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King Of Gods - Chapter 763


Chapter 763: 763

Chapter 763 - Escaping from the Shell

On this day, an arc of lightning entered the limitless ocean .


A purple-haired youth was floating in the air, and a small silver-gray cat sat on his shoulder . He gave one last deep glance toward the Azure Flower Continent before scarlet wings formed behind his back as he headed out .

The human and cat were obviously Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat .

When his cultivation dropped to the half-step King realm, Zhao Feng found that all his aspects were weakening even quicker than before . Void God Realm Kings had stronger resistance against the Cursed Words of Death . In other words, if an Ascended Realm cultivator was hit by the Cursed Words of Death, they would turn into a pile of white bones immediately .

This made Zhao Feng feel a sense of urgency .

“I need to go to the continent zone while I still have some strength,” Zhao Feng murmured .

The Sage had told him three ways to resolve the Cursed Words of Death, and the third method required a heavy price .

The first two weren’t very realistic, but they were only even possible in the continent zone . Apart from that, he also wanted to go there in order to find Duanmu Qing and Zhao Yufei .

Due to all of that, Zhao Feng had to go to the continent zone .

A few days later, Zhao Feng reached the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace of the Azure Green Islands Zone . The Azure Flower Continent was within the Azure Green Islands Zone, and next to it was the Tianlu Islands .

Normal people wouldn’t have the right to use the teleportation array, but Zhao Feng was a disciple of the three-star Mystic True Sacred Clan, and he would also have the right to do so if he released his Emperor Intent – the strong ruled this world .

Of course, using the teleportation array cost a large amount of Primal Crystal Stones, and it was limited in distance . He could only teleport to the nearby Void Ocean Spiritual Palaces . Only after several teleportations did Zhao Feng reach the True Martial Sacred Land .

After reaching the True Martial Sacred Land, Zhao Feng’s gaze couldn’t help but turn toward the Ten Thousand Ancient Sacred Peak . The Spiritual Zone Teleportation Array and many inheritances both big and small were on the Ten Thousand Ancient Sacred Peak .

Zhao Feng was suspicious about whether the child Demigod had any way to enter the Demigod Forgotten Garden . After all, the child Demigod had Demigod Intent . Of course, even if Zhao Feng could confirm that the child Demigod was hiding in the Demigod Forgotten Garden, Zhao Feng couldn’t do anything about it .

Zhao Feng didn’t stay in the True Martial Sacred Land for long . He soon used the Spiritual Zone Teleportation Array to reach the Floating Dream Sacred Land .

“There are three spiritual zones in the Cang Ocean, and the border of the Floating Dream Sacred Land is closest to the Nanlin Sea . ”

A map appeared in Zhao Feng’s mind . The Nanlin Sea was close to the southern part of the continent zone, whereas the Cang Ocean was further away and out of the Lord Dynasty’s reach . This meant that, as long as Zhao Feng entered the Nanlin Sea, he would be at the border of the continent zone, where the forces of the Lord Dynasty would be stronger .

Zhao Feng used the Spiritual Zone Teleportation Array and reached the edge of the Floating Dream Spiritual Zone .

Zhao Feng was running low on Primal Crystal Stones, so he asked Emperor Zi Mu for some .

When he met Emperor Zi Mu, Zhao Feng concealed his aura but didn’t hide his Emperor Intent . Emperor Zi Mu didn’t think too much about it, and since he wanted to build a good relationship with Zhao Feng anyway, he obviously gave him a lot of Primal Crystal Stones .

“Emperor Zhao, the name of the Left-Eyed Heavenly Emperor in the Cang Ocean can make Gods and Ghosts alike retreat . Even Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords are wary of you,” Emperor Zi Mu was filled with respect, but he didn’t know that Zhao Feng’s cultivation had already fallen back to the Great Origin Core Realm .

Zhao Feng didn’t stay too long with Emperor Zi Mu . He said that he had some urgent matters that he needed to attend to, then quickly left .

One day, Zhao Feng appeared in the furthest Void Ocean Spiritual Palace of the Floating Dream Spiritual Zone .

Void Ocean Spiritual Zones were commonly used within the limitless ocean . Apparently, this was an order by the Lord Dynasty after they conquered the continent and the surrounding seas . However, the Lord Dynasty had basically basically lost control of the Cang Ocean and only had some slight power in the Nanlin Sea .

The resources of the Nanlin Sea surpassed the Cang Ocean, and it had four Spiritual Zone Sacred Lands .

The journey from the Nanlin Sea to the continent zone is long, Zhao Feng sighed in his heart .

After his cultivation dropped down to the Origin Core Realm, his soul power started weakening much faster . His soul was still at the middle stages of the Void God Realm, but it was much weaker than his peak .

“If my soul drops to the Origin Core Realm, my Emperor Intent will most likely fall asleep,” Zhao Feng became even more impatient .

Emperor Intent was based on the soul . If one’s soul power wasn’t strong enough, then Emperor Intent would fall asleep and only start to reawaken when the soul became stronger . After all, Intent was based upon comprehension and understanding, but it still required “fuel . ” The Cursed Words of Death couldn’t affect one’s comprehension, so Emperor Intent wouldn’t disappear, but it couldn’t function without enough soul power .

Zhao Feng kept using the Void Ocean Spiritual Palaces after reaching the Nanlin Sea . As long as he still had his Emperor Intent, the Palace Lords would give him face .

Many of the Palace Lords were Kings – the progress of cultivation here was slightly stronger than the Cang Ocean .

Half a month later, Zhao Feng passed through a Spiritual Zone Sacred Land in the Nanlin Sea, and part of his Intent was sealed, leaving him with only King Intent . His soul power had finally dropped .

However, Kings were still pretty powerful even in the Nanlin Sea . The Palace Lords would usually allow him through after seeing such a young King .

“The weakening of my cultivation and soul is becoming faster and faster,” Zhao Feng felt solemn and guessed that his cultivation would drop to the True Spirit Realm before he even reached the continent zone .

Once he reached the True Spirit Realm, the rate of weakening would become several times faster . This meant that Zhao Feng had to make some preparations .

Within the purple Soul Sea, Zhao Feng’s soul power was much weaker than the past, and the Soul Sea had shrunk to only a few hundred yards . However, the pathway to the Ancient Dream Realm wasn’t affected by the Cursed Words of Words of Death . Apart from that, there were eight hundred mysterious lightning symbols that radiated an undying and immortal aura .

“The God’s Spiritual Eye and the God Tribulation Lightning are the parts that aren’t affected,” Zhao Feng let out a breath .

With his God’s Spiritual Eye, he could see that there were wisps of black blood in the other parts of his body . This dark power affected both the physical and mental energy dimensions, and soul attacks were ineffective against it .

While he still had King Intent, Zhao Feng kept on journeying forward .

Two months later, a dim arc of lightning landed on the ground . The nearby Origin Core Realm Sovereigns were slightly curious when he passed through the barrier .

“A measly True Spirit Realm can pass through the barrier?” an elder at the Small Origin Core Realm was surprised .

This place wasn’t the continent zone, it was a large “great island zone . ” It was called the Tianfeng Great Island Zone, and it had more than a dozen island zones similar to the Azure Islands Zone .

Apparently, this Great Island Zone was ruled by a Marquess .


An elder as skinny as a stick surrounded by Wind Lightning entered this great island zone in the Nanlin Sea . The appearance of this elder was similar to Zhao Feng .

Miao miao!

A little silver-gray cat stood on the elder’s shoulder and waved its paws with excitement .

“Little thieving cat, I’m already like this . Why are you so excited?” Zhao Feng said in a depressed tone .

Over 95% of his lifespan and lifeforce was gone . His cultivation had dropped to the True Spirit Realm, and over 90% of his Emperor Intent had fallen asleep .

“Looks like I won’t be able to make it to the continent zone in time . I’ll need to give it my all,” Zhao Feng sighed .

Luckily, he had put the ancient metal ring and some over treasures into the dimension of his left eye .

“Go!” Zhao Feng’s soul and body burned into a pile of ashes amidst the blaze of Wind Lightning .


The burning of his life and soul created a strong surge of energy .

“God Eye leaving the body!” a perfect purple-colored eye that existed between the physical and mental worlds entered inland worlds entered inland at a speed faster than Emperors .


Zhao Feng’s lifeforce and True Yuan was completely destroyed . The Cursed Words of Death disappeared along with them .


A puddle of black blood turned into nothing and disappeared .

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye and God Tribulation Lightning were unaffected by the Cursed Words of Death, otherwise, even if he gave up his physical body, he wouldn’t have been able to escape the Cursed Words of Death .

“Using the third method of escaping my shell… I finally managed to escape the Cursed Words of Death… . ” Zhao Feng let out a breath .

His senses were extremely strong since his God’s Eye left his body, and he instantly scanned over several dozens of thousands of miles .

At the same moment in time, within a quiet forest:

“You’re… you’re from the Yin family…!” a pale-faced youth held a broken sword and barely managed to hold up his body . Next to him was the body of some kind of tiger that used to be at the True Spirit Realm before it was killed .

“Zhao Feng*, you’re a once-in-a-thousand-years genius of the Zhao family who joined the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, breaking through to the True Spirit Realm at the age of fourteen . This is a massive threat to the Yin family . ”

“Hehe, if it wasn’t for the fact that you entered the Wuyou Forest, we wouldn’t have had this chance . ”

Several figures with masks on said in a cold and smug tone . One of them had even reached the True Lord Rank .

“Arghh!” the youth called Zhao Feng screamed as he was sent flying with one palm from a masked male .

“Boss, this brat’s dead . ”

“Not good, the disciples of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan are coming . ”

An elder gave the order to retreat .


Right at this moment, a purple flash of lightning passed through the air above the Wuyou Forest .

An incredible scene happened . The eye of the youth called Zhao Feng that just died turned purple and gave off a strong Intent before quickly fading .

TL Note*: The Zhao Feng that died was called 赵风, not 赵峰 . The pinyin and pronunciation for the two are the same but the words are different .


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