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King Of Gods - Chapter 725


Chapter 725: 725

Chapter 725 - King (1)

The loud explosion was like an earthquake. The shaking and the loud sound could be heard from thousands of miles away.


Looking from afar, a golden sun seemed to explode, and a shining golden light devoured everything within several hundred miles.

A forbidden aura radiated from the area of the explosion. The explosion this time was at least twice as powerful as the one in the Demigod Forgotten Garden. One had to know that the power from last time was enough to kill a Death Spirit Lord, and this time, Wen Luoan had completely and truly self-destructed – it wasn’t a secret technique.

This self-destruction included his Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline and his soul;from this, one could see how terrifying the power would be. Even normal Emperors wouldn’t be able to retreat unharmed.


Everything within a thousand miles became covered in a layer of dust, and the entire environment was affected. This small island’s size was similar to the Eight Desolate Mountain or the Thirteen Countries, and the strongest person here was only a Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lord.

The terrifying aura from this explosion caused the hearts of all the Origin Core Realms to tremble.

The dust didn’t completely settle until a long time had passed.

“Zhao… Feng…!!” a cold roar sounded from the middle of the blast-site. The voice was raspy, as if it came from the depths of hell.

A tall dark figure wearing a crown moved with the wind. The Emperor of Death seemed to be unharmed, but his expression was grim and his pupils were contracting.

Within his sight, everyone in the whole canyon had died apart from him. Even their corpses had turned into ashes.

The Emperor of Death seemed to radiate a forcefield, which was so powerful that he didn’t even leave footprints on the ground. Such terrifying strength was enough to shock some of the Emperors from the Spiritual Sacred Lands.

“Bai… Bai Lin!” the Emperor of Death suddenly remembered something, and his expression changed dramatically. If the white-eyed girl was in range, she was definitely dead. She didn’t have the Death Guards’ strength or ability to survive.

The death of his third disciple Wen Luoan was already a great humiliation to him. How humiliating and shameful was it to watch a disciple he had raised for so many years blow himself up right in front his eyes? All of this was coordinated by Zhao Feng.

However, if the white-eyed girl who had the Eye of Destiny died, then his losses would be heavy. Thinking up to here, the Emperor of Death harrumphed, and his expression became uglier.

Although the explosion just now didn’t directly harm him, he had to use a secret technique with his already-weak body to defend himself, which compounded his injuries.

“Bai Lin!” the Emperor of Death forcefully used his divine Sense and scanned around several thousand miles.

“Mas…ter,” a weak voice sounded from the sky as a little girl with white eyes descended with a pale face.

“It’s good that you didn’t die,” the Emperor of Death couldn’t help but let out a long breath.

The white-eyed little girl was indeed worthy of having the Eye of Destiny. She was extremely sensitive toward danger, and she had “gone out to play” when Wen Luoan self-destructed. Luck was also a part of destiny, and for the white-eyed little girl who had the Eye of Destiny, she obviously had the ability to catch glimpses of destiny.

“Zhao Feng… that was probably your true goal,” the Emperor of Death’s black eyes turned toward the direction of the Pirate Sacred Land, and a cold smile appeared on his face. As long as he had the Eye of Destiny on his side, the Emperor of Death still had a higher chance of victory.

“Third Martial Brother… I’ll take revenge for you,” a rare look of hatred appeared in the white eyes of the little girl. Memories of Wen Luoan playing with her surfaced in her mind. The warm youth who always had a smile on his face couldn’t fade away from her mind, and the white-eyed little girl finally showed signs of being serious.


“Bai Lin, how are your calculations going?” the Emperor of Death asked.

The little girl with the Eye of Destiny was usually nonchalant. It was rare to see her so serious.

“There’s more information and tracks now. I will definitely be able to catch sight of his destiny,” the white-eyed little girl gripped a brush and bit her lips.

Zhao Feng revealed more information when he fought with the Death Spirit Lords.

On the other side of the limitless ocean:


The ghost ship headed off in a certain direction.

Within the captain’s cabin:

“How unfortunate….” Zhao Feng revealed a regretful look. He was able to see a blurry image during the instant that Wen Luoan self-destructed through the Dark Heart Seal. The Emperor of Death was stronger than he expected, and there was no aura of the white-eyed little girl.

However, Wen Luoan’s self-destruction was Zhao Feng’s first true retaliation. In the past, Zhao Feng was either running or fighting out of desperation, but this time, Zhao Feng had not only injured the Emperor of Death’s most powerful servants, he even counterattacked the Emperor of Death himself.

“Skeletal division Leader, slightly change course,” Zhao Feng suddenly said. The Eye of Destiny made him wary. He didn’t dare to head toward the Sky Sacred Qin Palace directly.

Zhao Feng randomly changed the route. The final destination didn’t change, but the path they took to get there did. Zhao Feng did this out of instinct.

“Master, if we go by the new route, it’ll take us one more year to reach the Sky Sacred Qin Palace,” the skeletal division Leader said.

“Okay,” Zhao Feng nodded his head. He would cultivate quietly for the next year.

Zhao Feng closed his eyes. As of right now, everything apart from the quantity of his True Yuan was already stronger than normal Void God Realm Kings. To increase the amount of True Yuan he had, Zhao Feng started organizing his spoils of war.

After the Heaven’s Legacy City, Zhao Feng’s wealth had all been used up. The wealth he wealth he currently possessed came from stealing from the pirates afterward, but only a small portion of the resources was actually useful to him.

Two months later, Zhao Feng drank the remaining Dragon Flame Wine and Lightning Cloud Wine, but the effects weren’t obvious. After all, the strength of his True Yuan had surpassed even normal Void God Realms by a bit.

“There’s only half a cup of Illusion God Wine remaining,” a purple-colored cup appeared in Zhao Feng’s hand.


Zhao Feng drank the last half a cup.

Over the last few months of fighting and cultivating, Zhao Feng’s King Intent had fully consolidated, and it was steadily increasing.

A strong surge of drunkenness covered Zhao Feng’s consciousness after he drank the Illusion God Wine. The power of the Illusion God Wine was absorbed by the soul, and the drunkenness directly affected the soul.

Zhao Feng’s consciousness soon entered a profound state. In a short span of just a couple breaths, Zhao Feng’s mental energy seemed to become stronger, and his compatibility with Heaven and Earth increased. Of course, this was just temporary.

Zhao Feng used this time to fully focus on this state. Ten breaths later, the drunken sensation started to fade. Half the time it took to make tea later, Zhao Feng’s mind became clear once more, and he shook his head with a sigh.

The Illusion God Wine wasn’t very effective for him anymore;it only raised his mental energy level by a tiny bit. However, any increase in mental energy level was rare and difficult.

“My comprehension toward Heaven and Earth surpasses most Kings,” Zhao Feng faintly nodded his head. Only Emperors would be able to suppress Zhao Feng in terms of Intent.

As his Intent increased, Zhao Feng’s cultivation would also steadily rise. Unfortunately, the amount of resources he currently had that could increase his cultivation was decreasing.

In the fourth month after leaving the Pirate Sacred Land, Zhao Feng’s amount of True Yuan reached the limit of the Origin Core Realm, and he could break through to the Void God Realm at any time.


“Although breaking through to the Void God Realm won’t increase my actual strength dramatically, it’ll increase my foundation and my cultivation….” Zhao Feng murmured.

Zhao Feng’s soul, mental energy, and True Yuan quality had all reached the level of the Void God Realm long ago. The only thing he lacked was the amount of True Yuan he could store. Earlier, In his battles against Kings, Zhao Feng needed to finish off the fights as soon as possible. If they dragged out, he wouldn’t have that much energy remaining.

Within the captain’s cabin, Zhao Feng was only a thin barrier away from the Void God Realm, and almost all his resources were used up.

On this day, Zhao Feng closed his eyes and merged his consciousness into the purple-colored Soul Sea.


Zhao Feng once again entered the Ancient Dream Realm. Its resistance against Zhao Feng became weaker, especially after he merged with the Mystic Ice Scaled Race bloodline. This meant that Zhao Feng’s battle-power was even stronger in the Ancient Dream Realm than it used to be.

Ta! Ta! Ta! Ta!

Zhao Feng stepped through the grass and headed toward the forest.

A while later:


Zhao Feng arrived at the forest. There were many beasts here, and the forest was full of danger. Zhao Feng used his God’s Spiritual Eye and avoided the larger beasts.

The flesh of normal beasts and the water weren’t really effective on him anymore;he needed to find new resources.

Zhao Feng slowed down a bit after entering the forest. In this period of time, he met poisonous snakes and a cheetah, but he finished them off.

Around half a day of scouting around later, Zhao Feng finally saw a tall tree that had fruits on it. Maybe because of the humidity, the other trees didn’t have any fruits on them. Some of their leaves were even yellow. Only this tall tree was different;it had dozens of fresh green and red fruits, but the area around it was dead-silent, and there was an uneasy aura here.


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