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King Of Gods - Chapter 756


Chapter 756: 756

Chapter 756 - Experts from Outside

“Who’s there!”

Cold sweat instantly appeared on Patriarch Hong and Tiemo . Who in the Azure Flower Continent could appear between the two of them without them knowing?

Under the candlelight, a purple-haired youth who seemed to be slightly sick appeared between the two .

“Zhao… Zhao Feng!” Patriarch Hong and Tiemo acted as if they had seen a ghost .

Seven years later, the once-upon-a-time overwhelming prodigy had appeared so suddenly in front of the two, as if he had been faking his death .

“Patriarch Hong, Deputy Patriarch, I hope the both of you have been well,” Zhao Feng blinked his eyes and smiled . He had to admit that he purposely wanted to scare the two .

“Zhao Feng, you’ve come just in time . We’re lacking top-tier experts . ”

Patriarch Hong and Tiemo were overjoyed . They didn’t doubt Zhao Feng’s strength;just the fact that he could appear next to them without them knowing meant that Zhao Feng was at least at the Origin Core Realm .

“Indeed, you’ve met some trouble . I was planning to go to the Six Warlock Tower, but I saw you guys and the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion forces on the way,” Zhao Feng told them .

Although he had given the task of taking over the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion to the skeletal division Leader, at the end of the day, he was the Iron Blood Religion’s Deputy Patriarch and wouldn’t do nothing if he knew about it .

“You’ve also realized that this stronghold is different?” Tiemo asked in surprise .

“There seems to be two or three auras at the Origin Core Realm there,” Zhao Feng was slightly uncertain . When he flew past, he didn’t search in-depth, he only felt a general sense .

“Origin Core Realms… . Three of them?” Patriarch Hong and Tiemo looked at each other and couldn’t help but take in a cold breath .

Origin Core Realms ruled supreme in the Azure Flower Continent . The entire Canopy Great Country only had Patriarch Hong for an Origin Core realm .

The Deputy Patriarch Tiemo was only at the half-step Origin Core Realm, but his battle-power was somewhat close to an Origin Core Realm .

After knowing this news, the expressions of Patriarch Hong and Tiemo became solemn .

Retreat and ask for reinforcements, both of them thought . The opponents had three Sovereigns;such a force had exceeded the limits of what they could handle .

“We need to ask the Sacred Alliance or the Ten Great Clans for help as soon as possible,” Patriarch Hong said, but Tiemo looked at Zhao Feng . He realized that when Zhao Feng mentioned three Sovereigns, he was nonchalant about it . Tiemo had witnessed Zhao Feng’s rise, and instinct told him that Zhao Feng’s strength was immeasurable and definitely not simple .

“There’s no need for reinforcements . Since I’m here already, I might as well bring peace to the great country,” Zhao Feng shook his head and said .

“Might as well?” Patriarch Hong and Tiemo couldn’t help but look at Zhao Feng and think, What big words . His tone was very casual .

“Zhao Feng, it’s not that I’m suspecting your strength, but you seem to be sick . Can you really handle a multiple Sovereigns?” Patriarch Hong asked solemnly . Three Sovereigns wasn’t a joke;if it went bad, the Iron Blood Religion’s name would be removed from the continent .

“Zhao Feng, does this mean you have the battle-power of a Sovereign Lord?” Tiemo’s eyes lit up . He understood Zhao Feng, and he knew that the latter wasn’t arrogant .

“Sick? Yes, I’m indeed ill . As for those at the Sovereign Lord rank, I’ve slain many in the outside world . They shouldn’t be much trouble,” Zhao Feng shrugged his shoulders somewhat helplessly .

Killed Sovereign Lords before? the eyes of Patriarch Hong and Tiemo bulged out . If it was someone else, they would’ve thought he was lying .

“Okay, Zhao Feng, we believe you,” Patriarch Hong and Tiemo decided and started to plan when to attack, what tactics to use, and various other things .

“I’m kind of low on time since I need to get to the Six Warlock Tower . Let’s just attack right now,” Zhao Feng suggested .

“Right now?” the faces of Patriarch Hong and Tiemo twitched .

It was broad daylight right now . According to their initial plan, the Iron Blood Religion was going to attack at night and catch the stronghold off guard .

“Right now,” Zhao Feng’s tone was very decisive before pausing for a moment, “I can go by myself if you guys don’t want to come . . ”

Patriarch Hong and Tiemo looked at each other speechlessly . Zhao Feng seemed to be in a hurry .

“Fine,” the two were helpless and immediately gathered the experts once more to discuss . However, this time, there was a new major figure here .

“Zhao… Zhao Feng!”

“One of the three major figureheads of the Iron Blood Religion – Deputy Patriarch Zhao!”

“He’s the overwhelming prodigy who’s famed across the Azure Flower Continent . ”

Chaos broke out in the discussion hall .

“Deputy Patriarch Zhao!”

Some people had happy expressions, such as Jiang Sanfeng and company, but a small number of people had ugly expressions, such as Empress Qin and the Head of the Liu family .

“Feng’er!” the body of the Flooding Lake City Lord Liu Jiutian shook . He had received news that Zhao Feng rejected the offer to join a two-star sect and entered the limitless ocean in order to find Liu Qinxin . In the blink of an eye, more than seven years had passed . During that period of time, there was no news of him at all . A True Lord Rank genius entering the limitless ocean would obviously face a lot of danger .

“City Lord Liu,” Zhao Feng went up to the Flooding Lake City Lord and talked to him in-person .

Seeing that the Flooding Lake City Lord had something on his mind but didn’t say it, Zhao Feng instantly knew what he wanted to ask .

“I found traces of Qinxin’s whereabouts . After we finish off this stronghold, I’ll accompany City Lord Liu to the Six Warlock Tower,” Zhao Feng explained .

“Okay!” the Flooding Lake City Lord was extremely surprised . He didn’t expect that Zhao Feng would actually find the whereabouts of Liu Qinxin .

The main point of discussion was attacking the Scarlet Moon stronghold, and after knowing that they were going to attack immediately, chaos broke out .

It wasn’t hard to imagine that this was because Zhao Feng had arrived . Zhao Feng’s every action and movement caught attention . None of the experts from the great country were able to see through him . It was obvious that Zhao Feng very likely had a cultivation of the Origin Core Realm, or at least the battle-power of a Sovereign, otherwise the Iron Blood Religion wouldn’t be so confident in attacking the stronghold . stronghold .

Since no one knew that the Scarlet Moon stronghold had three Origin Core Realms, they soon agreed .

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The experts in the mountain flew into the air while others sat on their flying spiritual pets . Four hours later, the group from the great country arrived at a complex area with a lot of water .

In a concealed waterfall nearby:

“Hmph, a measly Sovereign dares to attack our stronghold!?” a skinny elder with blood-colored hair and robes stood with his hands behind his back and looked toward the sky .

“Zhe zhe, they definitely wouldn’t expect Elder Xue Li and two other Origin Core Realm experts from the outside world to be here personally to reinforce us . This means we don’t have to lure them in,” a fatty in golden robes at the half-step Origin Core Realm said respectfully .

In just a short while, bloodthirsty auras from the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion appeared in front of the waterfall . Apart from that, there were also a mysterious elder with a blood-colored moon on his robes and a stunning girl in a faint red dress .

The girl’s beauty was peerless, and her snow-white legs and shoulders were revealed . Her every smile seemed to contain magic . There was a dark moon symbol on her forehead, and her purple hair blew in the wind, as if she was an elf .

The males of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion couldn’t help but swallow their saliva as they looked at the girl, but there was more respect in their eyes than lust . Even Elder Xue Li’s tone toward these two was very respectful .

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The sound of flying appeared right at this moment . The experts from the Canopy Great Country led by the Iron Blood Religion had arrived near the waterfall .

“Surround them!”

“Kill all the spawn from the Demonic Religion!”

The elites from the Canopy Great Country had the advantage in numbers and instantly surrounded the place .

Mockery appeared on Elder Xue Li’s face, and playfulness appeared on the faces of both the mysterious elder and charming girl . Who was the real hunter and hunted here?

“Hahahahaha… Patriarch Hong, you rushed into the net yourself . The Iron Blood Religion shall be removed from this continent!” Elder Xue Li laughed as his hair blew wildly in the wind, and the wind, and the aura of a late-stage Small Origin Core Realm turned the sky red .

“It’s Elder Xue Li! He’s extremely bloodthirsty,” the upper echelon of those from the Canopy Great Country changed dramatically . Elders were definitely part of the upper echelon of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion .

“Hehe, after we destroy these elites from the Canopy Great Country, the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion will be able to truly stabilize their footing in the Northern Continent,” a mysterious elder with a blood moon on his robes suddenly appeared in the clouds and gently raised his hand, forming a large blood moon that released a wave of moonlight and covered everything within twenty miles . It was as if Heaven and Earth had been switched;both friend and foe alike were under a new sky .

“This kind of strength… could it be a Sovereign Lord!?” Patriarch Hong and Tiemo both felt uneasy . They and the True Spirit Realm elites all felt their True Yuan become restricted .

“What’s going on? My True Yuan’s become stronger!”

On the other hand, those from the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion became much stronger .

“Hehe, the game’s just begun,” the mysterious elder had an arrogant expression on his face .

Right at this moment, Elder Xue Li, who had been strengthened by the moonlight, roared and charged at Patriarch Hong .


In the first blow alone, Patriarch Hong was pushed back .

Elder Xue Li was an expert cultivating the Demonic Dao, and his battle-power became stronger in the moonlight .

The hearts of those from the Canopy Great Country went cold, and everyone watched out only for themselves . Empress Qin and company instinctively turned around and tried to escape .

“None of you will be able to leave,” the mysterious girl in faint red blocked their paths .

“Origin Core Realm!”

“Such a young Origin Core Realm!”

Empress Qin and company felt the pressure from a Sovereign and felt cold .

The group from the Great Country were filled with despair;they didn’t expect this stronghold to have three Sovereigns, one of whom might even be a Sovereign Lord .

“Zhao Feng!” Tiemo exclaimed as the situation became dangerous .

However, the gaze of the purple-haired youth locked on to the peerless beauty and said in a faint tone, “Zhuang Wan’er . ”


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