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King Of Gods - Chapter 96


Chapter 96 - Tip of an iceberg

The Lord tier deadly beasts' corpse lay shattered in the ground nearby.

Lord Guanjun stood with his hands behind his back in front of the beast, looking at his six disciples.

Bei Moi, Yang Qingshan, Nan Gongfan, Feng Hanyue, Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei.

The six youths were the elite prodigies of Guanjun Province City, but Lord Guanjun's attention was mainly focused on Bei Moi.

’’A chance?’’

Zhao Feng's eyes twinkled, he didn't know what Lord Guanjun meant?

On the way here, Zhao Feng had seen what had happened between the two, including all the actions. But he couldn't hear what they were saying.

’’Master, what do you mean?’’ Feng Hanyue asked, unable to conceal his curiosity.

The biggest chance he had to change his destiny was to become Lord Guanjun's disciple. Through his asking, Yang Qingshan and the others were all expectant.

’’This chance is also your Master's wish... ’’ Lord Guanjun sighed softly as his eyes looked into the distance with longing, hate, expectancy and other complex emotions.

Being someone who had absolute power in Guanjun Province City, what could give him so many emotions?

Zhao Feng had also seen similar emotions that day in the Spiritual Martial Hall. But at that time, Lord Guanjun's emotions passed by in a flash with only Zhao Feng able to catch it.

He had asked that day why did Lord Guanjun search for so many geniuses?

Lord Guanjun's reply was to fulfill a wish.


What could his wish be? A wish that he couldn't even achieve and could only rely on the younger generation?

Teng! Sou! Sou!

Right at this time, the nearby strong cultivators including Ye Linyun and General Heng headed over, but Lord Guanjun lifted his hand and signalled them to leave.

Although Ye Linyun, General Heng and the others were slightly curious, they left without hesitation.

The scene made the six youths realise that Lord Guanjun had something important to say.

’’Did any of you see the mysterious hooded figure?’’ Lord Guanjun seemed to change the topic.

’’Yes, disciple here saw him last time in the Sky Cloud Forest... ’’ Zhao Feng immediately answered.

The only ones who had actually seen the hooded figure were Zhao Feng and Bei Moi and Zhao Feng had seen him twice.


Lord Guanjun looked at Zhao Feng, slightly stunned: ’’How strong do you think he was?’’

’’Very strong!’’

Zhao Feng thought about how the figure had made his moves the two times and his heart couldn't help but turn cold.

Lord Guanjun smiled: ’’Do you think that he is stronger than me?’’


Zhao Feng wouldn't think that his Master would ask this sort of question. Under the gaze of someone who had reached the Holy Martial Path, Zhao Feng could only answer: ’’Personally, disciple here thinks that the opponent is at least on par with Master, if not stronger... ’’

Since he had the mysterious left eye, Zhao Feng was very accurate on how strong someone was. His answer still contained a slight suspicion tone to it.

’’Zhao Feng! What are you saying? How dare you look down upon Master and praise the enemy?’’ Nan Gongfan immediately exclaimed.

The eyebrows of Bei Moi, Yang Qingshan and Feng Hanyue also scrunched up, it was obvious that they didn't believe him.

In the Cloud Country, Lord Guanjun was a legendary figure with supreme power and status. Being disciples of such a person how could they be not confident?

Only Zhao Yufei believed Zhao Feng, this came from something that she couldn't understand.

Zhao Feng's reply surprised Lord Guanjun and the latter couldn't help but look at him a few more times. This was the first time that he had really inspected this disciple of his.

Nan Gongfan and the others were all shocked, it seemed that Master didn't seem unhappy. In fact, he seemed to look at Zhao Feng in a new way.

’’Say the truth, what do you think?’’ Lord Guanjun stared at him.

Zhao Feng couldn't help but remember the stand off between Master and the hooded figure.

After a while, he took a deep breath and said confidently: ’’The strength of the mysterious figure should be stronger than Master's.’’


Nan Gongfan, Yang Qingshan and co's expression changed dramatically. Zhao Feng had guts!

’’Of course, this is just my feeling.’’ Feeling the enmity from the other disciples Zhao Feng added another sentence quickly.

’’Indeed, that fellow's strength is above mine.’’ Lord Guanjun's voice sounded slowly as he looked appraisingly at Zhao Feng.

’’What!? Impossible! How could anyone be stronger than Master!?’’ Nan Gongfan couldn't accept it.

When they had become his disciples, the Master in their eyes had stood at the peak of the world.

’’Furthermore, that person can control Lord tier deadly beasts and lead limitless high tier deadly beasts into attacking Guanjun Province City. Under that situation, even I can do nothing to stop the destruction of Guanjun Province City... ’’ Lord Guanjun said solemnly.

Control Lord tier deadly beasts?

The disciples couldn't even imagine this.

’’There was a mastermind planning this beast horde... ’’ Zhao Feng remembered the ice cold blue eyes again.

’’Master! How could there be such a terrifying figure? And why did he stop attacking Guanjun Province City?’’ Yang Qingshan couldn't accept this as well.

The gazes of the six youths focused on Lord Guanjun's face.

’’Hehe, the world you know is only the tip of an iceberg, the Holy Martial Path... Is just the beginning. Even someone as strong as that hooded figure doesn't dare to go against the Thirteen Countries Pact!’’ Lord Guanjun smiled.

Holy Martial Path was just a start?

The six prodigies were all stunned. Today, Lord Guanjun had shocked them too much and they could only understand half of this.

At this moment, Zhao Feng felt his blood boiling and he suddenly remembered the three youths that day in the canyon. All three of them were extremely young and any one of them could kill an eighth rank Azure Eyed Hyena in one hit. The other two had also looked at the Hyena with disdain and they left it to the girl who had no battle experience.

Even Bei Moi was inferior compared to these three and since then, Zhao Feng had understood how large the world was... There was still too much unknown things out there he couldn't even touch...

’’In your eyes, the Holy Martial Path may be a legend and the nobles who control the Thirteen Countries of the Sky Cloud have extreme power, but this isn't the truth!’’ Lord Guanjun said mockingly, but the words he said was exactly what many people thought.

That's exactly what Zhao Feng had thought back at Green Leaf Village and Sun Feather City.

’’The true controllers of the Sky Cloud Thirteen Counties aren't the King, Lords, nobles or family clans! They are the thirteen clans above the mortal world!’’

Speaking up to here, Lord Guanjun's eyes became sharp as if it could rip open a hole in space.

Thirteen clans?

The six youths looked at each other.


Thirteen Clans that stood above the mortal world!

Why hadn't they heard of them before?

When Zhao Feng was still in Green Leaf Village, Sun Feather City was already extremely powerful in his eyes. But as his cultivation rose, his eyes started to wonder towards the Province City and the Thirteen Countries and he found out about the two strong countries next to the Sky Cloud Thirteen Countries.

Any one of the two countries could destroy the Thirteen Countries and therefore, the latter had to join together in order to survive.

But this wasn't the truth!

’’Master, how strong are the thirteen clans to be able to control the thirteen countries?’’ Nan Gongfan said in disbelief.

’’These clans control the path of cultivation. Every clan only have one thousand or so people, but they control the destiny of a country. If you want to ask how strong they are, your Master, I, was only an outer disciple of Broken Moon Clan.’’ Lord Guanjun sighed.

Outer disciple?

Bei Moi and the others froze. Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan shook their heads in disbelief.

’’Someone as strong as Lord Guanjun was only an outer disciple, just like how I was in the Zhao sect... ’’

Waves appeared in Zhao Feng's heart. They didn't need to know how strong the clan was, just the fact that Lord Guanjun was only an outer disciple alone told them.

After knowing the truth, the six geniuses felt as if their souls were lost. Their achievements were top tier in Guanjun Province City, but compared with the clan's, theirs were just like an ant.

The two weren't even on the same level, like how a human wouldn't bother with an ant.

’’The clan that controls the Cloud Country is known as the Broken Moon sect and the peak existences have even surpassed the Holy Martial Path... ’’ Speaking up to here, expressions of admiration and longing appeared in Lord Guanjun's eyes.


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