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King Of Gods - Chapter 766


Chapter 766: 766

Chapter 766 - Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique

The three males and one female watched as Zhao Feng sat on the Yinming Bird and flew away . The shock on their faces hadn’t faded yet, and the Yinming Bird was already gone .

“Such a young and talented Beast Tamer . Unfortunately, I didn’t get to know him… . ” the noble girl watched the Yinming Bird fly away with regret .

There were probably not many Beast Tamers that could tame the Yinming Bird, which trained in the element of Death, so easily . Furthermore, this Beast Tamer was young and handsome .

“Princess, don’t worry,” the leading Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lord smiled faintly . “There will definitely be a chance to see that youth in the future given how talented he is . ”

Hearing that, the others all nodded their heads in agreement . Gold would shine sooner or later, and that youth’s ability would definitely be famed across the great island zone at some point .

At the same moment, there were two mysterious guards a couple dozen miles away . They were like shadows, and their cultivation was at the half-step King level .

“Weird . That youth’s at the True Spirit Realm, but he gave off a profound soul undulation, and he managed to easily tame the Yinming Bird,” one of the guards said .

“Our mission is to protect the princess in secret . It’s none of our business how weird that youth is,” the other guard said expressionlessly .

In the clouds, Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat sat on the Yinming Bird and passed through the air above the Wuyou Forest .

“The Yinming Bird’s speed is not bad . If it weren’t for the fact that my soul has God Tribulation Lightning, I wouldn’t have been able to tame it so easily,” Zhao Feng couldn’t help but admire .

One had to know that he trained the Wind Lightning Inheritance in his past incarnation, and the Wind Lightning Inheritance was famous for its speed . For Zhao Feng to say “not bad” showed that the Yinming Bird’s speed was outstanding .

Of course, although it was fast, there were also negatives . The amount of weight it could carry was far lighter than other birds because its body was only partially corporeal, hence why it could enlarge and shrink at will .

For the current Zhao Feng, this bird was a good steed . The Yinming Bird trained the rare element of Death and had outstanding speed . It was no wonder Zhao Feng would try to tame it .

While taming it, Zhao Feng also sensed the two half-step Kings nearby, so he quickly concealed his aura and left .

“I should complete the task before returning to the clan . ”

Zhao Feng remembered that they had gathered together to complete a task . They needed to gather specific parts of beasts within a certain timeframe . The strength of these beasts wasn’t low, and it would be hard for one or two True Human Ranks to complete the task .

Half a day later, Zhao Feng easily completed the task and returned to the clan on the Yinming Bird . A group of mountains surrounded in a faint golden light appeared in sight . It seemed to be in sync with the sun .

Whoosh! Whoosh!

There was an occasional flying figure in the sky, and there were flying steeds of every sort . Origin Core Realm Sovereigns could be seen from time to time .


Zhao Feng’s Yinming Bird raised the attention of some experts in the clan . The Yinming Bird was a rare bird, and even Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lords and half-step Kings would want one . The Yinming Bird’s process of maturing was more difficult than others, but it was still desirable .

Some Origin Core Realm Sovereigns gazed at Zhao Feng’s Yinming Bird with fiery-hot eyes, but Zhao Feng was unmoved . He purposely didn’t go low-key because he didn’t believe that anyone would dare to steal his steed right here . Becoming famous would mean that he would get more resources and power in the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan .

Within a great hall of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, some disciples were lining up and handing over their tasks .

“Junior Martial Brother Zhao?” surprised voices came from across the hall . The origin of these voices was Senior Martial Brother Guang, Senior Martial Sister Wan, and company .

Hearing their sound, Zhao Feng slowly walked over . After all, the entire group had accepted the task together, and and everyone had a specified amount they needed to give .

A weird light flashed through Senior Martial Brother Guang’s eyes when he saw that Zhao Feng had returned safely .

“Junior Martial Brother Zhao!” Senior Martial Brother Guang soon hid his emotions and said in a righteous tone, “As you left alone, you won’t get anything . ”

Usually, Zhao Feng needed to follow the group the entire way to have a share, but since he left, the group leader had the ability to not give him anything . In reality, the Zhao Feng from before didn’t do much anyway, so there was nothing wrong in doing so .

I’m going to tell the Regulating team about it as well, Senior Martial Brother Guang faintly smiled .

At this moment, it was Senior Martial Brother Guang’s team’s turn to go over, and Zhao Feng followed them as well .

Within a separate hall, Senior Martial Brother Guang and company started to hand over the items . The person in charge of checking the items was an elder that had reached the late-stages of the Small Origin Core Realm .

“Regulator Fan, these are the materials we gathered, but one of our members, Zhao Feng, left the group,” Senior Martial Brother Guang said righteously .

“Hmph, I’ve seen far too many self-centered and selfish disciples . We need to punish them more severely,” Regulator Fan had a strict expression . Senior Martial Brother Guang was a disciple of a King, and Regulator Fan would obviously give him face .

“You are Zhao Feng? Where is your specified amount of materials?” Regulator Fan’s gaze landed on Zhao Feng . He knew a little about the youth called “Zhao Feng” as he was slightly talented, but an Earth Spirit Body wasn’t that rare in the Lord Dynasty . Beisdes, apart from talent, one’s future was also based on comprehension, will, effort, and many other things unless one was like Nan Gongsheng and had a Heaven Spirit Body .

All in all, if Zhao Feng’s performance over the next two years was good, he had a chance to become a disciple of a King .


Zhao Feng expressionlessly waved his hand and a bunch of materials fell onto the ground .

What!? the eyes of everyone present stared at the group of materials . They were the required items required items from the task .

“…there’s twice the amount than required here . Did you do this alone?” Regulator Fan was faintly dazed . This meant that Zhao Feng alone completed twice the requirements, and they were all high quality . They easily surpassed the requirements;Regulator Fan inspected the materials and found that they were perfect .

“How could he do this alone?” Senior Martial Brother Guang and company were all stunned, and the eyes of the kind Senior Martial Sister Wan spun, unable to hide her surprise . The image of Zhao Feng’s back leaving once again appeared in her mind .

“Regulator, have I met the requirements?” Zhao Feng smiled and asked .

“You’ve got twice the amount required here, and they are all of high quality . You’ve obviously met the requirements,” Regulator Fan soon calmed down .

There was no specific method as to how to complete the task . If they wanted, one could spend Primal Crystal Stones and just buy the required materials .

“This Zhao Feng definitely hired someone to gather these materials . After all, he has a decent family behind his back,” Senior Martial Brother Guang exchanged looks with the others .

After completing the mission, they all got their rewards . The reward was mainly clan contribution points, which could be used to buy techniques or acquire certain privileges in the clan .

The middle-upper echelon of the clan gave all the troublesome tasks to the bottom disciples . If there was some unsafe matter in their territory, the bottom disciples would be sent out . Most disciples in the world of cultivation were used for running around .

“Two thousand points and eight thousand Primal Crystal Stones… . ” Zhao Feng inspected his reward .

His reward was more than the amount of Senior Martial Brother Guang and company combined . After all, there was no limit on the amount one could supply since it was all heavily needed .

After walking out of the hall:

Zhao Feng, you can buy the required items this time, but if the next mission is to kill or fight, let’s see how you’ll fake it, Senior Martial Brother Guang snickered coldly in his heart, but he still maintained a smile and pretended to be on good terms with Zhao Feng .

“Senior Martial

“Senior Martial Brother Guang, how do you know people from the Yin family?” Zhao Feng asked out of nowhere .

“The Yin family… what do you mean? What the heck?” panic appeared in Senior Martial Brother Guang’s eyes as he tried to act calm, but he somehow felt uneasy as Zhao Feng’s sharp eyes looked at him .

Zhao Feng didn’t bother replying and swiped his hand, summoning a large dark flaming bird .


The Yinming Bird took Zhao Feng into the sky and left the other disciples below dumbfounded .

“Oh my god! It’s a rare Yinming Bird!”

“Isn’t that bird extremely hard to tame?”

The present disciples started to discuss, while Senior Martial Brother Guang and company had gaping mouths .

“Could Zhao Feng’s family have given that to him as well?”

Looking at the Yinming Bird fly through the sky, they were speechless for a long time .

Zhao Feng arrived at the place he lived very soon . Being a Central disciple, he had his own little house, but it was small amongst the large mountains of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan .

He immediately opened the protective array of his house and put up the symbol that he was in seclusion . As the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan used to be a three-star superpower, it had extremely good basic functions .

Zhao Feng sat down in the room as the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body and the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique appeared in his mind .

These two skills go hand-in-hand with each other . To cultivate the Sacred Lightning Body, I need to strengthen my body with the five elements of lightning, Zhao Feng thought .

He first needed to cultivate the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique, which had been combined and upgraded from the Wind Lightning Inheritance and Five Elemental Ten Thousand Lightning Technique .

“The Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique is split into twelve levels and can reach the Heavenly divine Realm . The first three levels are based off Wind Lightning . From the fourth level onward, one starts to cultivate the elements of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth . The tenth level is when the five elements and the Wind Lightning start to circulate continuously… . ”

Zhao Feng’s mind became immersed in it .


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