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King Of Gods - Chapter 710


Chapter 710: 710

Chapter 710 - Use of the Demonic Vine

Zhao Feng became a critical factor in the fight for Pirate Emperor. His existence was enough to turn the tide, and if he and the child Demigod teamed up, they would be able to suppress any major figurehead.

“Sorry, before I leave the Pirate Sacred Land, I am still a subordinate of the Cold Moon King,” Zhao Feng said slowly as his left eye locked on to the Giant Shark King. Since this dimension was separated from the outside world, he could use his eye-bloodline here without any worry.

“That’s…!!?” the Giant Shark King felt a shocking Eye Intent that made his soul uneasy, and the sound of thunder rumbling appeared in his soul. There was also a Destructive aura contained within it.

“Eye-bloodline…! This is his true strength!?” the Giant Shark King was stunned.

Zhao Feng was now using his soul-strength and Eye Intent without restriction.

After the evolution of the God’s Spiritual Eye, Zhao Feng had continued comprehending the Ten Thousand divine Thoughts Technique, and he continued cleansing himself with the God Tribulation Lightning, which strengthened his soul even more. Now, his soul and bloodline weren’t weaker than a Peak-tier King, while the purity of his soul even surpassed Peak-tier Kings.

Zhao Feng sighed. He had become so much stronger while running away from the Emperor of Death.

“Zhao Feng, thank you,” the Cold Moon King gave him a grateful expression.

With Zhao Feng and the child Demigod on her side, she had a high chance of successfully obtaining the Pirate Emperor’s throne. Despite Zhao Feng being so powerful, he still acted as her subordinate.

“Master!” the child Demigod flew through the air, and a surge of Demigod Intent made the Giant Shark King’s heart drop.

The Giant Shark King revealed a bitter smile. Zhao Feng and the child Demigod played a critical part in defeating Emperor Mu Yun. Their combined force was unparalleled against anyone below an Emperor.

“Cold Moon King, you sure are lucky. I won’t participate in the fight for Pirate Emperor,” the Giant Shark King smiled bitterly and admitted defeat. He couldn’t help but feel slightly regretful that he didn’t try to get Zhao Feng on his side before. However, thinking about it, Zhao Feng might only be helping the Cold Moon King because of her beauty and charm.

Before he left, the Giant Shark King glanced at Zhao Feng and the Cold Moon King with a deep gaze, containing suspiciousness and a knowing look. Zhao Feng remained expressionless and watched him leave, while the Cold Moon King’s expression remained cold. No one knew what she was thinking, but her heartbeat sped up a little quicker, and she couldn’t help but feel uneasy. Was Zhao Feng helping her due to her looks? Would he ask for something excessive?

“Cold Moon King, I will be leaving after the Pirate Emperor’s Inheritance closes,” Zhao Feng looked back and went straight to the point.

The Cold Moon King let out a breath in her heart. Zhao Feng’s calmness made her feel slightly disappointed, but it wasn’t as if she had fallen in love with Zhao Feng. Being a pirate that had experienced countless fights and slaughters, her heart was as hard as rock and wouldn’t be easily moved.

However, she had to admit that she was grateful to this man. She admired Zhao Feng’s calmness and honesty, especially his help during the critical moment. Strangely though, it seemed as if Zhao Feng wasn’t even interested in the Pirate Emperor Sacred Land or the Pirate Emperor’s Inheritance at all and just wanted to leave as soon as possible.

“Little Kun Yun, let’s go look at some other places,” Zhao Feng said to the child Demigod. Zhao Feng had inspected the entire island with his God’s Spiritual Eye;there was nothing unique or worthy of going to.

Little Kun Yun? the Cold Moon Kung felt as if this name was familiar, as if she had read it in a book somewhere. Of course, she didn’t think too deeply on it.

“Zhao Feng, I owe you a favor. I will repay you back ten times more in the future,” the Cold Moon King said solemnly as she looked at Zhao Feng’s back, but he didn’t take it to heart and simply left with the child Demigod.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat appeared on Zhao Feng’s shoulder and threw several coins into the air.

“Master, I feel the same as you. This secret realm is definitely not as simple as the inheritance of just a measly Emperor, even if he was a Mechanisms Grandmaster and an Array Grandmaster. It’s just way too complicated,” the the child Demigod nodded his head and said.

Like that, the human, cat, and child went around the island for closer inspection.

“We still haven’t found anything.”

“This island should be set up by the Pirate Emperor.”

Zhao Feng and the child Demigod discussed as they scouted.

A day later, Zhao Feng had given up on searching on the island, but the waves and the power outside of the island pushed everything toward the island. He would face a strong resistive force when he tried to fly, and he could only stabilize himself when he used his Wings of Wind and Lightning.

Zhao Feng flew out thousands of miles and the resistance became stronger, but luckily, he had a large amount of resources that could replenish his True Yuan.

Several thousand miles later, Zhao Feng suddenly felt that the waves of the ocean became slightly calmer and the force of resistance weakened.

“Let’s go even further.”

This time, he flew dozens of thousands of miles, but he still didn’t find any second island.

At this moment, they had reached the end of the secret realm, and a dark green barrier appeared in sight.

“This secret realm is definitely highly ranked,” the child Demigod’s eyebrows locked together.

Zhao Feng didn’t give up. He returned to the island then flew toward the other side, but he still didn’t find anything. Instead, he faced more danger from the environment, but Zhao Feng had the God’s Spiritual Eye and the Wings of Wind and Lightning, allowing him to pass through safely.

“There’s nothing near the surface of the ocean,” Zhao Feng’s thoughts spun. He had marked off the island and the surface of the ocean.

“Why not try underwater?” the child Demigod suggested, and Zhao Feng nodded his head. That was what he was thinking.


Zhao Feng dove into the water, and a layer of purple scales appeared over his body. This was his Water-elemental defensive bloodline, and he also had his other Water bloodline.

Although the resistance was strong, he managed to reach the depths of the ocean.

The force at the depths of the ocean was terrifying. Even normal Kings would be unable to sustain themselves here for long. Furthermore, the color of the ocean was dark green, and it heavily restricted heavily restricted his senses. Zhao Feng could only barely see a mile away with his God’s Spiritual Eye.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat threw the old bronze coins and pointed in a certain direction. Zhao Feng used a ripple of water to protect it, while the child Demigod’s Golden Kun Sacred Body had the ability to protect him from the water as he followed from behind.

This cat also knows divination? the child Demigod followed Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat from behind.

No one knew how long went by. The dark green light in the depths of the ocean became brighter and brighter, as if there was a source of light.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat threw the bronze coins once more and seemed to be excited. The child Demigod revealed a suspicious look. It seemed as if Zhao Feng really trusted the little thieving cat and kept going forward.

However, the closer they got to the source of light, the stronger the water pressure became.

At a certain moment, dark green vines appeared in front. Each vine had green spikes and glinted with a cold light. The source of green light came from the depths of the vines, and Zhao Feng felt an ancient aura there as well.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat waved its paws around and became more excited.

“Master, I believe that there is a secret that no one knows at the depths of the vines,” the child Demigod said, but to reach the source of light, they would have to pass through the countless dark green vines.


The child Demigod punched out and only made a small gap in the vines ahead.

“These vines are extremely old and resilient against True Yuan and physical attacks,” the expression of the child Demigod changed. 70% of his full power had only created a hole half a yard wide. Furthermore, the resistance in the ocean was strong, so it was hard to unleash his full power here.

Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning!

Zhao Feng thrust out his palm and also only managed to create a small gap. Plants were extremely resilient against lightning.

“The dark green vines probably span several hundred miles.”

Zhao Feng and the child Demigod felt troubled. The dark green The dark green vines would recover slowly after being injured.

“Let’s try this.”

A dried-up, hard, black seed appeared in Zhao Feng’s hand.

“Demonic Hell Vine Seed!” the child Demigod exclaimed as he recognized the seed.

Back then at the Purple Saint Ruins, the three two-star sects had used this Demonic Hell Vine Seed to try to erode the Purple Saint Ruins.


Zhao Feng put the Demonic Hell Vine Seed into the ground.

“Elixir of Life!”

Zhao Feng quickly took out a drop of Elixir of Life and merged it into the Demonic Hell Vine Seed. A drop of Elixir of Life contained enormous lifeforce and could turn an area of death into a place full of life and supply spiritual plants for up to a thousand years.


The seed instantly started to grow furiously, and its vines became thicker and longer. In just a couple breaths’ time, large patches of black vines had appeared’ and each of the vines contained spikes that made one’s blood go cold.

“Crystal Stone of Life… Ten Thousand Year Zhu Fruit… Blood Bamboo…”

Zhao Feng threw rare treasures one after another into the Demonic Hell Vine, and the speed of the Demonic Hell Vine growing instantly increased by several times. In just a short while, black vines filled their sight and quickly started to absorb the lifeforce of the dark green vines after meeting it.

“As expected of a disaster-level vine!” the child Demigod exclaimed.

The Demonic Hell Vine could absorb the lifeforce of everything, including the blood essence of experts. Although the dark green vine was extremely resilient toward physical attacks, it was just a somewhat old Water-elemental plant.

As the two vines intertwined, they could see the dark green vine withering.

A bloodthirsty aura soon appeared within the mass of vines, and a large monster as big as a turtle appeared, covered with several hundred vines dozens of yards long.

“Hehe, Demonic Vine Hell King, come forth!” Zhao Feng opened his God’s Spiritual Eye and instantly controlled the Demonic Hell Vine King.

After he controlled the Vine King, Zhao Feng could control which direction it grew in.

The vines soon reached the Origin Core Realm, and it continued absorbing more lifeforce from the dark green vines.


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