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King Of Gods - Chapter 727


Chapter 727: 727

Chapter 727 - Territory

From this moment onward, Zhao Feng had fully stepped into the Void God Realm.

If he didn’t purposely conceal his aura, his Intent and True Yuan would continuously interact with Heaven and Earth. It was like being one with Heaven and Earth. This was why Void God Realm Kings were always covered in Magnificent Power, and why their every action contained limitless power.

“Congratulations, Master!” the child Demigod and the skeletal division Leader congratulated, but they both felt complicated feelings.

The skeletal division Leader felt respectful and even a slight tinge of admiration. It had witnessed Zhao Feng’s growth step by step. Void God Realm Kings were just legends in the Azure Flower Continent. Even the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion Patriarch had only barely touched the level of the Void God Realm. This meant that Zhao Feng’s cultivation was unparalleled among the entire Azure Flower Continent, and that wasn’t even his full strength.

The child Demigod was shocked at Zhao Feng’s growth, and he became even more wary and pressured.

“Little Kun Yun, your cultivation isn’t far away from the Void God Realm either,” Zhao Feng’s gaze turned toward the child Demigod.

The child Demigod’s “recovery” relied almost exclusively on resources. If it weren’t for the fact that his resources were limited, the child Demigod may have become a King faster than Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng’s gaze put pressure on the child Demigod. At this moment in time, Zhao Feng’s soul and True Yuan were both stronger than the child Demigod. The only difference between them was Intent;after all, the child Demigod was a Demigod in his previous life. Even though he hadn’t completely recovered yet, his Intent could suppress Void God Realm Emperors.

Within the captain’s cabin, Zhao Feng closed his eyes and consolidated his foundation, while the child Demigod went back to the ancient metal ring slightly depressed. It wasn’t hard for him to figure out that Zhao Feng had broken through with the use of resources. Since he was being restricted in terms of resources, the child Demigod still needed at least half a year to break through.

Out of instinct and cautiousness, Zhao Feng limited the child Demigod’s cultivation to around the same level as his own. Only this way would he be able to control him and fully utilize him.

For the next few days, Zhao Feng consolidated his foundation. Even though he had broken through with outside help, his soul and Intent were already at the level of the Void God Realm to begin with.

After reaching the Void God Realm, Zhao Feng’s strength didn’t increase that dramatically. After all, it was just a difference in quantity of True Yuan. The strength of the True Yuan itself didn’t become much greater.

All of that was expected since Zhao Feng’s foundation was much stronger. Zhao Feng believed that he was unparalleled against anyone weaker than an Emperor, and with his eye-bloodline, he could even challenge an Emperor. If he met the Yin Yang Lord again, Zhao Feng wouldn’t be scared of fighting him in one-on-one combat.

Ten days later, Zhao Feng started to focus on absorbing the God Tribulation Lighting and comprehending the Wind Lightning Inheritance. These two things could directly affect his strength. Zhao Feng never stopped absorbing the God Tribulation Lightning if he had enough spare time to do so.

Within the dimension of his left eye, the head was floating in the air next to the edge of the purple Soul Sea. Zhao Feng used the soul-version of the Lightning Absorption divine Technique to absorb the power in the head.


Thunder shook his soul and radiated an aura of immortality.

Right now, Zhao Feng’s soul was extremely resilient against the God Tribulation Lightning, and it would be cleansed after absorbing its power. Zhao Feng’s soul and Intent became stronger while absorbing the God Tribulation Lightning, which was something he didn’t expect.

Time passed by. Zhao Feng was able to absorb a tiny wisp of the lightning every couple days while multi-tasking on other things with his Ten Thousand divine Thoughts Technique. Absorbing the God Tribulation Lightning and refining his soul was a must.

Zhao Feng’s other thoughts focused on the Wind Lightning Inheritance and how to use the Wings of Wind and Lightning.

In the blink of an eye, four months passed.

Within the captain’s cabin, the aura occasionally radiating from Zhao Feng became more and more terrifying.

In his purple Soul Sea, Zhao Feng had absorbed around eighty wisps of God Tribulation Lightning, about twenty twenty times more than the amount he had at the Pirate Sacred Land.

“There’s a total of seventy-eight wisps of God Tribulation Lightning.”

Seventy-eight wisps of God Tribulation Lightning appeared in Zhao Feng’s purple Soul Sea. The God Tribulation Lightning had no shape, only the aura of immortality. Looking at it closely, one would be able to see eight ancient, weird symbols of lightning spread out across the purple Soul Sea. Each gave off a faint purple light, and they were connected to each other.


Zhao Feng circulated the Ten Thousand divine Thoughts Technique, and the seventy-eight wisps of God Tribulation Lightning sparkled as they continuously refined his soul. At the same time, he merged the Intent of the God Tribulation Lightning into his dantian.

The Crystal Core now had the faintest aura of God Tribulation Lightning – something that conquered everything in the world.

Unknowingly, Zhao Feng’s mastery and comprehension of the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning had almost reached 100%. The Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning was like burning clouds of lightning, and they gave off a faint golden glint on the surface.

The Golden Destruction Wind Lightning comes after the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning, but my power over Wind Lightning has already exceeded the imagination of the Wind Lightning Emperor, Zhao Feng murmured in his heart.

The merging of the Ancient Dream Realm aura and the God Tribulation Lightning into his technique made the power of his Wind Lightning far stronger than anyone else studying the Dao of Lightning.

“Master,” the child Demigod suddenly spoke.

Hmm? Zhao Feng opened his eyes and looked toward the child Demigod.

“There’s a couple strong pirate forces nearby and I want to plunder their wealth,” the child Demigod said.

Zhao Feng scanned around with his divine Sense and found several pirate forces. Each of them had at least one half-step King as a guard.

“Master, I will finish the battle as quickly as possible and won’t interfere with the journey,” the child Demigod begged, and Zhao Feng knew that the child Demigod urgently needed resources to recover his cultivation.

“Go,” Zhao Feng waved his hand and didn’t stop him. He hadn’t been giving the child Demigod resources recently, but he couldn’t restrict him from getting his own, right?



The ghost ship’s speed didn’t decrease;it simply kept flying. The only difference was that the child Demigod left the ghost ship.

Zhao Feng then witnessed a massacre. The pirate forces couldn’t fight back against the child Demigod at all.


The four-year-old child sent out a fist and shattered the pirate ship. In just the time it took to make tea, the child Demigod had destroyed several pirate groups by himself.

“Although these resources aren’t very high quality, they’re better than nothing,” the child Demigod organized his spoils of war.


He then turned into a streak of golden light that caught up to the ghost ship. He hadn’t wasted any time of their journey.

Zhao Feng never limited his actions afterward, he just told the child Demigod not to leave further than ten thousand miles from him.

Zhao Feng also urgently needed resources. The resources he could use after becoming a King were more limited. Void God Realm Kings had lifespans of several thousand years, and every minor improvement required a large amount of resources.

On this day, Zhao Feng entered the Ancient Dream Realm once more. Like last time, Zhao Feng entered the forest;his target was still the Spiritual Fruits on the tree.

There were fewer fruits now, and there were several injuries on the giant snake’s body. It wasn’t hard to guess that there were several Yao beasts wandering around in the Ancient Dream Realm.

Zhao Feng opened his God’s Spiritual Eye and scanned his surroundings. As expected, Zhao Feng saw the Yao bird. There were a couple scars on it, and its injuries hadn’t fully healed.

“If this continues, there will be fewer and fewer Spiritual Fruits left,” Zhao Feng’s eyebrows locked together as he started to think.

It wasn’t too hard for him to kill the two Yao beasts, but two-thirds of the fruits weren’t ripe yet. Some of them weren’t even one-tenth red. Zhao Feng’s fruit last time was only 70% ripe and didn’t have its best effect.

Zhao Feng soon had a thought.

“Fine, I’ll just choose you two,” Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye scanned over the giant snake and bird.

The two Yao beasts felt their hearts go their hearts go cold.

Zhao Feng’s first target was the ancient bird since the bird was extremely agile and could see very far. Zhao Feng was worried that the bird would ambush him while he was dealing with the snake.


Zhao Feng silently jumped onto the trees, and his left eye locked on to the bird. The Yao bird’s heart shook as it felt a sense of danger. It suddenly sensed Zhao Feng’s enmity and charged over with a screech.

“Scarlet Destruction Eye Flame!” Zhao Feng’s left eye glittered with scarlet and a faint gold.


Before the bird arrived, a ball of transparent scarlet Wind Lightning caught it off guard. The Scarlet Destruction Eye Flame contained the essence of the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning as well as the Intent of the God Tribulation Lightning.

Stars appeared in the Yao bird’s eyes. Just one blow of the eye-bloodline flame severely injured the Yao bird’s body and soul. Scorch marks were left behind on its wings.

“Dark Heart Seal!” using this chance, Zhao Feng used this forbidden technique while the bird was in pain. The bird struggled in the air then suddenly stopped fighting back and landed next to Zhao Feng obediently.

“Success!” Zhao Feng smiled faintly, then led the bird toward the giant snake near the tall tree.


Seeing Zhao Feng and the bird team up, the snake couldn’t help but reveal a wary look.

“Go!” Zhao Feng ordered the bird to fight with the snake while he retreated backward a bit and used the Mental Energy Spike to injure the snake’s soul, then control it with his Dark Heart Seal.

Like that, two Yao beasts that ruled the forest nearby were enslaved by Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng gave the order and made the snake and bird protect this tree and not allow any other living beings go near it.

“A total of twenty-eight fruits,” Zhao Feng counted them and found that there weren’t many left.

Around two-thirds of them weren’t ripe yet, and seven or eight of them were only half-ripe.

Zhao Feng picked out the two 80-90% ripe fruits, then soul-searched the bird. He wanted to understand the Ancient Dream Realm better through the help of this bird.


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