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King Of Gods - Chapter 74


Chapter 74 - Battle points


The one-eyed bandit fell onto the ground, his breathing had stopped before he reached the ground. At the same time, Zhao Feng landed on the ground as well.


He gently let out a breath and a faint azure light disappeared from his left eye. When he slew the one-eyed man, his left eye had been activated to it's fullest potential and the Flowing Wind Stance had merged into his finger, which made its strength comparable to Martial Masters.

This was Zhao Feng's strongest attack ever!

The boss of bandits would never have thought that Zhao Feng's Star Finger would reach the fourth level and that it could attack through the air. The abilities of his left eye had also caught the flaws of the enemy and under this advantage, he had stabbed the forehead of his opponent.

After killing him, Zhao Feng scavenged the items. No wonder the bandit a Martial Master of the seventh rank, just the silver he had alone was two hundred to three hundred, two high ranked martial arts and one peak ranked martial art.

Apart from that, Zhao Feng also found a bottle of precious ’’Recovery Healing Pills’’, which did what its name suggested.


Zhao Feng spotted a letter in the items of the bandit. Opening it, the contents inside seemed to prove that he had a trade deal going on with a noble from the Maple Fire Country.

’’En, the battle points I gain from this should exceed twenty, because there's evidence of him having connections with the Maple Fire Country.’’ Zhao Feng was very pleased as he moved the corpse to the side.


At this time, a bald headed silver clothed youth came from the other side.

’’Put it down!’’ Lei Cong ordered, trying to stop Zhao Feng's movement.

’’What does Brother Lei have to say?’’ Zhao Feng said calmly.

’’The bandit was severely injured before, so the battle points and items should be split amongst us.’’ Lei Cong's face was cold and strict.

Hearing this, Zhao Feng felt rage burn in his heart, this guy was trying to take battle points off him.

’’When I fought the bandit, he still had seventy to eighty percent of his strength left and he was unleashing his last attacks, which made him even more dangerous.’’ Zhao Feng said strongly as he stood in front of the dead body.

He had taken a massive risk when he had fought the leader, so how could he give the battle points away?

’’Hahaha... Brat named Zhao, there's no evidence of fighting here and the one-eyed bandit was killed with one finger, do you think to you could have done that? Furthermore, there's no injuries on you, so how could you easily block the last attacks of a Martial Master?’’ Lei Cong coldly said as lights twinkled in his eyes.

Indeed, there were just too many suspicious points if Zhao Feng had really killed the leader.

Firstly, the bandit had been killed with one finger without much resistance. Secondly, Zhao Feng didn't have any injuries and there were no marks of fighting.

The last key point was the when Zhao Feng slew the bandit leader, there was no other youths present including Lei Cong himself.

Sou! Sou! Sou...

Slowly, youths began to gather and when they saw the stand off between Zhao Feng and Lei Cong, they were extremely curious. After they asked the reason, why the youths began to laugh.

’’Kid! Stop trying to steal our battle points, my team, Lei Cong's team, should get at least half.’’ Lei Cong's team were extremely aggressive.

Soon, Lu Xiaoyu and Lu Chen's team also arrived.

’’Brother Feng!’’ Zhao Yufei and Huang Qi came to Zhao Feng's left and right side, but their force still seemed weak against Lei Cong's team.

’’Kiddo, I'll give you one more chance, give me the body of the bandit, the evidence and the spoils and we'll give you some of the battle points.’’ Lei Cong said forcefully.

’’Nope.’’ Zhao Feng snickered coldly, his attitude was strong as well.

’’Seems like you'll refuse the toast of victory and drink the wine of defeat!’’ Cold light flashed in Lei Cong's eyes as he slowly raised his hand about to attack.

The youths present felt like they couldn't breathe. Lu Xiaoyu was on the side gloating, and Huang Qi had cold sweat coming off his forehead. Lei Cong's strength was second in the Ten Sky Guards and he had two of the ten in his team. Even if Zhao Feng was able to fight against Lei Cong, how were Huang Qi and Zhao Yufei supposed to face the other ten?


At this moment, a beautiful figure arrived, while sending out an undefyable aura.

Feng Hanyue!

Many of the youths present respectfully greeted him, including Lei Cong. After the battle, Feng Hanyue's face was pale and it was obvious that his injury hadn't fully recovered yet.

After knowing the situation, Feng Hanyue spoke: ’’The one-eyed bandit did have at least eighty percent of his strength left before he died.’’


Exclamations came from the crowd as they looked disbelievingly towards Zhao Feng.

’’Obviously, if I wasn't there, you still wouldn't have been able to kill him even if all of you went up at the same time... therefore, I get at least half of the battle points!’’ Feng Hanyue's words suddenly twisted.

At least one half!

Both Zhao Feng and Lei Cong's heart clenched. Feng Hanyue did indeed put in a lot of effort into injuring the one-eyed bandit, Lei Cong and Zhao Feng both had nothing to say.

’’Then what about the other half?’’ Lei Cong asked.

’’That's not my problem, furthermore there's the Guanjun Corps scouting and calculating.’’ Feng Hanyue spoke in an overbearing manner.

Hearing this, the crowd nodded their heads, they knew that someone was calculating the battle points.


At this time, a figure came from the trees not far away, his speed was two times faster than the bandit leader!

Guanjun Corps!

The youth's felt their heart tighten. This Guanjuun Corp had reached the eighth rank and he sent out a dominant aura, which even made Feng Hanyue look at him in awe and respect.

The Guanjun Corps were the personal guards of Lord Guanjun and each of them had strength surpassing normal Martial Masters. Even Feng Hanyue never found where the Guanjun Corp were hiding.

’’The 20 battle points for slaying the bandit and the 10 points for gathering evidence, all for a total of 30 battle points... All goes to Zhao Feng.’’ The Guanjun Corp announced coldly.


The youths that heard this, their mouths dropped wide open.

How was that possible?

Lei Cong, Feng Hanyue, Lu Xiaoyu were all shocked and they didn't know what to say.

This Guanjun Corp was way too biased towards Zhao Feng!

’’The bandit leader was killed by Zhao Feng alone, and no one helped in the 100 breaths that they were fighting in. The evidence that he had connections with the enemy country was also collected by Zhao Feng alone, therefore all of the thirty points go to him.’’ The Guanjun Corp explained.

When he finished, everyone understood. The rules were like this, although Feng Hanyue and the other youths played a huge role in injuring the leader, the one that killed him was Zhao Feng alone.

The Guanjun Corp glanced toward Zhao Feng and said: ’’Not bad!’’ before he left, leaving behind a bunch of unwilling youths who didn't dare to question him. However, some of them also looked towards Zhao Feng with wariness. The Guanjun Corp must have seen the entire scene when Zhao Feng slew the head bandit and therefore gave all the battle points to him.

One had to know that 10 battle points was worth a peak ranked martial art, 50 points could be exchanged for a half-Holy Martial art.

The youths looked at Zhao Feng with envy and jealously as Zhao Feng received 30 extra points. In the midst, both Feng Hanyue and Lei Cong's faces were dim.

Zhao Feng felt the coldness emitting from Feng Hanyue and the warning in Lei Cong's eyes.

’’Brother Hanyue, I heard that the person with the most battle points gets an extra reward, we can't give up so easily can we?’’ Lei Cong said softly to Feng Hanyue.

Right now, Zhao Feng obviously had the lead, shaking off Feng Hanyue and Lei Cong.

’’I'll let him be happy for a while.’’ Feng Hanyue's face turned calm once more.

After this incident, Zhao Feng's name spread throughout the Sky Guards Battalion, some youths thought that he was just lucky, while others' eyes twinkled.

The mission hadn't finished yet and according to the information taken from the bandits, the group they had just defeated were name the Desolate Destruction Bandits. In the area, there were another few groups of bandits with the Deadly Wolves Bandits being the strongest as they also had Martial Masters in the group.

Three days later.

The teams from the Sky Guards Battalion had killed almost all of the bandits nearby. As they engaged in battle, the strength of the youth's increased by leaps and bounds.

At a certain day.

A few of the smaller teams gathered together and attacked the hideout of the Deadly Wolves Bandits. The one who was in charge of information gathering was Zhao Feng.

Within the depths of a cave.

’’How could those b*stards find our hiding place?’’ The leader of the Deadly Wolves Bandits stood up.

One had to know that the hiding point of the Deadly Wolves Bandits was insanely secure, even if one knew the area where it was located, the path was extremely dangerous and complicated and hard to follow.

The bandits in the hideout were thrown into chaos as the Desolate Destruction Bandits had been massacred by those mysterious youths.

’’Kill!’’ The groups of Sky Guards Battalion attacked.

’’Tell all our brothers to retreat!’’ The Deadly Wolves Leader thought about the mysterious background that the youths had and he instantly made his decision.

Soon, the group of twenty to thirty men escaped through the back.

’’Kill... ’’

From the back hill came the sound of battle.

Sou! Sou! Sou...

Tens of arrows came from the forest nearby. One of the youths held a golden bow and he had instantly shot six to seven arrows, which had taken the lives of every target.

’’How did these f*ckers know we had this escape route?’’ The Deadly Wolves Leader took in a cold breath.

His eyes scanned the surroundings and he felt his heart turn cold when they settled on a youth holding a golden bow.


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