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King Of Gods - Chapter 97


Chapter 97 - First in Battle Points

Broken Moon Clan.

This was the clan that Lord Guanjun was once in and at that time, he was only an outer disciple!

When Lord Guanjun was speaking about the Broken Moon Clan, even he couldn't control the eagerness and admiration in his voice.

It was hard to imagine what kind of power stood above the King.

’’Master, does your wish have something to do with this clan?’’ Nan Gongfan asked with a tinge of excitement.

When they had first known about the existence of these clans, they were first shocked but now they were full of expectations.

’’Maybe I'll have a chance to touch that world... ’’ The images of the three youths in the canyon once again appeared in Zhao Feng's head.

The excitement and expectations in his heart wasn't any weaker than Nan Gongfan's.

’’Your Master, I, came from the Broken Moon Clan and because I didn't reach the Holy Martial Path before the age of 30, I lost the chance to become an inner disciple. So I left the clan and took up the duty of taking care of the mortal things. Therefore, I still have some connections with the clan.’’

Lord Guanjun stopped for a moment, then he threw out another piece of news: ’’According to what I know, the five year disciple test is starting in two months time.’’

Disciple test!

The eyes of the six youths lit up. Bei Moi and the others couldn't hide the excitement on their faces. The disciple test that took place once every five years was in two months time.

’’Even the nearby countries can enter the Broken Mood Clan disciple test. At that time, the geniuses from around the country will gather, including those family clans hiding out of sight from mortals who have power even exceeding the Guanjun Palace. When all these prodigies meet up, the competition will be very fierce. Your Master has done his best and he can send a few into the disciple test.’’ Lord Guanjun summarised the situation.

’’The elite of the elite around the country will fight to enter the Broken Moon Clan... ’’ Zhao Feng and the others felt their blood boiling.

A battle intent even surged from Bei Moi.

In the Guanjun Province City, their talent and strength were top tier, but if they entered the Broken Moon Clan, they could fight the other peak geniuses to see who was stronger.

’’I have three recommendations for the disciple test in two months time, so you've all got to grip this chance.’’ Lord Guanjun said solemnly as he looked at the six youths in front of him.

Three spots?

The hearts of all the youths jumped. Even though they were under the same Master, they would still compete against each other.

Obviously, Lord Guanjun had more disciples. But there was an age limit for the disciple test, this was why Lord Guanjun didn't invite Ye Linyun and the others over.

Ye Linyun and the rest were older than thirty and the rule of the Broken Moon Clan was that if one wasn't able to reach the Holy Martial Path by the age of thirty, they wouldn't be able to become an inner disciples. This also meant that only the six youths in front of him had to compete for the three recommendation spots.

’’The beast horde is over. All of you go back to the Guanjun Palace and celebrate!’’ Lord Guanjun said then disappeared with a flash.

Sou! Sou!

A streak of silver shot through the sky and it was lost from sight.

’’Master tells all of you to go to the Spiritual Martial Hall to get your rewards.’’ Ye Linyun's figure appeared in front of the six and the youths nodded their heads in response.

On the way back, Feng Hanyue seemed to have something on his mind as he looked back and forth between Bei Moi, Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan.

Lord Guanjun could only recommend three people and of the six youths, Bei Moi, Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan had the highest cultivation with all of them being at the eighth rank or higher.

Compared to the other three, Feng Hanyue, Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei had less of a chance.

’’I should be able to get one spot out of the three if I try my best.’’ Zhao Feng thought in his heart.

After the beast horde, his strength had risen and the faint green light was coming close to seven foot nine.

He had no confidence in beating Bei Moi as the latter could slay ninth ranks, but Zhao Feng was sixty to seventy percent confident that he could beat Yang Qingshan and Nan Gongfan.

Furthermore, there was still two more months till the disciple test and Zhao Feng had this time to improve.

The six all used their speed skills and arrived back at the Guanjun Palace.

Spiritual Martial Hall.

’’Master is waiting inside.’’ Ye Linyun had arrived at the gate already.

His cultivation was at the peak ninth rank, so he was the fastest. Bei Moi was second and he had already walked into the hall. After him were Yang Qingshan, Nan Gongfan and Zhao Feng, the other two were slightly surprised by Zhao Feng's speed.

Soon, the sx youths arrived at the Spiritual Martial Hall.

Lord Guanjun sat on his futon as he scanned the six disciples.

On his left and right were Ye Linyun and First Guard. The youths were all familiar with Ye Linyun, but First Guard was a mysterious person who had reached half step Holy rank.

Because Third Guard had been injured during the fight with the Lord tier deadly beast, First Guard took his place.

’’How goes the battle points?’’ Lord Guanjun asked in a deep voice.

’’Master, the Guanjun Corps' calculations have been finalised and they have given the results.’’ First Guard bowed as he took out a small book.

Lord Guanjun didn't take the book, instead he said: ’’Read it out.’’


First Guard opened the book and spoke what was written on it: ’’First, Zhao Feng - 465 battle points, Second, Bei Moi - 403 battle points... ’’


Lord Guanjun's expression changed as he stared at First Guard: ’’Bei Moi isn't first?’’

In reality, even the other geniuses felt this was unbelievable. How could Bei Moi not be first place? Even Lord Guanjun had his suspicions. At this moment in time, the Martial Spiritual Hall had turned silent.

Bei Moi had his fists clenched together and mumbled with an ugly expression: ’’Impossible! I don't believe it!’’

’’Master, Zhao Feng slew the Golden Beak Eagle King and that was where he got most of his points from.’’ Ye Linyun warned in a low tone.

’’How many points for killing the Golden Beak Eagle King?’’ Lord Guanjun asked.

First Guanjun immediately replied: ’’It varies from a range of 20 - 60 battle points for killing a high tier deadly beast. But because the Golden Beak Eagle King's strength was at the peak ninth rank and was extremely hard to kill, 100 battle points were awarded.’’

100 Battle points!

Bei Moi and the others were stunned.

’’Even if he did kill the Golden Beak Eagle King, his battle points are a bit too much. Tell us the battle points of the others.’’ Lord Guanjun said calmly.

’’Yang Qingshan - 195 battle points, Nan Gongfan 181 battle points... ’’ First Guard then called out the battle points of the others.

It was obvious that no one else apart from Zhao Feng and Bei Moi reached 200 points.

According to logic, Zhao Feng's battle points should be around 100 or so, even if he did manage to kill the Golden Beak Eagle King and get 100 battle points, it mean that he had received 365 extra battle points and exceeded Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan by far.

’’Impossible!’’ Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan shook their heads furiously.

Bei Moi laughed coldly, but he didn't speak. It was obvious that he believed his Master would give the right judgement.

’’Could there be any problems?’’ Lord Guanjun asked with his eyebrows raised.

Under normal situations, he never questioned the Guanjun Corps, but this time, it was just too unexpected.

’’Master, I am sure this is correct and even if there was a problem, it would be extremely small.’’

First Guard said without a doubt then proceeded to go over the detailed calculations.

’’Zhao Feng slew seventy to eighty flying beasts with just his arrows alone and on average, they were worth 2.5 battle points each. From just this alone, he already has 200 and counting the Golden Beak Eagle King, it would be 300... ’’ First Guard read out.

There were records of where the points came from.

’’Oh? Archery?’’

Lord Guanjun was slightly surprised as he looked once again at Zhao Feng.

’’On this fact, General Heng, me and the nearby archers can vouch for this.’’ Ye Linyun added.

’’Hmm... there shouldn't be any problems here.’’ Lord Guanjun wasn't suspicious at all.

Next, it was the other points. After he shot down the flying beasts, he used the remaining time to get another 160 or so points.

One had to know that Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan had only earned 180 or so in double his time and the two had higher cultivations than Zhao Feng.

’’I don't believe it!’’ Nan Gongfan shook his head, showing his suspicions.

’’Zhao Feng's battle conscience is extremely good and every attack he made would take down a beast. His efficiency and speed is double those of the same rank. In terms of this, even the elite of the Guanjun Corps can't catch up with him... Maybe he's a natural killer!?’’ First Guard glanced complexly at Zhao Feng.

Ye Linyun had a bright smile on: ’’Last time, Zhao Feng had gotten first place in the kill mission as well and at that time, he was only at the sixth rank... ’’

Now, Zhao Feng's source of battle points had been explained.

Lord Guanjun now had no doubt as he looked at Zhao Feng with praise: ’’I never thought that I would have a prodigy who's good at both archery and close combat.’’

He knew how his Guanjun Corps were, they would almost never make a mistake.

’’... What kind of monster is this guy?’’ Bei Moi clenched his fists, showing his unwillingness.

Being the only core disciple of Lord Guanjun, how could he lose to an outer disciple?

Nan Gongfan, Yang Qingshan and Feng Hanyue all looked towards Zhao Feng with shock. Only Zhao Yufei had a smile on her face and she wasn't surprised by this.

After they received their battle points the six geniuses left leaving behind Lord Guanjun, First Guard and Ye Linyun in the Spiritual Martial Hall.

’’What else do you need?’’ Lord Guanjun asked.

First Guard took a deep breath: ’’Master, Zhao Feng's real battles points were actually 565 and not 465! But out of consideration for the other geniuses, I hid 100 battle points... ’’


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