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King Of Gods - Chapter 739


Chapter 739: 739

Chapter 739 - Pursuit of Death (2)

The couple from the Sky Sacred Qin Palace combined their qin and sword and acted as if they were facing a great foe, but just the coldness of Death made their limbs freeze . Before the battle even started, they felt as if they couldn’t control their life .

“Zhao Feng, you’re indeed at the Sky Sacred Qin Palace,” the Emperor of Death’s voice seemed to come from every direction, and Heaven and Earth turned dark .


A surge of Magnificent Power of Death covered the skies and clashed with the qin and sword of the couple . The air above the Qin Palace started to shake, and the protective array trembled and started to rapidly dim .

“Block it!”

“Not good, if the array breaks, the Qin Palace will turn into ruins . ”

At this critical point in time, almost ten thousand members of the Qin Palace reinforced the array . There was dozens of Sovereigns and several hundred at the True Spirit Realm . The elites of the entire sect poured their strength into the array . Since they had a lot of people and the array was so profound, it could merge in more True Force and True Yuan .


The protective array didn’t break, but on the other side, the combined attack of the qin and sword was instantly shattered by the Emperor of Death . The two figures shook and almost spat out blood, and this was under the fact that the couple was proficient at teamwork and could share the damage .

On top of that, the Emperor of Death didn’t even look directly at them . Just a casual radiation of his power suppressed the two . His divine Sense was scanning through the Sky Sacred Qin Palace as if searching for something . He soon locked on to Zhao Feng’s location .

“Hmm?” the Emperor of Death revealed a weird expression . This Zhao Feng seemed to be trying to form the Intent of an Emperor, and his heart shook – how could he be so fast?

The birth of any Emperor required great fortune, luck, and effort . They had to undergo many stages in life . Even though Zhao Feng was just trying to form Emperor Intent and not actually trying to break through to an Emperor, successfully forming Emperor Intent would mean that there would be no bottleneck in cultivation .

“Hehe, Zhao Feng, even if you form Emperor Intent, you won’t be my match . However, I won’t let you succeed,” the Emperor of Death’s laugh seemed to create a cold wind of Death, and as soon as he finished speaking, an Intent of Death charged toward Zhao Feng’s location .

This Emperor Intent contained the laws of Death and could destroy the soul of normal Kings or, at the very least, severely injure them .

“Don’t even think about it!” the couple combined their King Intent and blocked in front of the building . The combined Intent of two Domain-level Kings actually slightly surpassed a Peak-tier King’s, and their combined Intent specialized in defense as well .

“Interesting,” the child Demigod stepped out, and his Demigod Intent shot into the air and struck the Emperor of Death’s Intent .


The three Intents clashed together with the Intent of Death and created a tsunami in the soul-dimension . Although Intent was formed from mental energy, it contained the understanding and comprehension of their owners and could destroy things in reality .


The child Demigod’s body shook as blood dripped from his mouth . He had actively attacked;therefore, the damage he received was also higher .

The faces of the couple went red and white . It was obvious that they were injured, and this was still under the fact that the two shared the damage and most of the pressure had been borne by the child Demigod .

“Such overwhelming Intent… which revived Sacred Lord are you?” the Emperor of Death stared at the child Demigod . In the clash just now, the child Demigod used a profound method to dissolve his Intent of Death . Even more incredibly, the child Demigod had used his Sacred Body to take part of the damage .

“We need to stall the Emperor of Death . ”

“We only have hope if Zhao Feng successfully forms Emperor Intent . ”

The couple looked at each other and took a deep breath . There was no point in blaming Zhao Feng anymore . In addition, the strength of the child Demigod surpassed their imaginations . His power even even made them suspicious of whether this revived Sacred Lord had the ability to deal with the Emperor of Death himself .

“Sacred Lord? Hmph! When I was roaming the heavens, you weren’t even born yet,” the child Demigod said proudly as he wiped the blood from his mouth, but the Emperor of Death’s strength also made him wary . If they didn’t team up, he wouldn’t be able to survive either . The child Demigod had to admit that even he wouldn’t have much of a chance of victory against the Emperor of Death before breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm .

“Emperor of Death, you can’t stop me from forming Emperor Intent,” a composed and calm voice sounded from within a building that was surrounded by a powerful Intent .

Zhao Feng!

The couple revealed an overjoyed expression . Zhao Feng’s voice contained a calming effect .

“Ridiculous! I haven’t even used my true means yet,” the Emperor of Death snickered coldly .

Although he said that, the Emperor of Death already felt slightly pressured . He wasn’t scared, but if Zhao Feng was able to successfully form Emperor Intent, then killing him would become more difficult .

“Go!” Zhao Feng roared as he sent an Intent charging toward the Emperor of Death . Lightning seemed to rage in the soul-dimension .

“This aura…!” the Emperor of Death felt a tiny wisp of an uneasy aura . Zhao Feng’s Intent was an offensive-type Intent, and it was close to an Emperor’s . He had almost completely merged the power of the God Tribulation Lightning into it .

“Hmph!” the Emperor of Death laughed coldly as his Intent of Death turned into a black dragon that charged toward Zhao Feng .

Boom! Boom! Bam!

The child Demigod and the couple were instantly pushed back .

“His Emperor Intent even contains terrifying techniques of Death . The Emperor of Death’s mastery of the soul has reached an incredible level… . ” the child Demigod’s mind hurt .

Only Zhao Feng’s Intent, which contained the power of the God Tribulation Lightning, was able to clash head-on with the Emperor of Death’s .


Black smoke started to appear as the two Intents clashed, and Zhao Feng groaned as his Intent was shattered . shattered .

“Scythe of Death!”

The air around the Emperor of Death started to tremble as a black scythe started to form in his hand . It seemed to have the power to split Heaven and Earth .

This time, he didn’t use his Emperor Intent and instead chose to use battle techniques . It wasn’t that the Emperor of Death had no chance of winning, he simply realized that, by using his Emperor Intent, Zhao Feng’s Intent seemed to become stronger .

“He realized… . ” Zhao Feng’s expression became grim . Back in the Demigod Forgotten Garden, he used the Mermaid King to help form his King Intent .


The protective array of the Sky Sacred Qin Palace started to shake, and the terrifying power of the Scythe of Death flashed through the air .

“Not good!”

The couple was forced to retreat, and their spatial domains were being eroded by the aura of the Scythe of Death .

Heaven Sealing Eighteen Palms!

The child Demigod attacked and sent brilliant golden palms into the sky that limited the Emperor of Death . However, even then, the couple was injured, and this was still under the fact that the Emperor of Death was focusing on Zhao Feng .

The Emperor of Death needed to stop Zhao Feng, but the child Demigod’s Heaven Sealing Palm limited his attacks .

“Arghhh!” some experts within the array were touched by the power of Death and turned into a puddle of black water .

The Emperor of Death quickly slashed his Scythe of Death around and created attacks that covered a hundred miles . The child Demigod, the couple, Zhao Feng, and the entire Sky Sacred Qin Palace were covered in the attacks . It could be said that he was suppressing an entire two-star sect single-handedly, including Zhao Feng and the child Demigod .

It seemed that the couple and the child Demigod weren’t able to last any longer, and everything within several thousand miles was surrounded by the aura of Death as if it was a living hell . There were disciples dying every second .

“I can’t let the Sky Sacred Qin Palace face this disaster,” Zhao Feng slowly got up as his eye and hair turned purple . A ball of Purple Illusion of Purple Illusion God Lightning seemed to appear in his eye as he locked on to the Emperor of Death .

“Void Space Eye Slash!”

A weird disturbance covered the area where the Emperor of Death stood . Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye had completely locked on to the Emperor of Death .

Heaven Sealing Eighteen Palms!

The child Demigod also helped and restricted the Emperor of Death .

“Petty tricks!” the Emperor of Death stood still and let a scarlet-colored blade pierce through his body .


The Emperor of Death remained unmoving . He was like a statue .

“That’s the Immortal Death Body . His body is a living corpse . In theory, nothing can harm him, even if you hit an organ,” the child Demigod took in a cold breath .

The Immortal Death Body was an undying technique, and although it didn’t necessarily give great physical strength, it granted strong survival abilities . Simply said, one could see the Emperor of Death as an powerful, undying ghost-corpse .

“The Void Space Eye Slash has been countered,” Zhao Feng wasn’t surprised . He knew a lot of information about the Emperor of Death from Duanmu Qing .

Usually, when it was too hard to destroy the physical body, one could set their sight on the soul . However, the problem was that the Emperor of Death’s mastery of the soul was amongst the best in the Cang Ocean . This was the specialty of his Eye of Death, and this was also why he could be at the peak amongst Emperors .

“Hahaha… . I’ll kill you guys first,” the Emperor of Death’s long laugh resounded coldly across the sky .

He had successfully blocked Zhao Feng’s Emperor Intent from forming and was now focusing on the couple and the child Demigod . He would kill these flies first, then take care of Zhao Feng and start his eye-stealing plan .

He spun the Scythe of Death toward the couple .


The scythe destroyed everything in its path and ripped apart the defensive barriers of the two . The husband and wife screamed as the Scythe of Death descended upon them – one of the two would definitely die .


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