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King Of Gods - Chapter 786


Chapter 786: divine Illusion Trials

Chapter 786 - divine Illusion Trials

As Zhao Feng soaked in the medicine and essence of the Ancient Dream Realm animal flesh, he felt the burning sensation within his blood become stronger . He wasn't a complete noob that knew nothing about bloodlines, so he obviously knew what this meant .

"This bloodline seems to be of the Fire element… . "Zhao Feng's eyebrows furrowed together because he already had an Ice and Water bloodline within his body that came from the God's Spiritual Eye . If this awakening bloodline was a Fire bloodline, the two bloodlines would counter one another .

As the burning sensation became stronger, a flaming red color that was slightly fainter than the color of blood flowed through his blood and gave off a transparent light .

"Hm? The power of this bloodline isn't weaker than a Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline . "Zhao Feng revealed a weird expression .

Luckily, what Zhao Feng was worried about didn't happen . The Ice and Water bloodline was created by the God's Spiritual Eye and the red flaming bloodline was created by his body, and because humans were made of atoms, they were balanced . Zhao Feng circulated his Eye Intent and the flaming bloodline was easily controlled by him .

The aura of the God's Spiritual Eye could suppress this bloodline – Zhao Feng was able to control even the Mystic Ice Scaled Race bloodline with his powerful Intent, which was ranked 89th among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races .

Who knows what the abilities of this bloodline are? Zhao Feng thought .

He could control this bloodline as he pleased due to the experience of his previous life and his experience with Emperor Intent . Furthermore, the flesh from the Ancient Dream Realm allowed one's bloodline to become purer;Zhao Feng and the child Demigod had found that out long ago .

"I'll ignite this bloodline the best I can first, then test it out in the divine Illusion Trials tomorrow,"Zhao Feng decided .

Later that day, Zhao Feng ignited it . Others would usually take several years and maybe even ten years to go from the awakening stage to the ignition stage . However, this cost Zhao Feng a lot of resources .

That night, the air above Zhao Feng's courtyard was covered in a transparent red flame that was dozens of yards wide .

"What aura is this!?"

The faint bloodline aura made the nearby Central disciples'bloodlines become uneasy . However, the aura was extremely faint, so people that were too far away couldn't sense it, but even then, it attracted the attention of a small number of people .

On the morning of the second day, the Central disciples got up early with expectation .

"The divine Illusion Trials are about to start… . "Senior Martial Brother Guang took a deep breath and walked out of his courtyard . He instinctively glanced toward the direction of Zhao Feng's courtyard . This one look made him pause;the air above Zhao Feng's courtyard was covered with a fresh flaming light that seemed to interact with the sunlight like the power of an Ancient Golden Crow .

"Could this be related to the bloodline of the Golden Crow Race of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races?"Zhao Feng's heart jumped, but then he shook his head .

The Golden Crow Race was ranked 8th among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, and it was a race that was considered heaven-defying .

There was only one Golden Crow that could be seen in the Fan Universe – the Ancient Flaming Sun .

If one flew higher than the limitless ocean, then they would be able to approach the Golden Crow that mortals called the sun . However, no one dared to get close to the Golden Crow . Even Demigods and Gods would be turned into ashes if they got too close to the Golden Crow .

Members of this legendary race were extremely big, and this Golden Crow supplied the light to the entire Fan Universe . However, the Golden Crow was extremely far away from the continent zone, and it wasn't much of a threat due to the limitless ocean .

Without the limitless ocean protecting them, over 90% of the beings in the world would be turned into ashes from the light of the Golden Crow .

There was a legend about this . In a certain era, there were ten Golden Crows . Even the powerful ancient races felt hot, and it seemed as if everything was about to be destroyed, so the other races discussed how to handle these ten Golden Crows . Unfortunately, the power of the ten Golden Crows was too great, and even the ancient gods were unable to get close to them .

At this critical moment in time, a genius appeared from the first-ranked Ancient Race . Using a peerless divine bow that the other races created, he shot down and killed nine Golden Crows, saving the world .

Of course, that was just a legend, but one could see how terrifying the Golden Crow Race was even if the legend was false .

"My bloodline can absorb the power of the Golden Crow even though it's not the bloodline of the Golden Crow . This is extremely weird,"Zhao Feng murmured .

He didn't even dare to think about having one of the top ten bloodlines of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races . They were on par with the Eight Great God Eyes .

After all, there were still a few Fire bloodlines or techniques that could absorb the light from the Golden Crow . For example, the Heaven Sun Battle Race was related to the Golden Crow Race, so it was able to absorb its power .


Zhao Feng let out a breath as his bloodline power started to fade . After last night, his bloodline had become much stronger . He decided to go back to the Zhao Family after the divine Illusion Trials to ask whether an ancestor of the Zhao Family had a similar bloodline .

"Junior Martial Brother Zhao… . "the sound of a sweet and kind female voice sounded from outside .

"Senior Martial Sister Wan . "Zhao Feng walked out and saw the kind Senior Martial Sister Wan .

Zhao Feng could feel the jealous gaze of Senior Martial Brother Guang clearly .

Over the last few months, Senior Martial Sister Wan had been cultivating very hard, and she broke through to the True Lord Rank . She didn't want to give up on the chance to enter the divine Illusion Dimension .

"Junior Martial Brother Zhao, Junior Martial Sister Wan… . "Senior Martial Brother Guang squeezed out a smile and walked over . He had also put in some effort in order to enter the divine Illusion Dimension . With the help of his master, he had reached the half-step Origin Core Realm . The half-step Origin Core Realm was above average amongst Central disciples, but he wasn't confident he would be able to take a spot .

The Central disciples split into their groups and went to participate in the divine Illusion Trials . Having a cultivation of the Origin Core Realm, Zhao Feng was amongst the top of the Central disciples . Even some Core disciples didn't have a cultivation of the Origin Core Realm . A normal disciple that had such a cultivation at his age would already be a disciple of a King or even an Emperor .

At this moment, Senior Martial Brother Guang felt helpless, and he had complex emotions when facing Zhao Feng . It was as if, no matter what he did, he would be unable to stop the rise of this youth .

The group of Central disciples were all extremely respectful toward Zhao Feng and tried to get on his good side .

Zhao Feng's attitude could be considered cold and even arrogant, but that didn't stop the Central disciples from being enthusiastic .

Senior Martial Brother Guang wanted to join in, but he felt bitter and helpless . Right now, his current problem was how to resolve the enmity between himself and Zhao Feng . If he didn't do this, then he wouldn't even have a place in the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan later given the speed of Zhao Feng's rise .

In a valley of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan's territory, all of the participating disciples gathered .

The divine Illusion Trials were split into two groups . One was the younger generation and the other was the older generation .

"All of the disciples participating in the divine Illusion Trials, enter the secret realm,"a Void God Realm King spoke .

Zhao Feng knew this King;it was Huang Yunhu's master, King Lu Yun .

"A trial held within a secret realm! As expected of a clan that used to be three stars,"Zhao Feng exclaimed .

In reality, the three-star Mystic True Sacred Clan that Zhao Feng used to be part of also held their trials for the Demigod Forgotten Garden in a secret realm, but by the time Zhao Feng arrived, that competition was already over, so Duanmu Qing had to give Zhao Feng a reserved spot .

The Ten Thousand Sacred Clan also had a few reserved spots .


A faint green whirlpool appeared in the air above the valley .

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The group of disciples entered the whirlpool .

Zhao Feng was sitting on the Yinming Bird with Senior Martial Sister Wan as they entered the whirlpool together .


As if passing through a layer of water, the group entered a dimension with extremely strong pressure .

The secret realm was faint green and only a hundred miles wide, similar to the ancient arena of the Azure Flower Continent's Sacred Alliance . One could tell that this secret realm was used expressly for competitions .

There There were two Void God Realm Kings as well as many judges at the peak Sovereign Lord or half-step King level .

There was a total of eight arena stages, but only four were open . They were respectively in the four directions: north, east, south, west .

Each participating disciple had received a token with a number on it when they registered . Zhao Feng was sent to the southern stage .

Each stage had hundreds of Central and Outer disciples . Indeed, Outer disciples could also participate in the divine Illusion Trials .

Zhao Feng's eyes scanned over the group and found some familiar faces, most of which were Central disciples . Huang Yunhu, who Zhao Feng had defeated twice, was included .

After losing twice, Huang Yunhu focused on cultivating and finally managed to break through to the Origin Core Realm . However, just a day or two after he reached the Origin Core Realm, Zhao Feng also broke through, which was a critical blow to him .

We're both at the Origin Core Realm, and he can't use his spiritual pet in the divine Illusion Trials . Huang Yunhu's eyes twinkled, but thinking about how Zhao Feng defeated him with a cultivation of the True Mystic Rank when he was at the half-step Origin Core Realm, Huang Yunhu had no confidence at all .

"Liu Tianfan!"

"Oh my god! That guy's in the southern stage!?"

Exclamations came from the group as all their gazes were attracted to a tall youth .

Liu Tianfan, one of the top three Core disciples, with a cultivation of the peak Great Origin Core Realm, and the disciple of an Emperor . Zhao Feng obviously knew such a famous person .

The majority of the top twenty Core disciples had a cultivation of the Great Origin Core Realm .

"Liu Tianfan!"Huang Yunhu's eyes lit up as he hurried over . Since they were both Core disciples, the relationship between him and Liu Tianfan was not bad .

At the same moment, Zhao Feng's eyes landed on a girl wearing a multicolored robe on the eastern stage .

"Kong Feiling, the number one Core disciple of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan . She has a cultivation of a half-step King and an Imperial Dao bloodline… . "


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