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King Of Gods - Chapter 769


Chapter 769: 769

Chapter 769 - Testing out the Skill

The first three levels of the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body were related to the ranks of the True Spirit Realm . Zhao Feng just reached the peak second level and could now rival a True Mystic Rank with his physical strength alone . If he reached the third level, he could kill True Lord Ranks with his body alone, and he would be unrivalled against those below the Origin Core Realm . However, the first three levels were just the foundation of the Sacred Lightning Body .

“My lifeforce and body aren’t strong enough or else I could enter the Ancient Dream Realm and gather more resources . ”

A plan appeared in Zhao Feng’s mind, but the resources needed for body-strengthening exceeded his original estimation . The amount of resources needed to cultivate the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body and Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique at the same time was enormous, and Zhao Feng guessed that, if he couldn’t enter the Ancient Dream Realm soon, he would face a resource crisis when he was at the Great Origin Core Realm .

Apart from that, the recovery of his soul would also need rare items . Only when his soul-strength returned to the Void God Realm level would his Emperor Intent re-awaken . He didn’t have many items that could recover his soul .

“Resources… . ” Zhao Feng’s eyebrows locked together as he started to think .

He finally understood why the child Demigod wanted resources so badly . Of course, if he didn’t use any resources and just cultivated on his own, he could return to his peak within a dozen years, but Zhao Feng didn’t want to wait that long .

“I need to become a King within three years . ”

Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled as he soon had some thoughts about how to make money:

One;he could tame beasts . If there were some more rare beasts such as the Yinming Bird, he would be rolling in money .

Two;going out to explore some ruins and secret realms to find ancient treasures .

Three;complete missions for the clan . The more complicated missions had bountiful rewards, and the contribution points could be exchanged for precious resources .

The first and third methods were relatively safer and had a more stable income while the second method was more risky .

Right as Zhao Feng was thinking:

“Zhao Feng!” a thunderous voice sounded from outside and passed straight through his protective array .


Zhao Feng walked out of the room and found that there was a Regulator in purple robes outside . His cultivation had reached the Great Origin Core Realm .

“Regulator, is there a problem?”

Zhao Feng had a weird expression . Under normal situations, as long as one didn’t go against the rules of the clan, Regulators wouldn’t talk to the disciples .

He saw some Central disciples from the corner of his eye who had gloating expressions . Amongst them were Huang Yunhu, Wang Yuan, and Senior Martial Brother Guang .

“Zhao Feng, you haven’t completed any missions within three months . I’m here to warn you and stop your resources for the next three months,” the purple-robed Regulator looked coldly at Zhao Feng .

Stopping three months of resources was a big thing for normal disciples . Without resources, one would fall behind others in such a competitive environment .

“If you haven’t completed any missions in half a year, you will be severely punished and reported to the clan,” the purple-robed Regulator said before leaving .

Zhao Feng was slightly dazed . He had been cultivating the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body and the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique for the past three months and had forgotten about this .

I’ll complete all the missions required for one year and get some resources as well, Zhao Feng decided .

Three months’ worth of resources pained him . No matter how small a mosquito was, it was still meat that was important for Zhao Feng who was re-cultivating .


Zhao Feng deactivated the protective array and got ready to complete some missions and tame some beasts .

“Zhao Feng, I’ve been waiting for a long time,” a skinny male leapt out and blocked Zhao Feng .

It was Huang Yunhu . He had waited an entire month for this . Now that he had the flying pet of King Lu Yun, he could use it it to handle Zhao Feng’s Yinming Bird .

“Just someone I’ve defeated before,” Zhao Feng looked at him with disdain .

Hearing that, the crowd broke out into discussion .

Huang Yunhu was furious . This True Mystic Rank brat was looking down on him .

“Zhao Feng, you relied on your pet last time . You dare to say such a thing out loud?”

“This brat doesn’t know what shamelessness is . ”

The nearby Central disciples felt their faces go red for Zhao Feng and laughed at him . They all knew that Huang Yunhu had something to rely on this time .

“Zhao Feng, don’t fight him!” the voice of a female sounded, “Huang Yunhu borrowed his master’s Two-Headed Lightning Bird this time, and it has a cultivation of the Great Origin Core . ”

Senior Martial Sister Wan?

Zhao Feng looked over and saw Senior Martial Sister Wan Rong run over . Her elegant aura attracted the gaze of nearby males .

“Senior Martial Sister Wan doesn’t need to worry . This defeated loser is nothing,” Zhao Feng smiled faintly . He had good feelings toward Senior Martial Sister Wan . It was her that healed him when he had taken over this body .

“Brat, don’t get cocky,” Huang Yunhu felt humiliated;a measly True Mystic Rank youth was looking down on him . After saying this, he took out a special token, which contained a wisp of King Intent .

In the next instant:


A Two-Headed Lightning Bird appeared in the sky . Its size was slightly bigger than Zhao Feng’s Yinming Bird .

“King Intent?” Zhao Feng murmured . It wasn’t hard for him to see that it was due to King Intent that Huang Yunhu could control the Two-Headed Lightning Bird, otherwise his half-step Origin Core Realm cultivation wouldn’t even be able to fit through the gaps of the Two-Headed Lightning Bird’s teeth .


Without any hesitation, Zhao Feng summoned a dark flaming bird that took him into the sky .


Huang Yunhu and Zhao Feng both rose into the air . The powerful clashes of Origin Core Realm birds raised the attention of many members of the of the clan .

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The Two-Headed Lightning Bird and the Yinming Bird fought in the air while Zhao Feng and Huang Yunhu pulled away .

The two were weaker than the birds . Apart from his soul, Intent, and eye-bloodline, Zhao Feng wasn’t strong enough to face the Two-Headed Lightning Bird or the Yinming Bird .

“Hahaha! Brat, you won’t be able to escape this time,” Huang Yunhu roared with laughter as he circulated his half-step True Yuan, turned into a beam of scarlet-brown light, and charged toward Zhao Feng .

“As expected of a Core disciple!”

The force of the half-step Origin Core Realm stunned the nearby spectating Central disciples . Wang Yuan and Senior Martial Brother Guang had bright smiles .

The difference between the True Mystic Rank and the half-step Origin Core Realm was very big . If Zhao Feng was at the True Lord Rank, he may have been able to fight back, but those at the True Mystic Rank would be slaughtered by half-step Origin Core Realms .


Huang Yunhu charged toward Zhao Feng, and normal True Mystic Ranks wouldn’t have the ability to fight back .

“Huang Yunhu… stop!” Senior Martial Sister Wan Rong yelled, but Zhao Feng still had a casual expression .


A pair of wings of Wind Lightning extended behind Zhao Feng’s back .

With a flash of lightning:


Huang Yunhu’s charge hit the air, and he almost fell over .

“What!?” Huang Yunhu felt a blur pass his eyes, and the hum of lightning and howl of wind sounded behind his back as a figure with wings flashed behind him .

“Wind Lightning Hand Blade!”

Zhao Feng’s hand was covered in a layer of sharp Wind Lightning .


Huang Yunhu screamed as the Wind Lightning Hand Blade caused blood to splatter and sent him sprawling into a building nearby . The damage from this one move alone severely injured him .

The nearby spectators broke out into chaos .

“What speed!”

“Those wings of Wind Lightning seem to be the Wind Lightning Technique of our clan . ”

Only a small number of people saw what happened saw what happened . Huang Yunhu had underestimated his opponent, and Zhao Feng had used outstanding speed to appear behind the enemy’s back and use a lightning-quick attack . What was more incredible was that Zhao Feng’s damage contained surprising physical strength that caught Huang Yunhu off guard .

The move just now contained the power of the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique and the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body .

“I underestimated my opponent… . ” Huang Yunhu gritted his teeth and muttered in a chattering tone as he crawled up .

The handsome youth with wings floating in the air seemed to be an angel of war .

“Zhao Feng… is this your strength?” Wan Rong’s eyes twinkled with shock and puzzlement . She knew a little bit about this youth who had just entered the clan . In just a short span of two or three months, how could he have changed so much?

“Wind Lightning Exploding Fist!”

Zhao Feng’s hand turned into a fist that radiated an eye-catching explosion of Wind Lightning .

“Infinite Earth!”

Huang Yunhu’s body became covered with a scarlet-brown light that turned him into a small mountain .

Boom! Bam~~~~!

The two figures clashed in the air, and an explosion sounded .


A figure with wings used his power to evade .


On the other hand, the other figure spat out a mouthful of blood and was pushed back amidst the shockwave .

“Huang Yunhu, you’ve lost again . ”

The wings behind Zhao Feng dimmed and faded away . In the clash just now, he used his powerful physical defense and reaction speed to avoid injury while Huang Yunhu’s face became white as he lost the majority of his battle-power .

It’s all because I underestimated my opponent and was severely injured from the beginning, otherwise the chances of victory would’ve been 50%, Huang Yunhu felt humiliated and his fists were trembling .

Zhao Feng saying “you’ve lost again” made him go crazy, but there was nothing he could do .

The nearby spectators that witnessed this clicked their tongues . However, none of them knew that this was just the start of the rise of a legend .


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