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King Of Gods - Chapter 79


Chapter 79 - Super Genius Bei


The loud sound immediately alarmed the other youths of the Sky Guards Battalion.

’’Who are those two? They sent Lei Cong flying in one hit.’’

’’Don't they know that it's against the rules to destroy the wooden houses?’’

A few of the youths were shocked. Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei were both alarmed by this as well. When they went out, they saw that the wooden house belonging to Lei Cong had been destroyed and Lei Cong himself had just managed to get rid of the wood covering him.

’’Aren't you two scared of the punishment from the Sky Guards Battalion?’’ Lei Cong wiped the blood leaking from his mouth.

’’We're not from the Sky Guards Battalion.’’ The handsome youth curled his lips while the expressionless youth remained expressionless.

’’Final Wind destroying the Skies!’’

Lei Cong once again exploded his Inner Strength and shot towards the two strangers. This move contained his full power and it could easily kill cultivators of the sixth rank.

’’Let me do it!’’

The joyful youth laughed gently and he sent a twirl of white Inner Strength towards the attack and resolved it easily.


Lei Cong felt his body move forward without doing anything, so he immediately circulated his Inner Strength and tried to retreat.

’’Hehe, come down!’’

The youth twirled his hand once more and Lei Cong felt a suction force below him that pulled him down.


Lei Cong fell right down and he was kicked flying by the youth.

’’Aye, it looks like there aren't any geniuses within the Sky Guards Battalion.’’ The handsome youth shook his head.

’’I said that.’’ The expressionless youth said that, but what he actually meant what ’’I said that, it was you that forced me to come here....’’

The other youth stiffened slightly.

The fight had started and ended in an instant.


The watching youths of the Sky Guards Battalion drew in cold breaths. Lei Cong ranked number two had been defeated this easily.

’’That skill he just used had surpassed the peak ranked martial arts, could it be... ’’

Zhao Feng was slightly stunned. He was certain that the skill the joyful youth had just used was at least at the half-Holy rank!

’’Who says that the Sky Guards Battalion is weak?’’ A cold clear sound came from a wooden room on the side.


A beautiful silver haired figure appeared.

’’Feng Hanyue!’’

Expressions of joy appeared on the youths of the Sky Guards Battalion. Feng Hanyue was ranked first amongst the Ten Sky Guards and he had reached the seventh rank way before Lei Cong. And he had beaten Lei Cong when he had reached the seventh rank in ten moves.

’’Hm? There seems to be some sort of genius at least.’’ The talkative youth laughed as he sized up Feng Hanyue.

Feng Hanyue started to glow silver as his hair flowed in the wind.

Ceng! Shua!

The two youths immediately crossed paths and with a bang, they created a hole where they stood.

’’Sky Illusion Stance!’’

Feng Hanyue used his incomplete Holy Martial Art and his figure became like the moon, unrealistic and fast.

’’Wind Turbine Technique!’’

The other youth stood still and clasped his hands together. As he did so, a tornado appeared.


Feng Hanyue felt his body being forcefully pulled by a force.

’’What kind of technique is this? My incomplete Holy martial art has no effect at all.’’


The social youth made two slicing actions with his hands and the tornado turned into circles and circles that tried to restrain Feng Hanyue.

’’Illusion Moon Heavenly Slice!’’

Feng Hanyue shouted and a cold silver glow appeared on his arms that turned into blades and collided with the enemy's attacks.

The two forces bit at each other for a moment before the remaining energy blew everything away.

At last, the social youth had destroyed Feng Hanyue's half-Holy martial art because he had more profound Inner Strength.


Feng Hanyue's body was sent seven to eight metres away and he was extremely pale faced: ’’Even half-Holy martial arts don't affect him, could it be that he's trained a Holy martial art... ?’’

’’Not bad, you managed to sustain twenty moves with me.’’

The youth that won had admiration in his eyes. At this moment, his aura was fully released and he made Lei Cong and Feng Hayue hard to breath.

’’Eighth rank of the Martial Path... ’’ Lei Cong exclaimed.

The social youth's cultivation had surpassed everyone in the Sky Guards Battalion.

’’Eighth rank of the martial path... And a peak eighth rank!’’ Zhao Feng was shocked by what he saw.

The other expressionless youth had reached the peak eighth rank.

It was hard to imagine that a fifteen to sixteen year old youth that had almost reached the ninth rank. The ninth rank was already the peak because the Holy martial path was just a legend.

’’Who are you!?’’ Feng Hanyue looked at the two warily.

’’I'm Nan Gongfan and this is my sixth brother... Bei Moi.’’ The talkative youth introduced.

Nan Gonfgan? Bei Moi?

The youths haven't even heard of them, but how could they not know such geniuses in the Guanjun Palace?

’’Brother Nan Gongfan and Brother Bei, what brings you here?’’

From the building sounded a voice.

Before the people could react, Third Guard appeared.

’’Elder Brother.’’ Nan Gongfan and Bei Moi both bowed.

Elder Brother? Third Guard was the elder brother of the two? Lei Cong and co. almost swallowed their tongues.

’’These two are disciples of Lord Guanjun.’’ Third Guard told the Sky Guards Battalion.

’’Disciples of Lord Guanjun?’’ Waves of admiration, jealousy and envy shook in their hearts.

’’No wonder they're so strong, they're disciples of Lord Guanjun!’’ Many of the geniuses let out sighs of relief.

’’I heard that Master will be coming in half a month to find disciples in the Sky Guards Battalion, so we came to check them out.’’ Nan Gongfan said smiling while Bei Moi next to him was expressionless as always.

’’Brother Bei, we have one person that may beat you in a certain aspect.’’ Third Guard have a mysterious smile.

Hearing this, interest immediately showed on both Nan Gongfan and Bei Moi's faces.


Bei Moi turned around and scanned the faces of the geniuses on the field. In their eyes, only Feng Hanyue was so-so.

’’Zhao Feng.’’ Third Guard's eyes turned to Zhao Feng not far away.

’’What does Third Guard want with me?’’ Zhao Feng walked forward with a weird expression.


Nan Gongfan and Bei Moi both stared at him, which made Zhao Feng feel a lot of pressure.

’’Brother Bei, although your talent is good and you have a good memory, Zhao Feng may be better.’’ Third Guard said.

’’Hehe, really?’’ Nan Gongfan asked excitedly.

These two seemed as if they wanted someone to beat this brother of theirs. Yes, Bei Moi's talent was just insane, it had reached a level where the both of them were jealous and envious.

In terms of gaining enlightenment and talent, Bei Moi had surpassed them way too much. Now that they had finally found someone who might be able to exceed Bei Moi in terms of memory, they obviously wouldn't pass this chance up.

’’I don't believe it.’’ Bei Moi casually said these three words.

’’How do you know if you don't try?’’ Nan Gongfan seemed excited, although he wasn't that confident.

Soon, they entered the building at the middle of the field.

Third Guard immediately took a book out and slammed it onto the table: ’’This is a half-Holy martial art name Smoking Transparent Step.

Half Holy martial art?

Zhao Feng's eyes lit up.

’’Both of you haven't learnt this skill right’’ His eyes scanned both Zhao Feng and Bei Moi.

’’Nope!’’ The two both shook their heads.

’’Both of you use your fastest speed to memorise the contents.’’ Third Guard announced.

’’I'll go first.’’

Bei Moi took over the book and flipped over the pages. In the entire time, he seemed like a stone statue.

Around half the time it took to boil tea later, Bei Moi finished: ’’You can test me on anything.’’

’’Let me test you.’’

Nan Gongfan snatched the book and hr picked some places at random in which Bei Moi responded immediately and correctly.

This performance shocked Zhao Feng. Ever since he had merged with the mysterious eye, this was the first genius he had seen that could memorise anything just by looking at it once.

’’Zhao Feng, it's your turn.’’ Third Guard said.

Zhao Feng nodded his head and took the Smoking Transparent Step book.

Shua! Shua! Shua...

Around ten breaths later, Zhao Feng returned back the book: ’’Done.’’

This fast?

Bei Moi and Nan Gonfang were surprised and suspicious. The two chose complex points in the book, but Zhao Feng had memorised it perfectly.

’’Too strong, his memory has surpassed Brother Bei Moi's.’’

Nan Gongfan was excited and it seemed as if it was an accomplishment for someone to beat Bei Moi.

’’I don't believe it!’’

Bei Moi's eyes scanned Third Guard and Zhao Feng, thinking that the two might have teamed up to trick him.

’’How do you want to prove it then?’’ Third Guard asked back.


Bei Moi took out a book and said casually: ’’Half Holy martial art - Returning Breath Technique!’’


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