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King Of Gods - Chapter 72


After the intense fight, the three remained at the same spot to rest. Zhao Yufei and Huang Qi had both received some injuries, only Zhao Feng remained unharmed, which made the other two realise the gap between them.

What shocked them more was that Zhao Feng had only used the power of the early stages of the sixth rank to kill the leading bandit and not the peak of the sixth rank. It could be seen that Zhao Feng's strength was at the Quasi-Martial Master rank at least!

The three cleared the battlefield and then divided the battle points. Because Zhao Feng had killed the leader, it wasn't the main leader, so it was only worth five battle points. There was a total of six who were killed by Zhao Feng, they included two fourth ranks, two fifth ranks and two sixth ranks.

Adding them on the previous ones, Zhao Feng's battle points had reached over twenty points. And according the the rules, ten points could be exchanged for a peak ranked martial art.

Half an hour later.

’’We should leave now, it's not good to stay here for so long.’’ Zhao Feng ordered as he was the team captain.

’’Yes.’’ Huang Qi and Zhao Yufei both agreed immediately, they now trusted Zhao Feng completely.

Teng! Ceng! Ceng!

The three increased their speed and soon, they left the canyon.

Two hours later after the three left.

Three black figures flew across the dark sky and landed in front of the wooden room.

’’Leader, the eleven men including Shi Badao have died with half of them succumbing to an archer.’’ The voice of one of the black shadows was cold and expressionless.

’’Who dare touch my ’’Desolate Destruction Bandits!?’’ One of the figures slowly lifted his palm and a powerful air wave ripped everythingin a radius of several meters.

The two black figures felt the pressure, although they weren't any weaker than the middle aged man that just died.


The bulky figure waved his hand and the houses in front collapsed. At that moment, the aura from the bulky figure was on par with high tier deadly beasts.

’’Lord Desolate!’’ The other two quasi-Martial Masters' heart jumped.’’

’’Find out the killer, I'll dish back to them what they did to my men ten times stronger!’’ The angry, cold voice sounded in the wind.


At the same time.

Mysterious youths, who were split into teams, took the lives of bandits. Everyone from the Sky Guards Battalion had extreme potential. Under this environment, they grew stronger quickly but there were also casualties as well.

Apart from those in the Ten Sky Guards, seven to eight silver figures merged into the night to calculate the total battle points. At night, Zhao Feng's eyesight was still perfect, but considering the fact that botg Zhao Yufei and Huang Qi were tired, he decided not to attack. The three found a pretty secure place where they decided to rest with no bandits around.

The second day.

The team of three once again started looking for bandits.

’’Eh? What's going here? Why are there less and less bandits around?’’ Zhao Feng soon found a problem.

They had scouted around for a long time and instead of meeting bandits, they met other teams.

Huang Qi said deeply: ’’It must be because the Sky Guards Battalion killed too many bandits last night and the others have hidden themselves.’’

Zhao Feng nodded his head and found this thought very logical. If those bandits hid in the mountains, it would be hard to find them even with his left eye.

’’We have to go in deeper.’’ Zhao Feng still led the way.

At times, he would jump onto trees and survey their surroundings.


Tens of miles away, a rainbow colored smoke appeared which attracted his attention.

’’It's the emergency signal from another team!’’ Zhao Yufei exclaimed.

Go to the rescue!

Zhao Feng was the first one to sprint off in the direction, but his expression changed as he opened his left eye. The group that was in danger was Lu Xiaoyu's. The seven to eight youths of the Sky Guards Battalion were surrounded by a group of fifteen bandits.

There were two black clothed bandits that had reached the quasi-Martial Master rank and three third ranks, while the rest were at the fourth and fifth.

At this moment, both sides were battling each other, but the youths couldn't charge out. Luckily, a group of four that were nearby raced over giving them a bit of hope.

Sou Sou Sou

But right at this moment, three or four bandit archers hiding in the forest shot their arrows.


A few of the Sky Guards Battalion members were injured.

Cloud Swaying Fist!

Lu Xiaoyu forced the bandits back with his peak ranked martial art, which had been trained to the peak level. But he couldn't kill them as one of the quasi-Martial Masters was keeping him busy.

’’Boss! There's three more brats coming.’’ An archer in hiding in the woods told the two black clothed figures.

The three that came were Zhao Feng's team.

Through his left eye, Zhao Feng analysed the straightest path and gradually closed in. When he was within one hundred yards, Zhao Feng suddenly stopped and took out his bow.

Sou - Sou Sou

Zhao Feng continuously pulled his bow and perfectly shot the archers hiding in the woods giving Lu Xiaoyu's team time to get in a few breaths.


The bandits and the youths engaged in battle. With Zhao Feng and the other team joining in, the Sky Guards Battalion side gradually had the advantage. The youths became braver and braver as time went on.

’’A bunch of brats! All of you stay!’’ A deep cold voice resounded from the forest.


A great pressure came from the other side of the forest, which made the heart of the youths jump. The owner of the voice wad an one-eyed man wearing a black cloak.

’’Not good, it's a Martial Master!’’ Lu Xiaoyu's face turned pale as his heart twitched.

The person coming was the boss of bandits.

’’Brat! Die... ’’ The one-eyed man flew over and his aura made the youths unable to breath.

Breaking Wind Palm!

With a sound as loud as thunder, the palm headed straight towards Lu Xiaoyu.

’’Everyone, block it!’’ Lu Xiaoyu exclaimed and he combined forces with Li Ziwen to block he attack.

Peng -

The explosion caused a wave of air that pushed through everything in it's path including Li Ziwen and Lu Xiaoyu, who were sent seven to eight metres back.


The two who had taken the hit head on, Lu Xiaoyu and Li Ziwen, both spat out a mouthful of blood. These two were ranked fifth and seventh in the Ten Sky Guards and their strength were around the quasi-Martial Master, but even the two quasi-martial masters, with the help of many other sixth ranks, weren't able to block this one move.

’’Zhao Feng, Lu Chen! Come and help!’’ Lu Xiaoyu shouted and asked for help from Zhao Feng and the leader of the other group.

The teams were all led by at least one of the Ten Sky Guards and at this time, including Zhao Feng and Lu Chen there were five of the ten Sky Guards Present.

Beng -

Zhao Feng pulled the string of his bow from far away and he put his Inner Strength into it, the power of this arrow could harm the lives of quasi-Martial Masters.

Illusion Wind Blade!

The other leader used his max level high ranked martial art and attacked from the back.

Cloud Shattering Fist!

Lu Xiaoyu immediately used a fist skill, while Li Ziwen next to him used a sword.

The attack of the five great geniuses reached the one-eyed man.

’’Where did these geniuses come from?’’ The one-eyed man exclaimed and at the same time, he circulated his chaotic Inner Strength.


The arrow of Zhao Feng's snapped into pieces.

Dong- Dong Dong

All the attacks were blocked and once again, they were sent flying.

’’What strength!’’

Zhao Feng was pretty shocked.

A Martial Master could release his Inner Strength and create long range attacks. If any one of them was to face one alone, they might lose their lives in two moves.

At this time both Lu Xiaoyu and Li Ziwen received light injuries. The Inner Strength from Martial Masters of the Seventh rank could strike like lightning and instantly turn those of the fourth and fifth rank into dust.

Only Zhao Feng didn't need to fight close combat as he pulled his bow repetitively and every arrow would fly towards the smallest flaws of the one-eyed man.

The full power of Zhao Feng shooting his arrows threatened the movement of the one-eyed bandit.

’’Bastard! It looks like the one that killed my men in the canyon was you... ’’ The one-eyed man suddenly turned around with killing intent in his eyes.

’’So what if it was me?’’ Zhao Feng laughed coldly.


The bandit didn't bother with the attacks from the other youths and headed straight at Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng jumped up in fright and he immediately circulated Lightly Floating Ferry to escape.

’’Don't run!’’

The one-eyed man still came close and close though because he was a Martial Master and therefore, he was faster.

’’Shattering Mountain Palm... ’’

The palm of the Martial Master shot through the air and headed towards Zhao Feng. If it was another cultivator of the same rank just the Inner Strength alone could kill him, but Zhao Feng wasn't normal.

Mysterious Wind Palm!

Zhao Feng flipped around midair and in his mind, the image of the palm from that girl appeared. He then took a deep breath as an azure glow formed on his palm and then the two heavily collided with each other.


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