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King Of Gods - Chapter 70


KoG Chapter 70

Chapter 70 - First Victory

Lu Xiaoyu's voice made Zhao Feng's eyebrow scrunch up, was he stealing people from right under his eyes?

Obviously, Zhao Feng had to admit that the strength of his team was indeed strong. There were three to four members of the fourth rank and the rest were all peak fifth ranks.

Lu Xiaoyu's face was full of smiles as he inspected Zhao Yufei, there was no one that didn't know her in the Sky Guards Battalion.

’’Thanks for your offer but I already have my own team.’’ Zhao Yufei expressionlessly rejected Lu Xiaoyu's offer.


Didn't this girl like the strong?

Lu Xiaoyu was slightly surprised. He was handsome enough and adding the fact that he was extremely talented, which girl would reject him?

’’With the strength of you three, you'd be hard pressed to even fend for yourselves.’’ Lu Xiaoyu glanced at Zhao Feng and Huang Qi with disdain.

’’Thanks for your care but my team have our own ways to survive, we'll speak with our Battle points later.’’ Zhao Feng said calmly.

’’Battle points? Hahaha... you think a group like yours can be compared to ours?’’ The youth of the peak sixth rank had tears of laughter in his eyes.

He was ’’Li Ziwen’’, ranked seventh within the Ten Sky Guards.


Zhao Feng didn't bother with their team and he lead Zhao Yufei and Huang Qi into the danger zone. Soon, they met a few other teams led by the Ten Sky Guards.

Lei Cong's team was even stronger with tens of people and two of the Ten Sky Guards. Facing such a setup, Huang Qi became a little uneasy.

’’Brother Zhao, are you sure we'll be able to get some battle points?’’

Huang Qi couldn't help but ask. In terms of number, they had only three people, if they were unlucky and met a group of ten bandits, they'll face the danger of being eliminated.

’’Relax, you battle points won't be low.’’

Zhao Feng was fully confident: ’’If you don't believe me, you can go join another team.’’

Looking at the confident expression on Zhao Feng's face, Huang Qi's suspicions fell down a bit.

Half an hour later.

The three entered the danger zone.

The landscape of this area was complex, but Zhao Feng didn't even look back as he passed through. Zhao Yufei and Huang Qi had to take the map time after time to see if they were on the right track, but Zhao Feng didn't need to as the map had already been photocopied into his mind and with the magnifier of his left eye, he could see the ’’real view’’.

’’Brother Zhao, where are we going?’’ Huang Qi felt dizzy as he looked at the map.

’’There's a stream up there, next to the canyon. Water and food is a must for these bandites... ’’ Zhao Feng said without hesitation.

Soo,n a river appeared and not far away there was indeed a canyon. Huang Qi couldn't help but click his tongue, he never thought that Zhao Feng's memory was so good and he had perfectly synchronised the map with the real landscape.

’’We'll ambush here. Huang Qi, you go hide in the river, Yufei you go hide between the rock near the entrance of the canyon.’’ Zhao Feng soon gave the order.

Zhao Yufei didn't have any suspicions and she hid between the rocks. Huang Qi hesitated for a bit, but he still jumped into the river.


Zhao Feng jumped onto a tree and took his Golden Stairs Bow out and aimed it in the direction of the canyon. In reality, he had already seen suspicious people coming from the canyon with his left eye.

A while later.

From the direction of the canyon came the sound of footsteps and a few men dressed as commoners appeared. There was a total of three people with the leader reaching the peak fifth rank and on his left and right were two others at the fourth and fifth rank respectively.

The three came next to the river nd began to drink.


Zhao Feng pulled the string and let an arrow loose. The bow trembled as a golden arrow pierced through the sky and made a perfect arc.


The arrow lodged itself in the skinny man's shoulder and he fell down with a ’’plop’’.

’’Ambush!’’ The leader yelled as he surveyed his surroundings.


At this moment, a youth appeared from the stream.

Cloud Defying Palm!

Huang Qi attacked from the side and collided with the leader's attack head on.

Pah -

Because it was unexpected, the leader received some light injuries.

Thirteen Legs of the Willow!

Huang Qi attacked while he had the advantage with his peak level high ranked martial art.

’’Ma San, I'll come help you!’’ The last man attacked from the side.

Sou -

But just at this moment, another arrow pierced through the air and scraped past the fat person's clothes.

So close!

The fat man did a flip and just managed to dodge the arrow.

’’Watch out for the archer in the dark!’’ The skinny man moaned in pain, the arrow before had hit one of his acupuncture points, so he couldn't use any inner strength.

’’You guys retreat and report the situation.’’ The leading man spoke to the fat one as he blocked one of Huang Qi's moves.

’’You be careful Ma San!’’ The fat person immediately turned around and ran back the way he came from.

Where are you running!?

From the rocks came out a beautiful girl and blocked the fat man's path.

Zhao Yufei and Huang Qi both engaged the enemies. Huang Qi's opponent had reached the peak fifth rank and he was very experienced with many hidden moves. Zhao Yufei's opponent had trained some sort of body strengthening technique, which gave him extreme strength.

Zhao Feng stood in the trees, one hand on his bow but he didn't attack because he had considered the fact that the other two had no experience in life and death battles.

These two bandits were full of tricks and although their cultivation was lower, they didn't lose immediately.

Around ten moves later.

Spiritual Wind Slice!

Zhao Yufei used her peak ranked martial art and managed to knock the fat man out. The enemy that Huang Qi faced was slightly harder and he was only defeated after twenty moves.


Only at this time did Zhao Feng come out from the trees.

’’Why didn't you attack?’’ Huang Qi was slightly irritated.

Zhao Feng had only shot out the first two arrows then he didn't support them at all.

’’You two need to think about how you fight, you spent way too much time defeating others with lower cultivation than you.’’ Zhao Feng said calmly.

’’You... ’’

Huang Qi wanted to rebuke him, but he couldn't think of anything to say, the opponent had too many tricks up his sleave and he would've lost if it wasn't because he had the advantage in Martial Arts and cultivation.

’’Brother Feng's right, we lack combat experience.’’ Zhao Yufei nodded her head in agreement.


The three scavenged the items off the bandits' bodies and found various items such as poisonous medicine, hidden blades etc.

’’Forgive me!’’ The one that had been shot first bowed down repeatedly.


Zhao Feng stabbed his throat with one finger.

’’Take care of one each.’’ Zhao Feng glanced towards Zhao Yufei and Huang Qi.

These two were geniuses and they were protected by their families ever since they were young, so they had virtually no experience in combat or killing.

Huang Qi hesitated for a while, but clenched his teeth and finished off the leader. If he didn't kill the leader, he couldn't get any battle points.

But Zhao Yufei was after all a girl, so unwillingness appeared on he face.

’’Please don't kill me, beautiful Lady.’’ The fat bandit screamed sadly which made her unable to kill him.

Zhao Feng only laughed coldly, but he didn't say anything.

Metal Eagle Claw!

Light shone in the bandits' eyes as his figure suddenly pounced towards Zhao Yufei with his hand heading straight towards her throat.

The sudden change drained the color on Zhao Yufei's face.

Spiritual Wind Slice!

Her jade like hands waved and the head of the bandit fell off.

Both Zhao Yufei and Huang Qi felt like vomiting after their first kill, only Zhao Feng's face was the same as usual. He was slightly shocked as he remembered that he didn't have such reactions when he first killed someone.

Back at the Sky Cloud Forest, Zhao Feng was extremely calm during the assassination. After he thought about it, Zhao Feng had to give the credit to his left eye.

Their first battle was victorious and both Zhao Yufei and Huang Qi learnt heaps. On the same day, the three continued to stay around the same area but they would change positions.

When afternoon arrived, the team of three had defeated a total of seven people, four of the fifth rank and three of the fourth rank.

After the battles, both Huang Qi and Zhao Yufei made major improvements and the teamwork between them was much better. Zhao Feng secretly nodded his head, it finally seemed better.

’’Tonight, we'll go to the interior of the canyon. According to my analysis, there a high possibility of a bandit headquarters' there, which may still have some people left.’’ Zhao Feng once again gave each of them a task.

The first task was gathering news, which Zhao Feng decided to do himself. With his powerful left eye, he wasn't only a born archer, he was also a born scout too. In the time it takes to boil a pot of water, Zhao Feng had gone and come back.

’’Come.’’ This was all Zhao Feng said as he led Zhao Yufei and Huang Qi to the interior of the canyon.

On the way, Zhao Feng kept going through the paths where the bandits wouldn't see them. This gave Huang Qi a feeling that could all the bandits have already died?


Zhao Feng, Zhao Yufei and Huang Qi hid behind a massive rock.

’’There's bandits inside the wooden room and the cave over there.’’ Zhao Feng said to the two.

’’Haha, we're ambushing again? How many of them are there and how strong are they?’’

Huang Qi rubbed his hands together, they had ambushed so many people today that he was fully confident they would win.

’’One person of the peak sixth rank, two normal sixth rank, three fifth ranks, five fourth ranks... a total of eleven.’’ Zhao Feng reported.

What? Eleven?

Huang Qi's eyes bulged out as his cheek muscle twitched: ’’Are you crazy? That is a nest of bandits, run!’’


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