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King Of Gods - Chapter 80


Chapter 80 - Good Bargain

’’Half Holy ranked martial art - Returning Breath Technique!’’ Bei Moi slammed this book down on the table.

Another half-holy ranked martial art and a Inner Strength one at that as well!

Zhao Feng laughed in his heart. Just in this short while, without using a bit of energy, he had earned a half-holy ranked speed skill and now, he was getting a Inner Strength one. The two skills were all useful ti Zhao Feng because his Lightly Micro Step was just a high ranked martial art. Even if he did have the help of Air Crossing Breathing Technique, it was only comparable to a peak ranked martial art.

As for the Inner Strength skill, Zhao Feng's Lightly Floating Ferry, with the help of Air Crossing Breathing Technique, was comparable to a half-holy ranked martial art and the one that Bei Moi took out was already at the half-holy rank.

’’This is a skill I took from a cultivator of the ninth rank after I slew him. Even I haven't read it yet, if you can still memorise it in the short amount of time like before, then you win.’’ Bei Moi said.

Slew a cultivator of the ninth rank?

Zhao Feng was shocked as he stared at the expressionless youth in front of him.

How strong was he?

The weird thing was that Third Guard and Nan Gongfan weren't suspicious of him at all. But slightly and just faintly, Zhao Feng saw the jealousy in Nan Gongfan's eyes. It was obvious that although they had the same Master, Third Guard and Nan Gongfan were both envious of Bei Moi's talent.

Now that they had finally found someone who could beat Bei Moi in a certain aspect, they were obviously happy.

’’What? Are you scared?’’

A light smile appeared on Bei Moi's lips, he couldn't believe that anyone in the Guanjun Palace could beat him in terms of memorising. He was certain that Zhao Feng had planned this with Third Guard to trick him.

’’Sure.’’ Zhao Feng laughed within his heart.

Maybe a half holy ranked martial art wasn't precious to Third Guard and Bei Moi as they were disciples of Lord Guanjun, but it was to Zhao Feng.

After he accepted, Zhao Feng immediately read the contents of Returning Breath Technique.

Shua! Shua! Shua.....

As Zhao Feng swiped through the pages, a faint green light appeared on his left eye. But no paid attention to it as the aura it released was the exact same as Zhao Feng's body.

Tens of breaths later.


Zhao Feng threw the book back onto the table and let out a breath: ’’Test me.’’

’’Let me do it.’’

Surprise and suspiciousness rose in Bei Moi's eyes, so he took the book and picked a few places.

Zhao Feng immediately responded without hesitation and answered all the questions perfectly.

’’Hehe, Brother Bei! You lost!’’ Nan Gongfan couldn't explain the joy in his heart.

’’It looks like Brother Bei loses at times as well.’’

An expression of satisfaction appeared on Third Guard's face as Zhao Feng was in the Sky Guards Battalion after all, which was under his control.

But the one who was the most happy was actually Zhao Feng. Without using any energy at all, he had gotten two half holy ranked martial arts. Where else could he find stuff like this?

Only Bei Moi had a grim face on.

After all, he was only a youth of fifteen to sixteen years old and he had never received criticism before. Zhao Feng even saw the cold light in his eyes, it was obvious that Zhao Feng left a mark in Bei Moi's heart.

’’Is it worth it to offend a super genius for two half holy ranked martial arts?’’ Zhao Feng thought deeply.

To lose is to gain, everything had a price.

’’Memory doesn't mean you can gain insights. I'm leaving.’’ Bei Moi stood up and left by himself.

Nan Gongfan and Third Guard exchanged glances, they were happy to see Bei Moi lose. Zhao Feng then got up and returned back to his wooden room.

Closing his eyes, Returning Breath Technique and Smoking Transparent Step surfaced in his mind. A smile appeared on his face as he looked at the two skills. This was his first time touching a half-holy ranked martial art.

He first looked at Returning Breath Technique, which was an Inner Strength skill. The more profound an Inner Strength skill was, the more complex it was to learn and train and it was dangerous as the slightest mistake could result in disaster. But for Zhao Feng, it was far easier because of his left eye. At this moment, he opened the ability of his left eye and a weird hot feeling spread throughout his body.

Zhao Feng could see the blood flow and Inner Strength in his body. This power was similar to the legendary ’’Inner Sight’’, which could only be achieved at the peak ninth rank, but his sight was even clearer.

In just a few hours, Zhao Feng had entered the beginning stages of Returning Breath Technique. Even Bei Moi would be shocked if he saw this.

Returning Breath Technique: Condenses the Inner Strength of the highest quality to form a stronger one. This skill allows one to store more Inner Strength than normal.

’’This Inner Strength skill is so strong!’’ Zhao Feng felt his voice tremble slightly.

Returning Breath's advantage was that under the condensation of Inner Strength, another Inner Strength of higher quality and lower quantity was formed, therefore one could store more.

Half a day later.

Zhao Feng had condensed a small bubble of Returning Air Inner Strength and the power of it easily exceed his Air Crossing Breathing Technique.

The most shocking part was that the Returning Breath Inner Strength could dissolve the Inner Strength of others. Zhao Feng's original Inner Strength from Air Crossing Breathing Technique was slowly being devoured and changed. As time passed, the Returning Breath Inner Strength became stronger as well.

One day and night later.

All of Zhao Feng's original Inner Strength had been changed to Returning Breath Inner Strength. The new Inner Strength formed a layer of green so fast that Zhao Feng couldn't help but sigh.

’’My Returning Breath Inner Strength absorbs other Inner Strength and converts it to my own... therefore, the attributes of it are the same as before... ’’

Zhao Feng found this point and he was extremely excited. This way, his Returning Breath Inner Strength could be used with his Lightly Floating Ferry and although the effect may only be eighty to ninety percent of before, it had greater quantity and quality.

After Returning Breath Technique had been started, Zhao Feng found that his Inner Strength was stronger than Lei Cong's by at least one half;and this was him only just starting to learn it.

Next, he started to learn his Smoking Transparent Step outside. This half-holy ranked martial art was extremely similar to his Lightly Micro Step.

Smoking Transparent Step: As light as smoke. When trained to the low level, one could move around without being heard.

Because his Lightly Micro Step had reached the max level, it was easy to enter the beginning stages of Smoking Transparent Step. But if Zhao Feng wanted to reach the low level, it would be hard.

Zhao Feng trained hardcore for several days, but he still couldn't reach the low level. At the point of difficulty, he saw the Flowing Wind Stance in his eye.

Flowing Wind Stance was a support Holy martial art and when he used Smoking Transparent Step with it, he seemed to gain new insights.

Half a minute later.

Zhao Feng opened his eyes. He trained Smoking Transparent Step once again and he found that he had reached the low level. After reaching the low level, it increased by leaps and bounds and slowed down as it got closer to the high level. At this time, Zhao Feng had gained insights into Flowing Wind Stance as well.

’’Hmmm, it's about time.’’ Zhao Feng stopped training his skills.

Up to now, he had a few major skills:

Holy ranked martial art - Silver Wall Technique

Half Holy ranked martial arts: Returning Breath Technique, Smoking Transparent Step, Lightly Floating Ferry

Peak ranked martial art: Star Finger (Power not any weaker than half-holy ranked martial arts.)

Apart from these, he also had Archer God's Left Eye, whose rank was unknown. Zhao Feng didn't know even know how strong he was now.

’’If we return back to Sun Feather City now, there'll be no one my match.’’ Zhao Feng couldn't help but sigh.

Obviously he didn't want to return back to Sun Feather City now. In this Province City, there were many geniuses of the same generation that were on par with him, if not stronger.

That Bei Moi was already at the peak eighth rank and he could already kill cultivators of the ninth rank. Staying here, Zhao Feng felt competition and pressure which ignited his potential.

Learning the few skills, Zhao Feng exited his room and he found that there was more changes in the Ten Sky Guards.

’’I heard that Lord Guanjun's coming out in a few days time, so everyone is trying to become one of the Ten Sky Guards.’’

Speaking up to here, Huang Qi was slightly depressed. There was just too many geniuses in the Sky Guards Battalion and under the competition, the youths' cultivation increased by leaps and bounds.

Huang Qi was the top genius within Pearl Tree City, but he couldn't even make it into the Ten Sky Guards after coming here.

’’I barely managed to reach ninth wooden room two days ago, but I was immediately challenged and lost.’’ Huang Qi said bitterly.

The rankings of the Ten Sky Guards moved significantly these few days, apart from three people. These three were Feng Hanyue, Lei Cong and Zhao Feng.

Although Zhao Feng was tenth, his true strength was at least top three, so no one dared to challenge him, which meant that number nine was the major target.

On this day.

Third Guard assembled the youths and announced: ’’Lord Guanjun has come out of secluded meditation and he will be arriving here personally in three days time.’’


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