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King Of Gods - Chapter 95


Chapter 95 - Hooded Figure Appears

’’Lord Guanjun!’’

’’My Lord!’’

A limitless number of shouts came from the city wall. Ye Linyun, General Heng, Third Guard and the other ninth ranks loosened up.

Everyone looked at that gold silver robed middle aged man with excitement, admiration and respect. The man looked like a god, with a silver glow surrounding him as he clashed with the Lord tier deadly beast in the blink of an eye.

The energy remains instantly killed the nearby peak tier deadly beasts, shocking everyone.


Blood gashes appeared on the pitch black dog as it looked at Lord Guanjun with wariness.

’’Good! Lord Guanjun will kill the Lord tier deadly beast!’’

The human cultivator's expressions that were of despair turned to joy and expectations. In their eyes, Lord Guanjun was a god who could defeat anyone in the world.

Zhao Feng let out a breath as he stood on top of the city wall. Just then, he had made the preparations to run if all came to worst and his left eye had analysed the best path to take.

At this moment, Zhao Feng's left eye scanned Lord Guanjun and the Lord tier deadly beast. Without a doubt, the power of them had surpassed the nine ranks of the Martial Path and entered the Holy Martial Path.


Lord Guanjun descended from the air and he sent a wave of air towards his surroundings.

’’Lord Guanjun has surpassed the nine ranks of the martial path and using his power, he can use the wind to help him fly momentarily.’’ Zhao Feng concluded.

Flying, that was the dream of limitless people. Although cultivators of the Holy Martial Path couldn't fly, the power still made those of the ninth rank look up at them in awe.

’’Bastard! This is the world of humans, go back to the Sky Cloud Forest!’’ Lord Guanjun stood proudly on the ground and ordered.

Under the pressure of his Holy Martial Path, the hundreds of thousands of beasts shook in fear. If the Lord tier deadly beast wasn't there, they would have fled already.

Peh! Prh!

Zhao Feng felt some sort of pressure and sizzles of heat coming from his left eye and it was released throughout his body. It made the light inside the dimension of his left eye move closer to seven foot nine.

This change made Zhao Feng's heart beat faster, ever since he had merged with this eye, Zhao Feng felt limitless potential time and time again. At this moment, his cultivation was increasing under the pressure outside. Now, Zhao Feng felt that his future potential had exceed the Half Spiritual Body.

Right as he was thinking, the battle below had broke out.


The Lord tier deadly beast waved its claw and like black lightning streaking across the sky, a blast of power destroyed everything within thirty metres.

Just the damage from it made Zhao Feng's head tingle. If they let the Lord tier deadly beast into Guanjun Province City, the result would be unthinkable.

Ten Cross Rippling Execution!

Lord Guanjun's arm turned to a sharp silver color and in an instant, a bright flash sped through the air that ripped the Lord tier deadly beasts' attack into shreds.


The ground trembled as dust covered the air. The next instant the two figures had disappeared.

Peh! Peh! Boom----

Lord Guanjun and the Lord tier deadly beast exchanged blows quickly, and the remaining energy alone immediately killed the nearby birds. The two figures were small compared to the other deadly beasts, but the aura they radiated made the other beasts tremble in fear.

The cultivators on the city wall held their breaths as they watched, although they couldn't even understand what was going on. Only Zhao Feng could see clearly with his left eye.

’’Strength, speed, damage... How is it possible for a human to reach such a level?’’

Zhao Feng took a deep breath and because he saw clearer, he understood how strong cultivators of the Holy martial path were.

Cultivators of the Holy Martial Path could decide a country's fate in the thirteen Sky Cloud countries, therefore even the King would be respectful towards one.

Lord Guanjun was one of them, he had absolute power in Sky Cloud Country.

When one reached the Holy Martial Path, the time for a battle became very short, but the number of moves exchanged increased significantly.

In the midst of booms, the Lord tier deadly beast growled in pain and the black flames decreased whereas the silver light on Lord Guanjun became brighter.

’’Lord Guanjun is almost uninjured and although they're both at the same realm, he has better technique and skill.’’ Zhao Feng stared at the two figures.


Fear and wariness appeared in the Lord tier deadly beasts' eyes as it retreated quickly. It's actions caused the hundreds of thousands of beasts behind to break into chaos.


Lord Guanjun laughed coldly and waved his arm through the air. As he did so, an eight metre long light flew at the Lord tier deadly beast, leaving behind a gash that went to the bone.

Sou... Sou... Sou...

Two figures weaved through the beast horde.

’’Hahaha... these bastards are retreating, everyone attack!’’

’’The beasts have fine materials, which we can sell for gold.’’

The cultivators of Guanjun Province City cheered as they charged out of the city.

’’Nan Gongfan, Zhao Feng, Zhao Fei and Feng Hanyue... we'll follow and watch how Master slays a Lord tier deadly beast.’’ Qing Yangshan said excitedly.

On the other side, Bei Moi had already follow Lord Guanjun out.

’’Troops, advance!’’ General Heng gave the order for the troops and cultivators to attack the fleeing beast horde.

’’Ok.’’ Zhao Feng nodded his head and he went with the other disciples towards their Master.

Zhao Feng was very interested in how the cultivators of the Holy martial path fought. His left eye could see the scenery of Lord Guanjun and the Lord tier deadly beast fighting.

After chasing for tens of miles.

Lord Guanjun and the Lord tier deadly beast stopped near a forest. The Lord tier beast was full of injuries and it was dripping blood as it kneeled on the ground unable to move.

Lord Guanjun's body stiffened and he didn't move.

Hm? What's the situation?

Zhao Feng was slightly curious. At this moment, Bei Moi, who was eight miles away, couldn't see what was happening clearly. But Zhao Feng, who was tens of miles away, saw the situation: the Lord tier deadly beast wasn't kneeling down because of Lord Guanjun, because it's backside was facing the latter.

’’Who's there!?’’

Lord Guanjun was extremely solemn as he released a terrifying mental strength.

’’Zhe.. Zhe... There's a Yuefan cultivator in Guanjun Province City... ’’

A hooded figure sat on top of a black bird. Under the hood, a pair of ice cold eyes stared down at Lord Guanjun as it laughed.

It's him!

Zhao Feng's heart shook as he saw this scene tens of miles away. He had seen this person on that day during the bandit mission and Zhao Feng had a feeling that this beast horde had connections with him.

’’Why are you controlling the beast hordes to attack the human city and villages? Aren't you afraid of the Thirteen County pact?’’ Lord Guanjun shouted as light twinkled in his eyes.


The black bird in the sky flapped its wings and a black wind twirled towards him. Lord Guanjun's expression immediately changed as he retreated tens yards. Instantly, the place where he originally stood had dissolved and the Lord tier black dog howled sadly as it died.


Zhao Feng couldn't help but take in a cold breath as he saw this scene.

The black bird under the hooded figure was at least two times stronger than the black dog. Obviously, he could only see the situation and not what they were saying.

As they exchanged words, Lord Guanjun's expression turned dimmer and dimmer.

’’Zhe zhe zhe... Today's playing ends here... ’’

At last, the hooded figure with the ice cold blue eyes scanned Bei Moi who had almost caught up and disappeared into the sky.

When Bei Moi had arrived, the mysterious hooded figure as well as the black bird had turned into a black dot that merged into the sky.

’’Master, what just happened? Who was he?’’ Bei Moi asked curiously as he looked at where the hooded figure vanished.

Lord Guanjun was silent for a while before he let out a breath: ’’Danger appears for the thirteen countries of the Sky Cloud Forest... But this is also a chance for you....’’

As he said that, he looked expectantly at the disciples behind him.

A chance?

Zhao Feng, Qing Yangshan, Feng Hanyue and Zhao Yufei had all arrived.


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