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King Of Gods - Chapter 92


KoG Chapter 92

Chapter 92 - Archery Skills

Soon, the best archers were gathered near General Heng. Some of them were at the fifth and sixth rank, while others were at the seventh and eighth.

The group was full of middle aged people apart from Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng was slightly curious as he stood in the group of people. The others nearby had pushed him over here before he knew what was going on.

’’All you need to do is attract the Golden Beak Eagle King near the city... ’’General Heng told them his plan.

The plan was simple, to annoy and hurt the Golden Beak Eagle King and attract it's attention. Then kill it with the combined power of a few ninth ranks.

’’This is probably... ’’ The seven to eight archers were slightly hesitant.

’’What!? Can't you all do a simple thing like this?’’ General Heng said coldly.

The archers immediately started to sweat.

’’General, it's like this. The Golden Beak Eagle King's speed is too fast. Furthermore, when it moves, it also drags the wind along with it. So before the arrows come near, it will automatically swerve.’’ One middle aged archer said helplessly.

He was an archer that had reached the seventh rank and his words caused agreements from the other people. Zhao Feng's eyesight was better and clearer, so therefore, he knew how difficult it was.

Firstly, the speed of the Golden Beak Eagle King was too fast and when it moved the wind would disrupt the arrow's movement. Secondly the defense of the Golden Beak Eagle King was just too strong, and it could take an attack of an eighth rank and be fine.

Not only that, the archers had to shoot from the ground while the Eagle King was in the sky.

Obviously, there was still one more point.

What if they managed to hurt the Eagle King? The archers had to attract it to the ambush area as well.

Normal cultivators of the seventh and eighth rank would instantly be ripped into shreds. Therefore, the archers present had no confidence at all.

Right at this time.

’’Ahhhh... ’’

The golden blur of the Eagle King swiped down again and killed tens of people.


After killing them, the Eagle King turned in another direction.

’’Brother Bei Moi watch out!’’ Ye Linyun and Yang Qingshan exclaimed.

This time, the Golden Beak Eagle King was soaring towards Bei Moi. Bei Moi was fighting another peak tier deadly beast and he heard the wind whistling behind him.

’’Spiritual Crane Flying Wind!’’

Bei Moi used a profound speed skill and his body became like a crane and flew into the air. It was a Holy martial art!


The Golden Beak Eagle King screeched and clashed with Bei Moi in midair.


The attack of the Golden Beak Eagle King had been blocked, but Bei Moi had been slightly injured. After the Golden Beak Eagle King failed to kill him, the Eagle King then disappeared again to find a new target.

’’This bastard. If Brother Bei Moi dies... ’’ Ye Linyun wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.

Sou- Sou- Sou

At this time, the best archers fired their arrows at the Golden Beak Eagle King.

Ding! Ding....

A few of the arrows managed to raise sparks on the wings of the eagle but the defense wasn't broken at all. The expressions of the archers were slightly dim.

’’Unless we hit a vital point... ’’ The archers shook their heads.

Ding! Ding! Ding...

Suddenly, another few arrows hit the Golden Beak Eagle King, but none of them broke through the tough as metal feather.

Failed again!

The archers had bitter expressions.

Zhao Feng used his Golden Stairs Bow, but the situation was the same. The arrows that got near the Eagle were put off course by the wind from the Eagle's flapping.


The Golden Beak Eagle King suddenly swept downwards towards the nearby archers.

’’Ahh... ’’

The archers were pale-faced as they tried their best to dodge but two people still died.

Lightly Floating Ferry!

Zhao Feng first used his speed skill, then he took out his Golden Stairs Bow and with a ’’pah’’, flattened two low tier deadly beasts and pushed back a high tier deadly beast.

Compared to all the other archers, Zhao Feng was extremely calm.


At this time General Heng had also noticed Zhao Feng and he was surprised that the latter was so calm in a situation like this.

’’Brother Zhao, you specialise in the bow?’’ Ye Linyun had also noticed Zhao Feng.

’’Yes, maybe I can do it.’’ Zhao Feng nodded and appeared in front of Ye Linyun.

’’Young master Zhao, are you sure?’’ General Heng had a solemn expression.

If Zhao Feng was just a normal archer, he wouldn't mind him giving it a try, but Zhao Feng was a disciple of Lord Guanjun, the responsibility would be beared by him.

’’If it's just to attract it down, then it's not much of a problem.’’ As Zhao Feng said this, he slowly pulled open the Golden Stairs Bow and decided to prove his words with action.


He took a cold breath as a faint green light appeared on his eyebrow and the Eagle became much slower and clearer in his eyes.


Under the enhanced vision mode, Zhao Feng could see the change in the birds bone and blood.

He stood still and focused in on the Eagle King, but he didn't release his arrow.

’’Not simple!’’

General Heng and Ye Linyun looked at each other. They both felt the sharp, piercing aura from Zhao Feng.


Suddenly, the Golden Beak Eagle King turned around.

Sou! Sou! Sou

Zhao Feng immediately released his arrows. It was like the Eagle King was heading towards the arrows and not the other way around.

Finally,the three golden arrows and the Eagle King clashed together.

Yep! Clashed!

The arrow and eagle were both heading in different directions, but the two finally met together.


The golden arrow pierced through the layer of wind and stabbed perfectly into the eagle's eye. This scene caused the other archers below to stare dazed.

’’How did he do this... ?’’

An archer of the seventh rank had an expression of disbelief on, he couldn't accept the fact that Zhao Feng was able to perfectly hit the eye of the Eagle King.


The golden arrow raised a spark of fire as it deflected off the eyelid of the Eagle.

So unfortunate!

The archers couldn't help but sigh. The Golden Beak Eagle King had closed its eyes at the last second. Being a peak tier deadly beast, its reactions were insanely fast but it didn't notice the smile appearing on Zhao Feng's lips.

Shu- Shu- Shu

The other two arrows followed the first arrow and hit the eyelid of the bird once again,

Because the first arrow had broken through the windshield, the flight path of the other two was much better.


Blood leaked out of the Eagle's eye.


The third arrow pierced into the eyeball.

The first two arrows made the way for the third arrow. The third arrow was the killing move!


A painful scream appeared in the skies as the Golden Beak Eagle King stared red-eyed at Zhao Feng.

’’Prepare the ambush!’’

Zhao Feng immediately used his Lightly Floating Ferry and charged towards the ambush zone. At this time, General Heng and Ye Linyun had finally recovered from their shock.


Get ready!

General Heng, Ye Linyun and a few peak eighth ranks waited.


The Eagle King charged at Zhao Feng full of anger. The latter felt a coldness appear and he knew that he had been locked on by the Golden Beak Eagle King.

Smoking Transparent Step!

His figure moved and merged into the crowd of the city without a trace.

The Eagle King had lost Zhao Feng's figure but it knew the area that he was in and at this time, General Heng and Ye Linyun attacked.

Heavenly Destruction!

Dazzling Slice!

The two peak ninth ranks exploded their power.


The furious, unsuspecting Eagle King was hit by the two ninth ranks.

Ye Linyun used a Holy martial art and his palm seemed to become a blade that sliced through the defense of the bird and left eight deep gashes. General Heng's sword skill was a half Holy martial art that had been trained to the peak level and it was even stronger than the Ye Linyun's arrack.


That sword full of killing intent almost chopped off the Golden Beak Eagle King's head.

Peng.. Peng... Boom... Bam!

Immediately, the seventh and eighth ranks used their most powerful skills which almost killed the bird.


The Golden Beak Eagle King used its last bit of strength and pounced towards a youth holding a golden bow, full of hatred.


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