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King Of Gods - Chapter 726


Chapter 726: 726

Chapter 726 - King (2)

Zhao Feng held his breath and didn’t make any rash movements as he inspected the surroundings of the tree.

The aura near the tall tree was indeed different. There were no other animals or insects within several hundred meters, and it was dead-silent. Zhao Feng suddenly felt cold, as if something dangerous had locked on to him.

Sii! Whoosh!

A long shadow suddenly shot out from the branches along with a bloodthirsty aura.

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped as he caught sight of a giant snake with his left eye. The color and aura of it were the same as the forest. The color of the snake’s eyes was red, and its mouth was wider than a barrel.

With a gust of wind and dirt, the mouth of the snake instantly appeared in front of Zhao Feng.

It was just too fast. Zhao Feng was frightened and quickly retreated, but that wasn’t enough to evade the snake’s attack.


A thin layer of delicate scales appeared on Zhao Feng’s body.

“F*k off!” Zhao Feng circulated the Mystic Ice Scale Race bloodline as a long spear appeared in his hand, which then stabbed into the snake’s mouth.

Shu~~~ Peng!

The Ice Imperial Spear was only able to sink half an inch into the mouth before the recoil pushed Zhao Feng back several meters.


The Wings of Wind and Lightning behind Zhao Feng’s back fluttered as he used the trees nearby as cover. At the same time, his God’s Spiritual Eye started to inspect the snake.

“Dammit, this snake probably isn’t a beast anymore. It has its own intelligence, and it can absorb the essence of Heaven and Earth. It’s probably a Yao beast now,” Zhao Feng took in a cold breath.

Due to the environment of the Ancient Dream Realm, how could the living beings here be comparable to the real world? One had to know that even a wisp of aura from here was beneficial to those at the True Lord Rank, and the flesh of the animals here could strengthen those at the Origin Core Realm.

From the clash just now, one could see how strong the giant snake was.

“This guy’s body is extremely strong, and my strength is limited in the Ancient Dream Realm….” Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled. At the moment, he wasn’t the snake’s opponent in a head-on fight.

Sii! Sii!

Frost appeared on the giant snake’s mouth as it hissed and stared at Zhao Feng with eyes of hatred.

“Luckily, this giant snake doesn’t know any techniques,” Zhao Feng let out a breath.

He retreated a bit further as a bow appeared in his hand. Zhao Feng was just about to use the Sky Locking Bow when a screech came from the air. Zhao Feng felt the aura of a familiar beast.


A large, ancient Yao bird flew downward and headed straight toward the fruits on the tree.


The giant snake was extremely angry. It charged at the bird and no longer cared about Zhao Feng.

“It’s that bird!” Zhao Feng revealed a weird look. He had met this bird before when he just started walking around in the Ancient Dream Realm. At that moment, he was greatly scared of the bird since he could barely even walk.

However, Zhao Feng’s current body, bloodline, and soul were countless times stronger than back then, and he now had the Mystic Ice Scaled Race bloodline, decreasing the repulsion of the Ancient Dream Realm.

It was all perfectly executed – the bird was able to successfully eat a fruit before the snake arrived.


The snake arrived in an instant and caused the branches to shake. Cunning appeared in the bird’s eyes as it flapped its wings and reached the peak of the tree. It wasn’t the snake’s match in a head-on fight, but if they fought in the air, the bird would be more agile.

Like this, the snake and bird fought in the the air above the tree. On the whole, the snake was on the defensive while the bird could do whatever it wanted. It was usually difficult for the bird to steal a fruit or two, but Zhao Feng had successfully distracted the snake.

“This is a good chance!” Zhao Feng’s eyes lit up as he looked at the snake on the tree. His speed increased dramatically as lightning arced around him and he landed on a branch of the tree.

“Go!” Zhao Feng quickly took two fruits behind the snake’s back;one was ripe red and the other was green. If he was correct, these fruits could be considered Spiritual Fruits of the Ancient Dream Realm.

Zhao Feng’s actions caught the attention of both the snake and bird. The giant snake was extremely angry as it whipped toward Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng put away the two fruits as a suit of armor made of ice appeared on his body. This meant that he now had two layers of defense.


Zhao Feng tried to dodge but was sent flying by the snake’s tail.

“Hehe,” Zhao Feng used the momentum to retreat a couple dozen meters. Thin cracks appeared on his ice armor, but he wasn’t really harmed. One had to know that Zhao Feng’s two layers of defense could even block the attacks of Peak-tier Kings.

On the other hand, frost appeared on the snake’s tail, and its actions stiffened.


Zhao Feng didn’t care about the battle between the two Yao beasts. He quickly retreated back to the grass fields and out of the forest.

Right at this moment, a screech came from the bird, and its aura charged toward Zhao Feng. The bird was chasing him, maybe because it thought Zhao Feng was easier to bully.

“Hmph! Bastard, I’ll see you next time,” Zhao Feng snickered. He had achieved his goal and didn’t want anything unexpected to happen.


Zhao Feng’s figure disappeared. The next instant, the bird charged into nothing. The bird paused and looked around. It around. It was obvious that it didn’t understand how the human could disappear into thin air.

In the captain’s cabin within the ghost ship.

“Hehe,” Zhao Feng laughed lightly as he looked at the two fruits in his hand.

The two fruits were respectively green and red, and they gave off an ancient aura. The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi released from the fruits caused the Yuan Qi in the outside world to tremble.

Spiritual Fruits contained the essence of Heaven and Earth, but the fruits in the Ancient Dream Realm were of a much higher rank than even those of the Demigod Forgotten Garden.

To make sure none of the aura was released, Zhao Feng used his power to seal the aura.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat sat on his shoulder and looked greedily at the two fruits.

Zhao Feng used his divine Sense and saw that the child Demigod was in seclusion, which saved Zhao Feng some trouble. He then gave the green fruit to the little thieving cat.


The little thieving cat gulped it down all at once, then went back into the interspatial ring and started to sleep. Zhao Feng watched with curiosity. It seemed like the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi contained within it was not to be underestimated.

He kept watching for a while and made sure that the little thieving cat had no adverse reactions, then swallowed the ripe red fruit.

The fruit didn’t just dissolve as expected. Products from the Ancient Dream Realm were harder to digest compared to those of the outside world. However, that wasn’t a bad thing for Zhao Feng since the energy contained within the fruit wouldn’t be released all at once, making it easier to absorb completely.

A couple breaths later, wisps of powerful energy with an ancient aura flowed into Zhao Feng’s body.

“The quality of this fruit is extremely high,” Zhao Feng clicked his tongue. Luckily, his state of existence and body were both extremely strong, and he had a bloodline of the Ten of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, which allowed him to absorb the energy from the fruit.

Time passed by slowly. Later that day, Zhao Feng’s Crystal Core started to expand.

“Just the slightest bit of this fruit is comparable to the top Spiritual Fruits of the outside world,” Zhao Feng was overjoyed.

With the help of its aura, Zhao Feng’s body and organs were being cleansed. Not only was the amount of True Yuan in his body increasing, its aura was also condensing. At the same time, with Zhao Feng’s powerful King Intent, the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi within a thousand miles started to surge toward him. Regretfully, there wasn’t much Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in the ocean – only inland was suitable for habitation and cultivation.

In order to avoid the Pursuit of Death, Zhao Feng wouldn’t go to any inland place or any Void Ocean Spiritual Palace.

Ten days later, Zhao Feng fully absorbed the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi from the fruit and used most of his remaining resources, but luckily, the size of his Crystal Core had reached an entirely new level.

On the surface, the Crystal Core didn’t seem to be much bigger, but the inside of it had changed. Zhao Feng could sense a large True Yuan dimension within it. The scarlet-colored True Yuan within his Crystal Core was the size of a large, limitless lake.

“This is the Void God Realm. My soul is perfectly compatible with Heaven and Earth, and my True Yuan is like the ocean – unable to be used up.”

Zhao Feng’s True Yuan was like an ocean, and Heaven and Earth replenished his True Yuan continuously. From this moment onward, Zhao Feng’s True Yuan cultivation had reached the Void God Realm.

His aura started to rise, and he became covered in a scarlet-colored light. It was as if he was covered in the light of a god, and his aura started to interact with Heaven and Earth.

“Void God Realm King!” the skeletal division Leader and the child Demigod were both stunned by the aura.


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