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King Of Gods - Chapter 733


Chapter 733: 733

Chapter 733 - Sky Sacred Qin Palace (3)

Zhao Feng watched the entire gathering from above without leaving because he wanted to find tracks of Liu Qinxin.

The Dao of Entertainment Meeting started to come to an end, and Li Xueyi became the protagonist of the meeting. Her mastery of the qin surpassed all the geniuses of several generations of the Gan Sacred Island Zone.

The other two prodigies in the Gan Sacred Island Zone weren’t even able to last more than ten breaths against her. Even some of the elder generations present felt worthless.

“She’s even more terrifying than the rumors. This Li Xueyi is named as the top genius of the past several thousand years of the Sky Sacred Qin Palace, and she probably still has hidden tricks.”

“This girl has the fate of reviving the Sky Sacred Qin Palace.”

The other experts of the older generation were slightly worried. Ten thousand years ago, the Sky Sacred Qin Palace was a peak two-star sect that had once entered the Floating Dream Sacred Land, but several thousand years later, this two-star sect started to weaken and lose its status as the ruler of the Dao of Entertainment.

Many people were starting to leave as the meeting ended, but Li Xueyi’s smile caused the hearts of many youths to be dragged away. Some geniuses of the Dao of Entertainment finally mustered their courage and were about to go up and talk to Goddess Snow Qin, but right at this moment:


An arc of lightning flashed down from the sky.

“Who’s there!?”

“Goddess, watch out!”

The nearby geniuses close to Li Xueyi exclaimed. The person was extremely fast, and his aura had reached the Sovereign Lord Rank, but he didn’t attack after landing.

“Which bastard dares to have impure plans toward Goddess Snow Qin?”

The nearby geniuses calmed down and stared at the youth covered in lightning with wariness. This youth had his hands behind his back, and he was handsome. The aura radiating from him had reached the Sovereign Lord Rank.

Goddess Snow Qin and the nearby geniuses didn’t dare to do anything. The genius with the highest cultivation was Li Xueyi herself, and she was only at the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm.

“Who are you?” Li Xueyi’s eyebrows furrowed slightly, but she didn’t panic. Her voice seemed to be an angel’s.

She inspected this youth closely. His talent and cultivation surpassed everyone present. Apart from the Floating Dream Sacred Land, it would be hard to find such a genius in any of the other island zones.

“This one is called Zhao Feng and would like to take Lady Li moongazing,” the youth smiled and seemed to be talking about a very normal situation.

Moongazing? the geniuses present were all stunned. This unknown youth wanted to hit on Goddess Snow Qin in broad daylight?

“And if I don’t want to?” Li Xueyi’s eyes were as calm as water. No one could see what she was thinking.

“You will,” Zhao Feng smiled faintly and slowly walked toward Li Xueyi. All of the clues led to the Li Xueyi. She was the Head disciple of the Sky Sacred Qin Palace, and if Liu Qinxin was also in her sect, she would definitely know about it. Furthermore, with her talent, she had most likely entered the Sky Sacred Qin Inheritance as well.

Since there was a slight similarity between Liu Qinxin’s aura and Li Xueyi’s, Zhao Feng didn’t use force to search her soul.

Li Xueyi couldn’t help but inspect Zhao Feng with curiosity. Instinct told her that this man had no ill intent.


“Don’t you dare try to harm Goddess Snow Qin!”

The other geniuses present roared in anger. They were rather protective of her;maybe this was a good chance to perform in front of the Goddess. Although the cultivation of this youth was strong, they had a bunch of geniuses and older-generation experts on their side.

Zhao Feng ignored these geniuses and slowly walked toward Li Xueyi.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The geniuses that tried to go near him were sent flying by an invisible power and coughed out blood.

Surprise appeared in Li Xueyi’s eyes. Even she wasn’t able to see through Zhao Feng.

“Which brat dares to cause trouble?” several Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lords appeared from different directions, and one of them was even a half-step King female dressed in red.

One half-step King and three Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lords quickly flew over, worried that Zhao Feng would harm Li Xueyi. Zhao Feng ignored them and kept on walking walking slowly toward Li Xueyi. He even reached out with his hand and made a gentlemen-like gesture.

This scene caused the female in red and the experts of the older generation to become angry. This brat dared to ignore everyone!?


When these experts of the older generation got close to Zhao Feng, a Magnificent Power enveloped them.


“How is this possible… Magnificent Power!?”

The female in red and other three were restricted in the air and couldn’t even think about fighting back. Fear and shock were written in the eyes of the four experts, and the field became dead-silent.

“You…!” Li Xueyi’s expression finally changed as she looked at Zhao Feng in disbelief.

“Senior, what do you need? To trouble a junior of the Dao of Entertainment?” the female in red took a deep breath and said.

At this point in time, every expert of the older generation had turned stone-like and didn’t dare to do anything.

“I just want to talk to her,” Zhao Feng said calmly.

“If Senior wants to, how would I dare not to?” Li Xueyi bit her lips and glanced toward Zhao Feng deeply with bitterness and helplessness. How could she not see Zhao Feng’s true level now? One half-step King and three Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lords had been completely restricted by him. If he was willing, Zhao Feng could kill them all with just one thought.

“Let’s go then,” Zhao Feng nodded his head in admiration and grabbed Li Xueyi’s soft hand as his Magnificent Power shot them into the sky.

In the blink of an eye, Zhao Feng and Li Xueyi had disappeared from sight.


The experts present all drew in cold breaths, and some geniuses were completely dazed.

“Void God Realm King!” the Sovereign Lords that had been about to attack just then were filled with bitterness.

“And probably not a normal King either. Luckily, it seems that he doesn’t have any ill-intent toward Li Xueyi. If he really wanted to, all of us would be dead,” the female in red looked toward the direction where the two had disappeared to.

A while later, on a lone peak several miles away, Zhao Feng and Li Xueyi stood side by side.

“You just…!” Li Xueyi pulled her hand away from away from Zhao Feng’s and her face turned into a rare shade of red. Apart from anger and embarrassment, there was also an indescribable feeling, and her heart rate sped up a bit. No matter what, Zhao Feng was a King – someone who looked down at life from above.

“No,” Zhao Feng murmured. At the beginning, he had slight hope that Li Xueyi’s appearance and aura were just modified and she was actually another person, but after physical contact, Zhao Feng confirmed that Li Xueyi and Liu Qinxin were two completely different people.

“Lady Li, you come from the Sky Sacred Qin Palace. Did the Sky Sacred Qin Inheritance of your sect open seven years ago?” Zhao Feng went straight to the point.

“Sky Sacred Qin Inheritance?” Li Xueyi thought for a while before answering, “Maybe that’s what the outside world calls it. Seven years ago was when the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace opened.”

Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace. When Zhao Feng heard this, his God’s Spiritual Eye twitched slightly.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat also appeared and wiped the drool from its mouth before drinking two gulps from an alcohol flask.

“What a cute cat,” Li Xueyi couldn’t help but look at the little thieving cat.

“Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace? What is it, and was there anyone not from your sect that entered it?” Zhao Feng said in a solemn tone and knew that he was at the critical point.

“Senior, you’re asking me so many so quickly. Can you first answer one of mine?” Li Xueyi counter-asked as a rare sign of childishness appeared on her face. Her face became faintly red, and she looked more charming. Maybe it was because Zhao Feng was so nonchalant and looked so young, but Li Xueyi wasn’t scared of him.

Zhao Feng paused for a second before replying, “Go ahead.”

“Senior, how old are you? I feel like you’re not one of those Void God Realm Kings that are several thousand years old,” Li Xueyi asked curiously.

“Twenty-four,” Zhao Feng was expressionless.

“Twenty… four?” Li Xueyi was dazed and her face was filled with utter shock. She never would have thought that this King’s age was similar to hers. Being the number one genius of the Sky Sacred Qin Palace of the past several thousand years, she was extremely talented, but extremely talented, but this youth who was the same age as her was already a King.

“Now you can answer my questions,” Zhao Feng smiled with a tinge of smugness.

Li Xueyi suppressed the shock in her heart before forcefully calming herself down and answering Zhao Feng’s questions.

“The Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace apparently comes from the Ancient Era of the Fan Universe, and it was found by the creator of the Sky Sacred Qin Palace dozens of millennia ago and made into the core of our sect. However, even the founder, who was half a step away from entering the Mystic Light Realm, was unable to uncover all its secrets….” Li Xueyi first started to tell the history of the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace.

Zhao Feng started to think. It seemed very likely that the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace took Liu Qinxin away during the Sacred True Dragon Gathering. However, since this inheritance belonged to the Dao of Entertainment and rarely appeared, no one paid attention to it.

“Were there any outsiders that entered the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace seven years ago?” Zhao Feng continued.

Hearing that Li Xueyi started to think.

“If you asked anyone else, there might be no answer, but when I entered the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace seven years ago, I was in front of all the other geniuses by a mile, and I faintly saw a figure on the thirty-second floor,” Li Xueyi’s answer was uncertain.

Figure? Zhao Feng’s eyes locked on to Li Xueyi.

“Seven years ago, I thought it was just me. The Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace is split into forty-nine floors. The higher one goes, the more talented one is in the Dao of Entertainment. I surpassed all the other geniuses of the sect by far back then, so how could there be someone in front of me?” Li Xueyi bit her lips.

She always thought that it was just her and her imagination. She didn’t believe anyone else had talent in the Dao of Entertainment that surpassed hers. Because she didn’t want to believe it, she couldn’t accept it, and Li Xueyi instinctively thought it was just a mistake.

Hearing up to there, Zhao Feng could almost confirm that Liu Qinxin had entered the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace.

“Take me to the Sky Sacred Qin Palace.”


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