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King Of Gods - Chapter 759


Chapter 759: 759

Chapter 759 - Three Great Kings

In the Cloud Country, Zhao Feng floated in the air above the top of Sky Moon Mountain and gazed down at the Broken Moon Clan .

This scene made him feel peaceful and calm . There were still many familiar faces even after so many years . Back then, they were disciples at the very bottom of the clan, but now they were of part of the middle-upper echelon .

Zhao Feng saw Lin Fan, who was once the number one outer disciple, and he was now a Vice division Leader at the half-step True Spirit Realm .

The once-shy Ran Xiaoyuan had become an Elder .

Yang Qingshan and Nan Gongfan, the other disciples of Lord Guanjun, had now become Regulators .

The overall strength of the Broken Moon Clan was now comparable to a half-star power, and there were more than twenty True Spirit Realm Elders or division Leaders .

In a corner of the Broken Moon Clan, a male was drunk, but no one in the Thirteen Countries dared to underestimate him . He was the True Lord Rank expert guarding the Broken Moon Clan – True Lord Tiexiao . The other True Lord Rank in the Broken Moon Clan was Lin Tong, who had the Heavenly Absent Eyes . These two True Lord Ranks had been either enslaved by Zhao Feng or had to sign a blood contract .

In reality, the two of them both felt something when Zhao Feng returned to the Azure Flower Continent . Lin Tong’s senses came from his Dark Heart Seed while True Lord Tiexiao’s senses came from the blood contract .

“Junior Martial Brother Zhao,” the voice of a male sounded from nearby . This newcomer was the Clan Master of the Broken Moon Clan, and he was famed across the Thirteen Countries .

“Senior Martial Brother Yang,” Zhao Feng smiled faintly . He and Yang Gan were both disciples of First Elder, and they had a relatively better relationship than some of the other people in the clan .

“Junior Martial Brother Zhao, you seem to be different after coming back this time,” Yang Gan said in a weird tone . The impression of Zhao Feng in his mind was that Zhao Feng spent every minute cultivating, but Zhao Feng had been here for more than ten days and yet acted very peacefully . Zhao Feng had never cultivated after returning, and looking at his sick face, he seemed more like a diseased person returning to their home .

Zhao Feng smiled but didn’t explain anything . He and Yang Gan just walked around the Broken Moon Clan .

“Greetings, Clan Master!”

Some of the members or disciples of the clan bowed on the way, and some of the newer disciples who didn’t know Zhao Feng inspected him with curiosity .

The eyes of the “old” people who knew Zhao Feng were filled with respect and admiration that far exceeded their respect for Yang Gan .

Zhao Feng saw Old Zhang and Old Guan on the way and played chess with them while also talking about the past . The two still felt regretful that Zhao Feng didn’t go down the path of creating pills or constructing arrays .

At night, Zhao Feng and Yang Gan arrived at First Elder’s place .

The arm that First Elder had lost was replaced by a silver-green metallic arm, the Wheel of Light and Darkness, that Zhao Feng brought back last time . Now that First Elder was only half a step away from the True Lord Rank, with this Wheel of Light and Darkness, he could fight against those at the True Lord Rank .

Zhao Feng didn’t think about raising the cultivation of his friends and family . The path of cultivation was tiresome and dangerous, and not everyone was suited to enter the outside world . Sometimes, being a frog at the bottom of a well was a blessing .

Of course, he brought his two masters and parents the same present for each of them – Immortal Springs Wine . The Immortal Springs Wine could increase one’s lifespan by a thousand years, and with the help of the Immortal Springs Wine, the lifespan of First Elder and company would exceed those at the Origin Core Realm .

“Feng’er, the Cloud Country isn’t really affected by the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion’s rise, but I hope you can do your part to stop them,” First Elder spoke . Just based on the fact that Zhao Feng could bring back something like the Immortal Springs Wine, he must have reached an unimaginable level .

“Master, don’t worry . I’ve already sent my slave to take over the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion,” Zhao Feng took a sip of top-tier alcohol from the outside world .

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat also hugged the bottle and seemed to be somewhat drunk .

First Elder and Yang Gan looked at each other with shock . Just a slave slave of Zhao Feng’s was able to take over the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion? However, they knew that Zhao Feng wasn’t arrogant . Maybe the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion didn’t even have the right for Zhao Feng to act personally .

On the second day, Zhao Feng left the Broken Moon Clan and met up with Old Su from the Dragon Killing Alliance .

Although the Thirteen Countries was a backwater area, their overall strength was not to be underestimated . Amongst them, the Dragon Killing Alliance controlled the territories of the two strong countries of the past, but their main headquarters was in the Cloud Country .

Zhao Feng understood how the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion affected the Cloud Country from Old Su . Since the Cloud Country was poor and far away, the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion didn’t really care about it, especially since the skeletal division Leader’s forces had already been cleared out by Zhao Feng in the past, so it was considerably peaceful . There would be the occasional person, but they would be killed by the Dragon Killing Alliance .

For the next couple days, Zhao Feng accompanied his parents and Lord Guanjun .

Everyone that knew Zhao Feng felt weird . When did this cultivation maniac become so relaxed?

“The last of my time has been spent with my master, parents, Martial Brothers and Sisters, and friends… . ” Zhao Feng gazed toward the sky in the darkness .

After finishing everything here, Zhao Feng would go to the continent zone, and everything in the Azure Flower Continent would become further and further away from him . Before he did so, Zhao Feng wanted to accompany those that he grew up with .

In the blink of an eye, he had stayed here for a month or two . Zhao Feng travelled across the Thirteen Countries, but he mainly just went to the places where he had important memories .

In this period of time, he even went to Sun Feather City and Green Leaf Village .

He also used a unique method to enter the Floating Crest Palace .

Floating Crest Palace . This inheritance was no longer in Zhao Feng’s eyes .

The little thieving cat told Zhao Feng to go to the place where he found the egg and cloak . There was still a small amount of treasures here that were relatively rare for Sovereigns, and Zhao Feng guessed that the owner was at least a half-step King .

“Looks like

“Looks like the little thieving cat hatching from an egg was just a coincidence,” Zhao Feng murmured .

The owner of the Floating Crest Palace loved to collect items, and anything made from special materials or that were unable to be appraised were also put into his collection . There were many nice collectables here, but Zhao Feng didn’t take any of them . On the contrary, he even added some treasures to the Floating Crest Palace . Some of the spoils of war from Sovereigns and Kings of the outside world weren’t very useful for Zhao Feng, so he just left them in the Floating Crest Palace .

On this day, Zhao Feng was lying on a hill in the Broken Moon Clan when he suddenly sensed something .

“Hmm?” Zhao Feng sensed several King auras descend to the Azure Flower Continent before quickly fading away .

“Hehe, they’re finally here?” Zhao Feng laughed lightly as his relaxed expression faded .


Zhao Feng’s figure flashed and disappeared from the Broken Moon Clan .

A while later, Zhao Feng found the charming girl in red, Zhuang Wan’er .

“Zhao Feng, the Grand Elder of the Moon Demon Palace has arrived at the Azure Flower Continent and would like to talk to you,” Zhuang Wan’er held a communication token and said carefully .

“Oh, just to talk? Does the Moon Demon Palace bring three Kings just to talk?” Zhao Feng smiled, and Zhuang Wan’er was instantly speechless .

The Moon Demon Palace only had one Void God Realm King . If they just wanted to talk peacefully and truthfully, then the Moon Demon Palace wouldn’t invite the Void God Realm Kings of the other forces .

Zhuang Wan’er glanced at Zhao Feng sneakily and found that he was still casual .

“The Grand Elder is currently at the Sacred Alliance,” Zhuang Wan’er added .

“Okay,” Zhao Feng said goodbye to those in the Cloud Country without hesitation and left with Zhuang Wan’er .

When they passed through the Canopy Great Country, Zhao Feng found that the situation of the Azure Flower Continent had changed dramatically . The skeletal division Leader had taken over a large number of elites from the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion and killed all those who didn’t obey him .

Through the Dark Heart Seed, Zhao Feng knew that the skeletal division Leader had taken over the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion forces in the Western and Southern Continents and was currently attacking toward the Center Continent, fighting Center Continent, fighting with the forces of the main headquarters of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion .

Nothing was able to withstand the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array . The skeletal division Leader only used a little more than a dozen cursed ghost-corpses and was still able to overtake the Azure Flower Continent .

At this point in time, under the attacks of the Sacred Alliance and the skeletal division Leader, the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion was retreating . Apart from the location of their Patriarch being unknown, the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion was almost completely destroyed .

On this day, Zhao Feng arrived in the Center Continent in the Sacred Alliance .

Zhao Feng could feel many powerful auras from far away . The strongest ones among them were three King auras, and the remaining auras were all Origin Core Realm experts of the Ten Great Clans .

Inside a big hall:

“Reporting to Grand Elder, Zhao Feng and Zhuang Wan’er have arrived,” the Elder with the blood moon on his robes messaged and bowed .

In the very center of the hall wasn’t the Palace Lord of the Sacred Alliance or their core members, but three glows of Magnificent Power . The very left glow was a golden skeleton, and the very right glow was a Demonic Dao expert surrounded in black . At the very middle was a pure female who seemed to be a goddess, and her aura suppressed the other two Kings .

These three magnificent existences made the entire Sacred Alliance become dead-silent, and the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in this area seemed to have frozen .

Below them were some of the upper echelon members of the Sacred Alliance, including the Deputy Palace Lord, Sovereign Yu Xingchen, and Baiyun Dao . However, none of these Sovereigns dared to even breathe loudly, and they were full of fear .

These three Kings came from the Tianlu Islands, but they were now here for some reason .

“What did Zhao Feng do for three Kings to come?” the upper echelon of the Sacred Alliance was uneasy .

Behind Sovereign Yu Xingchen stood a male with black hair, and his eyes were like stars .

Dissatisfaction and anger appeared on Yu Tianhao’s face as the Magnificent Pressure of a King bored down on him, but he was stopped by his father, “Hao’er, don’t be rash . Just the thought of any one of these three Kings can determine whether the Azure Flower Continent lives or dies . ”


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