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King Of Gods - Chapter 779


Chapter 779: 779

Chapter 779 - Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly

At this moment, Zhao Feng was being invited by both the Luo Family and the Duke’s Palace .

The flabby-faced elder and company had extremely colorful expressions .

“General, I do want to visit the Duke’s Palace, but these friends from the Luo Family are forcing me to attend their banquet . ” Zhao Feng sighed innocently .

Hearing that, the expressions of the three from the Luo Family changed dramatically, and they almost started to curse out loud .

“What Luo Family?” The expression of the half-step King general in blue robes became ugly, and his Duke’s Token radiated a draconic power . With the help of the Duke’s Token, the half-step King general could release the power of a King .

“No, no, no, no… General, you’ve misunderstood us . ” The flabby-faced elder was frightened . Even if he had a hundred more guts, he wouldn’t dare to fight over a guest of the Duke’s Palace .

The Duke’s Palace was the supreme ruler of the Tianfeng Great Island Zone, which was the same as ruling a large swath of regular island zones . In terms of status, Duke Nanfeng was the younger brother of the Emperor;even the Eighth Prince needed to call him “Uncle Nanfeng . ” Even three-star powers didn’t dare to offend such a person easily .

In theory, the Luo Family and the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan were in the territory of Duke Nanfeng .

“Young… Young Master Zhao, you can just come to the Luo Family after you’re done visiting the Duke’s Palace,” the flabby-faced elder smiled and said .

“That’s good . ” The general in blue smiled, and Zhao Feng left with the general in blue .

“What’s going on? Why is Zhao Feng being invited by the Duke’s Palace? We need to report this to the Head of the Family and Young Master quickly . ”

“Looks like we have to redo our plan on how we’re going to deal with the Zhao Family . ”

The three from the Luo Family sighed . Once Zhao Feng and the Duke’s Palace formed a connection, it would be much more terrifying than his connection with a mere Ten Thousand Sacred Clan . After all, the Duke’s Palace was the supreme ruler of the entire Tianfeng Great Island Zone . With just a thought, Duke Nanfeng could decide who lived and who died .

Half a day later, an enormous palace came into Zhao Feng’s view . Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye could sense the providence of a lord dynasty gathering here from far away .

“So, this is the Duke’s Palace?” Zhao Feng sighed . The palace contained gardens, mountains, waterfalls, lakes… . There was everything one could think of, and it was similar to how the Demigod Forgotten Garden was set up . Instead of calling it a palace, it was better to consider it a small kingdom .

“General, which noble invited me here?” Zhao Feng finally spoke . This was the first time he spoke since they left .

Praise appeared on the general’s face . The patience of this fifteen-year-old beast tamer far surpassed others of his age .

“You will know very soon . The Duke is also in the palace, and if you’re lucky, you might even be able to see him . ” The general in blue smiled without directly answering, and Zhao Feng didn’t ask anything else .

He was slightly interested in the rankings of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty .

According to what he knew, the ranks were split into such: Emperor, Grand Duke, Duke, Marquess, and Earl .

The highest was the Emperor – the ruler of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty . Apart from the Emperor, the Grand Empress and the Empress were also considered to be at the level of an “Emperor” and “half-Emperor” respectively .

Below the Emperor were Grand Dukes . Grand Dukes were extremely rare in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty, and they controlled a province . A Grand Duke’s cultivation was usually at the Mystic Light Realm, and some were even the seniors of the Emperor .

Below the Grand Dukes were Dukes;they usually ruled a great island zone or several island zones .

Duke Nanfeng was one of the elites amongst the Dukes .

Some said that, apart from status, there was no meaning in obtaining a rank . If they thought like that though, they were extremely wrong . This was because there was the fortune of “providence . ”

The higher one’s rank was, the more providence they received from the lord dynasty . For example, the current Great Gan Sacred Emperor could use all the providence of the lord dynasty .

Even someone with trash talent could break through to the Void God Realm Realm easily if they became the Great Gan Sacred Emperor . Furthermore, the imperial bloodline was extremely strong;almost every Sacred Emperor had the cultivation of an Emperor or Sacred Lord . From this, one could see the use of the lord dynasty’s providence .

Anyone below the Emperor level could use a certain amount of providence from the lord dynasty as long as they had a rank . The power of providence was extremely profound;it could increase one’s cultivation and other aspects . As long as one’s providence was strong enough, they could even change their destiny . Therefore, many experts in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty wanted to acquire a rank of nobility .

Which means that if anyone wants to create a lord dynasty in the territory of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty, they will immediately be sensed by the Great Gan Lord Dynasty since it affects their providence, Zhao Feng understood . He only realized this after merging with Heaven and Earth here .

The reason why the lord dynasty of the Azure Flower Continent was destroyed in one night was because of this . As long as the Great Gan Lord Dynasty sensed that there was a lord dynasty being built, they would issue a mission and let the clans and forces of the dynasty take care of it .

“Sir Zhao, please wait a moment . ” The general in blue led Zhao Feng to a big building, and the latter just stood there and looked around .

The general in blue soon came out with a smile;“The Princess invites you in . ”

“Princess?” Zhao Feng paused faintly and started to search through his memories, but he didn’t think much about it and slowly walked in .

Zhao Feng saw someone the moment he walked in . It was an elegant male wearing dragon robes .

“It’s… it’s you!” Zhao Feng and the elegant male said at the same time, and they were surprised at each other being present .

“Eighth Prince . ”

“Zhao Feng . ”

The two both spoke simultaneously .

“Hehe… . Brother Zhao, it seems we are fated to meet one another . ” The Eighth Prince’s expression turned back to normal as he gave a smile . Before he left, he heard that the Princess had invited a beast tamer, but he didn’t pay much attention to that .

“You two know each other…?” a clear a clear voice sounded from the depths of a courtyard .

The Eighth Prince shook his head with a smile as he walked with Zhao Feng toward the courtyard .

Weird… how does this Zhao Feng know the Eighth Prince? The general in blue was surprised, but he bowed and left .

Stepping on the red petals that covered the ground, Zhao Feng and the Eighth Prince soon reached the building in the depths of the courtyard .

A noble young girl stood in front of the building . She wore a stunning dress, and although she was young, she was extremely pretty . At first glance, she fit the criteria of the princesses from books and fairytales .

“Princess?” Zhao Feng felt that she looked familiar;this young girl fit the image of the young girl in purple that was in the Wuyou Forest . At that moment, Zhao Feng’s target was the Yinming Bird, so he only gave a single glance to the young girl and company . He didn’t expect her to be the Princess of the Duke’s Palace .

The Eighth Prince and the Princess should be cousins .

“Zhao Feng, it’s indeed you! You’re the mysterious beast tamer I was searching for,” the Princess smiled and said with happiness .

The two were both around fifteen years of age, so there was no generation gap between them .

Seeing that Zhao Feng was slightly surprised, the Princess quickly introduced herself, “I’m Zhou Yuqing . ”

Zhou Yuqing… . Princess Yuqing . Zhao Feng nodded and acted very casual .

“Yuqing, how did you meet Zhao Feng?” the Eight Prince asked . He was initially going to leave, but he changed his mind after seeing that the person Princess Yuqing wanted to see was Zhao Feng .

“We met in Wuyou Forest…” Zhou Yuqing was slightly excited and told him how she saw Zhao Feng easily tame the Yinming Bird .

The Eighth Prince’s eyes twinkled when he heard about it .

Looks like this Zhao Feng specializes in the Dao of the Soul . The Eighth Prince’s mouth curled up .

The reason he stayed behind was to understand Zhao Feng better . He didn’t know why, but the Eighth Prince felt that Zhao Feng was similar to Xin Wuheng .

Xin Wuheng was a genius that had risen in the lord dynasty in the last few the last few years . He was ranked 39th in the Great Gan Imperial Genius Rankings with just the cultivation of a half-step King .

The top five hundred geniuses came from across the Great Gan Lord Dynasty, but the top one hundred came from the imperials, the Eight Big Families, or three- and four-star powers . However, Xin Wuheng didn’t come from any clan or family and yet he was able to rank in the thirties with the cultivation of a half-step King . His cultivation was the lowest amongst the top two hundred ranks .

“Princess Yuqing, you didn’t invite me here just to see me, right?” Zhao Feng asked .

Hearing that, Princess Yuqing’s face turned slightly red, but it quickly faded away .

She was unable to forget the image of the mysterious purple-haired youth taming the Yinming Bird . The youth had dreamy purple hair and a handsome face . He gave off a cold aura, and he appeared in her mind occasionally .

Being a young girl around fifteen years old, she liked heroes, especially those around her age who were also mysterious and handsome .

In this new body, Zhao Feng had a more handsome face that was attractive to females .

“Zhao Feng, I invited you here to help me with something . ” Princess Yuqing calmed down and returned to her noble and elegant self .

“Oh?” The Eighth Prince was interested . If the Duke’s Palace was unable to resolve it, then it wouldn’t be something simple . He could use this chance to understand Zhao Feng better as well .

“Look . ” Princess Yuqing acted mysteriously and took out a delicate, transparent bottle .

A small silkworm around the size of a thumb could be seen, and it somehow had a pair of wings . The little silkworm was like a work of art . It was chubby, but it had fallen asleep, and its aura was weak . Even though there was a unique bottle containing it, the small silkworm still gave off an ancient aura .

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat jumped out and stood on Zhao Feng’s shoulder as its eyes started to spin .

“Cloud Silk Saint Butterfly!” The Eighth Prince couldn’t help but exclaim when he saw this silkworm . “Yuqing, is this the legendary insect of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races from your father’s collection?”


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