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King Of Gods - Chapter 757


Chapter 757: 757

Chapter 757 - Identity of a King

“Zhuang Wan’er . ”

The peerless beauty was a Core disciple from the Moon Demon Palace that had once been in the Purple Saint Ruins, and she was on par with Ye Yanyu of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect . After so many years, she had broken through to the Origin Core Realm, and currently, she was following an Elder from the sect to reinforce the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion .

“Hmm?” hearing someone call her name, Zhuang Wan’er paused for a moment before looking toward a casual purple-haired youth in the group .

Zhao Feng’s appearance and aura had changed quite a lot after so long, and he seemed to be slightly sick .

“It’s… it’s you!” fear and panic appeared on Zhuang Wan’er’s face .

The fear on her face seemed to come instinctively due to some memories in her mind . Back then in the Purple Saint Ruins, Zhao Feng had comprehended the Void Space Eye Slash and was like a God of Slaughter . Lu Tianyi, Elder Shui Yun, Grandmaster Yin Kong, and many other experts were killed in that nightmare .

And now, that nightmare was right in front of her as the purple-haired youth smiled at her .

Zhao Feng… why is he here!? Zhuang Wan’er’s face went white as fear overtook her . At this moment, she only had one thought remaining: Run!

If Zhao Feng could slaughter them in the Purple Saint Ruins so badly seven years ago, she didn’t dare to guess what kind of improvements Zhao Feng had made since then .

“Elder Wu, retreat~~~~!” Zhuang Wan’er quickly said as she flew into the air toward the mysterious elder with the blood moon on his robes .

“Hmm? What’s wrong?” the elder was extremely puzzled . He had never seen Zhuang Wan’er act like this before .

This scene raised the attention of Elder Xue Li and company . A Sovereign prodigy was scared by just two words?

“Hehe, you want to run away?” Zhao Feng mocked as he stepped forward and instantly blocked the elder and Zhuang Wan’er . He was planning to head to the Moon Demon Palace later anyway;he didn’t expect to meet them so soon .

“Who are you?” the elder had a solemn expression . Every action and movement from the youth in front of him brought a strong pressure . He had only felt such a thing from the Grand Elders of the Moon Demon Palace before .


Zhao Feng slowly reached out his hand and pressed down on Zhuang Wan’er’s shoulder . Just the aura of his bloodline and body sealed her True Yuan .

“You…!” Zhuang Wan’er’s face went red and white as she trembled . She didn’t even have any ability to fight back . The youth in her sight perfectly synchronized with her nightmares .

“Stop!” the elder roared as his Sovereign Lord rank aura changed the environment .

Those fighting below all felt an indescribable sensation and found it difficult to breathe .

“Sovereign Lord?” Patriarch Hong and Elder Xue Li both stopped their fight as well .

Patriarch Hong and Tiemo were overjoyed . Just the appearance of Zhao Feng scared a Sovereign, and with just one hand, he was able to control a Sovereign and make the expression of a Sovereign Lord elder change dramatically .

At this moment in time, facing the attack of a Sovereign Lord, Zhao Feng snickered . In an instant, a Magnificent Power covered the elder .


The elder spat out a mouthful of blood as he felt his True Yuan become restricted, and he couldn’t even think about fighting back .

“You…!” the elder was full of fear, panic, and disbelief . He was even more scared than Zhuang Wan’er .

“What… what’s going on?” the elites of the Canopy Great Country and the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion were dumbfounded . Zhao Feng didn’t even do anything except snicker, and yet a Sovereign Lord coughed out blood .

The Magnificent Power was restricted to a small area since he didn’t want to use too much of his soul power . He wanted to rely more on pure Intent . Although he had been hit by the Cursed Words of Death, his comprehensions wouldn’t fade away or weaken, just like the revived child Demigod .

In order of quickest withering to slowest, the Cursed Words of Death affected lifeforce, True Yuan, the soul, and the body . One of the slowest things to weaken was Emperor Intent, which was based off his soul power .

“How is this power…?” Zhuang Wan’er’s skin was touching Zhao Feng’s, Feng’s, so she could feel the Magnificent Power from him .

“That brat’s weird… run!” Elder Xue Li felt extremely uneasy;even the elder from the Moon Demon Palace could do nothing against Zhao Feng .


He turned into a streak of blood-colored light and sped toward the water .

“Hmph!” Zhao Feng faintly glanced in the direction of Elder Xue Li .


An Intent descended from the sky and landed on Elder Xue Li, as if it was punishment from the heavens .

“Arghh!” Elder Xue Li screamed as his soul shattered and his body fell from the sky .


Elder Xue Li’s corpse fell into the forests below, and this scene caused both friend and foe alike to go cold .

“Just a thought alone killed a Sovereign,” Patriarch Hong, Tiemo, and company were dazed . No one else in the Azure Flower Continent could do such a thing, including the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Patriarch .

“Could it be…?” Patriarch Hong and Tiemo looked at each other and thought of something they didn’t dare to before .

“Sir King… we are dumb and beg for your forgiveness,” the elder stuttered while Zhuang Wan’er didn’t even dare to breathe loudly . The nightmare had now become an unrivalled nightmare .

Void God Realm King . Such an existence was amongst the peak even in the Cang Ocean, and it only existed in the legends on the Azure Flower Continent .

“King! Zhao Feng’s become a King!”

“No wonder Deputy Patriarch Zhao could kill an Elder of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion with just a thought . ”

Those from the Canopy Great Country broke out into chaos .

Patriarch Hong and Tiemo looked at each other . Apart from shock, there was overwhelming joy . One had to know that the entire Azure Flower Continent didn’t even have a single Void God Realm King;the Iron Blood Religion was the first to have one . How glorious was this?

Patriarch Hong and Tiemo couldn’t help but feel lucky about how they had chosen Zhao Feng . The birth of a King was enough to turn the tide of the entire continent, and it was unstoppable .

“King…!” Empress Qin was dazed and felt as if she was in a dream . dream . She couldn’t believe it .

On the other hand, those from the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion fell into despair . Under the gaze of a King, they didn’t even have the courage to run away – Elder Xue Li was a perfect example of what would happen .

“Sir King, if you have any requirements, just tell me,” the elder said bitterly .

At this point in time, Zhao Feng had removed his Magnificent Power, but the elder and Zhuang Wan’er didn’t dare to have any other thoughts .

“Zhuang Wan’er shall stay behind while you go back to the Moon Demon Palace, and if you don’t give me a good explanation within the next one hundred days, I will kill her and remove the entire Moon Demon Palace from the Cang Ocean,” Zhao Feng spoke in a slow tone .

Hearing this, the heart of the elder shook, especially when he heard that last line about removing the Moon Demon Palace from the Cang Ocean . Facing Zhao Feng’s cold and decisive voice, the elder had a ridiculous feeling, as if Zhao Feng actually had the ability to do so .

Frankly, even if Zhao Feng’s strength dropped below the Void God Realm, there wouldn’t be too much difficulty in destroying the Moon Demon Palace because his Intents wouldn’t disappear, and the weakening of his Emperor Intent was considerably slow . Furthermore, Zhao Feng estimated that there would still be a month of two before he dropped below the Void God Realm .

“I’ll go immediately . I hope that Sir King will not harm Wan’er,” the elder took a deep breath . He knew that he didn’t have any ability to negotiate with a Void God Realm King .


The elder turned into a streak of light and sped toward the limitless ocean .

Zhuang Wan’er’s face was pale-white and filled with helplessness . She didn’t know what awaited her, but she knew that her fate was no longer in her control .

The elites of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion either surrendered or were killed . A battle that could shake the heavens was stopped by one thought of a King .

Zhao Feng wasn’t very interested in what happened afterward .

“My strength has weakened quite a bit… . ” Zhao Feng couldn’t help but sigh . Although he still currently he still currently had the battle-power of an Emperor, his soul, True Yuan, and bloodline were much weaker than before .

Hearing that, the faces of Patriarch Hong, Tiemo, and company twitched, and Zhuang Wan’er was speechless . It seemed as if Zhao Feng wasn’t even at his peak, but he was too lazy to explain . The fading of his strength reminded him clearly of why he was here .

He then immediately said goodbye to Patriarch Hong and Tiemo .

“City Lord Liu,” Zhao Feng’s gaze landed on the Flooding Lake City Lord . Zhao Feng took him and Zhuang Wan’er toward the direction of the Six Warlock Tower . On the way, Zhuang Wan’er summoned her spiritual pets to take them over .

The Flooding Lake City Lord looked at Zhao Feng with complicated emotions . He didn’t expect the brat he had forced to marry his daughter had now become a legendary figure . This gave him some hope about Liu Qinxin’s whereabouts and whether she was alive or not .

Several hours later, a six-sided tower came into sight .

An elder sat quietly on the 49th floor of the Six Warlock Tower when Zhao Feng arrived .


A silver-black big lazy cat appeared at the bottom of the tower and gazed toward the approaching black dot .

“The guest is here,” the Sage slowly spoke . It seemed as if he had been waiting .


At the same moment, a beast landed .

“You stay down here,” Zhao Feng ordered Zhuang Wan’er to stay at the bottom of the tower .

Zhuang Wan’er felt humiliated . She was a genius at the Origin Core Realm and was now just a guard .

In reality, Zhao Feng just didn’t want Zhuang Wan’er to know about some of his secrets .

“My Lord, this way,” a female priest from the tower led Zhao Feng up .


Miao miao!

On the 49th floor, the little thieving cat and the big lazy cat both snickered as they saw each other .

The Sage’s eyes flashed when they landed on Zhao Feng .

“Cursed… Words… of… Death… . ” the Sage’s voice was slow as he spoke each word one at a time .


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