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King Of Gods - Chapter 772


Chapter 772: 772

Chapter 772 - Marriage (2)

Marriage? Zhao Feng’s eyebrows furrowed . He had decided to try to fulfill all the wishes of the original owner of this body – apart from the marriage .

In his memories, his fiancée Luo Shui’er was a famed beauty who already had an elegant aura even when she was only fifteen years old . On top of that, she was extremely talented;she became the disciple of a Peak-tier King a year ago .

Of course, no matter how charming she was, Zhao Feng felt that she was just the fiancée of the previous Zhao Feng . Only one’s true thoughts really mattered . Even though he had revived in a new body, Zhao Feng was still Zhao Feng .

He had already decided what to do with this “fiancée” – break off the engagement .

The elder in gray spoke, “Feng’er, I know that you’ve liked that Luo Shui’er for a long time, but I have to tell you something . ”

Hearing up to there, Zhao Feng paused . Was there some sort of situation here?

“Apparently, she has the intention to break off the engagement, mainly because the Eighth Prince of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty saw her,” the elder in gray said unwillingly .

Zhao Feng met Luo Shui’er once a year ago . At that moment in time, Zhao Feng was attracted by her aura and beauty, and Luo Shui’er didn’t have a bad impression of him . After all, Zhao Feng was a genius, and he was known for his looks .

“Elder, you mean to say that the Luo Family wants to go back on their word?”

Hearing this, Zhao Feng tried his best to suppress his excitement and joy . Go back on their word? That’s a good thing! Zhao Feng was overjoyed;he really wanted nothing more than to break the connection between him and this fiancée .

The elder in gray couldn’t help but pause and look at Zhao Feng in surprise . The youth wasn’t angry like he imagined;on the contrary, he even seemed happy .

“The Luo Family does indeed have intentions of going back on their word, but we have to see what Luo Shui’er says as well . However, the Eighth Prince is of noble status, and he has an Imperial Dao bloodline . The Luo Family won’t be able to decline,” the elder in gray said solemnly .

“Eighth Prince… Imperial Dao bloodline…?” Zhao Feng felt puzzled . The Eighth Prince was in the capital of the continent zone;how could he have even seen Luo Shui’er?

A prince of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty – how noble was this status? Even a Core disciple of a three-star superpower was far away .

The elder in gray started to explain, “This is because of Luo Shui’er’s elder brother, Luo Zun . Luo Zun is an incredible person and has the title of being the top genius of the Tianfeng Great Island Zone . He is now a Void God Realm King . ”

Luo Zun? Zhao Feng’s memories contained information about him .

The original Zhao Feng admired Luo Zun greatly . Luo Zun had become a Void God Realm King at the age of thirty-two and became famous across the Great Gan Lord Dynasty .

“After entering the continent zone, the lord dynasty gave Luo Zun the title of Earl, and he became good friends with the Eighth Prince . Recently, Luo Zun accompanied the Eighth Prince to the Tianfeng Great Island Zone and went to visit the Duke Palace, where he saw Luo Shui’er unintentionally . ”

The gray-clothed elder told him the story, and Zhao Feng started to think . This was, without a doubt, good news to him . Furthermore, the Yunling Zhao Family couldn’t offend the Eighth Prince anyway .

“If that’s the case, then let’s just cancel the marriage,” Zhao Feng said decisively .

Cancel the marriage? The gray-clothed elder and company felt weird . Not only was Zhao Feng not angry, he even suggested canceling the marriage .

“Zhao Feng, it’s good that you’ve thought it through . We were mainly worried that Luo Shui’er’s older brother would come to the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan and put pressure on you . ”

“That’s right, although that Luo Zun’s a prodigy, he’s extremely deadly and forceful . ”

The elders were all wary and respectful when they mentioned Luo Zun .

“Don’t worry, let’s sort the marriage like that,” Zhao Feng waved his hand somewhat impatiently .

The eyes of the elder in gray twinkled . He was about to say something, but he stopped . He inspected Zhao Feng and somehow felt that Zhao Feng was different .

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The members of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan arrived at this moment . Amongst them was Senior Martial Brother Guang Guang .

Seeing the image in front of him, Senior Martial Brother Guang was obviously surprised .

This Zhao Feng’s just far too lucky . The elders of his family arrived just on time . Anger appeared in Senior Martial Brother Guang’s eyes .

How many times had Zhao Feng survived from the Wuyou Forest till now? He managed to survive every damn time .

Zhao Feng said goodbye to the seniors of the Zhao Family, and his sharp eyes glanced over at Senior Martial Brother Guang .

Senior Martial Brother Guang felt cold . Zhao Feng’s eyes made him feel uneasy .

This Senior Martial Brother Guang has gotten together with the Yin Family many times to try to kill me, but he’s the disciple of a King . I’ll wait for the right moment to finish him off . Zhao Feng had his own plans .

In the Empty Zone, the new lord dynasty was destroyed in one night . The Ten Thousand Sacred Clan had little losses;the entire process was just an onslaught .

Later that day, the group boarded their ship and left the Empty Zone, leaving behind a legend .

Creating a lord dynasty was forbidden . This legend would continue for generations in the Empty Zone, just like in the Azure Flower Continent .

Within the ship, Senior Martial Sister Wan Rong soon learned about Zhao Feng being ambushed, and she wanted to check Zhao Feng’s injuries .

It wasn’t hard for others to see that Senior Martial Sister Wan Rong thought well of Zhao Feng .

Seeing the calm and kind Junior Martial Sister get close with Zhao Feng made Senior Martial Brother Guang burn with jealousy, but everyone from the Yin Family died this time .

Zhao Feng felt helpless against Senior Martial Sister Wan Rong’s kindness . At the beginning, in order to resolve her suspicions, he used a heart-controlling technique to affect her emotions and make her think well of him, but he didn’t expect that to turn into her current emotions .

Zhao Feng didn’t dare to use the heart-controlling technique too much . For example, if he used it on Senior Martial Brother Guang, his master would sense it .

However, Zhao Feng had to admit that he liked the feeling of watching Senior Martial Brother Guang being jealous and angry .

“Junior Martial Brother Zhao, there’s still five months five months till the divine Illusion Dimension opens . If you put in some more effort, you might have a chance,” Senior Martial Sister Wan couldn’t help but say as she remembered it .

When mentioning the divine Illusion Dimension, several younger disciples couldn’t help but become excited .

“Apparently, the divine Illusion Dimension is a dimension left behind by an Ancient God in the divine Area, and it connects with the continent once every hundred years . ”

“The divine Illusion Dimension contains resources from the Ancient and Immemorial Eras . ”

“Many extinct items can be obtained from the divine Illusion Dimension… . ”

Several disciples discussed . Even the eyes of Senior Martial Brother Guang lit up .

Zhao Feng understood what the division Illusion Dimension was about from Senior Martial Sister Wan .

Firstly, the divine Illusion Dimension wasn’t owned by any single force . Apparently, this dimension was created by a God, and it rotated around the continent zone . In other words, as long as any force, family, or clan had the ability, they could enter it .

However, because the pathway of the dimension was weak, it would become unstable if anyone at the Void God Realm entered . Usually, all the forces would send half-step Kings or weaker into it, but there were also a few that sent in Void God Realm Kings safely .

The divine Illusion Dimension wasn’t an inheritance;it was just an abandoned dimension that would connect with the continent zone every hundred years . Furthermore, there was no age limit to enter it . The only restriction was cultivation, meaning that older experts could also enter .

It could be said that it was a stage for the entire continent zone . One could meet imperials, geniuses of big families, and even experts of other species in there . Even members of three-star and four-star powers would appear in the divine Illusion Dimension, and it didn’t matter how young or old they were .

This was also why the Central disciples were excited by the divine Illusion Dimension .

“Since this is a different dimension that has a lot of resources, I definitely can’t miss it,” Zhao Feng said . He was like the child Demigod;his eyes shone whenever he heard the word “resources . ”

Hearing that, everyone in the ship laughed .

“Kid, you’re not even at the True Lord Rank yet and you’re thinking about entering thinking about entering the divine Illusion Dimension to compete with others for resources?” an Origin Core Realm elder said playfully .

The older generation cultivators were also extremely interested in the divine Illusion Dimension, but there were fewer spots for them because most forces wanted to leave them for the younger generation disciples who had more potential . Furthermore, there were some fortunes within the divine Illusion Dimension that had age and talent requirements .

“Hahaha, Junior Martial Brother Zhao, I think you should wait for the next one in a hundred years . Throughout the history of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, the weakest cultivators to enter were at the peak True Lord Rank . ” Senior Martial Brother Guang laughed as he finally found the chance to look down on Zhao Feng .

Of course, he forgot that Zhao Feng had a spiritual pet, but spiritual pets couldn’t be used unless they had an actual contract with the owner . Besides, the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan had no restriction on cultivation in the competition for the spots .

Three days later, the limitless ocean ship reached the Tianfeng Great Island Zone .

Back in the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, in the Hall of Missions, the group received plentiful rewards . Being the leader, the elder in white robes got the most . Zhao Feng received an amount that normal True Spirit Realms would be moved by .

After turning in the mission, Zhao Feng went back to the market and claimed the Primal Crystal Stones he had made from selling the two Mud Poison Lizard Kings . This increased his wealth dramatically .

He used the rewards and those Primal Crystal Stones to trade for some body-strengthening materials . The main issue now was that the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body required a lot of effort and resources .

“Do you guys know that the number one genius of the Tianfeng Great Island Zone will be coming to visit the clan?”

“Luo Zun is one of the youngest Kings in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty . ”

“Apparently, a mysterious person arrived as well, and several Elders of the clan went to personally greet that person… . ”

Zhao Feng heard the discussion while returning to his place . This made his eyebrows furrow: Luo Shui’er’s older brother came so quickly?

Zhao Feng immediately opened the protective array and entered seclusion when he got back .

He didn’t want his re-cultivation plans to be interrupted .


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