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King Of Gods - Chapter 777


Chapter 777: Zhao Feng’s Warning

Chapter 777 - Zhao Feng's Warning

Near the Zhao Family Castle, a battle of life and death had ended just like that . The upper echelon of the Zhao Family felt as if they were in a dream .

Everyone instinctively turned to look at Zhao Feng on the peak of the mountain . The youth's purple hair was blowing in the wind, and he closed his eyes as he started to cultivate again .

Although they didn't see the details, instinct told them that this youth had turned this battle around .

It's Feng'er…! He saved the family! Grandfather Zhao reacted, and his beard trembled with excitement and pride . No one else saw the process except him .

The youth and the cat on his shoulder suddenly became even more mysterious .

The eyes of the Zhao Family upper echelon were filled with puzzlement and respect . Originally, they didn't have a chance of winning at all, but the experts of the Yin Family seemed to have been hit by a weird technique and suddenly stopped moving, allowing themselves to be slaughtered .

"Search for and gather the spoils of war!"the Grand Elder of the Zhao Family ordered .

The weakest of the Yin Family experts that had come was the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm, and there were several Great Origin Core Realms and half-step Kings . Therefore, the spoils of war would be very rich .

"Feng'er, you can decide how to split these spoils of war . "Grandfather Zhao went up and split the spoils of war into different categories . Being his "grandfather,"he obviously wanted his "grandson"to receive the best spoils of war .

Zhao Feng was slightly disappointed as his eyes scanned over the items . He only chose a few Water-elemental materials and some other so-so items . Normal resources couldn't enter his eyes since they were of no use to him .

In this period of time, the Zhao Family searched around the Yin Family's area to kill anyone who had escaped .

Two thousand miles away, in an old city:

"How is this possible… all of them died!?"

A bulky youth in black was slightly dazed . If Zhao Feng was present, he would recognize that this youth was Luo Zun .

"My Lord, no one that participated in the ambush managed to escape . The Zhao Family's now searching around the Yin Family,"a male in black that cultivated the Dao of Assassination reported with shock .

No one knew the truth about what happened .

"This subordinate thinks that an expert must've helped the Zhao Family . The Zhao Family set this trap once Zhao Feng returned,"the male in black said carefully .

Over half of the Yin Family's strength had been destroyed . The Luo Family had also sent some people, and Luo Zun was in charge of them . However, none of them expected such a powerful force to be wiped out within such a short amount of time by the Zhao Family .

At this moment, Luo Zun started to think . He knew that there was most likely an expert supporting Zhao Feng . His divine Sense had been scanning the battle, but it was interrupted by an illusion . He could only see his subordinates get killed, and the power of the illusion came from Zhao Feng .

"First, retreat and protect the Yin Family!"Lightning seemed to flash through Luo Zun's eyes as he suddenly remembered something .

After the battle, the majority of the Yin Family's elites had been killed . The Zhao Family would definitely use this chance to wipe out the entire Yin Family . Once the Yin Family was wiped out, the Zhao Family would rule the entire Yunling area . At that point, the Luo Family wouldn't be able to do much since they were so far away .

As of right now, Luo Zun and the Luo Family couldn't interfere directly because the Luo and Zhao Family still had a marriage-based relationship . The Luo Family wanted to break off the marriage, and the Zhao Family had sent an Engagement Rejection Letter – everyone knew about this . On top of that, Zhao Feng was a Central disciple of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, and it wasn't far off till he could become a Core disciple .

If the Luo Family attacked the Zhao Family without any reason, Zhao Feng could ask the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan to help and protect them, or he could report them to the Duke Palace .

In addition, due to the rules of the game and fairness, the Luo Family couldn't attack directly anyway because, even if they managed to succeed, the Eighth Prince's name would be tarnished . If the Eighth Prince wanted to compete for and become the Crown Prince and then the future Sacred Emperor of the lord dynasty, he couldn't leave many obvious blemishes behind .

Back in the Zhao Family Castle, at the top of a mountain, Zhao Feng was still cultivating the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique and the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body . It was as if he hadn't even participated in the fight a moment ago .

"Feng'er, this battle has severely injured the Yin Family, and they have lost most of their elites . Now is the perfect chance to finish off the Yin Family . "Zhao Tianyi's eyes glittered with the flames of ambition . The entire upper echelon was filled with battle-intent, just waiting for the day they could rule the Yunling area .

"Okay, let's go . "Zhao Feng nodded his head crisply .

Later that night, the elites of the Zhao Family Castle – around two hundred in number – sat on their flying steeds or ships as they charged toward the Yin Family .

The Yin Family was located in the northern parts of the Yunling area, while the Zhao Family was in the south . The two families had fought against each other for a long time, and it was finally time to see who would win .

The elites of the Zhao Family charged into the main headquarters of the Yin Family – the Yin Family Castle .

When they arrived, the Yin Family was already waiting . The protective array of the Yin Family Castle was open, and a solemn atmosphere filled the air . The guards of the Yin Family Castle were filled with despair, and they had very little battle-intent . The strengths of the two sides weren't even on the same level .

Above the clouds:

"The Zhao Family has arrived faster than I expected . The Luo Family won't have enough time to reinforce them . "Luo Zun looked down from above . His divine Sense was extremely concealed as he inspected the Zhao Family, and he placed great emphasis on Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat on his shoulder .

No one knew why, but Zhao Feng smiled and glanced over in Luo Zun's direction once or twice .

Luo Zun's body shook . How could a measly True Lord Rank sense the divine Sense of a Void God Realm?

However, if Zhao Feng looking over was just a coincidence, then the next scene truly shook his mind .


The little cat on Zhao Feng's shoulder glanced in his direction with disdain and laziness .

"This cat, how…!?"Luo Zun felt as if his understanding of the world had flipped . One thing was for sure though – Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat knew of his existence .

What made it worse was that they were acting as if they didn't know he was there .

Thinking about the weirdness of the battle before, Luo Zun felt that the human and cat duo was not simple, and they definitely had some sort of secret .

"Kill!"The two hundred elites of the Zhao Family unleashed a round of attacks .

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The protective array of the Yin Family Castle started to shake, and since the Yin Family had already lost most of their experts, fear and panic overtook them .

"Attack… the southwestern corner,"Zhao Feng suddenly said from atop the Yinming Bird as he took control of the battle . The Zhao Family believed him without a doubt and immediately started to attack the southwestern corner of the castle .

"The southwestern corner is the place where the Yin Family Castle's protective array is flawed… . "Luo Zun couldn't help but take in a deep breath . He had to thoroughly scan with his divine Sense before he found that flaw whereas Zhao Feng only gave it one glance before finding it .

Crack! Crack!

The southwestern corner of the array soon started to crack, and everyone in the Yin Family Castle revealed looks of helplessness and despair .

"I can't let the Zhao Family succeed so easily . " Luo Zun's face was cold . "At the very least, I need to figure out how strong Zhao Feng is . "

Afterward, he hid in the clouds and circulated his King Intent . Magnificent Power instantly appeared near the crack in the array, stopping the attacks .

Luo Zun had done this stealthily, and only someone close to the half-step King level could sense it . As long as Luo Zun didn't do anything on the surface, the Zhao Family would have no proof . His Magnificent Power was stealthy and had no special characteristics .

Zhao Feng snickered coldly . This wasn't enough to stop the Zhao Family . He ordered the Zhao Family to split into four groups and attack several places at once .

Magnificent Power was formed when King Intent merged with Heaven and Earth .

"Luo Zun can't split his Magnificent Power into several different forces yet unless he's cultivated a technique like the Ten Thousand divine Thoughts Technique to a high level . "

Zhao Feng was certain of this . Magnificent Power could only be used in one area, and even Zhao Feng at his peak couldn't split it into several separate forces .

As of right now, Zhao Feng could also use Magnificent Power, but he didn't want everyone to know yet .

"This brat…!"In the clouds, Luo Zun's expression changed once more . It would be too obvious if he covered the entire Yin Family Castle in Magnificent Power, and the strength would be much weaker even if he did .

Crack! Crack! Boom!

The Zhao Family soon charged into the Yin Family Castle .

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat turned into a silver-gray streak of light and jumped into the Yin Family Castle .


Screams started to sound as several upper echelon cultivators of the Yin Family were slain by the little thieving cat's paws .

Their momentum couldn't be stopped . The Yin Family gave up on the arrays and the city and started to retreat . The elites of the Zhao Family were ready and chased after them .

What happened next was an onslaught . Zhao Feng didn't even need to do anything apart from keeping an eye on Luo Zun .

"Ridiculous~~~!"Luo Zun floated in the air with an ugly expression . The Yin Family was going to be destroyed unless a Void God Realm interfered directly or unless the Luo Family came out, but Zhao Feng had the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, which was close to a three-star force, behind his back . Others wouldn't dare to interfere easily .

What made Luo Zun most worried was that he still couldn't see through Zhao Feng even after the Zhao Family overtook the Yin Family Castle . He couldn't even see through that little cat .

The Zhao Family started to gather the spoils of war from the Yin Family Castle, and Zhao Feng still got to choose first .

"There aren't enough useful Soul Dao treasures, but there's enough Water-elemental and body-strengthening materials . "Zhao Feng organized the spoils of war .

To rule the Yunling area, the Zhao Family had to take most of the Yin Family's resources, so Zhao Feng couldn't take much .

In order to recover Zhao Feng's soul quickly, he needed Soul Dao items at the level of the Void God Realm, but those were rare even in two or three-star powers .

"Luo Zun, I advise the Luo Family to stop or else they might be the next Yin Family,"a faint voice travelled to the clouds, and Luo Zun, who was just about to leave, froze .

This was Zhao Feng's warning .



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