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King Of Gods - Chapter 734


Chapter 734: 734

Chapter 734 - Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace

Zhao Feng took Li Xueyi and flew for ten thousand miles without hesitation .

Mountains and lakes appeared ahead . The scenery seemed like something out of a painting, and it contained the elegance and beauty of nature itself, as if it wasn’t part of civilization . This quiet and calm image made one dazed, and Zhao Feng’s slightly impatient heart calmed down .

Although he may have lost some things during his path of cultivation, he always aimed to strive for freedom and guiltlessness .

“We’re here,” Li Xueyi led Zhao Feng to a mountain full of the faint sounds of a qin . This was the Sky Sacred Qin Palace, an extremely calm place that had no fighting .

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye sensed the aura here and finally understood why the Sky Sacred Qin Palace had started to weaken over the years, and why the forces that cultivated the Dao of Entertainment found it hard to reach the peak – it was too peaceful . Such a safe environment meant less competition and less battle-intent .


“Martial Sister Li!”

Many disciples greeted Li Xueyi on the way, and some looked curiously toward Zhao Feng . The eyes of some male disciples couldn’t help but become filled with jealousy and envy as they watched Zhao Feng and Li Xueyi travel shoulder to shoulder .

“Dear Regulators, this is a guest that Master invited here,” Li Xueyi said, and the members of the sect could hear the meaning in Li Xueyi’s words and left .

Li Xueyi felt slightly calmer . The person next to her was a Void God Realm King . It wouldn’t be fun for anyone if someone offended him .

The two soon arrived in front of a palace that was in the middle of a white lotus .

“The Palace Master and First Elder are in seclusion,” a male and female in front of the palace stopped them .

Zhao Feng understood the situation of the Sky Sacred Qin Palace from Li Xueyi . They had two Void God Realm Kings, which were the Palace Master and the First Elder . The two were also husband and wife .

Seclusion? The couple’s not “dual cultivating,” right? Zhao Feng couldn’t help but wickedly think . As he became older, he wasn’t the dumb and pure youth from back then . He knew a lot about what could happen between males and females .

“Senior Zhao, you…” Li Xueyi felt troubled . The Palace Master and First Elder were both in seclusion, but Zhao Feng was also a Void God Realm King and not to be treated with disrespect .

“I can’t wait,” Zhao Feng decided after thinking for a while . Once he stayed in one place for too long, the danger from the Pursuit of Death would increase . One had to know that Zhao Feng and company had just raided a two-star battlefield not long ago, and the girl with the Eye of Destiny wasn’t there just for show .


A Magnificent Power suddenly crushed toward the palace in front, and a multi-colored barrier appeared, forming a layer of protection .

“You…! Stop!” Li Xueyi’s expression couldn’t help but change as she felt the Magnificent Power, but Zhao Feng controlled it very well and only unleashed it on a small area, otherwise the entire mountain might’ve crumbled .


The barrier around the palace started to crack . One had to know that Zhao Feng’s soul was almost on par with an Emperor’s, and his Intent was also extremely strong .

“Who is it!?”

“Which King dares to attack the Qin Palace?”

The shouts of a male and female came from within the palace, and Zhao Feng stood with his hands behind his back and a faint smile on his face .

Li Xueyi looked at this youth surrounded in Magnificent Power with a complex expression . Was this young King not scared of facing the anger of two Kings?

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Two figures covered in Magnificent Power appeared . One was a noble beauty – the Palace Master – and the other scholarly male was the First Elder .

“Xueyi,” the gazes of the two glanced back and forth between Zhao Feng and Li Xueyi . It seemed like they were peaceful and had no problems with each other . The two two Kings let out a breath, but they couldn’t help but be suspicious of the relationship between them .

Could Xueyi have found a King husband? the gaze of the beauty made Li Xueyi’s face go red, and she knew that her master had misunderstood .

The Palace Master and First Elder didn’t get angry . They first inspected Zhao Feng . Being experts that cultivated the Dao of Entertainment, they were peaceful people . Furthermore, this King was extremely young, and he caught their attention without harming even a flower .

The two Kings looked at each other and confirmed that they didn’t know Zhao Feng .

“This one is called Zhao Feng, and I come from the True Martial Sacred Zone in need of help from the two seniors of the Sky Sacred Qin Palace,” Zhao Feng said humbly .

“Please,” the two Kings had a good impression of Zhao Feng since he didn’t display any arrogance .

The Palace Master was even willing for a relationship to form between Li Xueyi and Zhao Feng . After all, it was rare to see such a young King, and his Intent seemed to be even slightly stronger than theirs .

Within a tidy hall, the couple, Zhao Feng, and Li Xueyi sat down .

Zhao Feng went straight to the point .

“Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace? Xueyi, you really saw a figure seven years ago?” the two were stunned . The Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace was first discovered by the founder of the Sky Sacred Qin Palace and their entire sect was constructed around it, and they only now realized that an outsider had entered it .

“It was the figure of a female that fits perfectly with the person Senior Zhao was talking about . If it was just a mistake, how could it be such a coincidence?” Li Xueyi confirmed . She had talked to Zhao Feng before and confirmed that it was Liu Qinxin .

“No wonder the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace opened on its own back then . ”

The couple felt incredulous and started to communicate before coming to a decision .

“We need to find out the truth,” their expressions were solemn . The The Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace was the core inheritance of the Sky Sacred Qin Palace, and an outsider had somehow entered without them even realizing .

This made them unable to calm down . From a certain perspective, it could even be said that this was a hidden danger . The couple decided to find out the truth and fix any flaws, if there were any .

The two sides decided to team up to find the truth . Zhao Feng nodded his head;the couple was understanding and didn’t reject Zhao Feng .

Their aims were the same . Zhao Feng wanted to confirm whether his fiancée was alive or dead while the couple wanted to check if there was anything wrong with their core inheritance .

An hour later, the couple had gathered the upper echelon of the Sky Sacred Qin Palace, and the weakest elder participating in the meeting was at the peak Great Origin Core Realm . This was because they were going to enter the inheritance in an unusual way and, in theory, were going against the rules set by the founder . All nine Elders needed to vote in order to provide fairness .

After knowing how important the issue was, all nine Elders submitted their votes . An outsider entering their inheritance without anyone knowing was something they could not tolerate .

The upper echelon soon arrived in front of a restricted area . In front of them was an abyss covered in mist .

Zhao Feng’s left eye could faintly see a large mysterious palace with forty-nine floors that was covered in a blurry haze . He could also see that the Ancient Sound Palace was in a circular shape, and the center should be empty .

Zhao Feng’s Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline and the God’s Spiritual Eye both twitched slightly . Although the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace was blocked by layers of arrays, Zhao Feng could still feel an ancient aura that was similar to the Ancient Dream Realm radiating from it .

Zhao Feng instinctively felt that the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace wasn’t something the Sky Sacred Qin Palace could control . The founder of the Sky Sacred Qin Palace was half a step into the Mystic into the Mystic Light Realm and even then was unable to find out its secrets .


The couple and the several elders waved array flags, causing the mist to fade away and reveal the shape of the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace . Although the mist had faded, the palace was still blurry, but the ancient aura became stronger and made everyone feel as if they were ants looking up at a giant .

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The couple led several upper echelon members, as well as Zhao Feng and Li Xueyi, into the abyss . There was a total of nine people and, other than Li Xueyi, the weakest of them had reached the peak Great Origin Core Realm .

The couple and Zhao Feng, a total of three Kings, then started to forcefully open the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace . Although the sect was in control of it, opening it by force was still hard .

In that instant, the Magnificent Powers of three Kings merged into a special silver token in front of the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace .


The silver token started to tremble before slowly flying up into the sky .

At the same moment:


The silver metallic doors of the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace started to open . Every bit further the token went up, the further the doors would open .

The doors suddenly stopped when one-third was opened, since one-third could easily fit one person through .

“Go!” the urgent voices of the couple sounded .


Zhao Feng turned into a scarlet-colored streak of lightning that sped into the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace . The couple then took Li Xueyi and followed after him . After them came the elders .

Within the first floor of the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace, beneath them were countless steps and various drawings on the wall .

A weird scene started to appear . The images on the wall started to jump in front of them, and they could even hear voices .

Zhao Feng’s footsteps started to slow down as he met a resisting force .


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