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King Of Gods - Chapter 736


Chapter 736: 736

Chapter 736 - Chapter Name Hidden due to Spoiler

On the 48th floor of the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace, Zhao Feng didn’t think that he would meet the figure he had been chasing like this .

Liu Qinxin’s expression was the same as the one in his memories, but her aura had evolved since Flooding Lake City . She wore a white dress and seemed to be a goddess from a painting – elegant and noble . She seemed to stand out from mortals .

“Feng, it’s you…!” the elegant female’s expression changed dramatically as she exclaimed .


One of the strings on the qin in front of her snapped .

“You two… know each other?” the child Demigod, Li Xueyi, and the couple from the Sky Sacred Qin Palace were shocked . Each of the figures of the 48th floor were legendary existences, and this female was definitely one of them too . They didn’t expect her to know Zhao Feng .

“She’s… the person you’re looking for?” Li Xueyi’s heart shook . The female in front of them had reached an incredible level of mastery in the Dao of Entertainment, and her aura didn’t seem to be something that could exist in this world . Zhao Feng had been searching for such a perfect female?

“You’re Qinxin?” Zhao Feng asked in disbelief . How could Liu Qinxin be a figure from the walls?

Liu Qinxin gently looked at Zhao Feng, and emotions flashed through her eyes, including bitterness and joy .

“Who are you?” Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye fully opened, and his left eye and hair turned purple as a strong surge of Eye Intent appeared .

“This is his true strength!” the couple, Li Xueyi, and company all felt unable to breathe .

“Feng, I am Liu Qinxin, but not the Qinxin you’re searching for… . ” Liu Qinxin looked deeply at Zhao Feng, and two lines of tears dripped down from her eyes .

Zhao Feng was confused . What the heck was that supposed to mean? The actions and the smile of the beauty in front of him were exactly the same as Liu Qinxin from back then .

“Qinxin, what’s going on? Are you alive or not?” Zhao Feng took a deep breath . The Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace was extremely profound – even the God’s Spiritual Eye wasn’t able to see through it .

“Only those that have died can appear in the walls . I am Liu Qinxin, but at the same time, I’m not . Precisely said, I am a part of Liu Qinxin and have her memories, abilities, and emotions before she entered the 49th floor… . ” Liu Qinxin said .

“Only those that have died?” Zhao Feng heart went cold . Liu Qinxin… died?

The couple and the child Demigod all revealed thoughtful expressions as they had their guesses about what kind of existence Liu Qinxin was .

“This Liu Qinxin should be created by the power of the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace, but no one knows whether they’re real or fake,” the child Demigod guessed .

“Only those that have died can appear in the walls . Looks like the Liu Qinxin that Zhao Feng’s searching for has already died,” Li Xueyi couldn’t help but feel sympathetic .

Zhao Feng stood still for a long time with clenched fists and started to tremble .

“Feng, you need to stop mourning,” Liu Qinxin said in a trembling tone . Due to the powers of the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace, her memories and emotions toward Zhao Feng were completely the same as the real Liu Qinxin .

“Qinxin, how did you die?” Zhao Feng started to calm down and thought that there was a hidden secret .

Liu Qinxin didn’t say anything, she just gave a deep glance .


Countless images appeared in Zhao Feng’s mind . A girl in white searched for the final Intent of the Dao of Entertainment . Liu Qinxin received different types of comprehensions and rewards after passing through the stages, but her body was losing energy as she completed each stage . Her comprehension and Intent surpassed her cultivation and state of existence by hundreds, if not thousands of times .

On the 48th floor, Liu Qinxin’s energy and lifeforce were fully expended . Facing the last floor, she used all her energy and lifeforce to enter it . The memories stopped here . At the very last instant, Liu Qinxin should have died .

“The real Liu Qinxin you are searching for has definitely died on the 49th floor, otherwise I wouldn’t appear,” Liu Qinxin said in a bitter tone . When she mentioned “the real Liu Qinxin,” her heart started to hurt, as if it was being cut by knives .

Zhao Feng was silent for a long time as he digested and accepted this truth .

A while later:

“I need to enter the 49th floor and confirm the truth,” Zhao Feng was full of decisiveness .

The Liu Qinxin in front of him should be a phantom created by the powers of the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace, and even Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye couldn’t see through it .

“However, with your strength, none of you can pass my stage,” Liu Qinxin said .

No one can pass? the group looked at each other, but they weren’t suspicious . One had to know that Liu Qinxin had passed through the 48th floor and entered the 49th floor . Her mastery of the Dao of Entertainment had reached the peak of an era .

“Liu Qinxin, if you know Zhao Feng and love him, can’t you make it easier?” Li Xueyi couldn’t help but say .

“These are the rules of the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace . I can’t go against them,” the girl shook her head, and the hearts of the group dropped .

Zhao Feng stood motionless, and he felt extremely uneasy as he looked in the direction of the 49th floor . If she was dead, he wanted to see her corpse . Zhao Feng felt that he was one step away from the truth .

“Feng,” the girl suddenly spoke, “Only you can defeat me, and you’re the only one that can find the method . ”

There’s only one way? Zhao Feng became calm and started to think . Since he cultivated the Ten Thousand divine Thoughts Technique, he could split his mind into a thousand thoughts and think really fast .

Bitterness appeared on his face when he remembered that method . The bet they made near the Flooding Lake City appeared in his mind . At that time, Liu Qinxin had unsealed her cultivation, and she was at the True Spirit Realm . Zhao Feng wasn’t her match at all, but he had won .

Thinking up to there, Zhao Feng took a step forward as a powerful surge of Eye Intent emanated from his God’s Spiritual Eye . A dreamy power then started to fill the air .

“Qinxin, did you know that my heart was moved the first time I saw you?” Zhao Feng was full of emotion as he slowly walked toward “Liu Qinxin “Liu Qinxin . ”

In the dreamy purple light, the scenery turned into a place near the Flooding Lake City .

“Is this real?” the eyes of the girl started to go red and teary .

“Qinxin, I’ve decided to take you as my wife,” Zhao Feng’s voice was filled with emotion . He not only merged the illusionary power of his God’s Spiritual Eye into the scene – he also added his own emotions .

Within the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace, Liu Qinxin and Zhao Feng hugged tightly .

“How…?” Zhao Feng felt that the smell and touch and warmth of her skin were extremely real, and his God’s Spiritual Eye saw that her body was made of true flesh and blood .

“This is far too real to be a dream,” Zhao Feng was stunned .

“The highest level of illusion is reality,” the beauty in his arms started to fade, but she still looked at Zhao Feng with deep emotions .

Are you a real lifeform? waves splashed in Zhao Feng’s heart . The highest level of illusion is reality?

“Feng, you have the ninth God’s Eye . Have you heard the legend of the Ancestor Eye?” Liu Qinxin said .

The legend of the Ancestor Eye? Zhao Feng didn’t have any time to think about how Liu Qinxin knew he had the ninth God’s Eye .

Apparently, when the Eight Great God Eyes gathered together, the supreme Ancestor Eye would be able to restore the laws of the universe . However, the Ancestor Eye couldn’t be opened because everything in the world was just a dream . If the Ancestor Eye opened, the “dream” would shatter .

Was the Liu Qinxin in front of him real or fake? Zhao Feng couldn’t tell .

“Feng, go search for the real Liu Qinxin . After comprehending the fate of Fan Lun, her fate is still alive even though she has died,” Liu Qinxin gave one last deep glance toward Zhao Feng . It seemed to contain all her emotions and life essence .


The image in front of them disappeared, and Zhao Feng had successfully passed the stage . However, Zhao Feng felt empty and disappointed . Although he had defeated Liu Qinxin, the method he used was the same as last time – he simply took advantage of the flaws in her heart .

“We’ve passed

“We’ve passed the 48th floor!” the couple from the Sky Sacred Qin Palace and Li Xueyi revealed joyful expressions . The next floor was the supreme level of the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace .


The little thieving cat’s gaze landed on the wall . Apart from it, no one realized that the picture in the wall glanced deeply toward Zhao Feng with a pained expression before turning into mist and disappearing .

“Zhao Feng, we’ll learn the truth after entering the 49th floor,” Li Xueyi said . Everyone else was also looking forward to it .

“Okay,” Zhao Feng nodded his head and led the way into the 49th floor .

There were no more steps at the end of the 49th floor . There was only a large mysterious sky above them . Below the sky was a palace in the shape of a wheel . The material of the palace was exactly the same as the one they had seen from outside, but the people inside could see the mysterious sky from below . The mysterious sky contained an unblockable pressure .

“Destiny?” Zhao Feng felt that the wheel-like palace was slowly rotating around the sky .

“Is this the final Intent of the Dao of Entertainment?”

Everyone else felt an indescribable power of Destiny in the sky .

An area in the sky suddenly lit up .


Everyone’s gaze turned from the sky toward a person . More precisely said, it was a female with snow-white skin . She had a white dress, and she was mysteriously connected with the sky .

“Qinxin!” Zhao Feng could tell from the back that it was Liu Qinxin .


Zhao Feng flashed next to Qinxin and saw that she had a dazzling smile on her face, but Zhao Feng’s body stiffened as he stared at the unmoving figure .

“This is a corpse . There’s no sign of life to it,” the Palace Master said .

“She’s dead,” a weird light flashed through the child Demigod’s eyes . The corpse hadn’t rotted even after seven years . Instead, it had become even more perfect . Her skin was smooth and gave off a pleasant smell .

Right as everyone was silent, the unexpected happened .

Chapter 736 - The Death of Liu Qinxin


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