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King Of Gods - Chapter 765


Chapter 765: 765

Chapter 765 - Yinming Bird

The human and cat headed toward the depths of the Wuyou Forest .

Zhao Feng had his own plans, and he was less likely to become suspicious if he acted alone . Besides, it suited the body’s original attitude anyway .

On top of that, Zhao Feng also wanted to test how much battle-power he still had left . He was too disdainful to attack those below the True Spirit Realm, but there was still a small number of beasts that attacked Zhao Feng .

Crack! Boom!

The nearby trees were broken by a large surge of power . A flaming Yao cow charged toward Zhao Feng .

“A beast that’s just reached the True Spirit Realm?”

Zhao Feng didn’t even look at it . He swiped his hand, sending a faint red-colored flaming sword made from True Yuan through the air .


The cow’s large body was instantly sliced in two and it died .

After finishing off the cow, Zhao Feng walked steadily toward the Wuyou Forest . Apparently, there were some relatively intelligent Origin Core Realm beasts in the depths of the Wuyou Forest .

Not long after Zhao Feng left:

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Several masked figures quickly approached .

“The strength of this flaming cow is even stronger than others at the same rank, and yet it was killed in one blow,” the eyes of the leading elder twinkled .

“With that brat’s just-stabilized injuries, how could he do this?”

“It’s impossible to do this without the battle-power of a True Lord rank . ”

The masked males discussed in low tones . They could exclude Zhao Feng as the one who did this, and the injuries that the flaming cow had sustained were from the element of fire .

“It should be someone else who’s at least at the True Lord Rank,” the leading elder said confidently, and the others were puzzled .

“The person who did this didn’t even bother picking up the corpse of this flaming cow . Think about it – the body of the flaming cow, especially its blood and heart, is beneficial for those that cultivate the element of fire,” the elder smiled and said .

Hearing that, the others all agreed . Indeed, if Zhao Feng had done this, he definitely wouldn’t just ignore the body of the flaming cow .

“Follow him!” the masked males followed the tracks and pursued Zhao Feng .

Around half the time it took to make tea later, the human and cat came into view .

“There’s no one around… attack!”

A total of five masked males led by the elder leapt at Zhao Feng .

As if sensing something, Zhao Feng turned around and smiled at them .

“That smile… . ” the elder suddenly felt cold and uneasy . Although the appearance of the youth in front of them was the same as “Zhao Feng,” the feeling he gave off was as if they were two different people .

“Hahaha… . Brat, I didn’t expect you to survive, but unfortunately, there’s no good fortune awaiting you!” the masked males laughed . They had just beaten this youth within an inch of his life before, so they were extremely confident .

“Survive? How can you be sure that I haven’t died?” Zhao Feng revealed a weird expression as he slowly raised his hand .


Several flaming blades slashed through the air alongside the humming of lightning .

“Watch out!” the expression of the leading elder changed dramatically . However, Zhao Feng’s attack was just too fast, and they thought that his strength was still the same as before .


Screams sounded as the five True Human and True Mystic Rank masked males were split into two or burnt .

“You… you’re not Zhao Feng!” the leading elder exclaimed . Such strength had reached the True Lord Rank at least . Zhao Feng definitely didn’t have such comprehension .

“Tell me – how do you know that I didn’t die?” Zhao Feng walked confidently toward the elder, who became angry;“Brat, even if your strength has reached the True Lord Rank, it’s only on par with me . ”

After saying that, an old broken sword appeared in his hand and sent a wave of golden light forward .

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The nearby trees were instantly turned into ashes .

Hmm? It’s a broken Earth-grade weapon that a Sovereign used before, Zhao Feng was slightly surprised . It was obvious that this weapon was the elder’s hidden card . The elder instinctively felt that the Zhao Feng in front of him was not simple .

“Hmph!” Zhao Feng snickered coldly and took a step forward as an unparalleled Intent pierced through the sky .

“Argh!” the broken sword fell to the ground as the elder spat out a mouthful of blood . His face went white, and his mind was severely injured as an Intent restricted his powers .

Even though Zhao Feng only had one-tenth of his Intent remaining, it wasn’t something that a mere True Lord Rank could fight against .

“Intent…?” the elder couldn’t believe it . The opponent’s Intent had reached a level that he couldn’t see through .


A hand hit his head .

“Soul-searching technique!”

A misty purple haze appeared in Zhao Feng’s left eye . The elder’s body shook and could do nothing against the opponent’s Intent and soul power .

“As I thought,” Zhao Feng took back his hand as he received his answer .

It was Senior Martial Brother Guang . The death of Zhao Feng from before was due to Senior Martial Brother Guang purposely arguing with him and making him travel alone . This time was also related to Senior Martial Brother Guang;this elder was a guest Elder of the Yin family .

“Guang Tian,” Zhao Feng murmured Senior Martial Brother Guang’s name as a cold glint flashed through his eyes .

Since he had revived through this body, he would complete Zhao Feng’s wishes, and he would kill those that caused his death .

However, Senior Martial Brother Guang was a Core disciple, and his master was a Void God Realm King .

According to what Zhao Feng knew, the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan used to be a three-star superpower . Although it was much weaker now, there were more than a dozen Kings and several Emperors .

The combined forces of the three two-star sects of the Tianlu Islands was not on the same level as the lone Ten Thousand Sacred Clan . The Ten Thousand Sacred Clan was definitely one of the most elite two-star sects .

“Oh well, that just means that I’ll be able to obtain more resources and have a better environment to cultivate in,” Zhao Feng nodded his head .


With a thought, an ancient metal ring appeared on his finger .

“These resources can only help me re-cultivate to a half-step King, but they aren’t enough for enough for anything above a King . Furthermore, the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body requires a lot of resources since it’s a body-strengthening technique . The Five Elemental Ten Thousand Lightning Technique also requires resources of every element… . ” Zhao Feng started to plan how to re-cultivate .

All in all, his current identity and environment suited re-cultivation .

Slowly but steadily, Zhao Feng approached the depths of the Wuyou Forest . The beasts he faced here became stronger, and it was common to see True Spirit Realm beasts . There was even the occasional True Lord Rank beast, but before they got anywhere near him, they would be easily finished off by Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat .

“The little thieving cat can protect himself even against a King, but my aim is higher than that,” Zhao Feng felt calm .

He started to understand his battle-power after reviving . Although he didn’t even have one tenth of his peak power remaining, it was still stronger than normal half-step Kings, and he still had his God’s Spiritual Eye as well .

“Protect the princess!”

“We’re so unlucky and just had to meet the most mysterious Yinming Bird in the Wuyou Forest . ”

The sound of flying appeared from ahead, and Zhao Feng’s footsteps stopped as he felt a weird aura . A large bird with half-transparent wings and covered in a layer of dark flames was chasing after three males and one female .


The bird seemed to be made from nothing as it passed through branches and trees . It was as fast as lightning .

The three males being chased were all at the Origin Core Realm, and one of them was a Sovereign Lord . The female wore a noble and purple dress . She was around fifteen years old, and she had a face as white as snow and gave off a noble aura .

What made Zhao Feng surprised was that she had reached the peak True Mystic Rank and was just half a step away from the True Lord Rank . It could be guessed that this girl not only came from a noble background;she was also talented .

However, what surprised Zhao Feng even more was that the Yinming Bird was only at the peak Small Origin Core Realm and yet could force a Sovereign Lord and two Sovereigns to retreat .


Bam! Bam! Bam!

The Yinming Bird’s half-transparent wings fluttered quickly as it leapt toward the four .

“Soul attack, and based on the element of Death… . ” Zhao Feng inspected .

Simply put, this bird cultivated the same path as the Emperor of Death .

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat waved its paws and glared at the Yinming Bird . Zhao Feng could sense that the bloodline of the Yinming Bird was unusual .


The Yinming Bird suddenly became angry and charged toward Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat .

“Thieving cat, what did you say to this bird?” Zhao Feng’s expression changed . The Yinming Bird’s battle-power was comparable to a Sovereign Lord, and it cultivated the element of Death .

Although he said that, Zhao Feng’s black hair suddenly turned faint purple, and his purple-colored left eye locked on to the Yinming Bird .

What happened next was extremely weird . When the Yinming Bird approached Zhao Feng, it suddenly froze and started to struggle .

“Hmm?” the escaping three males and one female suddenly realized that the Yinming Bird had charged toward a youth instead of them . The youth had his back toward them, and his dreamy purple hair blew in the air . One could see the side of his handsome face .

“How is this possible?” the leading Sovereign Lord was stunned .

When the Yinming Bird approached Zhao Feng, it started to shrink until it was the size of a palm .

The little bird and the little thieving cat stood on Zhao Feng’s left and right shoulder respectively . The Yinming Bird that was just enraged was now nudging Zhao Feng’s neck obediently .

“The Tianfeng Great Island Zone has such a talented Beast Tamer!? The Yinming Bird is extremely rare and trains in the element of Death . It’s almost impossible to tame,” the noble young girl had surprise written all over her face .

On top of everything, the Beast Tamer was unbelievably young . She wanted to see the face of the purple-haired youth clearly but didn’t succeed .

Just as they were about to go up and talk to him:


The Yinming Bird suddenly expanded and took Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat through the forest and into the sky .


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