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King Of Gods - Chapter 75


The youth holding the bow was Zhao Feng!

Two days ago, he had used Lightly Floating Ferry and his enhanced vision to locate the hideout, he had even memorised all the routes nearby and it was under his guidance that the Sky Guards Battalion attacked the hideout.

At this moment, the Deadly Wolves Leader had a feeling that the whole situation had been created by this person.

’’Die... ’’

The Deadly Wolves Leader pounced towards Zhao Feng.


The speed of the leader was incredible, under the daylight only a faint green figure could be seen. In terms of speed alone, he surpassed the one-eyed bandit.

Sou- Sou Sou Sou

Zhao Feng remained calm and he used his Archer God's Left Eye skill. Instantly, three four arrows pierced through the air and they had a special pattern to them, one was higher while the other was lower, one was in front while the other was behind. They blocked the path of the Deadly Wolves Leader.


The leader was forced to activate his Inner Strength and form a shield to protect himself.


However, two arrows still broke through the barrier and one lodged itself in his foot. The Deadly Wolves Leader couldn't believe that there was such a dangerous archer in this word.

’’Leave this person to me!’’ A beautiful youth came from the other side, it was Feng Hanyue.

’’Everyone retreat... ’’ The Deadly Wolves Leader didn't dare to stay, so he circulated his speed skill and headed towards the depths of the forest.

Sou... Sou... Sou...

A few arrows came through the air again and blocked the path of the Deadly Wolves Leader forcing him to stop.

’’Stop him!’’

Lei Cong and Lu Xiaoyu came from the other side and under the combined effort of the four, they easily gained the upper hand.

In the midst, Feng Hanyue was the main close combatant, while Lei Cong and Lu Xiaoyu supported him from the side. Zhao Feng was the long range controller and he used his Archer God's Left Eye skill to restrict the movement of the leader. The Deadly Wolves Leader spat out blood from anger, in his eyes, Zhao Feng was the most threatening one.


Injuries appeared on his body all due to Zhao Feng's arrow.

At a certain point.

Zhao Feng put the bow away and attacked the Deadly Wolves Leader.

’’Good!’’ The Deadly Wolves Leader laughed, he wanted to get rid of this archer first, but the opponent had skilled footwork and he would always stop him from entering the close range.

Now, the youth had headed towards him for close combat.

’’Mysterious Wind Palm!’’

A faint azure glow appeared on Zhao Feng's palm as it collided heavily with the Deadly Wolves Leaders' attack.


The air wave engulfed everything in a few metres radius and using the energy, Zhao Feng retreated tens of metres back and took his bow again out.

’’What's going on!?’’

The Deadly Wolves Leader felt that the weird palm attack dissolve his attack and chain him up for a second. And in that gap, the attacks of Feng Hanyue and co. had landed on him.


The Deadly Wolves Leader instantly spat out mouthfuls of blood as he cursed Zhao Feng, but he found that Zhao Feng had retreated out of range.

Sou- Sou- Sou- Sou-

Zhao Feng continuously fired a few arrows just as the Deadly Wolves Leader was injured.

The Deadly Wolves Leader couldn't dodge at all and he could only watch the three arrows lodge themselves into his vitals. One arrow even stabbed half an inch into his heart.

’’Exploding Cloud Destruction!’’

The bandit roared and exploded his Inner Strength, which pushed Feng Hanyue and the other two away. Then, he headed towards the direction of the Sky Cloud Forest.


Feng Hanyue and the others obviously didn't give up, the bandit was severely injured and this was a good chance to gain battle points.

’’I must kill this person to exceed Zhao Feng in battle points.’’ All three had the same idea.

Up to now, Zhao Feng had the lead and the only chance to beat him was to kill the Deadly Wolves Leader. In terms of speed, Feng Hanyue was the fastest, while Zhao Feng was second.

’’What kind of guy is he? He's a monster.’’

Lei Cong and Lu Xiaoyu looked at each other and saw the shock in each others eyes. The aura that Zhao Feng was releasing had now reached the peak sixth rank as well. Soon, the four geniuses had entered the limitless Sky Cloud Forest.

The bandit area was located near the Sky Cloud Forest, so the four weren't surprised that the Deadly Wolves Leader would escape in this direction. Being born near here and having been here several times, Zhao Feng understood the landscape well.

Soon, Zhao Feng was the one leading as his left eye had locked onto the figure.

Half an hour later, the area ahead suddenly turned dark.


Zhao Feng's left eye saw a scene tens of miles away.

’’Help me, Lord.’’ The blood soaked Deadly Wolves Leader flew onto a tree.

’’What? You're useless! You've even given my location away!’’

On the tree, there was a hooded figure whose voice was hoarse who sat on it. Under the hood, there were a pair of blue eyes that gave off a frightening aura.


The Deadly Wolves Leader couldn't withstand the pressure and he kneeled on the ground.

’’Forgive me, Lord.’’ He had no resistance against the hooded figure even with his seventh rank cultivation.

’’You've lost your value.’’ Under the hood, a grey light headed towards the Deadly Wolves Leader.

’’Not good... ’’

The Deadly Wolves Leader immediately poured out his Inner Strength.


His Inner Strength instantly vanished as it came into contact with the grey light, then the light proceeded towards him and it turned his body into a puddle of black water. A skeleton could be seen in the black puddle of water.

The scene made Zhao Feng, who was tens of miles away, take a cold breath.

What kind of being was that hooded figure? A Martial Master of the seventh rank was demolished in one move.

It was just too terrifying...

Not only that, the ice blue eyes seemed to glance his way as well. Zhao Feng felt his blood freeze and his breathing rate stop.


Three high tier deadly beasts of the eighth rank came from behind the hooded figure and they headed towards Zhao Feng and co.


Zhao Feng sped in the opposite direction. Feng Hanyue and the others also sensed the aura of the deadly beasts and they sprinted away as well.

’’Why would there be high tier deadly beasts here?’’

Two silver figures appeared and headed towards the high tier deadly beasts.


The three high tiers beasts were beaten to death ten breaths later.

’’Is this the true strength of the Guanjun Corps?’’ Zhao Feng had seen the whole scene, couldn't help but click his tongue.

’’What kind of power was it to dissolve a Martial Master into a pool of water?’’ When the Guanjun Corps saw what happened, they all took in a cold breath but the hooded figure had disappeared.

Zhao Feng and the other three let out a breath as they exited the Sky Cloud Forest.

’’I wonder if the Deadly Wolves Leader is dead or alive.’’ Lu Xiaoyu and Lei Cong were unwilling.

At this time, one of the Guanjun Corps came flying over.

’’There's a change in plans, the mission ends now.’’ The guard's voice was nervous.

What happened?

Why would the mission suddenly end?

Feng Hanyue and the others were curious. According to what they knew, the area still had a few bandits left.

’’Don't ask anything! Everyone return to the Guanjun Province City.’’ The expression of the guard was solemn.

Only Zhao Feng was thinking that the sudden change must have something to do with the hooded figure. The power of the hooded figure had exceeded the limits of the human body.

On the same day.

Under the guidance of seven to eight Guanjun Corps, the Sky Guards Battalion returned the way they came from. After leaving the bandit zone, the Guanjun Corps let out a breath. But somehow, Zhao Feng seemed to feel that a pair of ice blue eyes were following them.

Inside the dimension of his left eye, the ice blue eyes appeared once again.

A few days later, the geniuses arrived back in Guanjun Province City and it was only until then did the feeling of being spied on dissapear.

The Guanjun Province City was under the control of Lord Guanjun, the factions must have some wariness of him.

Inside the Sky Guards Battalion, Third Guard calculated the total battle points.

’’Feng Hanyue, 45 battle points.’’

’’Lei Cong, 32 battle points.’’


’’Lu Xiaoyu, 26 battle points.’’

The points awarded to the Ten Sky Guards were read out in order. Most of them were around 20 or so. Finally, it was Zhao Feng's turn.

’’Zhao Feng, 72 battle points.’’

When he read that, Third Guard's eyes contracted as this was unexpected. But the battle points were given under consent of the Guanjun Corps so Third Guard wasn't suspicious.

’’72 battle points!’’ The youths took in a cold breath, his battle points easily dominated the others.

’’Hmph, if I was the one who finished off the almost dead seventh rank leader, number one might've been me.’’

Many of them still felt that Zhao Feng was lucky.

Soon, everyone's battle points had been announced and Zhao Yufei and Huang Qi both received 20 each, almost beating Lu Xiaoyu which made the latter's face turn dim.

When they left, they had laughed at Zhao Feng's team. But this scene was like a slap in the face.

’’Zhao Feng, being the person with the top battle points, you get an extra reward.’’ Third Guard kicked everyone else out except for Zhao Feng.


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