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King Of Gods - Chapter 785


Chapter 785: Awakening

Chapter 785 - Awakening

Senior Martial Brother Guang Tian was just an in-name disciple of King Liu Qiong, and he wasn't even a Core disciple . He couldn't accept this;the untouchable master in his heart was fighting against two other Kings because he wanted to take Zhao Feng as a disciple .

The news about Zhao Feng over the past few days had exceeded the limits of what Senior Martial Brother Guang could imagine . Apparently, Duke Nanfeng praised Zhao Feng and even held a banquet for him . Even the Luo Family, one of the top three families of the Great Island Zone, apologized to the Zhao Family . Even more incredibly, Zhao Feng declined the offer to become a Marquis, and on top of that, Duke Nanfeng owed Zhao Feng a favor .

The three Void God Realm Kings were all fighting over Zhao Feng .

What happened to Zhao Feng? Ever since he returned from the Wuyou Forest… Senior Martial Brother Guang looked as if he had lost his soul, and he started feeling suspicious about what happened to Zhao Feng, but what could his speculations and suspicions do?

Only a few of the Zhao Family's upper echelon knew that Zhao Feng had taken over the original owner's body, and they obviously had to preserve that secret .

"I thank the three Elders for your appreciation…"Zhao Feng said as he looked up and gazed at the three beams of Magnificent Power .

At this moment, the nearby disciples all held their breath and waited for Zhao Feng's decision . For the Central disciples, this decision could change their fate . It was hard to imagine that Zhao Feng was still able to remain so calm .

"…but I'm very sorry . I'm already the disciple of a Void God Realm Emperor . "

Zhao Feng's words were like a bomb .

Void God Realm Emperor . The hearts of the Central disciples and the three Void God Realm Kings shook .

"No wonder Zhao Feng's changed so much . It's not something that pure fortune can explain . He became the disciple of an Emperor!"

The gazes from the nearby disciples were filled with jealousy and envy as they looked at Zhao Feng .


Senior Martial Brother Guang's body shook, and he fell to the ground .

Zhao Feng didn't care about the status of a Core disciple, and he rejected the three Kings as well, and his reasoning made them all feel helpless .

The Ten Thousand Sacred Clan used to be a three-star force, but now it only had three Void God Realm Emperors . The number of Emperors in the Tianfeng Great Island Zone could be easily counted . The Ten Thousand Sacred Clan had the most Emperors in the great island zone, but at its peak, it was even stronger than the Mystic True Sacred Clan;it used to have multiple Sacred Lords .

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The three Void God Realm Kings left regretfully without asking Zhao Feng about which Emperor was his master . Even the weakest Emperor wasn't something a normal King could be compared to .

After they left:

"Junior Martial Brother Zhao!"

The eyes of the Central disciples all lit up as they tried to talk to Zhao Feng, but he just snickered and left on the Yinming Bird .

The further one went down the path of cultivation, the longer it took . There was still two months left till the divine Illusion Dimension opened, and Zhao Feng needed to prepare .

"That brat… is damn cocky,"some Central disciples said unhappily .

"Sigh, he does have the right to be cocky though . "

"If I was the disciple of an Emperor and was praised by Duke Nanfeng, wouldn't that mean I could do as I wished in the Tianfeng Great Island Zone?"

The disciples sighed with admiration and envy .

Of the group, Senior Martial Brother Guang felt the worst .

Zhao Feng definitely sensed something when I tried to deal with him… . Apart from anger, unwillingness, and jealousy, Senior Martial Brother Guang also felt scared of the future .

Zhao Feng headed toward the Duke's Palace on the Yinming Bird . He was going to the Duke's Palace to make sure the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly had awakened completely .

The speed of the Yinming Bird was extremely fast, and its aura of Death was stronger than before . Zhao Feng had trained it, and the best best way to increase its strength was to use Soul Dao resources .

Zhao Feng received some Soul Dao resources from the Duke's Palace, but they were only useful to those below the King level . The foundation and strength of Zhao Feng's soul couldn't be compared to others, so he only used a couple of the best resources and gave the rest to the Yinming Bird .

As for how to train it specifically, he left all that to the little thieving cat .

The Yinming Bird's cultivation was about to enter the Great Origin Core Realm, which was enough for a steed .

Four hours later, Zhao Feng arrived at the Duke's Palace, and the Duke was waiting there already .

"The Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly has been waking up momentarily every couple days… . "Duke Nanfeng started to talk about the situation of the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly .

Zhao Feng closely inspected it, and the small jade-like silkworm was lying silently in the liquid of Life . The aura of Life radiating from it was much stronger than before, and one could detect a faint Soul undulation from it .

"It's about time,"Zhao Feng said, then took out a dark red fruit juice prepared beforehand .

This time, Zhao Feng had merged in even more of the Spiritual Fruit, as well as flesh and blood from the Ancient Dream Realm animals .

Zhao Feng poured the dark red fruit juice over the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly .


The Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly seemed to wake up as it flapped its wings and started to absorb the fruit juice .

The Yuan Qi contained within the fruit juice was extremely compatible with the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly, and the silkworm obviously become stronger after absorbing it . Of course, the resources from the Duke's Palace also helped .

Zhao Feng stayed behind for a day and inspected it . The Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly was recovering in every aspect, including its soul . It started to wake up more frequently and stay awake for longer durations .

"Congratulations, Duke . The Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly has passed the danger and the deep sleeping . Right now, it's just a little weak . It will recover within a year or two,"Zhao Feng smiled and said .

Hearing that, Duke Nanfeng was overjoyed . Whether the Cloud Silkworm Saint Silkworm Saint Butterfly survived or not could change his fate .

"This junior still needs to go back for the divine Illusion Trials and will be unable to stay longer . "

"divine Illusion Trials?"Duke Nanfeng's eyes flashed as he thought of something, and a book appeared in his hand .

"This book contains some secret information regarding the divine Illusion Dimension . You can go back and inspect it,"Duke Nanfeng said .

Hearing that, Zhao Feng immediately gave his thanks and memorized the contents of the book .

As an ancient and enormous lord dynasty, the Great Gan imperials knew far more about the divine Illusion Dimension than two-star or three-star forces .

While returning to the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, Zhao Feng started to digest the information about the divine Illusion Dimension .

"The divine Illusion Dimension is a forgotten dimension, and the Great Gan Lord Dynasty probably hasn't even been able to map one tenth of it . "

Zhao Feng was surprised by what he saw .

The divine Illusion Dimension would connect to the continent zone once every hundred years, and the forces of the continent zone would construct an array to reinforce that connection . However, as the divine Illusion Dimension was too big, the specific area of the continent zone it connected with was different every time .

In addition, the chance of death in the divine Illusion Dimension was incredibly high, easily surpassing the inheritances of most clans .

"The possibility of dying has reached 50%!?"

Zhao Feng was shocked, but all the various forces agreed that it was best to weed out the weak and preserve the strong . Great importance was placed upon those who managed to survive .

The book also recorded some particularly dangerous areas and various other places in the divine Illusion Dimension, as well as some guesses and analyses about the dimension .

When Zhao Feng got back to the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, there was only three days left till the divine Illusion Trials .

At this moment, everyone that wanted to sign up had already done so, and the atmosphere was fiery hot . Some cultivators that had been in seclusion for a long time came out and got ready .

The Ten Thousand Sacred Clan only had one hundred slots to send into the divine Illusion Dimension . Amongst them, over half would be given to the younger generation while 30-40% was left for the older generation .

This time, the older generation had thirty-five slots .

Anyone under the age of fifty was considered to be part of the younger generation, and anyone over fifty was part of the older generation .

Compared to the young generation, the competition between the older generation was even fiercer .

Those that had signed up were all at least at the peak-stage True Lord Rank, while those at the Small Origin Core Realm made up the majority .

During these last three days, Zhao Feng didn't enter seclusion, he just went into the Ancient Dream Realm . Now that he had reached the Origin Core Realm and his Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body had broken through to the fourth level, he could walk around in the Ancient Dream Realm for a while .

In the center of a forest in the Ancient Dream Realm, the python and bird were protecting the Spiritual Fruits on the tree . The Dark Heart Seal that Zhao Feng had used was still effective on them, so he ordered the bird to kill some animals and bring their flesh over to him, which was used to refine Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Body .

In his previous life, he realized that the child Demigod really wanted this meat, as if it helped his body and bloodline a lot .

Over the last couple days, Zhao Feng had eaten meat from the Ancient Dream Realm or used it in conjunction with medicines . It was really effective;Zhao Feng could feel his body and bloodline become stronger .

After his Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique broke through to the fifth level, his Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body had also managed to take a little step forward and reach the early stages of the fourth level .

From the fourth level onward, each level in the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body was split into different stages: beginning, early, late, and peak .

The meat from the Ancient Dream Realm played a huge part in this advancement, and Zhao Feng was saving the Spiritual Fruits on the tree for when he became a King .

Before the divine Illusion Trials started, Zhao Feng soaked in the blood essence of some Ancient Dream Realm animals for two days and two nights as he ate some meat .

Right at this instant, he suddenly felt that the bloodline that had been lurking within his new body was starting to change, and his blood seemed to burn .


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