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King Of Gods - Chapter 728


Chapter 728: 728

Chapter 728 - Resource Crisis

Zhao Feng let out a breath and retracted the soul-searching technique a while later. He looked toward the earth with a different gaze from before.

He now understood a lot more from the memories of the bird. It was simply the lowest Yao bird in the Ancient Dream Realm and only had a tiny bit of intelligence. The Yao bird only lived within a thousand-mile radius of here. The places further from that were extremely dangerous, and it didn’t dare to enter them.

There were indeed some powerful races in the Ancient Dream Realm. The bird had indeed met humanoid races two or three times, but their auras suppressed the bird from extremely far away and made it unable to breathe. Zhao Feng was able to feel how terrifying these races were just from the memories.

“The Ancient Dream Realm is not simple. I need to be careful,” Zhao Feng took a deep breath.

He was puzzled as to how he could enter this place through the dimension of his left eye. What was the relationship between the Ancient Dream Realm and the God’s Spiritual Eye? Or the original owner of the Eye?

Of course, the most complicated point was – why was everything here reflected in the real world? It wasn’t as simple as just Zhao Feng’s consciousness entering this world. Zhao Feng’s body could exist in here, and he could use weapons and items from his ancient metal ring. The only thing Zhao Feng hadn’t tried was to bring other living beings in here;he didn’t want to reveal the secret of the Ancient Dream Realm just yet.

“Guard this place well….” Zhao Feng gave some details before he left.


Two fruits appeared in Zhao Feng’s hand, and he ate the 90% ripe one without hesitation.

The fruits within the Ancient Dream Realm were several times better than the Spiritual Fruits in the outside world. The only issue was that, after one reached the Void God Realm, a ton of resources were needed to progress.

Zhao Feng estimated that even if he ate all twenty-eight fruits, it would only push his cultivation to the middle-stage Void God Realm at most. This was under the assumption that all of the Spiritual Fruits were fully absorbed and their effectiveness stayed the same.

Within the captain’s cabin, Zhao Feng circulated his True Yuan and absorbed the ancient aura within the fruit. His scarlet-colored True Yuan started to boil after it absorbed the energy of the Spiritual Fruit and seemed to become a burning ocean.

When one reached the Void God Realm, their True Yuan would become almost limitless. However, their souls and True Yuan dimension were still slowly progressing. This was a long path, and even though Zhao Feng could enter the Ancient Dream Realm, that would only shorten the path slightly.

A month later, Zhao Feng completely absorbed the two fruits. His True Yuan was consolidated, but he was still quite far away from the middle stages of the Void God Realm.

Of course, absorbing the power of the God Tribulation Lightning was still a must. With the help of the God Tribulation Lightning, Zhao Feng’s soul was getting stronger by the day and slowly pushing toward the Emperor level. On top of that, Zhao Feng was always learning about the Wings of Wind and Lightning.

“Lightning Wings Flying Technique… Lightning Wings Wind Flash… Wind Lightning Wings Slash….”

Zhao Feng continuously comprehended the Lightning Wings secret techniques. His next goal was the highest-level technique – the Lightning Wings Spatial Flash.

The Lightning Wings Spatial Flash was technically just a combination of the Lightning Wings Wind Flash and the Lightning Wings Flying Technique. It was involved using a spatial technique from the Lightning Wings Flying Technique and the Intent of Wind Lightning. Once he comprehended the Lightning Wings Spatial Flash, a thousand miles in a single breath wouldn’t just be a legend.

However, to comprehend the Lightning Wings Spatial Flash, he needed to get more familiar with using the Lightning Wings Flying Technique and the Lightning Wings Wind Flash. Zhao Feng was trying to slowly approach this goal.

Time passed by, and Zhao Feng completely focused on cultivation, and he hadn’t met the Pursuit of Death during this time. This was all within expectations.

Firstly, almost all of the Emperor of Death’s subordinates had been killed.

Secondly, Zhao Feng had grinded the Intent of Death down to an extremely weak level that was hard to be sensed.

After reaching the Void God Realm, Realm, Zhao Feng had merged in more God Tribulation Lightning, and his mastery of the Ten Thousand divine Thoughts Technique had almost reached the One Thought into One Thousand stage. This meant that Zhao Feng could already fully destroy the Intent of Death, but he didn’t do so.

He purposely left behind a tiny bit and sealed it. Unless the Emperor of Death was right next to Zhao Feng, he wouldn’t be able to sense anything.

“Emperor of Death, you’ve made me go on the run for several years. I will repay this several times over,” Zhao Feng was filled with hatred. Anyone that had been pursued for several years while constantly living on the edge of death would be angry.

On the ninth month after leaving the Pirate Sacred Land:


The aura of a King appeared in the ghost ship.

“Void God Realm! I’ve finally reached it!” the child Demigod was covered in golden light, as if he was a buddha. The mere aura from his Sacred Body bloodline made the skeletal division Leader, who was only at the late-stage Great Origin Core Realm, feel pressured.

The Demigod Kun Yun’s Golden Kun Sacred Body has almost reached the 5th level, Zhao Feng was stunned. He had the Golden Kun Sacred Body in his mind as well, so he could tell the level of the child Demigod at a glance.

Once the Golden Kun Sacred Body reached the 5th level, the cultivator would be unparalleled in the Void God Realm level. It wasn’t difficult for them to fight Emperors with just their physical body.

When the child Demigod reached the Void God Realm… the Golden Kun Sacred Body had almost reached the 5th level. Zhao Feng didn’t know how great the child Demigod’s current strength was, but one thing was for sure – the child Demigod was definitely unparalleled against anyone weaker than an Emperor.

“Master, if we team up, we won’t be scared of any Emperor as long as they’re not one of the top Emperors,” the child Demigod’s voice sounded.

Indeed, their combined force was almost unrivalled against anyone weaker than an Emperor. If they fought together, they wouldn’t need to be wary of normal Emperors.

“But it still isn’t enough to deal with the Emperor of Emperor of Death,” Zhao Feng shook his head and didn’t get arrogant.

Emperors were also split into different tiers. The difference in strength between normal Emperors and top Emperors was extremely big. Furthermore, the Emperor of Death was one of the strongest Emperors of all, and his battle-power was probably close to those at the Mystic Light Realm.

“Master, I urgently need resources. With enough resources, I can recover even more of my strength,” the child Demigod said. He was a revived Demigod and could quickly recover his strength if he had enough resources. It wasn’t really considered “cultivation” since he had already done it before.

Zhao Feng was silent. He didn’t want to continue giving resources from the Ancient Dream Realm to the child Demigod. He needed to restrict the child Demigod, otherwise he might pose even more of a threat than the Emperor of Death.

“I don’t even have many resources for myself,” Zhao Feng shook his head.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat also appeared and waved its claws, as if saying that it needed more resources too.

“Master, the cursed ghost-corpses have all reached the peak Small Origin Core Realm and need large amounts of resources to become stronger,” the skeletal division Leader added.

The human, child, cat, and skeleton went silent. In just one night, everyone on the ghost ship had entered a resource crisis.

Zhao Feng didn’t even have many Primal Crystal Stones remaining, and he still needed to leave some in order to fly the ship.

The source of the crisis came from the Heaven’s Legacy City, but if Zhao Feng had to choose again, he would have done the same thing.

“Master, I have a suggestion,” the child Demigod’s eyes flashed as he spoke.

“Suggestion? It’s not going to steal from a two-star sect or some island, right?” Zhao Feng rolled his eyes.

Based on their current crisis, it seemed like even taking all the wealth from several one-star clans and dozens of pirates wouldn’t be enough. The child Demigod’s and Zhao Feng’s cultivations were just too high, so normal resources were of no use to them.

“Master, I killed a group of pirates not long ago and got some information from them. The Red Dragon Island Zone up Island Zone up ahead has several two-star sects fighting,” the child Demigod licked his lips and gave a wicked you-know-what-I-mean smile. This expression was extremely evil and deadly when it appeared on the face of a child.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat waved its paws in agreement. It was also lacking resources.

The skeletal division Leader was also excited.

“Two-star sect battlefield?”

This caught Zhao Feng’s attention. Clashes between two-star sects were extremely big and involved large amounts of resources.

In the past, Zhao Feng would definitely try to avoid one, but at the moment, it was a good place for them.

“En, let me check the map,” a screen made of ice and water appeared in front of Zhao Feng and showed the outline of the nearby island zones.

The Red Dragon Island Zone was directly ahead;it was only one-fifth of an island zone away.

Zhao Feng continued to look further down the map and landed on the Gan Sacred Island Zone that was five or six island zones away.

“The Sky Sacred Qin Palace… is not far away anymore.”

Zhao Feng’s heart moved. The Sky Sacred Qin Palace was within the Gan Sacred Island Zone.

It wasn’t a bad idea to obtain some wealth before arriving at the Sky Sacred Qin Palace.

“Let’s go!” Zhao Feng himself was slightly impatiently. No one knew whether it was because of the desire to plunder wealth or because they were close to the Sky Sacred Qin Palace.


The ghost ship raised its speed, and the ship itself seemed to be slightly excited as it headed toward the Red Dragon Island Zone.

At the same moment, within the Red Dragon Island Zone, a place twice as big as the Azure Flower Continent:

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Magnificent Power of many Kings caused the sky to shake. Dust blew everywhere on the island, and those at the Origin Core Realm were considered to be the main force.

In total, three two-star sects were fighting in this island zone. There was a handful of Void God Realm Kings in this battle alone.

They didn’t know that four unwelcome guests were quickly approaching.


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