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King Of Gods - Chapter 90


KoG Chapter 90

Chapter 90 - Beast Horde

Cough.. Cough!

The dust even blew into Third Guard and Ye Linyun's faces. The two looked at each other and they saw the shock in each other's eyes.

The power of the six great prodigy's was on the same level as cultivators of the ninth rank. At this moment, a smile appeared on Lord Guanjun's face as he stared at the dust zone.

The centre of the dust wave.

Bei Moi stood there with his feet half an inch in the ground, everything within sight destroyed.

Around him, there were a few youths pale faced with Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan receiving internal injuries. On the other side, Feng Hanyue and Zhao Yufei had been slightly injured too. There was only one exception. In the outer edges of the dust zone, there was one stood standing there uninjured with a solemn expression.

’’This guy's strength is stronger than most cultivators of the ninth rank... ’’ Zhao Feng stared at Bei Moi.

Ever since he had entered the main Zhao family and the Province City, he had never met a genius so talented. Maybe only Xin Wuheng would be able to fight with him.

As the dust settled, the situation was seen.

Bei Moi stood expressionlessly and said casually: ’’I only used sixty percent of my strength just then.’’

Sixty percent!

The geniuses present wanted to say something, but nothing came out.

Was this his true strength?

A bitter smile appeared on Feng Hanyue's face, he had finally realised why Bei Moi could become Lord Guanjun's one and only core disciple, whereas he could only become an outer disciple. He hadn't realised that the difference between the two would be so big.

’’In just a months time, Brother Bei Moi's strength is almost the same as me now.’’ Ye Linyun sighed.

In the building, the bunch of youths opened their mouths, but nothing came out.

Dead silence.

On the tree far away, a smile appeared on Lord Guanjun's face: ’’Soon, it will be time... ’’

A while later.

’’Aye, Brother Bei Moi, you're too strong.’’ Yang Qingshan said helplessly while jealously flashed in Nan Gongfan's eyes.

It was only Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei who were calm because the difference in cultivation between them were big.

’’Brother Zhao Feng.’’ Suddenly, Bei Moi turned to face Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng stiffened, what was it?

The gazes of the youths landed on him.

’’Did you fire that finger just then?’’ Bei Moi stared at him and waved his sleeve.

The youths squinted and saw that there was a tiny hole on Bei Moi's sleeve. Obviously, this was just limited to Bei Moi's sleeve. His arm didn't even have a mark on it.

How did he do it?

Even then the others were surprised. When they had exchanged moves, Bei Moi had used a wide range attack that had even reduced Nan Gongfan and Yang Qingshan's attack to nothing before it even got close to him.

Under the shocked gazes, Zhao Feng gave a faint smile: ’’Maybe I was just lucky.’’


Suspicion rose in Yang Qingshan's eyes, only Zhao Feng wasn't injured. Not only that, his finger attack had pierced through the flaw on Bei Moi's move and left a tiny hole there.

If he did only one of them, then it might've been luck. But if the two points were added together, the chance of it being luck was extremely low.


Third Guard and Ye Linyun were slightly shocked. The scene before was too chaotic and they didn't notice this.

It was Lord Guanjun on the tree who murmured: ’’What unbelievable perception, to be able to catch Bei Moi's flaw in a blink and attack it in the chaos.’’

The only one that knew the truth apart from Zhao Feng and Bei Moi was Lord Guanjun. Lord Guanjun had analysed what had happened, he too didn't notice it before.


Bei Moi didn't question him further, but he was slightly irritated. He had wanted to defeat all six geniuses in one hit with a perfect ending. Not only did that not happen, he had also received a nail thick hole in his sleeve.

This was the only mark that tarnished him. Ever since he had been taken in by Lord Guanjun as a core disciple, he hadn't lost to anyone in any aspect amongst his generation. Zhao Feng was the first person to do so. First, he was defeated in terms of memorising and now, a mark had appeared on his clothes.

The sparring between the disciples ended here.

Lord Guanjun, Third Guard and Ye Linyun all left. Every disciple had gained something and so, they all quickly went back to their houses to cultivate.

On the way back, the image of Bei Moi's move surfaced in Zhao Feng's mind.

Way too strong!

Zhao Feng couldn't find any way to fight him straight on and Bei Moi had only used sixty percent of his strength just then. Zhao Feng opened his left eye and he found that Bei Moi's cultivation was extremely close to the ninth rank and his Inner Strength was even better than his Returning Breath Technique.

After analysing the fight, Zhao Feng could confirm that Bei Moi had trained three to four Holy martial arts at least. In the midst of it, the Rippling Skill was stronger than most Holy martial arts and it made Zhao Feng realise there were differences among Holy martial arts. Soon, he remembered some contents he had memorised in the library.

’’The Holy Martial arts are split into low grade, medium grade, high grade and peak grade. The skills I saw that day at the Treasury Hall should be all low grade.’’

Inside Zhao Feng's mind, there was a huge amount of knowledge. Two days ago, he had copied a limitless amount of knowledge into his mind in, most of which hadn't been digested yet.


Returning back to his place, Zhao Feng started to gain insights on what he had learnt today. The essence of Flowing Wind Stance had been taken in by him. Apart from that, he had also gained some insights into Tornado Stance.


Zhao Feng circulated Returning Breath Technique and around him came the sound of whistling air.

Star Finger!

Zhao Feng stabbed out and the simple finger caused the surrounding wind to blow in that direction.

’’It's like this, Flowing Wind Stance helps speed skills while Tornado Stance helps offensive skills and creates wide range attacks.’’ Zhao Feng gained more insights.

The four stances were Flowing Wind Stance, Tornado Stance, Partial Wind Stance and Burning Wind Stance with each stance getting deeper and stronger. Up to now, Zhao Feng had learnt fifty to sixty percent of Tornado Stance. If he was right, Burning Wind Stance and Partial Wind Stance were both offensive skills.

For a few days. Zhao Feng stayed in his room.

A certain day.

Zhao Feng opened his eyes.

’’Young master Zhao, Master Ye Linyun tells you to go to him, there's an important meeting.’’ A servant called out.

Usually, the servant wouldn't disrupt him unless something was urgent. Zhao Feng walked out of his room and he asked for directions.

The gathering point was the Sky Guards Battalion.

Soon, Zhao Feng arrived at the middle of the field. When he arrived, there were many people there already and the two sitting at the head seat were Third Guard and Ye Linyun respectively.

The rest were all of Lord Guanjun's outer disciples and the new Ten Sky Guards.

When everyone had arrived.

’’Sir Third Guard, what happened?’’ A youth asked.

Third Guard responded: ’’This mission has a few connections with the previous killing mission.’’

Killing mission?

Zhao Feng was slightly surprised, didn't they slaughter all the bandits before?

The other youths present were also curious. Zhao Feng then thought, if this was just another killing mission, why would Bei Moi, the core disciple, show up?

’’It's like this. After we left the bandit zone, large amounts of wild and deadly beasts started to attack the nearby villages and they formed a beast horde with the intention of destroying Guanjun Province City.’’ Ye Linyun said the reason.

Beast horde?

The youths were all shocked.

Why would the bandit zone have a random beast horde?

Zhao Feng couldn't help but think of the scene when he had pursued the Wolf Leader. At that time, Zhao Feng saw a hooded figure and a few high tier deadly beasts.

’’The size of the beast horde is extremely big. There's a large amount of low tier deadly beasts and a few high tier deadly beasts which have already destroyed a few villages and they have started to threaten Guanjun Province City.’’ Ye Linyun said solemnly.

High tier deadly beasts?

The hearts of the youths clenched. There were many rumours of high tier deadly beasts.

Zhao Feng had personally experience how powerful the Two Winged Sword Teeth Tiger was, any one of them would be able to destroy a village and even threaten some small cities.

’’The Guanjun Province City has already sent troops, but it's still not enough. The beast horde this time is also a chance for you. Lord Guanjun has ordered you all to defend it.’’ Third Guard said.


The youths all let out a breath.

’’Only through battle will your potential be ignited.’’ Zhao Feng's attitude was on the bright side.

Just as the people were discussing.


A piercing scream sounded above the Guanjun Province City.

’’What's the situation? Has the beast horde already arrived at the Guanjun Province City?’’

Zhao Feng's heart jumped.

He opened his left eye and saw that there was an enormous golden bird in the sky, the aura it released was even stronger than that of the Two Winged Sword Teeth Tiger.


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