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King Of Gods - Chapter 81


KoG Chapter 81

Chapter 81 - Intense Competition

’’Lord Guanjun has come out secluded meditation and he will be arriving here personally in three days time.’’ The news exploded in the Sky Guards Battalion.

Many youths clenched their fists with excitement. In the Guanjun Province City, Lord Guanjun mean absolute power, he was a legendary figure respected by every cultivators.

As this news was announced, the competition between the Ten Sky Guards became even more intensive with some of the top ten challenging each other.

Without a doubt, the higher your rank was in the Ten Sky Guards, the higher your chance was of getting picked. The group of youths seemed to go insane, crazily cultivating and challenging each other. even if they knew they had almost no chance of winning.

Over these two days, even Zhao Feng received some challenges.

Zhao Feng accepted them all and used Star Finger to finish the opponent off in one move. To attract less problems, Zhao Feng released his seventh rank aura.

He did this because of two reasons.

Firstly, less people would challenge him. If his cultivation reached the seventh rank, he would have entered the stages of a Martial Master and a whole new level. Even if you gave the other youths a hundred guts, they wouldn't dare to challenge him.

Secondly, the higher the cultivation that Zhao Feng showed, the higher chance of getting picked by Lord Guanjun. Zhao Feng also admired the mysterious and legendary Lord Guanjun.

’’Oh my god! Zhao Feng had reached the seventh rank!’’

’’The Sky Guards Battalion now has another super genius!’’

The news of Zhao Feng reaching the seventh rank exploded. Zhao Yufei and Huang Qi both came to congratulate him.

’’Congratulations to Brother Zhao for reaching the Martial Master.’’ Huang Qi looked respectfully and admiringly at Zhao Feng.

The three tiers in the nine ranks of the Martial Path were called: Martial Learner, Martial Artists and Martial Master.

Once someone reached a higher tier, their status would change significantly.

Martial Learners were the bottom tier of cultivators. Martial Artists not only had some strength, people would respect them. One would enter the top tier only by entering the Martial Master rank.

Once someone reached the seventh rank, they would receive invitations from any of the thirteen countries.

’’I knew Brother Feng wouldn't lose to Feng Hanyue and Lei Cong.’’ Happiness shone in Zhao Yufei's eyes.

She felt it easy to accept Zhao Feng reaching the seventh rank and she was happy for him.

From an outer disciple to an inner disciple, then to a genius inSun Feather City, Zhao Yufei had been there and witnessed his rise.

’’Yufei, with your potential, you'll reach the seventh rank soon.’’ Zhao Yufei smiled and scanned his left eye over Zhao Yufei's body.

Zhao Yufei's cultivation had reached the peak sixth rank and she was ranked fifth within the Ten Sky Guards.

In the building in the middle of the area.

’’There's been quite a few geniuses in the Sky Guards Battalion, I hope it doesn't disappoint Lord Guanjun... ’’ Third Guard murmured.

Although he stayed in the building most of the time, he still knew the situation in the Sky Guards Battalion. After hearing that Zhao Feng had reached the seventh rank, Feng Hanyue and Lei Cong were shocked.

Time crept towards the end of the three days and the atmosphere became more and more tense.

The ninth position was changing almost every hour. Those that didn't get challenged were the three great geniuses of the seventh rank, who all used unsurpassable strength to beat their opponents.

Zhao Feng calmed down and focused on increasing his strength for the last two days. The time Zhao Feng that had was limited, so he focused on Returning Breath Technique and Star Finger, which broke through to the fifth level on the third day.

Star Finger was split into seven levels and the fifth level made Zhao Feng's finger send out pulses of beautiful light.

Extreme perfection! Extreme speed!

This was Zhao Feng's feeling as he used Star Finger. In just one breaths time, he could fire seven to eight fingers and make the attacks threaten seventh ranks.

The ultimate move ’’One Line Star Finger’’ reached the power of the eighth rank and this was when he wasn't even using Silver Wall Technique.

’’Understood, Lord Guanjun will arrive tomorrow.’’

The night of the third day, the competition was red hot.

At night.

Huang Qi finally reached rank ninth in the Ten Sky Guards and he settled down there. Now, he had two peak ranked martial arts that had reached a high level and he had also reached the peak sixth rank as well.

’’I'm finally back.’’

Huang Qi let out a breath and he challenged number eight who he beat. He did this because the ninth position was just too dangerous as there were too many people challenging it.

Even if Huang Qi's peak sixth rank cultivation, he was only placed eighth, which proved how intense the competition was.

’’Zhao Feng, with your strength you can reach top three.’’ Huang Qi was curious.

He knew Zhao Feng's strength, Zhao Feng could kill quasi-martial masters when he was only at the peak sixth rank and the latter had received many battle points after the mission. Huang Qi was certain that Zhao Feng could become first or second. He put second in because Feng Hanyue had reached the peak seventh rank.

Within the Ten Sky Guards, Feng Hanyue was first, Zhao Feng second and Lei Cong third.

Obviously, this was the rankings that the other youths had given them, but Zhao Feng was still tenth in the Ten Sky Guards.

’’I've already reached the seventh rank, so it doesn't really matter.’’ Zhao Feng gave a casual smile.

Huang Qi couldn't help but give an envious look. With Zhao Feng's current cultivation, there was a high chance of him being chosen by Lord Guanjun and so his rank didn't really matter.

He was a super genius who reached the seventh rank before sixteen years old.

Time passed slowly.

Finally morning arrived and Third Guard walked out of his building: ’’Time is up! All of the Ten Sky Guards come meet me here tomorrow morning. At that time, Lord Guanjun will come personally to give you pointers.’’

Hearing this, the Ten Sky Guards screamed with excitement, while the ones who weren't chosen felt sad.

’’Hahaha... I can finally sleep now!’’ Huang Qi laughed out loud.

It was obvious that Third Guard wanted the youths to be in their peak state when meeting Lord Guanjun. Zhao Feng was also excited. Ever since he had merged with the eye, he had increased by leaps and bounds.

When he had entered the Guanjun Palace, the competition between the geniuses had ignited his potential and now, he had the chance to meet the legendary figure of the Cloud Country.

That night, the Ten Sky Guards slept sweetly.

The next morning.

All the youths got up early, full of power.

Without the calling of Third Guard, the Ten Sky Guards walked into the building in the middle of the fields.

Inside the building.

The ten youths arrived half an hour early.

’’Not bad, you're all early.’’

Third Guard counted the people present and confirmed their names as there was just too many changes in the ranks in the last few days.

’’Mm-hmm. Ten people here, Feng Hanyue, Lei Cong, Lu Xiaoyu, Zhao Yufei... Huang Qi, Li Ziwen, Zhao Feng.’’

When he read Zhao Feng's name, he was slightly stunned and the other youths had weird expressions when they heard this, but no one questioned his strength.

Tah! Tah! Tah...

Just at this time, footsteps sounded from outside.

The ten youths held their breaths. Before the door even opened, a terrifying power had already pressured upon them. The footsteps seemed to stand upon their hearts.

Under the gazes of everyone, a few figures walked in...


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