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King Of Gods - Chapter 735


Chapter 735: 735

Chapter 735 - Appearance

The drawings on the walls seemed to jump and appear in a few courtyards in front . Several females in ancient clothing were dancing as the sound of a qin played alongside them, creating a peaceful and calm environment . On the two sides of the singing and dancing were several officials and a king .

It was hard to distinguish between reality and illusion . All of the people were smiling and talking flawlessly .

Zhao Feng was slightly surprised . He felt a resistive force when he tried to step forward . The images that had appeared from the walls seemed to have real powers . The sounds of singing and the officials present had the ability to change reality . Of course, this slight resistance wasn’t able to stop Zhao Feng .

However, the problem was that this was just the first floor . It was hard to imagine what type of powers the higher floors would have .

“Just the entertainment in life,” Li Xueyi smiled faintly and pointed out with her finger, causing all the images to fade away . The steps to the second floor appeared, and Zhao Feng couldn’t help but be amazed . The dancing and singing that could affect reality was easily taken care of by someone that cultivated the Dao of Entertainment . If it was someone else that didn’t understand the Dao of Entertainment, it would take them a very long time to pass through it .

“As this opening isn’t a normal opening, there won’t be any rewards at the end of each floor, nor any inheritance,” an elder murmured .

When the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace opened normally, the geniuses that passed through a certain number of floors would be given respective awards . Some might’ve been treasures while others might’ve been techniques or comprehension . Some would even gain inheritances of various experts that cultivated the Dao of Entertainment . However, since this wasn’t a normal opening, there would be none of that .

“Because there’s no reward, only one person needs to pass through the stage and everyone will pass,” the Palace Master nodded her head . Their goal was just to find where the flaw of the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace was .

After entering the second floor, mountains covered in mist appeared from the walls, and the sound of nature came from every direction . A strong roar of a tiger came from the depths of the mountain and caused Zhao Feng’s clothes to flap around . The resistance here was much stronger than the previous floor, and this was still under the fact that Zhao Feng had reached the Void God Realm;if it were any genius under the Void God Realm, their souls would be shaken .

“A measly roar of a tiger…!” Li Xueyi floated forward, and the imagery in front of them started to crumble before it had even fully formed . As long as one understood the particular aspect of the Dao of Entertainment on each floor, they could pass . All of this was used to test the challenger, but Zhao Feng felt as if the imagery in the walls weren’t just simple illusions .

Li Xueyi easily passed the first ten floors . She was extremely talented in the Dao of Entertainment, and she had reached the 32nd floor seven years ago .

Her speed started to slow down a bit after the 15th floor .

Passing relies on understanding and mastery of the Dao of Entertainment, not cultivation, Zhao Feng concluded, otherwise Liu Qinxin wouldn’t have reached the 32nd floor or higher seven years ago .

On the 20th floor, ancient beasts crawled out from the walls one after another, and each of their auras were able to dominate a True Lord Rank . Li Xueyi now needed to actually attack . She opened her mouth, and the sound of an angel passed through the air and crushed these beasts into dust .

On the 28th floor of the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace, there was a handsome male in white sitting in front of a mountain and gently touching his qin as he listened to the sound of a waterfall . The male in white smiled as he looked toward the group .

“Void God Realm King!” even though the male in white had concealed his aura, Zhao Feng was extremely surprised .

“Guests from afar, why not play a song and enjoy the scenery with me?” the male’s voice gave off a calm feeling . Normally, Li Xueyi would go up to play a song and drink with the male, winning his good-will to pass .

The cultivation of this man has reached the Void God Realm, so the challengers normally wouldn’t be able to forcefully break through, Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled .

Li Xueyi was just about to go up when she was stopped stopped by Zhao Feng . She and the couple revealed puzzled expressions . Zhao Feng walked over and sent out a punch toward the male in white .


This punch contained Zhao Feng’s Magnificent Power as well as the double domains of the Illusion Maze Domain and the Wind Lightning Domain .

“You…!” the male in white screamed as he was sent flying and coughing out blood by Zhao Feng’s fist .


The man and the rest of the illusion returned to the wall .

“This saves more time,” Zhao Feng clapped his hands and signaled Li Xueyi to continue walking .

The difficulty of the stages became increasingly harder after the 30th floor . For example, there was an imprisoned legendary evil dragon on the 33rd floor, and the powerful aura of a dragon bloodline made the hearts of the group shake . Only Zhao Feng’s Mystic Ice Scaled Race bloodline remained unaffected .


The prison restricting the evil dragon started to shake, and it probably wouldn’t be able to last longer than half a breath .

“It’s a weak descendant of the legendary True Dragon race,” the child Demigod appeared and stared at the evil black dragon . Even though it was just a weak descendant, it still had battle-power comparable to a Void God Realm Emperor just by using its strong physical body .

“I was defeated on this floor last time, but I met an ancient beast seven years ago,” Li Xueyi said .

This floor was extremely difficult to pass;they needed to comfort the dragon with the power of the Dao of Entertainment . Zhao Feng could see that, although the dragon was strong, it wasn’t very intelligent . Despite that, comforting the dragon and making it go back into the wall was a troublesome task .

Compared to seven years ago, Li Xueyi’s current mastery of the Dao of Entertainment was easily much greater . She walked to the prison and released a calm and peaceful aura, then started to dance and sing . The evil dragon’s gaze was attracted to Li Xueyi, and its chaotic emotions finally started to calm down . Four hours later, the evil dragon had fallen asleep, and the scenery returned to the wall .

As they closed in on the 40th floor, the difficulty became ten times greater, and Li Xueyi wasn’t able to conquer the floors even with her understanding and understanding and mastery of the Dao of Entertainment . Luckily, it wasn’t just her that entered the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace;there was also the Palace Master and the First Elder .

On the 40th floor, an old man with a long beard appeared on a hill and gave them three weird questions that not only tested their Dao of Entertainment but also some theory about Destiny . Even the Sky Sacred Qin Palace couple were troubled by this stage . Zhao Feng and the child Demigod both were unable to see through the old man’s aura .

At this point, the stages of the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace not only regarded the Dao of Entertainment, they also regarded philosophy and Destiny . Luckily, they didn’t need to rely on only one person . Li Xueyi and the couple became the main force while the little thieving cat and the child Demigod helped . The little thieving cat could divine a bit and support them, while the child Demigod had reached a high level of Intent and had experienced the God Tribulation and revival through blood, so his understanding of Life was definitely not simple . Their combined intelligence was limitless .

They spent half a day to finally pass this floor .

“Hehe… . Heaven’s Legacy Cat?” the old man with the long beard smiled as he glanced at the little thieving cat .

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat seemed to ponder as it looked toward the old man with rare complicated emotions .


The scenery disappeared, and the old man returned to the wall .

There was a total of 49 floors in the Ancient Sound Palace, and there were only nine left . The difficulty of the next nine was extremely high, and even some legendary scenes appeared that couldn’t be broken through by pure power .

“Even someone at the Heavenly divine Realm wouldn’t be able to forcefully break through… . ” the expression of the child Demigod became solemn, but luckily this wasn’t a normal opening, so they could retreat and retry each floor if they couldn’t pass right away . Since normal openings gave rewards, you couldn’t try a floor over and over .

44th floor… 45th floor… 46th floor .

Everyone did their best and finally conquered the stages . The 47th floor took them half a month and several attempts to pass . When they re-entered the floor, the the floor, the test might have changed .

Zhao Feng’s heart started to go cold . Even if Liu Qinxin was talented, she probably wouldn’t have been able to last this long with her cultivation back then . Of course, Zhao Feng forgot that there were usually rewards, comprehensions, and even inheritances .

“48th floor!” the couple from the Sky Sacred Qin Palace were excited . Apparently, the founder had only reached the 40th floor, but that was his own ability . Currently, they could work as a team and keep retrying, so it wasn’t really considered their own ability . Furthermore, the little thieving cat and the child Demigod complimented them .

48th floor . The rate at which they were solving this floor was incredibly slow . Only one, two, or three people would appear . They would either sing songs, play instruments, draw, or play chess . Each of the people that appeared were true saints in the Dao of Entertainment . Their mastery of the Dao of Entertainment had reached a heaven-defying level .

One of the females played a flute, causing the target to enter an inescapable dreamy state . Luckily, they would only send one person each time, so the rest of the group was able to rescue them .

There was also a clash between chess players . In the scenery, two elders were playing chess and knew nothing of the outside world . An Elder from the Qin Palace was confident in his chess skills and asked to represent them, but he immediately froze when he got close to the chess board .

“Time… the power of Time!!” the expression of the child Demigod changed dramatically . This was the domain of Gods .

Any figure from these walls had power that could reach the heavens . The 48th floor stopped everyone, and they could only try carefully and withdraw if there was any minor error . They did this several dozen times until a female in white appeared . Her skin was as white as snow, and she seemed to be a goddess from a painting . The female was elegant and quiet . She seemed to have a pouting expression, and she had a qin next to her .

“This figure…” Li Xueyi found the figure slightly familiar .

“Qinxin! How…?” Zhao Feng’s expression changed dramatically as he stared at the goddess in white from the illusionary scenery .


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