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King Of Gods - Chapter 98


Chapter 98 - Silver Air Barrier

’’Master, Zhao Feng's real battles points were actually 565, not 465! But out of consideration for the other geniuses, I hid 100 battle points... ’’ First Guard said.

’’Is this true?’’

A light flashed in Lord Guanjun's eyes as he sent out an unbearable pressure at First Guard and Ye Linyun.


First Guard said without hesitation: ’’Brother Zhao Feng gained more points in both archery and close combat.’’

Inside First Guards voice, there was a slight bitterness. Being a quasi-Holy martial artist, his words had great importance. First Guard knew that even he himself wouldn't be able to reach such a level if he was the same rank as Zhao Feng.

’’Master! Disciple here said that you wouldn't regret taking in Zhao Feng as your disciple.’’ Ye Linyun said smiling. He was always expectant of Zhao Feng and the latter didn't let him down.

Lord Guanjun soon remembered the hesitation he had that day on whether to take Zhao Feng in as a disciple or not. After all, at that time, Zhao Feng's talent was only a Half Spiritual Body. It was due to the fact that Ye Linyun had recommended him that he had taken him in.

It looked like this decision wasn't wrong.

’’Zhao Feng isn't bad and his battle proficiency is almost perfect.’’

Lord Guanjun's words took a twist with a slight sigh to it: ’’Unfortunately, he's just a Half Spiritual Body which restricts his future achievements and he won't be able to complete my wish... ’’

It was obvious that Zhao Feng's performance was indeed great, but Lord Guanjun didn't think that he would have great achievements in the future.

As for Lord Guanjun's conclusion First Guard didn't say anything as if he approved. Ye Linyun wanted to retort but there was nothing to say.


Zhao Feng's performance was great, but no one had ever thought of him exceeding Bei Moi.


After leaving the Spiritual Martial Hall, Zhao Feng immediately headed towards the Treasury Hall.

The other disciples, Nan Gongfan, Yang Qingshan, and Feng Hanyue, were all envious and jealous.

Bei Moi's expression was the worst. Ever since he was young, he was a super prodigy in other people's eyes and no one his age had beat him in anything.

When he was back in the village, it was like this then and when he had moved to the city, it was like this as well. But ever since he had met Zhao Feng, this record had been broken again and again.

’’Zhao Feng, you're not simple. If you have guts, let's go to the Clan and settle it there.’’ A rare red light appeared in Bei Moi's expressionless eyes.

Was... Bei Moi challenging someone?

Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan were slightly stunned. They had never seen Bei Moi challenge someone because everyone else his age had been left behind and couldn't threaten him.

’’Sure.’’ Zhao Feng immediately answered with a solemn expression.

In reality, he felt immense pressure facing a super prodigy such as Bei Moi. But this was also a good thing, he could use it to ignite his potential. With his battle points, he could get many martial arts, resources, pills, and weapons.

’’What should I get with the battle points?’’ Zhao Feng went into deep thought.

Martial arts?

Zhao Feng felt that he didn't need any as he already had Metal Wall Technique and Returning Breath Technique, one was a Holy martial art while the other was close to a Holy martial art. The others such as Lightly Floating Ferry and Smoking Transparent Step could reach the tier of Holy martial arts by combining them with Flowing Wind Stance.

It seemed like his lowest tier skill was Star Finger.

’’Star Finger is a peak martial art and it can be classified as a Half-Holy martial art. Using it with Tornado Stance, it can surpass normal half-Holy martial arts. If I train it to the seventh level, it can even beat Holy martial arts as it's extremely hard to train Holy martial arts to a high level.’’ Zhao Feng analysed.

He finally decided not to get another offensive skill. With his battle points, he could only get half-Holy martial arts and not Holy martial arts. Just like this, Zhao Feng decided to not get any martial arts.

His focus was on pills and resources.

Of his skills, Silver Wall Technique was the highest level and it was the foundation of the nine ranks of the Martial Path. Zhao Feng remembered what Lord Guanjun and Ye Linyun had discussed.

’’Therefore, I should go all in on my body strengthening technique.’’ A light flashed in Zhao Feng's eyes as he decided.

He then immediately went into the Thousand Medicine Pavilion inside the Treasury Hall. His aim was the resources that could help his body strengthening technique.

’’Chilling Snow Body Pill, using a large amount of coldness to strengthen the body and it is one of the best pills for the nine ranks of the Martial Path. It must be used with care for those under the eighth rank.’’

’’Burning Sun Bone Pill, using an extremely hot flame to burn the bones and it is one of the best body strengthening pills. It has a better effect when used with Chilling Snow Body Pill... ’’

’’Golden Body Strengthening Powder, the king of body strengthening resources, is a very chaotic and dominant powder, it has a 50% chance rate of crippling a cultivator at the eighth rank!’’

Soon, Zhao Feng found the three best peak tier pills.

The Chilling Snow Body Pill cost him 120 battle points. The Burning Sun Bone Pill cost him 119 battle points. The Golden Body Strengthening Powder cost him 167 battle points.

Just the three alone cost him over 400 battle points.

One had to know that a peak ranked martial art only cost 10 points and a half-Holy martial art cost 50.

As for the leftover battle points, Zhao Feng bought some lower class body strengthening resources. Even then, these resources were much better than the body strengthening powder he had bought at the Medicine Pavilion.

On the same day.

Zhao Feng had spent all his battle points. The couple of hundred battle points had been exchanged for over half of the precious stock for body strengthening resources.

In the Guanjun Palace, not everyone could get battle points and even if they could, there was a limit to how much could be exchanged. But being the disciple of Lord Guanjun, he could get more items for the same amount of battle points.

For example, if someone else wanted a Chilling Snow Body Pill, they needed 170 battle points but he only needed 120. And even then if they had enough, they might not have the status to exchange for it.

After leaving the Treasury Hall, Zhao Feng returned to his place and started to cultivate.

For the next month, he focused solely on Silver Wall Technique.

For the first seven days, he used the lower class body strengthening resources that were compatible with cultivators of the seventh rank or higher. The pills and medicine he got were different according to their nature.

For example: Chilling Snow Body Pill was of cold nature, whereas Burning Sun Bone Pill was of fire nature and Golden Body Strengthening Powder was of metal nature.

Therefore, he made sure that the pills of the same element weren't used right after one another as his body would start to have resistance against it.

Seven days later.

Zhao Feng's Silver Wall Technique reached the seventh level, but this had also used up all of his lower class resources.

’’I can suppress most cultivators of the seventh rank with just my body alone.’’

Zhao Feng could feel the explosive strength hiding inside his arms. Every punch could instantly kill anyone under the seventh rank.

Now Zhao Feng only had a Chilling Snow Body Pill, a Burning Sun Bone Pills and Golden Strengthening Powder left. According to what he had planned, he first consumed the Chilling Snow Body Pill.

After eating it, a terribly cold aura spread out amongst his body. Three days and three nights later, his body had been frozen, the danger was unimaginable.

’’No wonder it said that eighth rank cultivators need to be cautious when using it.’’

Only after three days and three nights did Zhao Feng resolve the situation. Even before all of the energy had been absorbed, Zhao Feng immediately then ate the Burning Sun Bone Pill.

The two were ice and fire and even though it was extremely painful, the effects were better. Zhao Feng circulated his Silver Wall Technique and Returning Breath Technique to absorb the chaotic energy.

Peh! Peh!

His left eye released sizzles of heat that spread out throughout his body. After the merging of the mysterious left eye, his potential and efficiency of energy absorbing had increased.

Eight days later.

The ice and fire pills were absorbed.


Zhao Feng let out a breath as he stood up. As he did so, he could feel his bones and skin become tougher. The body was first strengthened from the outside, then to the inside where his liver was. The stronger his liver was, the more he could use his Inner Strength.

’’The body is the foundation, even though I didn't focus on Returning Breath Technique, I could still feel my cultivation increase.’’ Zhao Feng thought.

At this moment, his cultivation had reached the peak seventh rank and he was only half a step away from the eighth.

At the same time, his Silver Wall Technique had also reached the peak seventh level.

After Silver Wall Technique reached the seventh level, his organs had been strengthened and therefore, more of his potential had been released.


Zhao Feng exclaimed as he merged his Returning Breath Inner Strength into his Silver Wall Technique.


A faint silver layer of light suddenly appeared, which gave off a deep aura.

The Silver Air Barrier had been formed!


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