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King Of Gods - Chapter 729


Chapter 729: 729

Chapter 729 - Sacred Body Strength

The battlefield in the Red Dragon Island Zone was on a resourceful island. The population and wealth on this island were at least double that of the Azure Flower Continent’s.

The participants of this battle were three two-star sects and eighteen one-star clans.

The Red Dragon Island Zone was similar to the Tianlu Islands;one of the two-star sects – the Sky Star Demonic Sect – fought against the other two sects.

At this moment in time, in the air, there were two Void God Realm Kings from the Sky Star Demonic Sect. One of them was a male in dark golden robes. There was a dark star symbol on his forehead, and he was covered in darkness. The dark-golden-robed male was fighting against two Void God Realm Kings with ease.

“This Sky Star Demonic Lord’s cultivation has broken through to the late-stage Void God Realm, and he’s not far away from a Peak-tier King.”

The two opposing Kings were an elder with white hair and another person in a white dress.

The Sky Star Demonic Lord was the ruler of the Star Sky Demonic Sect and one of the strongest Void God Realms in the Red Dragon Island Zone.

“Demonic Star Domain!” the Sky Star Demonic Lord gently waved his robes, and the air became filled with a field of dark stars.


The dark stars released starlight that shot toward and suppressed the two opponent Kings.

Apart from that fight, there was a beauty from the Sky Star Demonic Sect surrounded in darkness who attacked toward a King who cultivated the Dao of the Sword.

“Sky Flowing Sword King,” the female from the Sky Star Demonic Sect smiled, “My Powerless Forcefield uses your own power to counter you. Even if you were 30% stronger, you can’t do anything against it. You’ll run out of energy in half a day, and the Clan Master will probably finish his battle before then.”

“We’ll see,” the Sword Dao King was unfazed. His will was as tough as rock as he sent beams of sword-light into the air.

Bam! Bam!

The Powerless Forcefield of the female King started to become unstable, and her expression started to change.

The Sky Flowing Sword King was the first expert of the Sword Dao in the Red Dragon Island Zone that had become a King.

Boom! Boom! Boom~~~~!

The cultivators at the Origin Core Realm fought inland, and they caused the mountains to shatter and wind to blow everywhere.

On normal islands, those at the Origin Core Realm were unparalleled Sovereigns, but the magnificent clash between Kings in the air made the hearts of the Sovereigns twitch.

At the same moment, the sound of flying appeared.


A ghost ship flew into range of the two-star battlefield.

There was still fighting between Sovereigns at the edge of the battlefield since they needed to transport resources.

“Who is it!?”

The arrival of the ghost ship caught the attention of a two-star sect.

Miao miao!

A small silver-gray cat put up a skull-and-crossbones flag on the ship.

“A pirate ship?”

The experts fighting had weird expressions. Normal pirates would run as far as possible when they saw a two-star sect. Even experts wouldn’t want to be involved in a two-star battlefield.

However, the scene today destroyed their thoughts. Not only did a pirate ship see a two-star battlefield and not run away, they were extremely excited and came charging over.

“Stop that pirate ship!” a Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lord led more than a dozen people who were all at least at the late-stage True Lord Rank and charged toward the pirate ship.


A thick layer of smoke suddenly appeared from the ghost ship, and a hundred pairs of red eyes released a surge of power.


Before the people even arrived, their mental energy was shattered and they were killed. The ghost ship then charged forward and absorbed their blood and essence.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat and a golden-skinned child flew through the air and quickly gathered the spoils of war. Of course, the little thieving cat and the child Demigod would only take the items from the Origin Core Realms.

Within the captain’s cabin, Zhao Zhao Feng sat down and took a sip of alcohol from the Demigod’s cellar as he watched the situation unfold.

“Everyone, hand over your interspatial items and I won’t kill you!” the child Demigod roared in his baby voice.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat waved a skull-and-crossbones flag and cheered from the side.

The two floated in the air above the ghost-corpse smoke and weren’t affected by the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array.

“How dare a measly pirate ship try to rob the Sky Star Demonic Sect?” a group of cultivators from the Sky Star Demonic Sect charged over. There were two Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lords and seven or eight normal Sovereigns.

Such a force could easily wipe out several one-star clans. However, in front of the hundred pairs of red eyes, all of them were killed without any chance to fight back at all. This group became nourishment for the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array as well.

“Hehe… a two-star battlefield is indeed a great place” the skeletal division Leader laughed wickedly and said.

The experts from the one-star clans and two-star sects all ran in fear wherever the ghost ship went. The ghost ship was extremely fast, and even those at the Origin Core Realm weren’t able to escape from it.

“Hand over all your wealth and we won’t kill you,” the child Demigod ordered.

“My Lord, spare me, I’ll give it to you…!” several Sovereigns were extremely scared and kneeled down as their took out their interspatial items and weapons.

The child Demigod and little thieving cat had sharp eyes. No one was able to hide anything.

Those that handed over their wealth managed to survive. Some people tried to fight back, but all of them became nourishment for the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array.

At this moment in time, chaos broke out inside the battlefield. Everyone started to run away wherever the ghost ship went.

Luckily, the aim of the ghost ship was to plunder, not to kill. As long as one gave up all their items, they would live.

At the beginning, the ghost ship only plundered around the edges of the battlefield, but then started to progress toward progress toward the center.

“Which pirate ship is so daring?” the expressions of the Void God Realm Kings fighting in the air all became grim. The ghost ship didn’t care about their identities and plundered anyone they saw.

The Void God Realm Kings originally thought that the pirate ship was just going to plunder around the edges since they had the chance to do so, but from the looks of it, the pirate ship wanted to take everything.

“You pirates better give up!” a half-step King and several Sovereign Lords charged over. They all came from different forces. It was obvious that the ghost ship’s actions caused all of them to be angry to the point of teaming up.

“Hand over your items and we won’t kill you,” the child Demigod’s expression was cold.

“Brat whose hair hasn’t even grown!” the leading half-step King laughed and unleashed his half-step King Intent.


A surge of smoke formed a tornado and engulfed the group.

“Arghhh!” screams came from their group, including the half-step King, as they were devoured by the array. This scene shocked the battlefield, and chaos started to spread out in the middle of the fight.

The ghost ship was unparalleled and stole everyone’s wealth. Most Origin Core Realms handed over their items in order to live.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat kept collecting the spoils of war with a smile. Of course, there were several experts that tried to kill the little thieving cat, but they were all instantly slain, including a half-step King and two peak Sovereign Lords.

After an example was made, the remaining cultivators drew in cold breaths.

The fighting Void God Realm Kings in the air finally stopped fighting.

“What’s this pirate ship’s background?” the expressions of the Void God Realm Kings from the two-star sects started to become solemn. There was a youth, a child, a cat, and a skeleton on the ghost ship. This combination was extremely weird, but they were successfully plundering the entire two-star battlefield.

“We need to stop this pirate ship no matter what,” the dark star symbol on the Sky Star Demonic Lord’s forehead glowed. If this pirate ship was able to was able to retreat unharmed, then it would be extremely humiliating for the entire Red Dragon Island Zone.

The five Void God Realm Kings came to an agreement. The Sky Flowing Sword King and the Sky Star Demonic Sect female went to finish off the pirate ship.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

“Zhe zhe, more treasures,” the child Demigod was overjoyed. Seeing the two Kings come over, the child Demigod started to radiate a golden light, as if he had become a buddha, and the terrifying aura of the Void God Realm appeared. The child Demigod had finally revealed his cultivation.


The Sky Flowing Sword King and the Sky Star Demonic Sect female both shook as if a mountain had crushed onto them, and they almost spat out blood.

“Not good!”

“Go help them!”

The expressions of the Sky Star Demonic Lord and company changed dramatically. The strength that the child Demigod displayed was comparable to a Peak-tier King. The Sky Flowing Sword King and female weren’t his match. Even the Sky Star Demonic Lord didn’t have the battle-power of a Peak-tier King.

Boom! Boom! Bam~~~~!

Explosions sounded from below and caused the earth to crack.

“Kneel down!” the child Demigod’s small body released powerful energy, and two golden hands pressed down toward the Sky Flowing Sword King and the female King.


Both Kings spat out mouthfuls of blood, and their faces went pale.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat quickly took their interspatial items.

Hatred appeared in the female’s eyes, and the sound of a sword hummed from the Sky Flowing Sword King’s body. The two were about to counterattack, but the child Demigod snickered coldly.


The two hands pressed downwards and turned the two Kings into puddles of blood, which was soon devoured by the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array.

The child Demigod’s Golden Kun Sacred Body had reached the early stages of the 5th level, and he could defeat all Void God Realm Kings with his physical body alone. If he reached the late stages of the 5th level, he would be able to fight against Emperors with his Sacred Body alone.


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