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King Of Gods - Chapter 73



Zhao Feng's figure was washed away in the wind, but using this power, he flew out of the range of the second attack of the one-eyed man.

’’This palm... ’’ The one-eyed man stiffened for a second because he felt his force had been sliced up and destroyed.

The Mysterious Wind Palm Zhao Feng had learnt exceeded the peak rank. Zhao Feng had only learnt a bit of it, but after training the four incomplete Holy martial arts, he found that it was easier. In terms of power alone, Mysterious Wind Palm wasn't stronger than Star Finger but it suppressed the other skills in terms of profoundness and adding on the fact that he had reached the fifth level of Metal Wall Technique, he was able to retreat safely.

Zhao Feng's performance gained cheers from the other geniuses. To be able to take a hit from a Martial Master and retreat unharmed was a great feat.

’’You can't run away boy, I only used sixty percent of my strength just then.’’ The voice from the one eyed bandit echoed from behind.

But Zhao Feng wasn't fighting alone, there were others from the Ten Sky Guards helping and soon, a gap formed between the two which allowed Zhao Feng once again to pull his bow.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

This time, Zhao Feng used his Archery's God's Left Eye skill, which made the arrows arc perfectly towards the bandit leader.


The one-eyed bandit found that the arrows swayed with wind and broke through the weakest part of his defenses.


One of the arrows left a deep gash on his shoulder. This scene improved the moral of the Sky Guards Battalion.

’’That guy's an archer!’’ Lu Xiaoyu and co. stopped for a second, then they resumed their attacks.

Ceng! Ceng! Ceng...

At this time, another team appeared and it looked like it was even stronger than Lu Xiaoyu's team.

’’It's Lei Cong's team!’’

Although they were pretty far away, the bald headed silver figure could still be seen. Lei Cong was ranked second in the Ten Sky Guards and he had almost reached the seventh rank.

’’Retreat!’’ The bandit leader gave the order immediately.

His side was already struggling right now and with the addition of another even stronger team, they had no chance at all.

’’Brat! I'll take your life any time.’’ The one-eyed man glared coldly at Zhao Feng before leaving.

’’Any time you wish!’’ Zhao Feng replied and a cold azure light appeared on his left eye as he stared right back at the bandit.

What's going on!?

The bandit trembled and felt like his heart had been stabbed by a sword, but as he was on the verge on retreating, he didn't think about it much.

’’What was that?’’

Zhao Feng felt pain pulse through his left eye and he found that he had lost a lot of mental energy.

He didn't know what kind of skill he had used just then, all he felt was that his mental energy had been consumed up quickly, but he had also seen the dazed look and fear in the bandit's eye.

Zhao Feng slowly closed his eyes and found that the green ray of light in his eye had extended to six foot nine, infinitely close to seven.

’’Good!’’ Joy appeared on his face.

Because he had fought with the one-eyed leader just then, his cultivation had increased to the peak sixth rank. Now, his real cultivation was the same as Lei Cong, ranked second of the Ten Sky Guards.

’’Hahaha... You can't leave and go as you please!’’

From the bushes one to two miles away, a beautiful silver haired youth appeared. The youth looked like a girl and he had a terrifying aura as he stood on top of a tree.

’’Feng Hanyue!’’ The youths of the Sky Guards Battalion exclaimed.

He was a youth fifteen or sixteen years old. He was a Martial Master of the seventh rank.

Seventh rank...

The one-eyed bandit looked shocked and sad at the same time. He was twenty-eight years old when he had reached the seventh rank and at that time, he was extremely proud of himself. But seeing Feng Hanyue, all his confidence and arrogance were popped like popping bubbles.

His achievements were nothing compared to the youth in front of him.

What kind of backgrounds did these youths have?

The one eyed man sensed that something was wrong. If there were one or two geniuses that appeared, it may have been a coincidence. But if they all appeared at the same time, even retards would know something was wrong.

’’Illusion Sky Stance!’’

A silver glow came from Feng Hanyue's body and in an instant, he appeared in front of the bandit. The speed made the heart of the boss of bandits' shake because this skill was a true Holy martial art, although it wasn't fully learnt yet.

Shattering Mountain Palm!

He didn't hold any of his power back this time and he clashed head on with Feng Hanyue.


The two figures ’’hmphed’’ as they split apart.

’’Don't think you can leave!’’

Feng Hanyue immediately used an incomplete Holy martial art and chased after him. The two figures, one running away, one chasing disappeared into the forest.

Only Lei Cong and Zhao Feng were able to keep up with the two.

’’If I can kill this bandit, I can get twenty battle points.’’ Zhao Feng circulated Lightly Floating Ferry to the max and unleashed his peak sixth rank cultivation at the same time...

Soon, the figures merged into the vast forest leaving behind a bunch of tired youths.

’’That Zhao Feng doesn't seem to be weaker than Lei Cong.’’ A few youths discussed.

Lu Xiaoyu and Li Ziwen exchanged glances and saw the shock in each others' eyes. Before, they left they had laughed at Zhao Feng's team but they hadn't thought that he would be so strong.

On the other side.

Zhao Feng and Lei Cong tried to surround the bandit from either side while he was tangled by Feng Hanyue. Feng Hanyue had gained some insight into an incomplete Holy martial art and it was a speed one at that too, so the bandit knew he couldn't escape.

’’Don't force me!’’ The one-eyed leader howled and used an unknown secret skill which increased his attributes.

Breaking Mountain Unlimited!

The leader exploded, and unleashed the most powerful attack that he had which clashed heavily with Feng Hanyue.


Feng Hanyue's body trembled and fell down onto the ground tens of metres away with blood leaking from his mouth.


The bandit held the blood in his mouth down and attacked Feng Hanyue.

’’Not good!’’ The silver figure hiding in the forest exclaimed.


Suddenly, a faint azure arrow pierced through the bandits' shield of Inner Strength and lodged into his leg.

’’Arghhh!’’ The one-eyed bandit screamed and almost fell down from the sky.

The arrow had hit an acupuncture point on his leg and if it wasn't for his dense Inner Strength, this arrow could have paralysed his entire lower body.

’’F*cking b*stard!’’ The bandit flipped in the air and decided to run away.

The arrow Zhao Feng just shot contained his Archery God's Left Eye skill, it not only resolved the situation Feng Hanyue was in, it also forced the one-eyed bandit leader to run away.

’’You be careful!’’ Feng Hanyue glanced at Zhao Feng and Lei Cong then sat down and started to recover.


There was only Zhao Feng and Lei Cong facing the bandit, but the latter's speed was just too fast. Although this was the case, Zhao Feng could clearly see that the enemy was on the verge of defeat, his left eye saw the situation inside the bandit's body. His veins and organs were damaged from the use of his secret technique.

’’F*ck, these brats are just too persistent!’’ The one-eyed bandit clenched his teeth.

Although his speed was fast and he knew the surroundings well, he couldn't shake Zhao Feng off. On the contrary Zhao Feng was inching closer and closer.

’’If that's the case... ’’ A dangerous light flashed in the one-eyed man's eyes as he took a deep breath and ate a pill while sitting down.

Ten breaths later, Zhao Feng appeared two hundred to three hundred metres out.

Sou! Sou!

Zhao Feng pulled his Golden Stairs Bow and used his Archery God's Left Eye skill. His Archery God's Left Eye skill could threaten Martial Masters of the seventh rank while he was only at the sixth.

’’Die, brat... ’’

The bandit forcefully suppressed his injuries as he snapped the arrows and pounced on Zhao Feng.

Sou Sou Sou Sou -

Zhao Feng continuously pulled his bow and shot three arrows which seemed like three lightning strikes. Furthermore, the three arrows all travelled in different paths and headed towards different locations and different times.


The bandit snapped the first arrow, dodged the second and he was now very close to Zhao Feng now.


The last arrow scraped past his shoulder, it only stopped him momentarily.

A victory smile appeared on the bandit's face.

As long as he got close to Zhao Feng, he had complete confidence that he could take him down in a short amount of time.

One Line Star Finger!

The youth in his sight pressed forward instead of retreating and suddenly, he gave off a thick powerful aura. At that moment, Zhao Feng's peak sixth rank aura was fully unleashed.


The green line was like a string as it streaked across the night like a meteor. This had surpassed the limits of sixth rankers as Star Finger had reached the late stages of the fourth level.

Flowing Wind Stance!

Zhao Feng merged his skill into the wind, which made the skill even faster. Just as the bandit smiled, his eye saw this and contracted.


An azure light hit the one-eyed bandit's forehead.


The body of the bandit stiffened as blood appeared at the centre of his forehead. His eyes were still full of shock and terror, but the light in his eye started to dim...


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