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King Of Gods - Chapter 782


Chapter 782: Duke Nanfeng

Chapter 782 - Duke Nanfeng

The Eighth Prince was slightly dazed as he stood outside the palace . He was here to accompany Princess Yuqing in greeting Zhao Feng, but he never would have imagined that Duke Nanfeng – the owner of the Duke's Palace – would be here as well with his hands behind his back .

Duke Nanfeng watched the approaching Yinming Bird, and Zhao Feng felt a sense of pressure from the gaze as soon as he arrived . The pressure was able to pass through his soul, and it seemed like it could look through anything .

Duke Nanfeng? Zhao Feng was slightly surprised as his eyes landed on the middle-aged male in gold .

There were only a few Void God Realm Emperors in the Tianfeng Great Island Zone . Duke Nanfeng was one of the elites, and one could tell just by looking at the amount of providence he possessed .

The moment their gazes met, Zhao Feng could roughly estimate Duke Nanfeng's strength .

Duke Nanfeng was definitely a peak-tier Emperor, and his cultivation was almost at the Mystic Light Realm . Apart from that, he also obviously had a strong surge of providence radiating from his body .

Zhao Feng guessed that Duke Nanfeng's strength was at least comparable to the Emperor of Death, but just in terms of pure battle-power . In terms of terrifyingness, the Emperor of Death had the Eye of Death and many forbidden techniques, such as the Cursed Words of Death and the Shadow of the Death God . Those skills alone could make even Mystic Light Realms wary .

The future generation is to be feared . A light flashed through Duke Nanfeng's eyes as his gaze met Zhao Feng's . At the same time, he was surprised;this youth that was only fourteen or fifteen years old acted perfectly fine even though he was meeting a Duke .

"To what do I owe the honor of having the Duke greet me personally?"Zhao Feng bowed respectfully .

At the same moment, Princess Yuqing walked over;there was expectation and admiration in her eyes .

"Zhao Feng, come in and talk . "Duke Nanfeng smiled .

A while later, in a garden of the Duke's Palace, Duke Nanfeng, the Eighth Prince, Zhao Feng, and Princess Yuqing sat in a pavilion . Zhao Feng took a sip of tea and glanced at the scenery outside;there were birds chirping, and it was very pleasant . Zhao Feng couldn't help but admire the wealth of the Duke's Palace . Any random flower or tree here was an expensive spiritual plant . Some were even extinct in the outside world .

Cultivating here would be much better than the outside world . From this, one could see what kind of treatment the big families and powerful nobles received .

In the beginning, Duke Nanfeng asked about Zhao Feng's family situation as well as the clan .

One such question was, "Little Friend Zhao, is the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan treating you well?"

This sentence caught the Eighth Prince's attention .

"Looks like Duke Nanfeng wants to recruit Zhao Feng regardless of whether or not he awakens the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly,"the Eighth Prince murmured .

Zhao Feng gave the standard replies and soon changed to the topic of the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly . This was because Zhao Feng was placing more importance on his "recovery,"so he wasn't really interested in authority or anything like that . Right now, what he needed to do was enter the divine Illusion Dimension .

"Good, good, Little Friend Zhao is a very straightforward person,"Duke Nanfeng praised . He could tell that Zhao Feng was honest and didn't like to go in circles .

Duke Nanfeng told the nearby servants to leave, then took out a transparent glass bottle . A chubby little silkworm with crystalline skin and a pair of half-transparent wings was sleeping inside, and it looked like a piece of jade . The Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly's aura of life was extremely weak and sometimes even stopped altogether .

Zhao Feng's left eye glittered with a purple light .

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat jumped out of the ancient metal ring and lay in front of the bottle, looking inside with interest .

The unusualness of the cat and human duo made Duke Nanfeng's eyes twinkle .

"Zhao Feng, these are the resources you wanted . "Duke Nanfeng handed over an interspatial ring, which Zhao Feng took . He nodded his head faintly as he counted the resources . There was an Elixir of Life and a bunch of Soul Dao treasures within the interspatial ring .

Zhao Feng then took out a faint red liquid from the ancient metal ring, and it looked like some kind of fruit juice .

"This is a medicine I created over the past month,"Zhao Feng explained .

Duke Nanfeng was surprised . According to the news he had received, Zhao Feng was in seclusion during the past month .

In reality, Zhao Feng casually created this in his spare time . After reaching the fourth level of the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body, Zhao Feng could stay in the Ancient Dream Realm for a while . This liquid contained dew from a tree and water from the river within the Ancient Dream Realm . Apart from that, half of an Ancient Dream Realm Spiritual Fruit was crushed into juice .

These materials all contained the essence of the Ancient Dream Realm, and they had an aura similar to the Ancient Era .

The Spiritual Fruits from the Ancient Dream Realm could only be slowly absorbed, so there wasn't much issue using some for this medicine . If the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body reached another level, it could increase the rate of absorption dramatically .

Zhao Feng then put the Elixir of Life and some liquid-based Soul Dao resources into the "fruit juice . "Throughout the process, the fruit juice gave off a fragrance .

Zhao Feng then told Duke Nanfeng to put the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly into the fruit juice .

In the past, whenever the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly slept, it would open its defensive mechanisms automatically and reject any outside power . However, when the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly was put into this juice, there were no signs of rejection .


An air bubble formed in the fruit juice, and the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly seemed to be extremely familiar with and close to this juice .

This scene didn't surprise Zhao Feng . Last time, he gave it a breath of the Ancient Dream Realm's aura, and in order to reactivate the lifeforce within the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly's body now, Zhao Feng even used the eye-bloodline Soul power of the God's Spiritual Eye and merged it into the liquid .

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat waved its paws and started to communicate with the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly .

The combination of Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye and the little thieving cat's weird language caused the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly's wings to gently flutter, and its chubby body also moved slightly .

"The signs of life are becoming stronger…!"Duke Nanfeng revealed an overjoyed look . At this moment in time, even his imperial bloodline shook in front of Zhao Feng's eye-bloodline . The little thieving cat's weird language also seemed to contain a profound rhythm .

Duke Nanfeng didn't know anything about the mysteriousness of this cat and human even with all his expertise and knowledge .

At a certain moment, Zhao Feng's eye-bloodline Soul power started releasing the aura of God Tribulation Lightning, and the chubby Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly's body and wings slightly shook as it opened its eyes .

The moment it opened its eyes, an aura of the Ancient Era caused the bloodlines of countless beings within the Duke's Palace to tremble .

"What a terrifying gaze!"Zhao Feng clicked his tongue . It was indeed worthy of being one of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races;it was still extremely weak and had only just woken up and yet it was still so powerful .

In order to make sure there was no enmity, Zhao Feng took back his eye-bloodline power .

Miao miao miao!

On the other hand, the little thieving cat waved its paws and talked to the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly . The Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly seemed to understand, and the enmity in its eyes faded . Its body then started to absorb the fruit juice .


A dazzling rainbow-colored light glittered on the half-transparent wings of the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly, but its aura was terrifying . Even the Eighth Prince, with his Void God Realm cultivation, felt his bloodline tremble .

The cultivation of this Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly is at least at the Void God Realm Emperor level, and it can threaten Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords with its unique bloodline abilities… . Zhao Feng's eyes twinkled .

He understood a bit about the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly . It had three forms – Silkworm, Dragonfly, and Butterfly .

The silkworm state was relatively weaker, but it could spit out a unique silk called Cloud Saint Silk, which was very strong and resistant to fire . This Cloud Saint Silk was the best material to create light armor .

The dragonfly state had stronger defense, and even those that were a rank higher would find it hard to destroy it head-on . In other words, even a Mystic Light Realm wouldn't be able to destroy it .

The butterfly state had the strongest offense;it was extremely agile, and it radiated a strange pollen that had a mysterious power .

A while later, the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly had absorbed half of the fruit juice and recovered some of its lifeforce .

"It's finally awake!"Duke Nanfeng couldn't contain his joy . The Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly had the ability to change his destiny .

Zhao Feng knew that, although the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly wasn't ranked very high among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, its supportive capabilities were extremely strong .

"The last time the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly appeared was in the Dark Moon Lord Dynasty, where they succeeded in killing a Mystic Light Realm beast, and it ended up playing a critical role in doing so . "The Eighth Prince couldn't help but be envious .

In addition, he also knew that the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly's pollen could help someone form their Mystic Light Sacred Body, combining their soul and body into one . As a peak-tier Emperor, it wouldn't be hard for Duke Nanfeng to break through to the Mystic Light Realm in the future .

The Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly fell asleep some time later .

"The Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly's lifeforce has been reignited . The Duke only needs to give it some Life and Soul treasures, and it will recover to its peak,"Zhao Feng said .

The next time he came over, the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly would probably be fully awakened .

"Zhao Feng, thank you . Apart from the rewards, I will also owe you a favor . "Duke Nanfeng was extremely grateful, and his face was red . He seemed to be extremely excited, and he even patted Zhao Feng's shoulder .

The Eighth Prince sighed in his heart . Zhao Feng had already won the Duke's gratitude and praise .

Next came the rewards and compensation .

"Zhao Feng, if you're willing to join the Duke's Palace, I am willing to give you the tricentennial rank of Marquis,"Duke Nanfeng said in a solemn tone .


The Eighth Prince's and the Princess's hearts jumped .


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