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King Of Gods - Chapter 78


KoG Chapter 78

Chapter 78 - Silver Wall Technique

Zhao Feng scanned the techniques and he found that offensive skills took up the majority. There was only two body strengthening techniques including Silver Wall Technique.

’’Offensive and speed skills must not be easy to learn.’’ Zhao Feng thought secretly.

Inside the dimension of his left eye, he had the Mysterious Wind Palm and the four incomplete Holy Martial Arts: Flowing Wind Stance, Tornado Stance, Partial Wind Stance and Burning Wind Stance.

Just these Holy Martial Arts alone would take Zhao Feng a long time to learn, so he swiftly took the jade slip representing Silver Wall Technique when he thought about everything.

’’You choose Silver Wall Technique?’’

Third Guard was slightly surprised. He had taken others in here before and they all took offensive skills such as Bloody God Palm and Heavenly Demonic Claw.

If they learnt these skills, they would be able to beat all the other cultivators of the same rank, but there were not people who could learn them.


Zhao Feng was decisive. He chose this skill after much thought.

’’It's easy to learn Holy body strengthening technique, but the difficulty increases significantly later on compared to the other skills.’’

The Guanjun Corp had a faint smile on his facr. He admired Zhao Feng's decision as the body was the foundation of cultivation. One would only be able to train other skills if their body would allow it.

After confirming the skill, Third Guard gave a hand written book to Zhao Feng. Opening it, Zhao Feng saw the contents were similar to Metal Wall Technique but it was more indepth and profound.

’’Although this is just a hand written copy, you still must return it in seven days. You must not give this technique to others or else the Guanjun Palace will cripple your cultivation.’’ The Guanjun Corp warned.

’’Understood! But I don't need to take this book back with me.’’ Zhao Feng said calmly.

As he said so, he stared at the book and flipped the pages quickly.


In an instant, the contents were copied into Zhao Feng's mind. Tens of breaths later, Zhao Feng returned the hand written book back to Third Guard.

’’You... ’’ Third Guard was slightly dazed.

’’I've already memorised it.’’ Zhao Feng gave a smile.

What kind of monster was he... ?

Shock and stun could be seen in Third Guard's eyes. He had seen geniuses that could memorise whatever they saw, but it was his first time seeing someone memorise the whole book.

After all, the book contained complex pictures and phrases, a single difference could result in destruction. Even geniuses who could memorise what they saw in one go would look over it repetitively.

’’Are you sure you've memorised it all? Hehe, I bet little brother Bei will be interested... ’’ The Guanjun Corp sent Zhao Feng away with his eyes and gave a short laugh.

He trusted that Zhao Feng had memorised it because no one could resist the temptation of a Holy martial art...

After leaving the Treasury Hall, Zhao Feng returned to the Sky Guards Battalion. As soon as he got near his wooden room, Zhao Yufei and Huang Qi looked expectantly at him.

’’Brother Feng, what did you get at the Treasury Hall?’’ Zhao Yufei blinked and was extremely curious.

Everyone knew that Zhao Feng had gotten the most battle points in the mission so he had an extra reward.


Zhao Feng gave a mysterious smile and he returned to his wooden room, he didn't want everyone to know that he had a Holy Martial Art.

Within the wooden room.

Zhao Feng sat cross legged and the contents of Silver Wall Technique surfaced in his mind. He learnt it while comparing it with Metal Wall Technique at the same time.

’’Metal Wall Technique is indeed just a simplified version of Silver Wall Technique... ’’

Excitement shone in Zhao Feng's eyes. The more it was so, the better it was for him because a brand new skill was hard to learn. But because he had learnt Metal Wall Technique, he had a solid foundation and therefore, it was easier to train.

Silver Wall Technique was split into eleven levels.

The first three levels were similar to the Metal Wall Technique with strengthening the skin as the focus. The fourth to sixth levels focused on strengthening the bones l, which increased the offensive and power of the trainer. The seventh to ninth levels focused on strengthening the organs and ignited the potential of one's body. One could form a barrier from Inner Strength that could block the arrows of ten thousand archers.

The tenth level: complete change of bones and blood, break through to the Holy Martial Path!


Reading up to here, Zhao Feng didn't know how to express himself. The tenth level already allowed someone to reach the Holy Martial Path.

Eleventh level: Body of Perfection, almost undestroyable.

Zhao Feng held his breath as he read this then compared it with the seventh level of Metal Wall Technique.

’’It looks like the Metal Wall Technique from the one-armed old man has problems because it misses out on at least three levels and a high ranked martial art can't allow someone to reach the Holy Martial Path.’’ Zhao Feng analysed.

He was even suspicious that the old man had the Silver Wall Technique, but he was just afraid to take it out. But since these questions had no answers, he couldn't be bothered to figure them out.

On the same time, Zhao Feng started to train Silver Wall Technique. Zhao Feng only used 3 hours to easily successfully train the first three levels and he couldn't explain how nice he felt.

It was the same three levels as Metal Wall Technique, but more deep.

From the fourth level, the difference between the two became greater. The fourth to sixth levels of Silver Wall Technique equaled the fourth to sixth rank of the Martial Path respectively unlike the Metal Wall Technique, where the increase in levels had a massive gap.

The night of the second day.

Zhao Feng successfully reached the fifth level of Silver Wall Technique and his progress slowed down. But because Zhao Feng had Metal Wall Technique as the foundation, he still reached the sixth level within the next three days.

’’The sixth level of Silver Wall Technique, I can wipe out anyone under the seventh rank and I even challenge Martial Masters of the seventh rank with just my muscles alone.’’ Zhao Feng's eyes twinkled and a smile appeared on his lips.

His strength had increased by at least one half because Inner Strength and Martial arts all used the body as the basis.

After reaching the sixth level, his progress was so slow that it had technically stopped.

Zhao Feng understood that the foundation of Metal Wall Technique had all been used up. To improve this technique, it now required him actually working.


Zhao Feng let out a breath and yawned. He had been training for a few days and when he went out, he found out that the situation had changed in the Sky Guards Battalion.

The tent that Zhao Yufei used to live in had disappeared, leaving behind Huang Qi's.

’’Two days ago, Lady Yufei had reached top five of the Ten Sky Guards and Lu Xiaoyu had reached top three. Apart from that, two more of the original Ten Sky Guards have been replaced... ’’ Huang Qi summarised the situation.

The kill mission had changed the situation of the Ten Sky Guards as some youths had received good rewards, which allowed them to increase by leaps and bounds.

However, no one challenged Zhao Feng because he had fought Lei Cong to a draw a few days ago and was said to be ranked 3rd.

’’Oh yeah, you need to be careful. Lei Cong is coming out of training today and I heard that he wants to spar with you again.’’ Huang Qi warned.

Lei Cong?

Zhao Feng smiled and didn't put it to heart. His cultivation had been suppressed to the peak sixth rank, so Huang Qi didn't know that he had broken through. His Withering Wood Technique had reached the max level, which could allow him to even fake death.

Soon, Zhao Feng arrived at the fifth wooden room and sparred with Zhao Yufei. Zhao Yufei did make some major improvements, training in three different peak ranked martial arts, which were offensive, defensive and body strengthening respectively.

Zhao Yufei learnt skills and increased in cultivation way faster than others. After the mission, she had honed her skills and her potential had ignited, which allowed her to reach the peak sixth rank.

As the two sparred, two youths of fifteen to sixteen year old arrived at the entrance of the Sky Guards Battalion.

’’There newbies arriving at the Sky Guards Battalion?’’ A few of the youths were curious.

The two were different, one was handsome and easy to interact with, while the other was expressionless.

’’Master will be coming out in half a month, I wonder how many of the Sky Guards Battalion he will choose.’’ The social youth said.

The expressionless youth only listened and didn't reply. The two walked shoulder to shoulder and arrived in front of the Ten Sky Guards.

’’Sixth brother, don't you want to see the elites of the Ten Sky Guards?’’ The interactive youth asked.

’’No.’’ The expressionless youth said.

’’Ahh, you're too straightforward.’’ A light smile appeared on his face as he sighed.

’’Who dares to be arrogant here!?’’ Lei Cong just happened to walk out from the second room and heard this.

’’Zhe zhe seventh rank, so-so.’’ The talkative youth said playfully.

’’I'll see what makes you so arrogant.’’

Lei Cong send a palm with a ring of Inner Strength in it towards the two youths. If they were Martial Artists, this move alone would send them flying.

However, the two didn't move at all.

’’F*ck off!’’

The expressionless youth stood still as he released a bronze coloured Inner Strength that ripped Lei Cong's attack into shreds.

Boom -

Lei Cong's body was sent flying and with a ’’krak’’, the wooden room behind him was also destroyed.


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