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King Of Gods - Chapter 770


Chapter 770: Lord Dynasty Mission

Chapter 770 - Lord Dynasty Mission

Huang Yunhu's defeat made the present Central disciples unable to accept reality, especially those who knew Zhao Feng .

Senior Martial Sister Wan Rong's eyes locked on to Zhao Feng with shock and suspicion . She felt that this current Zhao Feng was different than the one from before in terms of both strength and aura . As if sensing her gaze, the handsome Zhao Feng smiled and locked eyes with Senior Martial Sister Wan Rong .

Zhao Feng wasn't just handsome;he also contained an indescribable confidence . His charm could make the hearts of most females speed up .

When their eyes met, Senior Martial Sister Wan Rong's heart started to thump . The pair of mysterious eyes seemed to contain a soul-attracting charm, and she fell into them . Her face started to go red, and she lowered her head in embarrassment .

She was unable to accept this . She was usually quiet and calm – when had she ever acted like this before? However, that youth left an image in her heart and gave her a different feeling .

Zhao Feng smiled and took back his gaze . Just now, he used a "heart-controlling technique"on Senior Martial Sister Wan Rong in order to resolve her suspicions and increase her good will toward him . This meant that Senior Martial Sister Wan Rong wouldn't be suspicious of him for the moment . At the least, she wouldn't think of the worst situation .

Zhao Feng didn't want to kill her because she became too suspicious . The heart-controlling technique could solve many small matters for Zhao Feng .

Apart from Senior Martial Sister Wan Rong, there aren't many people in the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan who knew Zhao Feng very well, Zhao Feng nodded his head .

The Zhao Feng from before was an extreme loner, and not many people knew him well . This meant that his rise in the future wouldn't attract too much suspicion . After all, there were too many geniuses who met fortune .

"Huang Yunhu, you've already lost – take back the Two-Headed Lightning Bird . "

Zhao Feng's gaze turned to the sky . The Two-Headed Lightning Bird and the Yinming Bird were still fighting, and the latter would lose if time dragged on since its cultivation was weaker .

Right as this moment, a surge of King Intent passed through the air and forced the token in Huang Yunhu's hand to glow . The Two-Headed Lightning Bird disappeared with a flash of lightning .

Only a small number of people present were able to sense the King Intent, including Zhao Feng .

The King Intent landed on Zhao Feng for a short while . At the same moment in time, within a King's palace in the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan:

"That brat's technique is extremely mystical, and he has a weird aura . If he doesn't have a master, then he must've met great fortune,"King Lu Yun murmured as he started to pay attention to Zhao Feng . If he performed well in the next half a year, King Lu Yun would consider taking him in as a Core disciple .


The Yinming Bird took Zhao Feng and flew away .

"This Zhao Feng's strength increased dramatically in the past couple months . "

"He definitely has some sort of secret fortune on him . "

The disciples below started to discuss .

Huang Yunhu's expression was ugly as he struggled to stand up . Wang Yuan, Senior Martial Brother Guang, and company quickly helped him up .

"I didn't expect this Zhao Feng to obtain good fortune and become this much stronger . The clan's missions won't pose much of a threat to him,"Senior Martial Brother Guang's expression kept on flickering . Zhao Feng's true strength had exceeded his expectations .

I need to tell the Yin family quickly or else Zhao Feng will become a big threat, Senior Martial Brother Guang quickly decided .

Elsewhere, Zhao Feng sat on the Yinming Bird and arrived at the Hall of Missions .

Since he hadn't completed any missions in three months, he needed to do three, but he didn't put them in his eyes . He was preparing to grind some missions, including the extremely difficult ones, in order to gather resources and contribution points .

Within a side hall:

"Zhao Feng, as you haven't completed any missions for three months, I will distribute the missions to you,"a sharp-eyed Regulator said coldly .

Zhao Feng remained expressionless as he awaited the distribution . The next three missions were punishments, so he had no power to choose which ones he wanted . On top of that, there would be no rewards for completing them .

Zhao Feng soon received his first mission . The task was to kill Mud Poison Lizards and gather twenty Mud Poison Hearts .

The Mud Poison Lizards weren't very strong . A True Human Rank could easily kill many at once, but Zhao Feng soon saw the difficulty of this mission;Mud Poison Lizards lived in hordes and were counted by the hundreds . There was also a Lizard King in every group whose strength was comparable to the True Lord Rank . Furthermore, these lizards lived in the depths of the swamp where Zhao Feng's Yinming Bird couldn't do much .

It was obvious that this mission was to purposely trouble Zhao Feng .

Zhao Feng accepted the mission expressionlessly and then sat on the Yinming Bird, which reached a swamp after four hours of flying .

An hour later, Zhao Feng had gathered a thousand Mud Poison Hearts . On top of that, he had tamed two True Lord Rank Mud Poison Lizard Kings .

Mud Poison Lizard Kings were resilient against poison, and they even had a unique ability that could petrify other beings . Its defense was also extremely strong .

Zhao Feng exchanged the thousand Mud Poison Hearts for contribution points and auctioned the two Mud Poison Lizard Kings in the market . The price of already-tamed beasts could go for as much as a dozen times higher than normal beasts .

"The second mission . "

Zhao Feng then awaited the second distributed task .

The Regulator with a dark face was surprised, then he gave the second mission to Zhao Feng .

Zhao Feng's eyebrows furrowed slightly as he read the contents of the mission . This mission was a team task, and it was slightly more difficult .

On the second day, in front of the Hall of Missions:

"Is everyone ready?"a drunken old man at the Origin Core Realm inspected Zhao Feng and a dozen more people .

The leader was an expert at the Origin Core Realm . From this, one could see that this mission wasn't too easy .

Zhao Feng's gaze scanned over the group and saw that most of them had bad attitudes . They were all people that hadn't completed any missions either and were grouped together . Zhao Feng lost confidence when he saw this group of drunkards .

"I'll be leaving first,"Zhao Feng decided to work alone .

"Brat, you don't even know the specifics of the mission, how are you going to do it yourself?"the Origin Core Realm leader mocked . Being the leader, he held all the important information .

Miao miao!

Right at this moment, a little silver-gray cat grabbed a scroll and landed on Zhao Feng .

"Ah! My mission scroll!"the Origin Core Realm leader instantly became much more clear-minded and roared in anger .

However, Zhao Feng was already sitting on the Yinming Bird, and the group could only look at him fly away . The cursing and swearing of the group caused many other people nearby to look over .

"The second mission is to destroy a rising group of bandits in the northern mountains of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan . Apparently, the leader broke through to the Origin Core Realm half a year ago and is now a great threat,"Zhao Feng summarized to himself .

The mission scroll included the location and strengths of the bandits .

Several hours later, the Yinming Bird arrived at the place . Zhao Feng scanned his God's Spiritual Eye around several thousand miles .

Screams soon sounded from an underground palace, and a bloodthirsty Yinming Bird left the tattered palace . In just the time it took half an incense stick to burn, Zhao Feng had plundered the entire stronghold and taken the bandits'heads .

Back in the Hall of Missions:

"The second mission is complete,"Zhao Feng handed over the heads to the Regulator .

"I heard that you left the group and completed the mission on your own?"the Regulator had a weird expression as he triple-checked Zhao Feng had indeed completed the task and that the heads were real .

To prevent others from troubling him, Zhao Feng had even recorded the process of destroying the hideout . The Regulator was speechless .

"I'm sorry, but the third mission is also a team task,"a playful smile appeared on the Regulator's face as he opened a scroll .

Zhao Feng rolled his eyes .

"But don't worry . This mission is more unique, and the members are not trash like the ones from before,"the Regulator added .

Unique mission? Zhao Feng took over the scroll and read it . This mission wasn't much of a secret .

"Unique mission: Destroy the lord dynasty of the natives . Contents: In the southwestern region of the Tianfeng Great Island Zone, a new lord dynasty has appeared and is humiliating the power of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty… . "

Zhao Feng couldn't help but take a cold breath when he saw the contents .

The members were all extremely strong . The leader and deputy leader were both at the Great Origin Core Realm . Apart from them, there were also seven Small Origin Core Realms and around fifty True Spirit Realms . This was the first time Zhao Feng had joined such a strong group .

In the members list, Zhao Feng also saw Senior Martial Sister Wan and Senior Martial Brother Guang .

On the morning of the next day, this powerful group assembled in front of the hall . The leader was an elder with a white beard and white robes . He had a strict expression, and an invisible force radiated from him .

"Everyone knows that the southeastern regions of the continent zone and the nearby limitless ocean is the territory of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty,"the white-robed elder paused .

Great Gan Lord Dynasty . Zhao Feng didn't know much about Lord Dynasties since he only just started to re-cultivate, but he knew that the Cang Ocean was theoretically the territory of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty .

"The Great Gan Lord Dynasty gathers the fortune of a lord dynasty from around their territory and will not tolerate another lord dynasty appearing in its territories,"a cold light flashed through the white-robed elder's eyes .

This mission was to destroy a lord dynasty – a nation that had surpassed the level of a great country .

Zhao Feng and Senior Martial Sister Wan Rong stood next to each other .

"This unique mission was set by the Duke Palace who rules the Tianfeng Great Island Zone . The final reward is extremely plentiful,"Wan Rong said in a low tone .

Zhao Feng realized that, in the world of cultivation, it wasn't just clans and sects that ruled the world . The Great Gan Lord Dynasty ruled its territories extremely strictly .


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