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King Of Gods - Chapter 776


Chapter 776: 776

Chapter 776 - Identity

“You… you’re not Feng’er!” Grandfather Zhao stared at Zhao Feng, who was becoming more strange, and spoke in a confident tone .

Zhao Feng stood with his hands behind his back and remained emotionless . If Grandfather Zhao hadn’t figured it out by now, then there was something wrong . Zhao Feng didn’t plan on hiding it either;pretending to be someone else was too troublesome .

“You are correct . I am not Zhao Feng . The real Zhao Feng died several months ago . ” Zhao Feng glanced at the scenery while walking around .

“You… you killed him and then stole his body!” Grandfather Zhao’s eyes bulged as killing intent and anger appeared . However, the person in front of him had the body of his grandson, so he tried to control himself . Furthermore, this stranger was extremely calm and not scared at all, which instinctively made Grandfather Zhao calm down .

“Although I took over his body, someone else killed him . ”

Zhao Feng swiped his hand expressionlessly .


A screen made of water appeared in front of them and showed the process of the original Zhao Feng being slain before a glitter of purple lightning merged into his body .

“Yin Family… . ” Grandfather Zhao was dazed . He could recognize the people;they were from the Yin Family . Zhao Feng’s screen even had sound .

“The Yin Family is a bunch of bastards that was jealous of Feng’er’s achievements! How dare they do such a shameless act…!” Grandfather Zhao howled .

“I’m just borrowing this body and living as your grandson . ” Zhao Feng summarized .

Hearing that, Grandfather Zhao’s body shook, and he started to cry as he looked at Zhao Feng with complex emotions . Zhao Feng knew that Grandfather Zhao had put too much hope and energy into the previous Zhao Feng .

A long time later, Grandfather Zhao’s emotions finally calmed down a bit . He stared at Zhao Feng and spoke, “No matter who you are, live well with his body… . ”

“Of course,” Zhao Feng smiled faintly . “I will live a life more colorful than his and complete his wishes the best I can, including resolving the danger of the Zhao Family this time . ”

Zhao Feng’s words made Grandfather Zhao’s dim eyes light up again . At this moment, he seemed to transfer the hope of the original Zhao Feng onto the current Zhao Feng .

It wasn’t hard for Grandfather Zhao to see that Zhao Feng’s strength from before taking a new body was very high . He had reached the True Lord Rank from the True Human Rank in just a matter of months, he had tamed a Yinming Bird, and he had a mysterious cat next to him that could slay Sovereign Lords . Could a normal person do this?

“Grandfather Zhao, this is one of my repayments . ” Zhao Feng took out a small bottle that contained a clear liquid .

“Repayment!?” Grandfather Zhao roared . “I don’t need any repayment . All you need to do is live well with his body . ”

“Only by drinking this will you actually have a life to see that,” Zhao Feng smiled and said .

Grandfather Zhao drank the liquid with puzzlement . In the next instant, his expression changed dramatically;“Imm… Immortal Springs Wine…!?”

Grandfather Zhao felt that his lifeforce was being replenished . In the past, an accident had crippled him and decreased his lifeforce dramatically . He only had less than ten years of life left, but after drinking the Immortal Springs Wine, it was as if he had turned back time . His lifespan had increased by a thousand years .

“Extending your lifespan isn’t just Zhao Feng’s wish, it’s yours as well, isn’t it?” Zhao Feng asked slowly .

“You… . ” Grandfather Zhao’s face went slightly red . Indeed, he had raised the original Zhao Feng and had such hopes at the bottom of his heart . After experiencing a lifetime, how would Zhao Feng not see that?

Zhao Feng then took out several precious medicines to heal Grandfather Zhao’s leg . These medicines were used for the injuries of Kings and Emperors, so they were more than enough to heal a measly Origin Core Realm .

In just one hour’s time, Grandfather Zhao’s lifespan had increased by a thousand years, his crippled leg was healed, and the recovery of his cultivation could be expected any day now . All of this was like a dream .

“My lifespan has now increased by a thousand years . I didn’t dare to even think about the Great Origin Core Realm in the past, but now I can even try to reach the Void God Realm in the future . ” Grandfather Zhao felt happy, but also guilty at the same time This new Zhao Feng had changed his destiny with just a few actions, and the revenge for his grandson grandson and the rise of the Zhao Family depended on him .

“I hope that no one else will know this secret,” Grandfather Zhao said . If news of this spread, it wouldn’t be good for the Zhao Family .

“Okay . ” Zhao Feng had that intention anyway .

Later that day, the upper echelon of the Zhao Family held a secret meeting and invited Zhao Feng .

“Feng’er, you are the biggest hope of the Yunling Zhao Family . The Yin Family has tried to kill you many times before, and they definitely won’t give up anytime soon,” the Head of the Family said . The upper echelon of the Zhao Family knew that the Yin Family had tried to assassinate Zhao Feng many times before .

As long as they had Zhao Feng, they had a chance to rise . Zhao Feng was a once-in-a-thousand-years genius who had entered the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, and he had become much stronger in the last several months . One could imagine that, if Zhao Feng kept up this performance, he might become the disciple of a King and enter the divine Illusion Dimension, which would be a major turning point for the Zhao Family .

“You can use me as the bait,” Zhao Feng smiled and said . The main reason he came back this time was to get rid of the Yin Family .

On the morning of the second day, Zhao Feng left the Zhao Family Castle and flew to the peak of a mountain several hundred miles away . The mountain was surrounded by clouds, and Zhao Feng sat down and started to cultivate .

At this moment, Zhao Feng circulated the Ten Thousand divine Thoughts Technique to cultivate the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique and the Sacred Lightning Body at the same time .

He didn’t need to re-cultivate the Ten Thousand divine Thoughts Technique . As long as his soul-strength was strong enough, his Ten Thousand divine Thoughts Technique would return to its peak on its own . It was the same as his Emperor Intent because Zhao Feng’s soul and consciousness had been put into his God’s Spiritual Eye .

Even when the God’s Spiritual Eye merged into his original body, it didn’t alter his mind . Zhao Feng remembered that the God’s Spiritual Eye had lost almost all its lifeforce when it merged into his body, then it started to awaken and change his body after recovering .

Several days later, Zhao Feng’s cultivation progressed . He reached the reached the late-stage True Lord Rank .

The Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique was at the fourth level, where the Water of Wind Lightning strengthened and healed his Sacred Lightning Body, but it was hard to break through to the fourth level of the Sacred Lightning Body .

“Once the Sacred Lightning Body reaches the fourth level, my body-strength alone can dominate those at the Origin Core Realm . ”

Zhao Feng was looking forward to it . The fourth level of the Sacred Lightning Body was indeed a big turning point, similar to the fourth level of the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique .

At night:

Whoosh! Whoosh!

More than a dozen black figures appeared in the clouds .

“That brat can manage to cultivate here?”

“Hmph, this is obviously the Zhao Family’s trick to lure us out, but our strength easily surpasses theirs . We can finish them all off at once . ”

The weakest of them had reached the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm, and the two leaders, a male and a female, were both half-step Kings .

“Mu Yue, you lead the squad to kill the upper echelon of the Zhao Family . I’ll kill that brat myself,” a muscular youth said .

“Gu Hong, a measly True Lord Rank requires you to handle him personally?” a Great Origin Core Realm asked .

The muscular youth named Gu Hong replied, “According to the information, this brat is extremely weird, and he definitely has a secret . ”

A cold light flashed across Gu Hong’s eyes, as well as a flash of greed . No one would believe it if someone said that a True Human Rank could reach the True Lord Rank within a couple months without some special secret .

“Go!” Gu Hong ordered, and more than a dozen figures charged toward the mountain where Zhao Feng was at .

The other leader was called Mu Yue . She was a skinny female who had also reached the half-step King level . Her team consisted of three Great Origin Core Realms and nine peak stage Small Origin Core Realms .


The group of black figures were found when they were three hundred miles away from Zhao Feng . The upper echelon of the Zhao Family nearby leapt out and attacked .


Mu Yue and Gu Hong, the two half-step Kings, had powerful auras . On the other hand, the Zhao Family only had one Grand Elder at the Elder at the half-step King level, and the strength of the remaining elders wasn’t as great as the enemies .

“Watch out! The enemy has two half-step Kings!” the voice of the Grand Elder resounded across the sky .

These two half-step Kings of the Yin Family were both outsiders . Only one third of the group was actually from the Yin Family .

“Old man, get back here!” the half-step King Mu Yue slashed out her sword and sliced through several mountains .


An upper echelon member of the Zhao Family hiding nearby was sliced into two .

The Grand Elder of the Zhao Family had to go over to help, but the stronger Gu Hong charged toward Zhao Feng alone . The upper echelon of the Zhao Family tried to stop him but couldn’t do anything .

“Feng’er!” Grandfather Zhao appeared behind Zhao Feng . His old face was filled with worry, and he talked in a slightly-trembling tone as he saw the approaching half-step King .


The little thieving cat jumped onto Zhao Feng’s shoulder .

“Let me… . ” Zhao Feng reached out and stopped the little thieving cat . His black hair then turned purple and blew wildly in the night wind .

“Illusion Maze City!”

A misty purple haze started to spin in Zhao Feng’s left eye .


The scenery suddenly changed .

“What’s going on!?”

The experts of the Yin Family entered a misty maze and walked around in circles . They seemed to be stuck in an invisible maze, and no matter how they attacked, their attacks were limited to just a couple hundred yards .

“This Illusion Maze City is a Domain-level skill . ”

Zhao Feng sat down . Although his soul had only recovered to one-tenth of its peak, the techniques of his God’s Spiritual Eye could damage even Kings .


Screams sounded throughout the illusion city . However, none of the experts of the Zhao Family were affected by this illusion .

Around half the time it took to make tea later, everyone from the Yin Family was dead . Zhao Feng didn’t move ever since using the skill .

Grandfather Zhao was full of shock . All he saw was Zhao Feng glare at them, then the experts of the Yin Family stopped moving and did nothing while the enemy slaughtered them .


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