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King Of Gods - Chapter 767


Chapter 767: 767

Chapter 767 - Blocking the Way

Zhao Feng estimated that the first three levels would pose no difficulty to him . After all, he had reached the peak of the Wind Lightning Inheritance in his previous life . The Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique used the power of Wind Lightning as the basic foundation, so Wind Lightning was obviously very important .

Zhao Feng spent four hours fully comprehending and analyzing the first three levels . He could tell that it was the condensed essence and perfected version of the Purple Destruction Wind Lightning .

“The perfected version is indeed profound . It’s only the early stages and it’s already much more profound than the Wind Lightning Inheritance,” Zhao Feng couldn’t help but praise .

Of course, since it was only the early stages, the difference in power wasn’t too big . The main advantages were that it had higher potential, used less energy, and recovered slightly faster . However, for someone like Zhao Feng, who had Emperor Intent, what moved him the most was its potential .

I can now cultivate the first three levels, Zhao Feng thought, but he didn’t start right away . He still needed to do a couple things beforehand .

Firstly, Zhao Feng took a sip of Immortal Springs Wine from the ancient metal ring . The Immortal Springs Wine could increase one’s lifespan by a thousand years and strengthen one’s state of existence . Even more importantly, the Immortal Springs Wine was extremely mild, and it could merge with one’s blood . Even if a mortal drank the Immortal Springs Wine, they would be able to slowly absorb it, although Zhao Feng wouldn’t absorb it that slowly .

He immediately started to circulate his Intent and True Yuan so that the Immortal Springs Wine would spread throughout his body . This body already had high potential, so it could absorb a lot of Immortal Springs Wine .

Three days later, Zhao Feng’s lifeforce and foundation became much stronger, and a lot of impurities were excreted . In terms of lifeforce alone, Zhao Feng was stronger than True Lord Ranks and approaching the Origin Core Realm, and he was still only at the first Heaven of the True Spirit Realm – the True Human Rank . On top of that, he had only absorbed a small portion of the Immortal Springs Wine so far .

“Not bad . Since I am re-cultivating, I need to make my foundation extremely strong,” Zhao Feng nodded his head and started to cultivate the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique .

The first three levels were of no difficulty to Zhao Feng . His Intent was extremely compatible with Heaven and Earth as he directed the power of Wind Lightning throughout his body . Since his Intent so profound, Zhao Feng’s refinement of Wind Lightning was extremely pure . It was almost certain that the foundation of these three levels would surpass that of his previous life .

There were some rare Lightning Crystal Stones in his ancient metal ring, as well as a small amount of various resources that he could currently use .

In just one hour’s time, True Force of Wind Lightning started to form in his body . The quality of it far surpassed the Fire True Force within his dantian . The original owner of this body cultivated the Dao of Fire, but the foundation wasn’t very solid or powerful, so it didn’t really affect Zhao Feng .

As time passed, the Wind Lightning True Force started to merge into the dantian and clear out the Fire True Force . The dantian of a Void God Realm would have already formed a True Yuan Dimension and wouldn’t be able to do this . In order to do such a thing, one must re-cultivate .

It was like a building;the more solid the structure was at the bottom, the easier it was to build on top of it and the higher you could go, and the original body hadn’t even managed to form the Root of Laws yet .

In just three days’ time, Zhao Feng cultivated the first level of the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique . Half a month later, Zhao Feng successfully entered the second level . At this point in time, over 99% of the Fire True Force was purged . His Source of True Force was full of a clear and liquefied Wind Lightning that flowed continuously throughout his body .

“My cultivation is comparable to a peak True Human Rank, but I don’t even need the Root of Laws,” Zhao Feng murmured .

King and Emperor Intent were countless times more profound than the Root of Laws, and this time around, Zhao Feng would slowly refine his Intent along with his rise in cultivation . When he finally recovered to the Void God Realm, his Emperor Intent would be more pure and condensed . All in all, this path made Zhao Feng’s future broader .

In the blink of an eye, Zhao Feng had been in seclusion for two months . At this moment, he had reached the peak of the second level, and he had reached the True Mystic Rank .

The True Spirit Realm was split into three Heavens: the True Human Rank, the True Mystic Rank, and the True Lord Rank . Normal geniuses needed at least ten years to reach the True Mystic Rank, and they had to comprehend the Root of Laws . If one’s comprehension abilities weren’t strong enough, they would be struck at the True Human Rank for life . However, Zhao Feng only used two months to reach the True Mystic Rank .

“My cultivation is slower than the Demigod Kun Yun’s revival from blood . ”

Zhao Feng had to admit that reviving from blood could form a body very similar to the one in the previous life, and the Demigod Kun Yun in particular used his blood essence . Just one drop of blood from a Demigod was countless times stronger than Zhao Feng’s foundation, but the child Demigod was also just going down the same path as his previous life .

“I’m cultivating the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body and the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique, both of which are more profound that the Demigod Kun Yun’s . ”

Zhao Feng also knew his gains and losses . He had gotten rid of the Cursed Words of Death, but he lost his Mystic Ice Scaled Race bloodline .

After two continuous months of seclusion, Zhao Feng finally stopped cultivating . If he could, Zhao Feng would just enter seclusion for half a year and reach the Origin Core Realm, but that would be too shocking . No matter how high-key he wanted to be, there was a limit .

There was another reason why he stopped;Zhao Feng needed to cultivate the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body as well, and the difference between the two skills couldn’t be too big, but the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body was a body-strengthening technique and required some specific materials that Zhao Feng didn’t have .

In reality, Zhao Feng could just cultivate the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique by itself, but he was unable to resist the temptation of the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body . When the Sacred Lightning Body reached its later stages, it would have the attribute of immortality, and he would be able to revive from blood like the Demigod Kun Yun .

The biggest advantage was how was how the Sacred Lightning Body would face the God Tribulation in the future . After all, the God Tribulation was the biggest threat when trying to break through to the Heavenly divine Realm . Once he cultivated the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body, Zhao Feng’s chances of passing the God Tribulation would increase by 50%, and he might even be able to use the lightning to refine his body .

Although these matters were all very far away, that didn’t mean Zhao Feng couldn’t think about them now .

Just as Zhao Feng exited seclusion, there were several guests outside his place . Amongst them were even two Origin Core Realms .

“Zhao Feng, I heard that you tamed a Yinming Bird . Are you willing to trade it?” one late-stage Small Origin Core Realm asked .

“Sorry, I don’t want to trade the Yinming Bird,” Zhao Feng shook his head and declined, but there were still people that didn’t give up .

“Zhao Feng, my master is the Deputy Hall Lord of the Mystic Arcane Hall, and he’s a half-step King that has the potential to become a King . If you’re willing to trade the Yinming Bird, it’ll be extremely beneficial for your future,” a slightly fat youth said confidently .

Zhao Feng knew this youth . It was another Central disciple called Wang Yuan .

With the original Zhao Feng’s talent, there were several Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign lords and even a half-step King that wanted to take him in as a disciple, but Zhao Feng had wanted to wait a couple years and become a disciple of a King . This was also what the Yunling Zhao family wanted . The Yunling Zhao family already had Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lords;only by becoming the disciple of a King would Zhao Feng and the Zhao family’s destiny change .

“Go, go, go… . I won’t trade it even with a King,” Zhao Feng waved his hand impatiently .

This scene made the expressions of everyone slightly ugly .

“A measly True Spirit Realm dares to act like this!?” a Small Origin Core Realm elder roared in anger, but Zhao Feng snickered coldly and summoned a dark flaming bird .

The aura of the Yinming Bird forced the people back . They gritted their teeth and started to curse as Zhao Feng sat on the Yinming Bird and left .

Not long after Zhao Feng left, the figure of the figure of Senior Martial Brother Guang appeared nearby and walked toward the slightly fat youth Wang Yuan .

“This kid is more arrogant than I expected,” Wang Yuan was surprised .

Zhe zhe, this brat’s EQ is too low and he actually offended this many people at once;with his attitude, even if he has a middle-tier family behind him, he won’t be able to survive in the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan for long, Senior Martial Brother Guang acted as if he was watching a show .

He was the one that spread the news of Zhao Feng having a Yinming Bird . The Yin family had promised him that, no matter how Zhao Feng died, he would receive a bountiful reward . Furthermore, Zhao Feng seemed to have gained some sort of fortune that increased his cultivation and allowed him to tame a Yinming Bird, making Senior Martial Brother Guang jealous .


A dark flaming bird spanning twenty yards landed in a marketplace in the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan . The Ten Thousand Sacred Clan’s territory was extremely big;just the size of the clan itself was the size of the Cloud Country . Therefore, Zhao Feng didn’t need to leave the clan to fulfill most of his requirements .

This was also why Zhao Feng chose to stay in the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan for the time being . After he completed this youth’s wishes and broke through to at least the half-step King level, he would head toward the Lord Dynasty on the continent zone .

The castle in front was dozens of miles wide, and it was similar to a small Void Ocean Spiritual Palace, but it was only for exchanges between members of the clan .

Zhao Feng put away the Yinming Bird while the little thieving cat sat on his shoulder, and its eyes started to spin .

Around half a day later, Zhao Feng managed to buy some necessary resources while also selling some that he didn’t need . Of course, if he sold resources that were too rare, he would attract a bunch of half-step Kings or higher, so he didn’t sell those .

“Zhao Feng, stop right there!”

Zhao Feng was stopped by a group of people just as he exited the castle . This group of people were all at least Central disciples, and the slightly fat Wang Yuan was amongst them . There were two Core disciples as well, which surprised Zhao Feng .


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