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King Of Gods - Chapter 761


Chapter 761: 761

Chapter 761 - Skeletal division Leader Versus Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Patriarch

“Emperor Zhao Feng, please forgive us!” the Saint Moon Aunt Goddess’ expression changed dramatically, and the golden skeleton King’s soul almost flew away from fright .

“Emperor Intent? How…!?” the expression of the Demonic Dao King went as white as paper . Scorch marks burned across his body, and he seemed to have lost his soul .

Zhuang Wan’er not far away was completely dumbfounded . In just a short breath or two, the original combination of three Kings had crumbled and surrendered . All of this surpassed what Zhuang Wan’er could comprehend . Seeing the soulless expression of the Grand Elder and the shocked and respectful expressions of the other two Kings, Zhuang Wan’er doubted her own eyes . Were these three still the unreachable Void God Realm Kings?

“Emperor Intent…!” Yu Tianhao’s heart shook . He had just barely managed to comprehend half-step King Intent not long ago, and Zhao Feng right next to him had already formed Emperor Intent .

The instant the Emperor Intent appeared, the three Kings lost their will to fight and admitted defeat .

“Emperor Zhao, if there is anything else you want, you can just tell us,” the Saint Moon Aunt Goddess tried to regain her composure and was full of respect, but Zhao Feng’s eyes were still locked on to the King of the Demonic Dao from the Moon Demon Palace .

The three Kings knew clearly how powerful Zhao Feng was . Just the Intent alone had injured the soul of a Domain-level King, and a raise of his hand had injured the Demonic Dao King’s body . It didn’t matter whether Zhao Feng had the cultivation of an Emperor or not;just from the methods before, the three Kings wouldn’t be his match .

How strong was an Emperor? All the Pirate Kings in the entire Eighteen Corners Pirate Sacred Land were suppressed by one Emperor Mu Yun, and the battle-power of these three Kings were nowhere near the Peak-tier and Domain-level Kings of the Pirate Sacred Land .

“Emperor Zhao, the Moon Demon Palace will repay any damage to the Azure Flower Continent, and I represent the Moon Demon Palace in expressing our utmost apologies,” the King of the Demonic Dao took a deep breath and half-knelt on the ground .

Whether he lived or died was within one thought . It wouldn’t be too hard for Zhao Feng to destroy the Moon Demon Palace, and the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect and Black Cliff Palace wouldn’t dare to help .

“That’s better,” Zhao Feng faintly nodded his head . He needed the Moon Demon Palace to give an explanation without breaking the deal he made .

Hearing that, the three Kings let out a breath .

At the same time, the Sovereigns of the Sacred Alliance looked over and had very colorful expressions . The three Kings in the air were kneeling in front of Zhao Feng and were full of fear and panic .

“Who has a blood contract?” Zhao Feng suddenly spoke, and his voice reverberated throughout the air .

“I do,” Sovereign Baiyun Dao from the Sacred Alliance quickly reacted and handed over a blank blood contract .

Blood contracts were created by the Heaven’s Legacy Race and were extremely rare . Only under special situations would one use such a scroll .

“Blood contract?” the expressions of the three Kings changed .

Zhao Feng started to write his requirements on the blank blood contract .

A while later, Zhao Feng and the three Kings signed the blood contract .

The content was as such: the three Kings and the three forces behind them were not to attack the Azure Flower Continent, and on the contrary, if the Azure Flower Continent ever needed help, they would come help to the best of their ability . At the same time, Zhao Feng was not to harm the innocents of the three sects, and he had to help them to the best of his ability when the three sects faced danger .

Both sides needed to do as the blood contract asked .

In reality, when signing this blood contract, the three Kings were actually overjoyed, but they didn’t know that, when Zhao Feng finished everything in the Azure Flower Continent, he would head to the continent zone . The content of the blood contract said, “to the best of his ability,” but if Zhao Feng was in the continent zone, he couldn’t do anything if there was trouble way over here .

After signing the blood contract, the three Kings quickly ran away, then marked the Azure Flower Continent as a forbidden zone when they returned to the Tianlu Islands .

Half a month later, the three Kings received shocking news – an expert called the Left-Eyed Heavenly Emperor had chased after the Emperor of Death and finally slew him after a monstrous battle . After hearing this news, the scalps of the three Kings tingled . No matter how dumb they were, were, they were sure that the Left-Eyed Heavenly Emperor was Zhao Feng .

The three Kings didn’t dare to have any other thoughts .

At the same moment in time, within this half a month of time, the battle with the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion was coming to an end . 50% of the religion had been taken over by the skeletal division Leader while the other 50% had been killed .

However, there was no sign of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Patriarch even after the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion was destroyed . The skeletal division Leader and the Sacred Alliance were all trying to find the whereabouts of the Scarlet Moon Patriarch .

Their effort didn’t go to waste . On this day, in the Northern Continent, a Sovereign finally found the tracks of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Patriarch .

The skeletal division Leader arrived as soon as it could, and the elites of the Sacred Alliance started to close down on the search radius .

Near a glacier:

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The experts from around the Azure Flower Continent surrounded everything within a hundred miles, and the weakest of them had reached the True Lord Rank .

“Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Patriarch, come out and die!”

“Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Patriarch, we know you’re beneath the glacier . ”

There were at least twenty Sovereigns near the glacier . Over half of all the Sovereigns in the Azure Flower Continent were here . The skeletal division Leader was amongst them, and complex emotions flashed through its eyes .

All the tracks and traces confirmed that the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Patriarch was hiding here .

“A bunch of ants…! You’re courting death!” a cold raspy voice resounded across several miles, and a scarlet-colored light instantly filled the air .


The entire glacier shattered and turned into a hailstorm that swept across several hundred miles . Many True Lord Rank experts were injured from the explosion . Only Sovereigns were barely able to protect themselves .

In the next instant, a figure with blood-colored wings appeared in the air . He had a scarlet-colored moon on his forehead and gazed down coldly . From afar, it looked like he was a scarlet-winged devil .

“Watch out!”

“The cultivation of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Patriarch is incredibly close to the Void God Realm . ”

The experts nearby all had cautious expressions . They were facing the facing the most infamous criminal of the Azure Flower Continent over the past several hundred years .

The Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Patriarch looked to be 50-60 years old, but he was extremely tall, and the wings on his back spanned twenty yards . His eyes glowed like scarlet stars .

The hearts of whoever he looked at shook .

“division Leader Yougu, how dare you betray me!?” coldness flashed through the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Patriarch’s eyes when his gaze landed on the skeletal division Leader .

The cold voice of hatred made the skeletal division Leader’s heart turn cold . The fame of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Patriarch in its heart hadn’t been completely wiped away and, based on the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Patriarch’s aura, even if he hadn’t reached the Void God Realm, his battle-power was almost comparable to a normal King .

In one-on-one combat, the skeletal division Leader’s chances of winning were low .

“Patriarch, I beg you to surrender . If it’s possible, I will ask Master to let you live,” the skeletal division Leader sighed . No matter what, it had admired the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Patriarch in the past, but now they were on opposite sides .

The skeletal division Leader knew that Zhao Feng was paying attention to this place . If the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Patriarch fought back and managed to escape from them, he still had no chance of living .

“Master? Even if I die I won’t be someone else’s slave,” the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Patriarch snickered coldly as the wings behind him started to flutter, and he turned into a storm that flashed through the air .

He chose to break out from the skeletal division Leader’s side . Only its cultivation and strength were anywhere close to his own . As long as the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Patriarch was able to kill or severely injure the skeletal division Leader, his chances of escape rose dramatically .

“Everyone, get back!” the skeletal division Leader snickered coldly as an array flag appeared in its hand .

In an instant, only the skeletal division Leader and the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Patriarch were left behind in the air .


A thick smoke appeared in the air and radiated a terrifying power of hatred and curse . There was a hundred pairs of red eyes amongst the smoke .

“Hundred Corpse Curse! You actually took the Hundred Grave Forbidden Ground…!” the Scarlet Moon Demonic Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Patriarch couldn’t help but exclaim .

The power of the curse within the smoke was more than a thousand times stronger than when it was back at the Hundred Graves Forbidden Ground . The aura of each of the cursed ghost-corpses was close to the Great Origin Core Realm, and just the hundred pairs of eyes alone made the soul of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Patriarch shatter .

The Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Patriarch was stunned . This definitely wasn’t something that the skeletal division Leader could have . However, he still underestimated the strength of the Hundred Corpse Cursed Array;it had absorbed the essence of many Kings and several hundred Origin Core Realm cultivators .


A ghastly white hand radiating an aura of hatred reached out from the smoke toward the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Patriarch .

“Arghh!” the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Patriarch let out a scream as the hand grabbed him .

A terrifying scene happened . The Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Patriarch’s body started to wither and rot . In just a couple breaths’ time, the famed Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Patriarch had turned into a puddle of blood, and his remains were absorbed by the Hundred Corpse Cursed Array .


The elites from across the continent took in cold breaths, and fear and wariness appeared in the eyes of the Sacred Alliance upper echelon .

The elites of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion that the skeletal division Leader had taken control of were filled with fear and respect .

It was hard to imagine that the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Patriarch didn’t even have a chance to fight back at all – he was instantly devoured by the skeletal division Leader’s array .

The name of the skeletal division Leader spread across the continent after this battle . After taking over the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion, it became one of the most forbidden people in the Azure Flower Continent .

Only a small number of people knew that the skeletal division Leader was just Zhao Feng’s slave .

Back in the Canopy Great Country, in the Iron Blood Religion, the image of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Patriarch turning into a puddle of blood and water appeared on an ice-blue screen .

Patriarch Hong and Tiemo were stunned and unable to calm down .

“I’ve almost done everything in the Azure Flower Continent,” Zhao Feng waved his hand and the screen disappeared .


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