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King Of Gods - Chapter 722


Chapter 722: 722

Chapter 722 - Gaze of Death Returns!

“Sky Locking Bow!”

The dark silver bow in Zhao Feng’s hand revealed mysterious markings as it glittered with silver. A shining golden arrow started to form on the bowstring, and a surge of sharpness that seemed able to pierce space emanated from it.

The Yin Yang Lord on the other side felt his body go cold. It was as if some short of sharp aura had locked on to him. His Intent was already being suppressed by the child Demigod’s Heaven Sealing Palm, so he obviously couldn’t dodge the Sky Locking Bow’s attack.


The golden arrow shot through space in the blink of an eye.


The golden arrow seemed to appear out of a portal as it hit the Yin Yang Lord’s head. This arrow contained the power of Zhao Feng’s Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning as well as the intent of the God Tribulation Lightning. On top of that, it contained the sharpness and the spatial characteristics of the Sky Locking Bow itself.

This was the strongest arrow he had ever shot in his life;it could kill normal Kings and severely injure Domain-level Kings.


The Yin Yang Lord was unable to dodge it, and his spatial domain had no effect. Even though he tried his best to move to the side, he was hit by the golden arrow.


He couldn’t help but groan as his black-and-white body twisted from the golden arrow’s explosion. The Yin Yang Lord’s body shook, and the explosion left injuries on him. Because the arrow hit his head, even his mind shook.

“Mental Energy Spike!”

A cold, purple Mental Energy Spike surged from Zhao Feng’s left eye and pierced the Yin Yang Lord’s soul.

The Yin Yang Lord faced the barrage of attacks, and a piercing pain came from his mind that caused cold sweat to appear on his forehead.

In terms of soul-strength, Zhao Feng was around the Yin Yang Lord’s level, but he was still slightly weaker. After all, the Yin Yang Lord’s soul and Intent had almost reached the level of an Emperor.

However, Zhao Feng’s Mental Energy Spike was utilized through his God’s Spiritual Eye, and since he cultivated the Ten Thousand divine Thoughts Technique and the Dark Eye Secret Technique, his mastery and comprehension over the Dao of the Soul surpassed the Yin Yang Lord. On top of that, this Mental Energy Spike was a lightning-quick sneak attack.

Pain surged from the Yin Yang Lord’s mind as his soul was slightly injured. Furthermore, Zhao Feng’s soul had absorbed the power of the God Tribulation Lightning, so his Mental Energy Spike contained the aura of the God Tribulation Lightning.

“Yin Yang Lord, are you okay!?” the Dark Soul King exclaimed.

The Dark Soul King was being stalled by the four giant hands of hatred from the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array. A hundred pairs of red eyes formed a terrifying wave of mental energy within the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array, and the smoke of the array once again extended to ten miles.

The Death Spirit Lords had lost the Death Spirit Hell Array and were now truly at a disadvantage.

“Heaven Sealing Eighteen Palms!”

The child Demigod’s palms kept on thrusting out and restricting the Yin Yang Lord. On top of that, he even used his Sacred Body fist techniques.

With the combined forces of Zhao Feng and the child Demigod, they had successfully suppressed the Yin Yang Lord.

Zhao Feng’s attacks could come from afar or from up close, and he had unstoppable eye-bloodline techniques. His speed was as fast as lightning, and his bloodline defense was even more monstrous than before;he could easily block attacks from Domain-level Kings.

“divine Light of Destruction!”

An eye-catching green beam of sharp light slammed past the Yin Yang screen and into the black-and-white light around the Yin Yang Lord. The divine Light of Destruction could disperse anything, and the light of protection around the Yin Yang Lord’s body started to dim and almost fully fade away.

Not good! This is a rare type of dispersion technique! panic appeared on the Yin Yang Lord’s face for the first time. His bloodline wasn’t considered strong. It wasn’t even as powerful as the child Demigod’s, meaning that his defense was pure technique and skill. However, Zhao Feng had many eye-bloodline techniques that could counter him, including the divine Light of Destruction that could disperse any type of technique.


“Hehe, it’s not over yet,” a faint smile appeared on Zhao Feng’s face.

“Ice Soul Shooting Line!” another ray of cold light thundered onto the Yin Yang Lord.


A cold Intent started to erode the Yin Yang Lord’s soul, and his body froze. Under the restriction of the child Demigod’s and Zhao Feng’s attacks, he finally revealed some flaws, and it was at this moment in time that the flaws were most obvious.

Firstly, the Mental Energy Spike had injured his mind, so he wasn’t at his peak state. Secondly, the divine Light of Destruction had weakened his defenses and almost broke them apart. Thirdly, the Ice Soul Shooting Line had decreased his speed, and even his thoughts.

Right at this moment:

Miao miao!

A silver-gray blur shot out from the Yin Yang Lord’s side, and a mysterious dagger appeared as if it had come out of a portal.


The Shadow Kill Imperial Dagger easily stabbed past the defensive shield and made blood splatter everywhere, but the blood soon froze.

The Yin Yang Lord’s body froze once more. The freezing effect of the Ice Soul Shooting Line and the numbing effect of the Shadow Kill Imperial Dagger took their toll.

In reality, if the Yin Yang Lord was at his peak, the freezing and numbing effects wouldn’t really affect him. However, the Yin Yang Lord was being assaulted when he revealed a weakness.

A strong sense of danger suddenly appeared in his heart.


A several-meter-long transparent blade that glimmered with an aura of Lightning and Destruction slashed out from within the Yin Yang Lord’s body.

In that moment, blood filled the air. It couldn’t be blocked.

“That move!” the Dark Soul King on the other side exclaimed, and fear spread across the Yin Yang Lord’s face.

The restriction, dispersion, and weakening were all preparation for this last Void Space Eye Slash.

“Void Space Eye Slash!”

The soul-power in Zhao Feng’s left eye returned to normal. He had used up a lot of energy from the eye-bloodline techniques, but the transparent blade with an aura of Destruction had almost chopped the Yin Yang Lord’s body in half and quickly started to destroy his destroy his lifeforce.

“Golden Emperor’s Fist!” the child Demigod used this chance and sent out a golden fist that became bigger and bigger before smashing into the Yin Yang Lord’s body, making blood spurt everywhere.

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye saw that the Yin Yang Lord’s organs and physical body had all been destroyed.

“Sky Locking Bow!” Zhao Feng remembered something and immediately took out the Sky Locking Bow.


A black-and-white Yuan Soul struggled and jumped out from the body.


A golden arrow immediately shot through the body and made it explode, instantly injuring the Yuan Soul. With a whoosh!, it quickly sped off into the distance. The speed of this Yuan Soul surpassed even normal Emperors.

“Yin Yang Lord, I’ll cover you!”

Zhao Feng was about to fire another arrow, but the Dark Soul King charged over without caring how much of a price he would have to pay.

The Dark Soul King’s body forcefully expanded to several hundred meters. He became more of a “devil,” and he radiated an aura of Destruction.

This devil was covered in a black flame, and his battle-power reached the limit of a King – extremely close to the power of an Emperor.

The child Demigod’s Heaven Sealing Palm and the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array were barely able to stop him.

“Increasing your strength by using a secret technique…? However, your soul-strength still stays the same,” Zhao Feng snickered coldly.

Facing this situation, he only sent out a single punch.

Illusion Maze Domain!

This punch contained a large Soul-based spatial domain. The Dark Soul King’s senses instantly became chaotic, and he found himself in a large ancient city.


Zhao Feng, the child Demigod, and the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array started to attack the Dark Soul King’s vital points. Although his devil form was strong, it could do nothing but stand there and get beaten.

“Lord Dark Soul King!” the nearby remaining ten or so Death Guards yelled in fear.

The Dark Soul King was being hit like a punching bag. He started to scream, but he could only walk around in circles.

“Dark Soul King!” the Yin Yang Lord’s Yuan Soul was Yuan Soul was filled with unwillingness.

“We can’t let the Lords die like this!” several higher-ranked Death Guards gathered together.

“All we can do now is ask the Emperor for help.”

“But the Emperor is still resting, and his soul-power hasn’t fully recovered. Furthermore, he’s extremely far away from here.”

The Death Guards communicated with each other.

“How will we know if we don’t try?”

A total of nine Death Guards each took out a Token of Death and sent a special message.

Around two breaths later:


The nine Tokens of Death all shook and connected with something.

“Great! We’ve reached the Emperor,” the leading Death Guard was full of joy, and he quickly relayed the situation over.

Immediately following that:

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Nine Tokens of Death floated into the air together. Each token was as black as ink and gave off an ancient aura. The word “Death” was carved onto each one, and it gave off an aura of Death.

The next instant, the nine Tokens of Death started to gather together until they formed a stunning Intent of Death.

“That’s…!!?” the hearts of Zhao Feng and the child Demigod shook, and their expressions changed dramatically.

A pair of pitch-black eyes appeared and started to spin above the nine Tokens of Death. It was like a whirlpool that connected to the World of Death.

“Eye of Death!” the people present exclaimed.

Great! the Death Guards and the Yin Yang Lord all sensed this and revealed joyful expressions, while Zhao Feng, the child Demigod, and the skeletal division Leader felt the shadow of death cover them.

“So, this is one of the descendants of the Eight Great God Eyes – the Eye of Death?” the child Demigod took a deep breath. He felt as if he was in a freezer. His soul trembled uneasily as if he had no control over his life.

“Gaze… of… Death!” a cold voice resonated throughout the soul-dimension, and everything within ten thousand miles became dead-silent.

The Eye of Death that had appeared in the sky was like the Heavenly Dao as it looked down from above directly toward Zhao Feng.


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