ground. Upon that, a pale word appeared. It showed ’’float’’.

When he moved his finger, the word followed it and he imagined shooting it at the vase in the room like pulling a trigger, whereupon the word headed straight for the vase.

The moment it hit, the word stuck to the vase. After reciting activate then, the vase surprisingly floated.

’’Wow, that's handy.’’

Like this it was possible to attack the opponent by firing at it without having to set up a trap on the ground.

Hiiro was astonished about his own power becoming more and more unfair, but felt somewhat happy as well. Incidentally, the floating vase suddenly fell down after around one minute.

The next day, the village chief was waiting in front of the inn to say his thanks to Hiiro again, when the inn keeper came rushing outside.

’’Wh- What's the matter?’’

’’Y- You see...’’

Hiiro was gone. His room was completely empty with no sign of him.

’’Say what!?’’

In fact, he had left the village early in the morning before the sun was even up. Needless to say, he did so, because he predicted the village chief's visit. And because it would get troublesome when the army arrived.

’’Oh god, we still haven't thanked him enough...’’

’’That's so like him...’’

Nies said with a smile and Panis nodded agreeing too.

’’I wonder if I will ever see Hero again.’’

The village chief petted Nies' head and answered.

’’You will. He's our saviour after all.’’

Everyone nodded in agreement with the village chief's words.


While making a big sneeze, Hiiro was making his way to ’’Surge’’, a city near the country border. His ≪Status≫ had increased drastically, so he mowed down the appearing demons like weed.

He tried out his new ’’Piercer’’ too and it was easy to handle, killing demons with one strike due to its high attack power.

’’Okay, I gotta pass the 'Torchu Mountain Range', then the 'Maritone Highway' leading to 'Surge'.’’

On the spread map, he confirmed his route.

’’It's still a long way.’’

Grimacing from the scorching sun above him, he gazed upon the 'Torchu Mountain Range' in the distance.

On his way, he reviewed the possibilities of his ≪Word Magic≫. He had tried out various things and got to know that the ≪Word Magic≫ had words with temporary and permanent effects.

For example, the word ’’float’’ only lasted for one minute, then lost its effect, whereas ’’extend’’ extended his blade and remained like that until he did something.

Likewise ’’hard’’ and ’’soft’’ were permanent effects while ’’flame’’ or ’’heat’’ stopped after one minute.

(Guess it goes like this? Changing the target's nature or shape is permanent and everything else last for one minute?)

This thesis needed practical tests. It would be fatal to get a ≪Rebound≫ when he used it unreasonable. His power was outstanding. He could easily see himself receiving quite the damage from a ≪Rebound≫ if he was unable to control it.

So he decided to refrain from using words that directly affected life and death of living creatures as much as possible. A ≪Rebound≫ from that would surely be lethal.

Magic meant imagination. Without a clear image, it wouldn't activate and even if it activated, it would cause a ≪Rebound≫ if the control was insufficient.

Hiiro fully understood why the old woman in the capital told him that knowledge was important.

Along the way he tried out various ≪Word Magic≫. He carried plenty of MP restoration pills, so he could noodle around to his heart's content, discovering a few merits and demerits.

(I wonder what the Heroes are doing right now)

He had started to forget their face [how cruel], but he faintly recalled Takashi and the others.

’’OK! Now we're all E rank in the Guild.’’

While holding the Guild Card with the violet border, Aoyama Takashi stroke a triumphant pose. The other three Heroes held a similar card.

’’As expected of the Heroes. I am amazed how fast you raised your rank.’’

Their instructor Vale Kimble brightened up his handsome face happily.

’’Yeah! We also reached level fifteen! It's going well!’’

Suzumiya Chika happily gave a thumps-up.

’’But it's still not enough to fight the 'Evila', right?’’

’’Indeed. The 'Evila' exceed 'Humas' in in physical strength and magic power by birth.’’

’’Haah~ The race traits aren't to be trifled with.’’

’’Yeah, even in games, humans are all-purpose, but don't have a specialized trait.’’

’’So we can only rely on tactics and weapons?’’

’’No, that only applies to the average 'Humas'.’’

Vale denied Takashi's utterance.

’’What do you mean?’’

’’You come from a different world. Heroes have various traits. Increased physical strength and magic power, not to forget the light magic, the weakness of 'Evila'. That will be a great advantage.’’

’’Ah, right. I think we heard that before.’’

’’Yes. But there is also an attribute only the 'Evila' can use.’’

’’Darkness... I guess?’’

The one, who answered, was Minamoto Shuri. Vale made a slightly long face.

’’Yes. Darkness magic is quite strong. Many 'Humas' already fell victim to it.’’

’’And our light magic copes with it, right~’’

Akamori Shinobu talked with a carefree smile.

’’Right. While light magic is indeed powerful, it consumes a lot of magic power. If you use it wrongly...’’

’’That's why we're working on our team play.’’

’’Yes. Two attackers and two supporters. That gives a clear distinction for using light magic.’’

’’Well~ Unlike in games, we don't have a turn system here. You don't get much time to think during a fight~’’

Shinobu made a valid point. One was always risking one's life in a battle. Planning each attack in detail during battle would make one fall behind and at worst, cost one's life.

For that reason, they formed a team and supported each other. By doing so, they could at least buy time for someone to analyze the situation carefully.

That way they could determine when to use light magic as well. But a perfect teamwork was needed for that.

’’Listen, there are all sorts of 'Evila'. You can defeat a weak opponent on your own, but I want you to refrain from doing so against the so-called 'High-class Evila'.’’

’’Are they that dangerous?’’

Shuri asked anxious.

’’Quite so. Especially the guardian squad 'Cruel' under the direct control of the Demon Lord. Please never fight one of them with just two or less people. They are 'Top-class Evila', even above the 'High-class Evila'.’’

’’Isn't the 'Cruel' a force that protects the Demon Lord? I think they only consist of six members?’’

’’Yes and from them, the 'Evila' called Aquinas is once again in a different league.’’

Vale turned pale as he recalled something.

’’I- Is he that strong?’’

Takashi asked with a gulp.

’’In- Indeed. Back in the days when I guarded the border, I ran into him once. Aquinas is so terrifying that you could call him the devil incarnate.’’

Back then, Aquinas just had passed near the border by chance. But his overwhelming aura prompted Vale's fellow soldiers to open fire against their better judgement.

Needless to say, their attacks couldn't harm him, whether they hit or not. Still, it caught his attention.

He had been flying through the air, stopped in midair and looked down on them with his sharp, red eyes. At that moment, every single guard there expected certain death without exception.

Some even thought about how they could die without pain. Just by being stared at, they realized what an abnormal existence he was and that they would all die.

For some reason all their weapons turned into ash and no one knew if he used magic for that or not. But in the next moment, his red hair fluttered and he left.

Except for a small number, everyone had fainted.

’’You sure it wasn't the Demon Lord?’’

Takashi speculated from the dreadful story, but Vale shook his head in denial.

’’But I'm surprised you're still fighting after such an experience.’’

’’Yeah, it makes no difference anyway.’’

’’No difference?’’

’’Yes. Even if I do not fight, 'Humas' will be annihilated sooner or later. As a soldier, I would rather die fighting.’’

’’Ohh~ So imposing~’’

’’Not really. Because I have given up hope either way.’’

Judging by his way of talking, he didn't think they had a chance for victory.

’’But then the matter about summoning, about Heroes was brought up. Saviours, who protected us 'Humas' with their enormous strength in the past. We found our last hope.’’

Vale looked the four into the eyes with a smile. They all reacted kind of bashful.

’’I see. But if they are that strong, an attack is possible at any time, right?

’’Yes, the king was doubtful about why they do not attack when they are this strong, too.’’

’’Mhm~ But that works in our favour~’’

’’Yes. However, we cannot be lenient. We need to be ready at any time for their all-out attack.’’

’’Yeah, we just have to get stronger!’’

’’Leave it to us!’’

’’We'll give our best!’’

’’Well, we'll do everything in our might~’’

Vale responded with a handsome smile to the reassuring words of these four.


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