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King Of Gods - Chapter 94


Chapter 94 - Lord Tier Deadly Beast

The piercing howl silenced both the humans and beasts with the latter even kneeling on the ground as if they had seen a king. Far away in the midst of the beast horde, a path was formed.

’’What is the thing that puts fear into peak tier deadly beasts.. ?’’ The cultivators on top of the city wall focused onto the path.

Because Zhao Feng had the best eyesight, he saw a pure black dog-type deadly beast walk towards them. The black dog was the size of a wolf at around 1.5metres long and it was small compared to the other beasts.


Zhao Feng wanted to laugh, but he couldn't. Every step the dog took would radiate a frightening aura and when Zhao Feng's eyes looked into the eyes of the pitch black dog, he felt like he was on fire.

’’Could it be... a Lord Tier deadly beast!?’’ General Heng took in a cold breath as fear flashed through his eyes.

One had to know that General Heng was already at the peak ninth rank and he was one of the strongest cultivators here.

Lord Tier Deadly Beast!

The faces of the cultivators turned white, they all knew the rumours about Lord Tier deadly beasts. Deadly beasts were split into low and high tier and they were respectively comparable to Martial Artists and Martial Masters, but peak tier deadly beasts weren't the highest ranked.

Above peak tier deadly beasts, there were some terrifying existences - Lord tier deadly beasts!

’’The rumours say that a Lord tier deadly beast can destroy an entire country.’’

On top of the Guanjun Province City wall, a few of the cultivators were scared out of their wits.

Under the falling sun.

Hundreds of thousands of deadly and wild beasts bowed down, facing the Lord tier black dog as the latter slowly walked towards the city. Although the Lord tier deadly beast didn't attack, it coldly glanced at the people and cultivators such as General Heng, Ye Linyun of the ninth rank would tremble.

Under that one scan, the Lord tier deadly beast had confirmed who were the strongest people amongst the cultivators.

’’Stop him!’’

’’Pass the information to Our Lord!’’

A few silver figures appeared on top of a nearby tower.

Shua! Shua!

’’Number One, number two, number four... ’’ Third Guard exclaimed.

At this moment, the first four of the Guanjun Corps had arrived with First Guard reaching half-step Holy martial path!

Ye Linyun took in a cold breath.

First Guard was only half a step away from the Holy martial path.


The three silver figures jumped down and reached the Lord tier deadly beast in an instant.

First Guard, Second Guard, Third Guard and Fourth Guard!

The strongest four of the Guanjun Corps formed a semicircle around the Lord tier deadly beast, stopping it.

’’Cultivators of the ninth rank, go help... ’’ General Heng gave the command solemnly.

He knew that the four guards alone probably weren't able to restrain the Lord tier deadly beast who could destroy an entire country.

Shua... Shua...

Soon, another few cultivators of the ninth rank appeared. On top of the city wall, a few of the archers pulled their bows open, Zhao Feng had taken out his Golden Stairs Bow and pulled it open as well.


The pitch black dog coldly scanned the humans on top of the city wall disdainfully as if it had emotions.

’’Sky Heavenly Death Net!’’

The four great Guanjun Corps turned into silver blurs, they held short blades and they sent a ’’net’’ of slices that enveloped the Lord tier deadly beast.

This Sky Heavenly Death Net had been performed by all four guards and the power of it surpassed normal Holy martial arts.

Even though Zhao Feng was far away, his heart jumped. He knew that if he fell into this Sky Heavenly Death Net, he wouldn't be able to find any flaws even with his left eye.

Normal cultivators of the ninth rank would instantly be ripped into shreds if they were trapped in it.

For tens of years, no one had ever escaped from this move of the four guards and today, this killing move landed upon the Lord tier deadly beast.

Shu... Shu... Shu... Shu...

The pitch black dog didn't have anywhere to run nor dodge as the net surrounded it in every direction.


A layer of black flames appeared on the dog and a terrifying aura swept around its surroundings.


The Lord tier deadly beast randomly swiped with one paw and it instantly caused a black light a few metres long to appear. The simple swipe seemed to contain a deep martial art that had ripped open another dimension.


The Sky Heavenly Death Net shattered.

Dang! Dang!

The weapons of both Second and Fourth Guard fell to the floor broken as blood leaked from their mouths. The expressions of First and Third Guard turned pale as their body stiffened.

Standing on top of the city wall, Zhao Feng's heart clenched as he saw the swipe of the Lord tier deadly beast. Because in his eyes, the swipe seemed to be a martial art.

Deadly beasts know martial arts?

Maybe it was just Zhao Feng, but he felt that the move from the Lord tier deadly beast seemed similar to the Mysterious Wind Palm of the girl back in the canyon.

Shuuuu... !

The Lord tier deadly beast stomped on the ground and a layer of pitch blames flames was sent out in every direction as it shattered the ground.

Dodge it!

First Guard exclaimed as he furiously slashed his blade at the black flames.

The other guards all did the same.

Heavenly Cloud Kill!

Slice of Doom!


General Heng, Ye Linyun and the other ninth ranks arrived and protected the four Guanjun Corps. But the black flames of the Lord tier deadly beast was just too strong, it burned one's skin before the flame even reached it.

’’Ahhh... ’’

A cultivator of the ninth rank had his clothes set on fire, so he rolled on the ground trying to flatten it out. But no matter how hard he tried, it didn't stop the flames and in no time, he became a burnt, black corpse. Not only that, Third Guard and Fourth Guard were also tarnished by the black flame.

’’Forget me, run... ’’ Fourth Guard screamed as he charged at the Lord tier deadly beast with his body on fire.


The Lord tier deadly beast swiped its claws and shattered Fourth Guard's body.

’’Third Guard!’’ The other people exclaimed.

Third Guard, the overseer of the Sky Guards Battalion also had black flames appear on his arm.


Third Guard clenched his teeth as he chopped off his own arm.

’’Everyone retreat!’’ General Heng and First Guard called.

Zhao Feng was shocked as he stood on the city wall. Just then, he had used his Golden Stairs Bow and fired a few arrows, but they had all turned into dust before they even came close to the Lord tier deadly beast.

Run! Everyone retreat!

The ten ninth ranks couldn't even block a casual swipe of the Lord tier beast.

’’The difference is too great... ’’

Bei Moi, Nan Gongfan and the other disciples looked on in fear and they pulled away from the Lord tier deadly beast.


The Lord tier deadly beast howled and a few peak tier deadly beasts appeared behind it.

’’He's calling his troops to attack!’’ Zhao Feng's heart jumped and he could almost see the destruction of Guanjun Province City.

The legend of a Lord tier deadly beast destroying a country was just a legend, was it going to happen in the Cloud Country though?

Just as the cultivators were in despair, the sound of wind came from behind.

’’Which bastard dares come into my territory?’’ A deep voice sounded from midair.


An silver light flashed through the air.

’’That's... ’’

Zhao Feng's left eye and he managed to catch the image of a middle aged man wearing silver-gold robes flying through the air like a god.

In just an instant, the man had moved two hundred metres.

’’Flying? Can humans really fly?’’

Zhao Feng recognised that person, Lord Guanjun!

A gold silver robed middle aged man stopped midair in front of the Lord tier deadly beast.

’’Illusion Rippling Execution!’’ Lord Guanjun waved his hands as a silver light appeared.

Instantly, a sound as loud as thunder appeared and the eight metre long silver light heavily stabbed towards where the Lord tier deadly beast was at.


Wariness appeared in the black dog's eyes as it swiped its paw of black flame at the silver light.


The chaotic wind blew up everything in a twenty metre radius and it left a deep hole where the forces collided. At the same time, the nearby peak tier deadly beasts howled in fear and agony as they were turned into dust...


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