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King Of Gods - Chapter 731


Chapter 731: 731

Chapter 731 - Sky Sacred Qin Palace (1)

“There’s only two or three months left before I reach the Sky Qin Sacred Palace….” Zhao Feng murmured.

As he got closer to his destination, he felt somewhat uneasy and impatient. The image of a quiet figure that seemed straight out of a painting appeared in his mind. She was clothed in white and seemed to be pouting as she smiled toward him.

“It’s been seven years….” Zhao Feng took a deep breath and showed rare signs of uneasiness.

Seven years ago, he was just seventeen years old as he went to the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

Time had flown, and many things had happened in these seven years.

Putting aside whether Liu Qinxin had survived or not, too many things could happen in seven years. Even if she was still alive, would she remember the promise from back then? Now that she was in another place where she didn’t know anyone… would she already be married?

Seven years. If Liu Qinxin didn’t die, it was impossible to imagine what could’ve happened to her.


Zhao Feng let out a breath and calmed down. He needed a confirmed answer whether she was alive or not. This wasn’t just his wish, it was also the Flooding Lake City Lord’s.

In the limitless ocean, the ghost ship maintained a high speed as it passed through the air.

Since the Yuan Qi in the limitless ocean was extremely faint, the pressure from Heaven and Earth was extremely small, meaning that one’s speed would be at least ten times faster than inland.

Despite that, the ghost ship still needed around two or three months to reach the island zone where the Sky Sacred Qin Palace was located.

Within the ship, Zhao Feng and company started to organize the spoils of war.

Zhao Feng alone took up half of the wealth. Amongst the victims, the Sky Star Demonic Lord was the richest. He had seven or eight peak-tier Earth-grade weapons alone, as well as several rare inheritance treasures.

“Seven Star Soul Forming Grass… ten-thousand-year-old Wood Ginseng… Cloud Abyss True Fruit…”

Zhao Feng found that several of the items were helpful to him. The Seven Star Soul Forming Grass in particular could speed up the rate at which the soul evolved, and it could even heal the soul.

“No wonder the Sky Star Demonic Lord was so unwilling….” a smile appeared on Zhao Feng’s face.

Being the oldest King in the Red Dragon Island Zone and the number one expert of the Demonic Dao, it wasn’t hard to guess that the Sky Star Demonic Lord was going to use these three items in order to break through to a Peak-tier King and create a foundation to become a Void God Realm Emperor.

The ten-thousand-year-old Wood Ginseng and the Cloud Abyss True Fruit could both increase one’s True Yuan and cultivation. Although the main point of the Void God Realm was to evolve the soul, the Crystal Core would still expand. Furthermore, normal spatial domains used the True Yuan dimension as the source of power.

Zhao Feng had just reached the Void God Realm, and the True Yuan in his Crystal Core was as big as a lake. However, this was just the beginning. When one’s cultivation reached the peak Void God Realm, their True Yuan dimension would turn into an ocean.

The Sky Star Demonic Lord also had a Blood Demon King Pearl on him, which was extremely helpful to those cultivating body-strengthening techniques of the Demonic Dao. The child Demigod begged for this pearl, and Zhao Feng didn’t cultivate the Demonic Dao, so he didn’t really care.

For the next two or three months, the four started to digest the plundered wealth and increase their strength.

However, there was only a small number of treasures that were helpful to Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng first used the ten-thousand-year-old Wood Ginseng, the Seven Star Soul Forming Grass, and the Cloud Sky True Fruit. These were all resources that would’ve created a solid foundation for the Sky Star Demonic Lord to break through to an Emperor.

Zhao Feng only used one and a half months to fully digest all three of these top treasures. On average, he used half a month to digest each one.

The Seven Star Soul Forming Grass made Zhao Feng’s soul a tiny bit more condensed, but even a tiny bit was difficult for Zhao Feng at this point. After all, his soul was constantly being strengthened by the God Tribulation Lightning, the Ten Thousand divine Thoughts Technique, and the Ancient Dream Realm aura.

His soul-strength wasn’t too far away from an Emperor’s to begin with, and after using the Seven Star Soul Forming Grass, his soul was almost almost comparable to an Emperor’s.

The ten-thousand-year-old Wood Ginseng and the Cloud Abyss True Fruit had greatly expanded his True Yuan dimension. If it weren’t for the fact that Zhao Feng had only just reached the Void God Realm not long ago, he probably would’ve been able to break through to the middle stages of the Void God Realm within a couple months, but since his foundation wasn’t strong enough yet, he couldn’t use these two treasures to break through.

Although he hadn’t broke through, after using the ten-thousand-year-old Wood Ginseng and the Cloud Abyss True Fruit, his foundation wasn’t much weaker than the older early-stage Void God Realm cultivators.

“I still have some Spiritual Fruits from the Ancient Dream Realm, so I might be able to reach the middle-stage Void God Realm within half a year.”

Zhao Feng wasn’t worried. The most important goal was still to focus on the God Tribulation Lightning and increase his actual strength, and battle techniques could raise his strength the fastest within the shortest amount of time.

As of right now, Zhao Feng had a hundred wisps of God Tribulation Lightning. Even though they were each just a wisp, a total of one hundred was not to be underestimated.

Zhao Feng’s soul techniques had the element of the God Tribulation Lightning, and even his Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning had the faint symbol of God Tribulation Lightning. Now that the God Tribulation Lightning was imprinted in his soul, it was much easier to comprehend than before.

A slight scarlet-golden color had also started to appear in Zhao Feng’s Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning.

His Wind Lightning Inheritance wasn’t advancing toward pure gold anymore. The scarlet-gold Wind Lightning should be the highest level of the Wind Lightning Inheritance.

Back then, the Wind Lightning Emperor’s Wind Lightning Inheritance could reach dark gold – the limit of the golden Wind Lightning. Zhao Feng had started to surpass the Wind Lightning Inheritance due to the Ancient Dream Realm aura. He could stabilize the clash between Fire and Lightning much better, and it was because of this that Zhao Feng was able to push the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning to another level.

“Once I complete the Scarlet-Gold Destruction Wind Lightning, its power will surpass the Wind Lightning Emperor’s Golden Destruction Wind Lightning,” Zhao Feng confirmed his path.

The main difference between him and the Wind Lightning Emperor was cultivation. If Zhao Feng had the had the Wind Lightning Emperor’s cultivation, he wouldn’t need to be scared of the Emperor of Death.

Within the ghost ship, after receiving large amounts of resources, the child Demigod, the little thieving cat, and the skeletal division Leader were all progressing steadily.

Only a small amount of the best resources from the two-star battlefield could help Zhao Feng and the child Demigod at this point. The mid- to high-tier resources were mainly given to the skeletal division Leader or used to increase the strength of the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array.

Most of the cursed ghost-corpses were now at the Great Origin Core Realm.

Zhao Feng would occasionally enter the Ancient Dream Realm and kill some of the bigger animals and use their flesh to feed the ghost-corpses. The potential of these cursed ghost-corpses had increased dramatically after obtaining the Ten Thousand Withering Ghost Bone Race bloodline and the flesh from the Ancient Dream Realm.

Zhao Feng guessed that the current limit of these ghost-corpses was the half-step King level, and if they could kill enough actual Kings, there was a small chance they could become a King.

Back at the Heaven’s Legacy City, the Ancient Race bloodline had been detected in Zhao Feng and the cursed ghost-corpses, dramatically decreasing the price they had to pay to strengthen their bloodlines. He was suspicious that this was linked to the Ancient Dream Realm.

Time flew by quickly, and the ghost ship passed by island zones one after another. They were getting closer to the Sky Sacred Qin Palace.

“There’s still one month left….” Zhao Feng suddenly opened his eyes one day.

The skeletal division Leader had broken through to the peak Great Origin Core Realm, and it wasn’t far away from the half-step King level. The change in aura caught the attention of both Zhao Feng and the child Demigod, but the two didn’t really care and just continued to cultivate.

Zhao Feng tried to raise his strength in every way possible. The child Demigod was the same, and he learned various secret techniques that he had in his previous life in order to recover his strength.

In the last one month’s time, Zhao Feng focused on building the Wind Lightning Domain and comprehending the Lightning Wings Spatial Flash.

He had started to understand the Lightning Wings Spatial Flash, and his speed increased dramatically. Zhao Feng already had a plan on how to form how to form the Wind Lightning Domain back at the Pirate Sacred Land, but his Mystic Ice Domain had formed before it because of the new bloodline.

The Mystic Ice Domain was a domain that came naturally with the Mystic Ice Scaled Race bloodline, and it could be formed with only a tiny bit of comprehension. Zhao Feng felt that the sealing effect of the Mystic Ice Domain was better and easier to form in comparison to the Wind Lightning Domain.

Now that Zhao Feng had broken through to the Void God Realm and his True Yuan dimension had expanded, there were no more bottlenecks in creating the Wind Lightning Domain.

“The reason why I couldn’t form the Wind Lightning Domain in the past was because my cultivation hadn’t reached the Void God Realm,” Zhao Feng understood and started to form the outline of his Wind Lightning Domain with no difficulty.

Half a month later, Zhao Feng’s Wind Lightning Domain was finally formed.

The Wind Lightning Domain was based on the Wind Lightning Inheritance, and it used his True Yuan dimension as its source. If Zhao Feng wanted to change his cultivation in the future, then the Wind Lightning Domain would disappear.


Thousands upon thousands of lightning bolts started to appear around the ghost ship, forming a spatial domain that brewed a terrifying storm.

Zhao Feng classified this spatial domain as an offensive domain. As long as he sent out a punch, the Wind Lightning Domain would gather together and double his power.

Wind Lightning Domain…! This is Zhao Feng’s third spatial domain already, waves appeared in the child Demigod’s heart.

That’s right. Zhao Feng had now completed three spatial domains.

Dao of the Soul – Illusion Maze Domain.

Bloodline – Mystic Ice Domain.

Cultivation technique – Wind Lightning Domain.

It was unimaginable that an early-stage Void God Realm King was able to form three spatial domains.

Of course, the first two were technically domains that came naturally to him. Only the Wind Lightning Domain had actually cost Zhao Feng any effort to create.

“I wonder what the effect of three domains overlapping will be,” Zhao Feng couldn’t help but feel slightly expectant.

Half a month later, the ghost ship finally arrived at the Gan Sacred Island Zone. According to the map, the Sky Sacred Qin Palace was located here.


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