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King Of Gods - Chapter 758


Chapter 758: 758

Chapter 758 - Resolution

Zhao Feng’s eyes lit up . This was the first person he had met after the Pursuit of Death that could see that he had the Cursed Words of Death on him, and the person even saw it at first glance .

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but be slightly expectant;it seemed like he had found the right person .

If nothing else, the Sage at least knew about the Cursed Words of Death .

However, when the Sage spoke, his expression was solemn .

“Sage, you seem to know about the Cursed Words of Death?” Zhao Feng couldn’t help but ask .

The Sage was silent for a moment as if contemplating . A long time later, his eyes, which seemed to have gone through time, looked toward the sky, “The Cursed Words of Death originates from the number two race of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, the Ancient Shaman Race, and the price of activating this skill is death . The stronger the user, the more terrifying its power . When the experts of the Ancient Shaman Race used this in the Ancient Era, even Gods with a bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races weren’t able to survive . ”

Hearing that, Zhao Feng’s heart shook . It seemed as if the Cursed Words of Death was more terrifying than he had expected . Even Gods with a Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline weren’t able to survive;no wonder his Mystic Ice Scaled Race bloodline was also weakening .

“The Ancient Shaman Race is almost completely extinct in the Fan Universe, but there are still people who research their techniques . Although the power of their skills might not be as strong as when they’re used by the Ancient Shaman Race, they’re not to be underestimated . ”

Speaking up to there, the Sage looked curiously at Zhao Feng .

“The Emperor of Death,” Zhao Feng said .

“Emperor of Death, as I thought . In the entire Cang Ocean, his mastery of the soul has reached the peak, and more importantly, he has the Eye of Death, a powerful item that can enhance the Cursed Words of Death,” the Sage sighed .

Zhao Feng had to admit that the Emperor of Death’s mastery of the soul exceeded his by a lot, but unfortunately, he met Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye, a true God-level eye, and was countered perfectly . If it were any other Emperor-level figure, they wouldn’t even have been able to defeat the Emperor of Death or chase after him, let alone kill him . Even Sacred Lords didn’t want to offend the Emperor of Death .

“May I ask the Sage… what can I do to resolve the Cursed Words of Death?” Zhao Feng’s heart clenched .

“There are a few methods, but most have strict requirements,” the Sage paused for a moment, and Zhao Feng concentrated on listening . He didn’t expect the Sage to resolve the Cursed Words of Death himself, but he was known for his wisdom and for his mastery of the Dao of Life, Entertainment, and Charm . Zhao Feng only hoped that the Sage could give him some tips and advice .

“The first way is to find the Eye of Samsara . This eye can counter the Cursed Words of Death to a certain degree . ”

Eye of Samsara . One of the descendants of the Eight Great God Eyes .

Zhao Feng’s heart was overjoyed . At least there was some way to resolve the Cursed Words of Death . However, it seemed that only the Eye of Death and the Eye of Destiny had ever appeared in the Cang Ocean before;the Eye of Samsara had never been seen . Apparently, the Eye of Samsara was the rarest amongst the eight types .

“The second method… as everything in the world is balanced, if there are the Cursed Words of Death, there are also the Blessed Words of Death,” the Sage smiled faintly .

Blessed Words of Death?

Zhao Feng instantly understood and spoke, “The Blessed Words of Death and the Cursed Words of Death are like water and fire, life and death… polar opposites of each other . ”

“That’s right,” the Sage nodded his head . The Blessed Words of Death was the easiest way to resolve the Cursed Words of Death .

“However, the theory behind the Blessed Words of Death is the same as the Cursed Words of Death;they are both Words of Death techniques, meaning that they can only be used after one dies… . ” the Sage faintly shook his head, and Zhao Feng shook his head in understanding .

The Blessed Words of Death also required the user to die, which is why such a a skill was so heaven-defying .

In other words, the soul-strength of the user must be at least on par with the Emperor of Death, and they would have to sacrifice themselves in order to activate the Blessed Words of Death and counter Zhao Feng’s Cursed Words of Death . Even if they could find someone willing to do so, there was probably no one in the entire Cang Ocean who had soul-strength on par with the Emperor of Death .

“The third way is to escape your shell . I think this is the most suitable method for you, and it’s actually doable,” the Sage inspected Zhao Feng .

“Oh?” flames of hope lit up in Zhao Feng’s eyes once more .

“Escaping your shell will only work if there some part yourself that is not affected by the Cursed Words of Death… . ” the Sage said .

Not affected?

Zhao Feng instantly understood the theory behind it . He indeed had a part which was not affected . Even though his soul-strength was weakening, the God’s Spiritual Eye itself wasn’t affected by the Cursed Words of Death . The very center of the blue lake that was connected to the Ancient Dream Realm was completely forbidden .

Apart from that, the place where the God Tribulation Lightning was stored was also unaffected by the Cursed Words of Death .

“Let the non-affected part survive while the other parts die to the Cursed Words of Death – this is escaping from your shell . Only a small number of unique existences can use this method . I believe that you, who has the Ninth God’s Eye, can try to do this,” the Sage smiled and said .

The three methods above were the Sage’s advice . The first two required outside help while Zhao Feng could try the third by himself .

“The third method involves stealing another body like the Emperor of Death, but it’s extremely dangerous, and I would have to give up my bloodline and cultivation,” Zhao Feng sighed .

The most perfect method would be the second – the Blessed Words of Death . This could get rid of the Cursed Words of Death completely without him losing anything, but at the same time, this method had the strictest requirements .

However, no matter what, Zhao Feng at least had some options to options to choose from, and he knew far more than he did before .

“Thank you for your advice,” Zhao Feng was extremely grateful . Others wouldn’t know so much .

“Little Friend is being too serious,” the Sage shook his head bitterly, “You have the Ninth God’s Eye as well as limitless potential . If it weren’t for you, Qinxin wouldn’t have been able to change her destiny, and she would’ve died before sixteen years old . ”

“Qinxin?” Zhao Feng’s and the Flooding Lake City Lord’s hearts jumped as they started to discuss the second reason they were here .

Zhao Feng immediately told the Sage his experience in the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace .

“If my calculations are correct, Qinxin has had new life for eight years now,” relief appeared on the Sage’s face .

Hearing that, Zhao Feng started to faintly understand what “new life” was .

“You should have already met someone with new life, but that person wasn’t able to comprehend the Fate of Fan Lun and change their destiny,” the Sage’s voice was mysterious .

He had met such a person before? Zhao Feng couldn’t remember who it was .

“Sage, can you tell me the whereabouts of Qinxin?” the Flooding Lake City Lord couldn’t help but ask . Zhao Feng also wanted to know her location .

“Zhao Feng, if it’s meant to be, you will see Liu Qinxin again . If you want to find her whereabouts, you need to find the Eye of Samsara,” the Sage’s smile became wider .

Zhao Feng felt as if the Sage knew a lot more but didn’t want to tell him .

“The Eye of Samsara again?” Zhao Feng couldn’t help but be speechless when he thought about this descendant of one of the Eight Great God Eyes .

“The Eye of Samsara appeared once in the continent zone dozens of millennia ago,” the Sage said .

“Continent zone?” Zhao Feng murmured . He knew that he would definitely go there sometime .

In the Six Warlock Tower, Zhao Feng was dazed for a moment before saying goodbye to the Sage . He felt that the Sage was filled with mysteriousness, and he couldn’t see through him .

On the 49th floor, the Sage sent Zhao Feng away with his eyes .



The big lazy cat yawned .

“A measly Azure Flower Continent is filled with such fortune, but this isn’t the center of life,” the Sage murmured .

Later that day, the Sage dispersed the Six Warlock Tower and left with the big lazy cat . From then onward, the Sage became a legend . He never returned, but his mysteriousness left a mark in the history of the Azure Flower Continent .

Half a month after the Sage left, an Elder from the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion led a group of elites and arrived at the Six Warlock Tower, but it was empty .

“As expected of the Sage . I came here under orders from the Patriarch to capture him alive, but…” the Elder stood on the tower for a long time before leaving . However, just as they had travelled several hundred miles:


A bright orange glow of light flew in from the limitless ocean and radiated an aura that made others unable to breathe . The newcomer was a youth with black hair, and his eyes were like dark skies . His every action contained unrivalled Intent and belief .

“Who is it!?” the Elder met the youth very soon .

“Hmm? This person looks slightly familiar… . ”

“It’s him! Yu Tianhao! One of the overwhelming prodigies from the last Sacred True Dragon Gathering . ”

Some elites from the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion cried .

“Spawn of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion? I’ll finish them off then,” Yu Tianhao smiled as he slowly raised his palm, and an orange-colored light engulfed everything within several miles .


The several dozen elites of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion, including the Elder, turned into dust . In just one move, he destroyed these experts of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion, including a Sovereign .

“Zhao Feng, I feel your aura has been here recently… . ” Yu Tianhao stood still as his black hair blew in the wind .

With his Unparalleled Heaven Battling Bloodline and his instinct, he looked toward a certain direction . Following the direction and passing through space was a faraway place in the Northern Continent – the Thirteen Countries .

At this moment in time, Zhao Feng was in the Thirteen Countries .


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