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King Of Gods - Chapter 774


Chapter 774: 774

Chapter 774 - Letter

There was still four months left till the opening of the divine Illusion Dimension when Zhao Feng broke through to the True Lord Rank .

“There’s plenty of time left, but right now, the most important task is to construct the foundation for the fourth level of the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique . I still need some Water-elemental resources . ”

Zhao Feng wasn’t in a rush . At the moment, it seemed like his re-cultivation plan was moving along steadily, and it was actually slightly faster than he had expected .

The fourth level of the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique was a major turning point that could increase his strength, so Zhao Feng didn’t dare to be too slow .

He didn’t have many Water-elemental resources . From the fourth level onward, the Water of Wind Lightning could be cultivated to the half-step King level . One could imagine how many Water and Lightning treasures and resources this would require .

Within the room, Zhao Feng tried to construct the Water of Wind Lightning . The occasional ripple of water appeared around him alongside the humming of lightning and wind .

He had already finished constructing the first three levels – the basis of Wind Lightning . From the fourth level onward, he will have truly stepped into the doors of the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique .

The first step was to merge the Laws of Water into his cultivation . Zhao Feng’s progress was relatively smooth . In reality, Zhao Feng already had a bit of a Water bloodline within his body, which came from the God’s Spiritual Eye .

The blue lake at the center of the purple Soul Sea remained the same . There was a mysterious whirlpool at the very center that could reach the Ancient Dream Realm . Zhao Feng was planning to enter after a while .

Several days later, after using some Water-elemental resources, blue-colored Wind Lightning appeared in Zhao Feng’s Source of True Spirit . The power of the Wind Lightning was the same as usual, but now it contained the ability to change, as well as other characteristics of water .

Right now, only one fifth of Zhao Feng’s Source of True Spirit had become Water of Wind Lightning . Zhao Feng realized that, when he used the Water of Wind Lightning to strengthen his body, it was able to make his organs stronger . This meant that his body wouldn’t just become harder, it would also become tougher .

“The Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique and the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body are perfect for each other,” Zhao Feng couldn’t help but praise .

After he finished cultivating all five elements into his body, his body would be extremely resilient against every element . The Sacred Lightning Body would be, without a doubt, even better .

“Hehe, Demigod Kun Yun, you probably wouldn’t have expected this, would you…?” Zhao Feng laughed .

Even in the continent zone, Demigods were people that stood at the top .

Half a year ago, Demigod Kun Yun tried to trick Zhao Feng, but he ended up helping instead .

“Unfortunately, there’s no more chances to enter the Heaven’s Legacy City anymore… . ” Zhao Feng murmured .

After experiencing a lifetime and taking over a new body, he had understood a lot of things . No true expert in the world had a smooth journey . The journey of life was one with ups and downs .

On this day, Zhao Feng exited seclusion . He had reached the early stages of the True Lord Rank .

“I’ll complete all the missions for this year and get some Water-elemental resources while I’m at it . ”

Zhao Feng took down the seclusion symbol and walked out of the courtyard .

An outer disciple immediately started to talk to someone else the instant Zhao Feng walked out .

“Quick! That brat’s come out!”

Several outer disciples watched Zhao Feng’s every action and movement . They had message tokens in their hands as well .

Senior Martial Brother Guang came quickly when he heard about it .

“How is this possible…!? True Lord Rank cultivation…!” Senior Martial Brother Guang felt the change in Zhao Feng’s aura from afar .

How many months had it been? That True Human Rank brat had now broken through two ranks and reached the True Lord Rank .

Senior Martial Brother Guang immediately took out a message token and was about to tell Luo Zun . Luo Zun had given him his message token before leaving .

However, just as Senior Martial Brother Guang took out the token, it disappeared .

“My message token!” Senior Martial Brother Guang exclaimed .

Miao miao!

A silver-gray cat took Senior Martial Brother Guang’s message token and disappeared .

“Good job, little thieving cat!”

Zhao Feng sat on the Yinming and left while Senior Martial Brother Guang started to curse . Zhao Feng took Luo Zun’s message token;without it, Senior Martial Brother Guang wouldn’t be able to contact contact Luo Zun within a short amount of time . He also wouldn’t be able to find Luo Zun, because the Tianfeng Great Island Zone was enormous .

Zhao Feng soon reached the Hall of Missions by riding the Yinming Bird .

Over the next few days, he started to turn in missions in a frenzy . Every time he took a mission, it was in the same area . It didn’t even matter whether they were highly-ranked tasks .

In the short span of just ten days, Zhao Feng had completed dozens of missions by himself in an extremely fast manner . Exclamations would sound every time he came back and collected contribution points and rewards .

“A measly True Lord Rank is able to complete so many missions that even those at the Origin Core Realm can’t . ”

“There’s definitely some sort of secret on this guy . ”

There were some mission maniacs in the Hall of Missions that obtained large amounts of resources by doing missions alone . However, they were nothing in comparison to Zhao Feng’s speed . The amount of contribution points and rewards Zhao Feng had collected over the past ten days was enough to make the eyes of some Origin Core Realms go red .

As time passed, the missions Zhao Feng collected became more difficult as well .

“That’s about one year’s worth of missions done . ” Zhao Feng nodded his head and then did something else that shocked the clan .

Four or five days later, Zhao Feng went to the exchange castle in the clan . This time, he had tamed a large number of pets ranging from the True Spirit Realm to the Great Origin Core Realm . The spiritual pet bags on him were all full .

He caused a shockwave when he went to sell the spiritual pets . Many rare and hard-to-tame spiritual pets had been tamed by Zhao Feng, and many experts of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan came to buy them when they heard about it . Some rare spiritual pets even raised the attention of some Void God Realm Kings .

Zhao Feng’s beast taming talents started to travel across the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan .

He had earned a large amount of Primal Crystal Stones just from selling pets . Some experts would ask Zhao Feng to help tame beasts;the reward for doing so exceeded missions, and it could be done faster .

Of course, Zhao Feng didn’t accept the easy tasks .

After gathering a large amount of wealth, Zhao Feng started Feng started to cultivate the Water of Wind Lightning again .

“These Water-elemental resources are enough for me to reach the half-step Origin Core Realm . ” Zhao Feng was excited .

Of course, he had bought many other resources as well, including body-strengthening, Lightning, and Soul Dao resources . Soul Dao resources were the most expensive, but Zhao Feng had to buy them in order to heal his soul and awaken his Emperor Intent .

In the blink of an eye, another month had passed by, and his Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique finally reached the fourth level . At this moment, the Wind Lightning within his Source of True Spirit had turned completely blue .


Zhao Feng circulated his True Yuan and surrounded himself in a blue-colored ripple of Wind Lightning .

“Let’s see if the Water of Wind Lightning can be used to use the Water Spirit divine Change . ” Zhao Feng was intrigued .

The Water Spirit divine Change could transform one’s flesh and blood into a liquid state for a period of time . This meant that one would basically have an immortal body for a brief moment .

Zhao Feng thought that it could work . Once it succeeded, the Water Spirit divine Change would be upgraded to the Water Lightning divine Change, where its offensive capabilities would become stronger .

After reaching the fourth level of the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique, Zhao Feng used the Water of Wind Lightning to train his Sacred Lightning Body . However, from the fourth level and onward, it was a major turning point for the Sacred Lightning Body as well .

The first three levels were the foundation, and each level would be split into the beginning, early, late, and peak stages . The difficulty would rise exponentially .

If one trained the Sacred Lightning Body to the late-stages of the fourth level, they would be able to rule supreme across the Origin Core Realm . Therefore, Zhao Feng’s Sacred Lightning Body was only slowly steadily progressing toward the peak third level because there was a bottleneck for the fourth level .


Zhao Feng let out a breath .

In order to break through the bottleneck, he wanted to enter the Ancient Dream Realm, but the Spiritual Fruits were too hard to digest properly, so now wasn’t the best time . Zhao Feng also wouldn’t be able to kill any beasts in the Ancient Dream Realm at the moment . He would find it difficult to even walk .

“Zhao Feng, there’s a letter for you . ”

you . ”

The sound of flying appeared from outside as a messenger appeared .


A letter passed through the protective array .

“Yunling Zhao Family?” Zhao Feng’s eyebrows furrowed when he opened the letter . The letter said that the battle between the Zhao Family and the Yin Family was becoming more intense, and the Yin Family had the help of a mysterious power that gave them the upper hand .

“Feng’er, the Head of the Luo Family said that, as long as you go to the Luo Family and apologize, they will help resolve this situation . ” At the end of the letter was a sigh from Zhao Feng’s grandfather .

After reading the letter, Zhao Feng’s expression became grim .

“Luo Zun, Eighth Prince… so this is your trick?”

Zhao Feng wasn’t dumb . The Zhao Family and the Yin Family were on par with each other, and after Zhao Feng had killed several experts from the Yin Family, they were had serious problems . How much damage could the Yin Family alone possibly bring to the Zhao Family?


Zhao Feng turned the letter into ashes .

“Looks like I need to go back to the Yunling Zhao Family . ”

Zhao Feng knew that the original Zhao Feng wanted to restore the glory of his family, and he was very close to his grandfather, as if they were father and son . Zhao Feng couldn’t just ignore Zhao Feng’s grandfather’s pleas .

He then immediately sat on the Yinming Bird and headed to the Messenger Hall in the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan .

“Can you send letters to the continent zone?” Zhao Feng asked .

“Some forces such as two-star sects, big families, or the lord dynasty can receive them,” an elder replied .

“Good . Can you send a letter to the Duanmu Family of the continent zone?” Zhao Feng asked as he started to write a letter, then sealed it with a special technique .

“Duanmu Family? Do you mean… one of the Eight Big Families of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty?” The elder clicked his tongue .

“That’s right,” Zhao Feng said confidently as he handed over the letter to the elder and also gave him a large amount of Primal Crystal Stones .

He had been in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty for a while now, and Zhao Feng only just remembered to write a letter to Duanmu Qing and Zhao Yufei to ask how they were . He hoped to see them soon .


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