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King Of Gods - Chapter 83


In the hall, the youths were on their tiptoes.

Zhao Feng scrunched up his eyebrows, he refused to believe that not a single one of the Ten Sky Guards had been looked upon by Lord Guanjun in just one glance.

’’The nine ranks of the Martial Path are just a foundation. At this place, strength, cultivation and skills aren't important if you can't reach the next realm.’’ Lord Guanjun's voice sounded in the hall.

The words seemed half understood and half weird to the youth's ears. Only a few were able to comprehend the meaning of Lord Guanjun's words.

’’According to him, the nine ranks of the Martial Path are only a foundation... At this stage, even if your strength is stronger than others, there's no point if you can't reach the next realm.’’ Zhao Feng understood something.

He remembered one month ago when he had talked with Master Ye.

Master Ye had said: ’’The nine ranks of the Martial Path train the body and bones and forms the foundation.’’

Now, Zhao Feng had remembered this deeply and he realised that the true aim of the nine rank of the Martial Path wasn't about killing or skills.

’’This youngster dare asks, if cultivation and strength aren't important at the nine ranks of the Martial Path, then what is?’’ Feng Hanyue stood up and asked respectfully. As he did so a thin layer of cold sweat appeared on his back.

The other nine Ten Sky Guards couldn't help but sweat too and admire his courage.

Lord Guanjun seemed to have a good impression of Feng Hanyue: ’’Strength is secondary at this stage because the future is most important. A path that can lead you further!’’


A path that can lead you further!

Zhao Feng immediately understood. When one had reached the level of Lord Guanjun they had different views.

Giving an example: A martial artists may be the strongest throughout his rank, but if he doesn't have the potential and can't break through to the seventh rank to become a martial master, then there's no point in him being the strongest in the sixth ranks. And thus, they won't be raised by these factions.

This also meant that a glance of Lord Guanjun had seen the potentials of the Ten Sky Guards and that he didn't look heavily upon their current strength right now.

Obviously, those who had better potential usually had higher cultivation which was why he would choose a disciple from the Ten Sky Guards.

’’Although I say this, you still need to be tested.’’ As Lord Guanjun said this, he took out a transparent ball sized crystal about the size of a fist.

This ball was made out of a unique material. Under his signal, Bei Moi took the crystal ball and gave it to the Ten Sky Guards.

’’It's that thing!’’ Nan Gongfan felt his heart jump.

That year he had came with Bei Moi to the Spiritual Martial Hall, Lord Guanjun had also taken this out.

Lord Guanjun said: ’’This is a special item in the world as it can measure one's future potential. It can estimate your future potential to around ninety-nine percent.’’

Hearing this, the youths couldn't help but feel nervous.

’’An item can even measure someone's potential!’’ Zhao Feng was interested.

At this time, Bei Moi handed the crystal ball to Feng Hanyue.

’’Close your eyes and put your consciousness and Inner Strength into it.’’ Lord Guanjun told him.

’’Yes sir.’’

Feng Hanyue took a deep breath and calmed himself down. He then focused his energy onto the crystal ball in his hand.


Circles of white light appeared inside the ball.

One circle, two circles, three circles... five circles!’’

The fifth circle had turned green however unlike the first four that were white.

’’You've surpassed the fourth circle, which means your potential exceeds that of a mortal body. Although it is ok, it's still not good enough to become my core disciple.’’ Lord Guanjun said.

Hearing this Feng Hanyue's eyes dimmed. He had the highest cultivation in the Ten Sky Guards, but in Lord Guanjun's eyes he was just so-so.

Seeing Feng Hanyue's performance, the other geniuses felt even more nervous.

Soon, it was Lei Cong's turn. Lei Cong took the crystal ball with a trembling hand and he finally sank his consciousness into it.

Circles of white light appeared in the inner parts of the ball.

One circle, two circles, three circles, four circles!

The white circles stopped at the fourth and a fifth didn't appear at all.

’’Your potential has reached the limits of mortals, but it is still too far away from my target.’’ Lord Guanjun shook his head.

How could it be like this!?

Lei Cong's face was as black as charcoal, as if he had lost his soul.

The evaluation he received was far worse than Feng Hanyue's. Feng Hanyue at least received an average evaluation.

Next, it was Lu Xiaoyu's turn.

’’It's my turn.’’

Lu Xiaoyu had a solemn look on as he put his consciousness into the ball. Inside the ball, three white circles appeared then they spat out another half circle. Third and a half circles was a bit worse than Lei Cong's.

’’A genius within mortals, but it is not enough in the real world stage.’’ Lord Guanjun shook his head.

Apart from Feng Hanyue, the other two didn't even reach Lord Guanjun's limits.

’’The potential of Lu Xiaoyu and Lei Cong are top tier in Sun Feather City, but they are worthless here.’’ Zhao Feng's heart clenched.

He was also thinking what Lord Guanjun meant by the real world stage. After Lu Xiaoyu, it was Zhao Yufei's turn.

Zhao Yufei closed her eyes and held the crystal with her jade-like hands.


Circles were released in the inner part of the crystal, but three circles appeared then five then four, it was extremely unstable and the color wasn't white nor green.


Lord Guanjun went into deep thought. Zhao Yufei's situation was different from the other youths.

’’Could it be Yufei's potential is unique?’’ Zhao Feng thought.

Lord Guanjun opened his mouth after some thought: ’’Your potential is special, but it shouldn't surpass Feng Hanyue's.’’

Receiving such an evaluation, Zhao Yufei let out a breath.

After Zhao Yufei finished it was the fifths turn, then the sixths, then the sevenths...

The youths after didn't even reach Lord Guanjun's bottom line.

’’It's my turn.’’ Huang Qi took over the crystal from Bei Moi with trembling hands.

Soon, three and a half circles appeared within the crystal. His potential was on par with Lu Xiaoyu's and he was still top tier in the Ten Sky Guards, but he was nowhere near good enough for Lord Guanjun.


Huang Qi was depressed, he was the top genius of Pearl Tree City and he wanted to show off his skills in Province City, but he didn't even reach Lord Guanjun's minimum standard.

It was Li Ziwen's turn after Huang Qi.

Li Ziwen was the youth who was in Lu Xiaoyu's team during the mission.

’’I... ’’

Li Ziwen was extremely nervous and he wasn't able to calm down.


Bei Moi slapped his back and Li Ziwen felt his blood cool down. Li Ziwen's testing was useless, he had only three circles.

’’Next.’’ Lord Guanjun said expressionlessly.


Zhao Feng's heart jumped. It was finally his turn.

The last of the Ten Sky Guards was Zhao Feng.

At this time, the gazes of everyone present turned to him. At this moment, Zhao Feng could feel Zhao Yufei's expectations and confidence. He could feel Third Guard and Ye Linyun's smiles.

They had high hopes for Zhao Feng's potential as Zhao Feng had reached the seventh rank and he was one of the youngest amongst the Ten Sky Guards.

Before that, Zhao Feng had gotten first in the kill mission and he had memory that surpassed even Bei Moi's.

Bei Moi handed over the crystal ball to Zhao Feng with interest in his eyes. He had a deep impression of Zhao Feng as he was the only person who could beat him in terms of memorising.

He was slightly depressed after losing to Zhao Feng that day. Now he was going to see how strong Zhao Feng's potential was.

’’Master, this is the youth who's memory is better than Bei Moi and the one who got first in the bandit clearing mission. Not only that, he's also the youngest one amongst the Ten Sky Guards.’’ Third Guard said in a low voice.


Curiosity and interest flashed in Lord Guanjun's eyes.

Under the gazes of everyone, Zhao Feng took the crystal and put his consciousness as well as his Inner Strength into it.


The first circle immediately appeared.

What's happening!?

Zhao Feng heart jumped because he found that after the one circle appeared the next formed very slowly. Even when he fully put his consciousness into it, only one and a half circles were formed.


The people watching stiffened. Zhao Feng's potential shouldn't be any weaker than Feng Hanyue's.

Lord Guanjun was disappointed and he was about to say something.

Peh Peh! Peh Peh...

Zhao Feng suddenly heard a jumping sound from within the depths of his left eye that sent out sizzles of heat throughout his body.


The white circles that had stopped moving suddenly moved forward again and reached two circles.

After two circles was reached, the white circles kept on forming. Two circles... three circles... Three and a half circles...


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